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Posted by | April 7, 2010, 14:37 (EST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

IMG DESCThe NY Post’s PopWrap has a chat with Matt Davis, aka Alaric Saltzman, aka Ernesto Riley, in which he discusses the role he’s most known for, his new movie, and of course Alaric and what’s in store as we head towards the Vampire Diaries season finale. He also sheds some light on the story behind his Twitter name, too.

PW: I like that he’s still extremