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Posted by | February 4, 2014, 13:12 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Originals TV

XXPreviously on The Originals, the Dapper Villain Club got a new member, and WHOA. This guy was not messing around. New Orleans is getting creepier every week! The Originals is off and running with its plotlines, so now is your chance to catch up on last week’s scary magicfest with some recaps and Twitter before we have to buckle up again tomorrow night.


When your show centers around a villainous anti-hero, and one that cannot be killed at that, how do you introduce a character who’s a credible and formidable threat? Time and again, on both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, we’ve seen Klaus overcome attempt after attempt to take him out, be it through meticulous planning or by sheer force of will. The problem isn’t so much that those who go up against Klaus lack the means but that Klaus is so damned relentless in pursuit of his own goals – and breaking whatever and whoever gets in his way – that his ideal adversary is someone just as relentless as he is.
The Originals In Review: Dance Back from the Grave (EP112) – We’re All Monsters
By Heather Vee, Vampire-Diaries.Net

I craved a bigger villain earlier in the season when elements still hadn’t gelled yet (and the low-stakes bickering felt, well, low-stakes), and though I can’t claim to have predicted something that was always inevitable, I am feeling very relieved and justified about that initial feeling. In a show filled to the brim of back-biting Judases, it’s just so nice to have a clear-cut monster for once.
The Originals “Dance Back from the Grave” Review: Papa’s Turf
By Price Peterson,

Finally, a complete episode! After last week’s shift into becoming its own show, The Originals took full advantage of that and put together probably its most coherent hour yet. So far, at least, my hope that shifting outside its premise would lead to a more coherent show has been fulfilled.
The Originals: Dance Back From The Grave S1/E12
By Rowan Kaiser, A.V. Club


Posted by | January 28, 2014, 9:23 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Originals TV

XXPreviously on The Originals, the deluge in question was one of tears. Apres Moi, Le Déluge (EP111) jerked us left right and sideways, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the end. This episode was a big one for the audience yelling “Don’t do that!” at the screen. The pieces will have to be picked up starting tonight, so here are your recaps and reviews for last week’s episode.


Riding the momentum of last week’s episode, Apres Moi, le Déluge was an hour brimming with everything that makes The Originals so damned good: startling revelations, epic supernatural shenanigans, and intimate, perfectly played character moments.
The Originals In Review: Apres Moi, Le Déluge (EP111) – This Is Not How It Ends
By Heather Vee, Vampire-Diaries.Net

Believe it: “Après Moi, Le Déluge” was by far the best episode of The Originals yet and may even be a hard one to top in the future. If I had one persistent complaint about the first ten episodes (which I gladly shouted about to anybody, including strangers, stray animals, and my shoes while wandering the sidewalks), it was that this show about “epic” personalities had trapped them in decidedly non-epic surroundings. From the premise to the setting, just nothing about The Originals felt terribly significant. What were these ancient immortals even doing in that neighborhood? Why had they all lost the capacity for big-picture thinking? Why were we supposed to care about a basic turf war when we knew the central characters had dabbled in huge, history-shaping adventures for over a thousand years? But these questions all had their necks snapped this week when The Originals finally, finally found its epic scope. The ground rattled and the city shook and the last big barrier to enjoying this show crumbled to the ground. Seriously: What a fantastic episode.
The Originals “Après Moi, Le Déluge” Review: Harvest Doom
By Price Peterson,

Tonight, The Originals came of age as a show.
The Originals: “Après Moi, Le Déluge
By Rowan Kaiser, A.V. Club


Posted by , , , , and | January 23, 2014, 14:07 (MST) | 10 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Dear show,

Happy 100th episode! We love you to the point of incoherence, so please accept our stream-of-consciousness ramble of one hundred reasons why. And here’s to the next hundred episodes!

Vee, Red, Abby, Kate, Crissy, and Holly

  1. “Dear diary…”
  2. XX


Posted by | January 23, 2014, 12:38 (MST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Kat Graham as BonnieMore hints and cast reflections on TVD’s 100th episode. From what Kat Graham tells Zap2it, we’re in for something special.

“I definitely think the fans are going to lose their minds,” Graham tells Zap2it. “I think the fans are going to be in ecstasy when they watch it, and I don’t think I’ve ever used that word. There are some things that happen in the 100th episode that are going to make a couple people stand on their couches and scream at their TV, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ That’s how I’ll explain the 100th episode. I’m like, ‘We’re doing what, they’re letting who do who? What, what?’ So it’s great. It’s exciting. It’s a celebration, definitely.”

Speaking of losing our minds, they spoke to Candice Accola, too.

“It’s interesting how their relationship built over the past couple of seasons, because it’s almost like she hated him so much that she didn’t know if she wanted to just grab him by the throat and throw him through a door, or just like kiss him,” Accola says. “I think that was the awesome tension that the fans really loved about their chemistry, because you just couldn’t tell — is she gonna smack him or throw her arms around him?”

Zap2it also spoke with Nathaniel Buzolic and Michael Trevino. Looks like Kol fans aren’t the only ones who’d like to see a certain Original revive and return to Mystic Falls:

“I’d love to come back,” Buzolic says. “If the opportunity to come back did present itself, I’d jump at it.”

Michael Trevino wouldn’t say specifically whether or not Tyler will make it back for the episode, but he does offer hope to all the fans who are crossing their fingers for returning favorites:

“I’ve heard there might be some familiar faces in the 100th episode,” Trevino says. “I mean, that’s a milestone! You would try to incorporate as many people as you can. And as you know on ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ nobody’s really dead. People are ghosts, there’s flashbacks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw people from the past.”

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with a whole bunch of people, including Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Kevin Williamson, and Julie Plec, about the early days of the show and reaching this milestone:

WILLIAMSON: I had been telling Julie that I wanted to do 24. If we do a slow, melodramatic soap opera about vampires, it’s going to be boring. The audience is going to be jumping ahead so fast. They’re texting while they’re watching your TV show. You’ve got to give them a twist, a turn. The end of season one was a shining moment, when Katherine showed up and cut off Uncle John Gilbert’s fingers. My dad called up afterward and said, “That might be the best damn cliff-hanger I’ve ever seen.”

They also talked to Julie about 7 Things That Almost Changed the Series:

“No disrespect to Fell’s Church, but it felt very based in religion and spirituality, and we knew we didn’t want the show to be the kind of vampire show that’s just about heaven and hell and demons and the devil and God — that kind of thing,” Plec says. Interestingly, there was no story behind the name Mystic Falls: “We changed the name of the town arbitrarily.”

E!Online spoke with Julie about the saddest death, biggest twist, and more.

“Oh my god. For me, personally and on the show emotionally, it’s Alaric. Matt [Davis] is one of my favorites and it was really sad to see him go. It was really emotional for everyone to shoot as well because it felt like they were all standing there in that cemetery saying goodbye to him. It’s something no one really wanted to do, no one wanted to say goodbye to Alaric. It was right for the story, right for the character, and that one is always going to hurt my heart a little bit. But I love all my deaths equally.”

Last but not least, Buzzfeed lists their take on TVD’s 17 Most Shocking Moments.

Posted by | January 23, 2014, 7:28 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XX Previously on The Vampire Diaries…the fans have officially made it through FIVE long winter breaks! Given that a lot of us have trouble making it from Thursday to Thursday, this is an achievement that must be recognized. Way to go, you guys! There’s a lot of hype and info floating around about the big 100th episode, but don’t forget to show episode 510, Fifty Shades of Grayson, a little love.

Or just listen to Enzo talk some more. Whichever.


The long winter hiatus is just about finished, and before we move on to TVD’s one hundredth episode (!!!), let’s revisit the fall finale, Fifty Shades of Grayson. An episode that saw Katherine hoping for redemption, while Damon rejected the very idea of it. And somewhere, out there, is a vial of goop that can turn any one of our favorite vampires into a crazed vampire-eating ripper…
Vampire Diaries In Review: Fifty Shades of Grayson (EP510) – Devil Inside
By Crissy Calhoun, Vampire-Diaries.Net

TV manipulates us because deep down we all want to be manipulated. So it’s not The Vampire Diaries’ fault that it figured out who our favorite character is and is currently putting her through so much angst and anguish and now the grim reaper’s scythe is hanging over her head. Because this show knows it will upset us to see these things happen to our favorite character! And let me tell you, IT IS WORKING. As much as my heart is not thrilled about what happened to Katherine in “Fifty Shades of Grayson,” I get it. I definitely get it. And I’m on board. Manipulate me, show. Make me feel things. I only wish I cared this much about the other plotlines! But much like a cat pawing its owner’s face at 4am, I’ll take what I can get.
The Vampire Diaries “Fifty Shades of Grayson” Review: Literal Heartbreak (PHOTO RECAP)
By Price Peterson,

As The Vampire Diaries wraps up 2013 with its fall finale, it’s become readily apparent that the show is in the midst of a good, old-fashioned slump. Let’s talk about why, shall we?
The Vampire Diaries “Fifty Shades Of Grayson”·S5/E10
By Carrie Raisler, A.V. Club


Posted by | January 20, 2014, 18:15 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Originals TV

XXWhew! The Casket Girls (EP110) was one heck of a ride! The show’s ladies ruled this episode and it was a beautiful thing to watch. Lots of feelings. Relive the magic (sorry, witches. Too soon?) with some recaps and twitter reactions and then buckle up for tomorrow night’s return to New Orleans.


Tuesday night saw The Originals return from its holiday hiatus with a mid-season premiere that was a bone-snapping, blood-choking, surprisingly emotional good time. In many ways, The Casket Girls was a reset – a righting of a ship that had been tilting decidedly in favor of the show’s men. While it might be tempting to dismiss this episode as a one-off, a bone thrown to those who have been continually frustrated by the manipulation of Hayley, Cami, Rebekah, and Davina, the plots and alliances laid out throughout the hour promise oh-so-much more within the long-term scope of The Originals – as they should.
The Originals In Review: The Casket Girls (EP110) – That’s Enough of You
By Heather Vee, Vampire-Diaries.Net

I am grateful for The Originals even if “The Casket Girls” felt less than essential. For one thing this show had been on hiatus for what felt like years and my body was going into physical withdrawal from not having seen the Mikaelsons in so long. I legit smiled whenever a character made his or her first appearance in this episode, from Rebekah’s incredible French-speaking flashback (in which she saved some titular casket girls from getting screamed at by men in wigs) to simply seeing Klaus place a phone call. I just love these characters so much and that’s how almost all of my enjoyment of this episode was derived: From just seeing them exist.
The Originals “The Casket Girls” Review: Something Is Coming. Later. Hopefully!
By Price Peterson,

So, now that an hour has passed since the credits rolled on The Originals Season 1 Episode 10, I feel like I’m in a place where I can form coherent sentences about the MAGIC we all witnessed tonight with this installment.
The Originals Review: No More Boys Club
By Miranda Wicker, TV Fanatic


Posted by | January 14, 2014, 9:01 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Originals TV

With The Originals returning to our screens tonight, everyone wants to talk to the cast. Zap2it interviewed Charles Michael Davis and wanted to know where Marcel’s head is at as the season resumes.

“He’s patient right now. Things can definitely change but he knows not to freak out,” Charles Michael Davis tells Zap2it. “Losing the kingdom to Klaus was seemingly a failure, but definitely something to learn from. He’s still in the game.” Since “there’s no sort of timetable that applies like in the human world,” Marcel knows that “things change and times change and people’s interests change, so he’s going to stay pretty grounded and not make any rash decisions.”


The good folks over at Alloy Entertainment are also gearing up for The Originals’ return with this interview with Leah Pipes. Enjoy!

Posted by | January 13, 2014, 16:22 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Originals TV

XXWe’re almost there! Only one more day to wait until The Originals is back on our screens tomorrow evening. It’s been a long, dull hiatus (not even ONE massacre, you guys!) and we can’t wait to see what’s going on in New Orleans. Now is a great time to refresh your memory on all the things that happened before the break, we have episode recaps, a roundtable and plenty of Twitter reactions to get everyone back on track before The Casket Girls (EP110) tomorrow night.


After Klaus took it to the bridge in the previous episode, it’s not so surprising that The Originals would turn out a rather subdued mid-season coda (well, in comparison) that found our characters struggling to readjust to a new regime and forming new, tentative alliances.
The Originals In Review: Reigning Pain in New Orleans (EP109) – Exquisite Pain
By Heather Vee, Vampire-Diaries.Net

With its initial run of episodes complete as of tonight, the most impressive aspect of The Originals is how self-assured it is. The Originals knows the sorts of stories it wants to tell; it knows the sorts of characters it wants to have; it knows the overall tone it wants to take; and it knows the pace it wants to tell those stories at. While the first three of those are largely adapted from The Vampire Diaries, the last of those—pacing—is quite different. The Originals seems content to take a step back and breathe for a seemingly important episode, its midseason finale.
“Reigning Pain In New Orleans”·S1 / E9
By Rowan Kaiser, A.V Club

With The Originals first 9 episodes behind us and a full second half remaining when the show returns in January, it’s time for our TV Fanatic Round Table to break down the mid-season finale. How hot are Hayley and Elijah? Is Rebekah the most unlucky in love vampire ever to live? What’s Davina next move?
The Originals Round Table: “Reigning Pain in New Orleans”
By Leigh Raines, Don Forcella, Miranda Wicker and Heather Vee, TV Fanatic


Posted by | January 6, 2014, 10:57 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Originals TV

We’re all slogging (or shivering, or burning, depending on where you live) our way through the winter hiatus, but E!Online is lending us a helping hand today. These new promo pics from The Originals are pretty terrific, and we’re not just saying that because of the waistcoat. Honest.

Hurry up, January 14th!



Posted by | December 11, 2013, 13:50 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXPreviously on The Vampire Diaries, Whitmore College just got a whole lot creepier. Right? There’s only one more episode to go until the dreaded winter hiatus, so here are some recaps and reactions to cuddle as we consider the long, empty Thursdays to come.


Note: Crissy Calhoun’s review will be forthcoming soon, at which point we’ll add it in to this post. Sorry for the delay!

The biggest problem with reviewing television on an episodic basis, especially in a twisty, plot-heavy show like The Vampire Diaries, is that it’s very likely everything I’m about to complain about will be completely resolved in the next episode. If these issues are resolved, that won’t make “The Cell” a better episode of television—this one is a dud, no matter what happens in the midseason finale next week—but it will make most of the maddening, incomprehensible character moments in “The Cell” much less horrifying.
By Carrie Raisler, The A.V. Club

This week’s episode “The Cell” was very terrific so long as you could accept at least three ludicrous things as no big deal.
The Vampire Diaries “The Cell” Review: Safe Zone (PHOTO RECAP)
By Price Peterson,


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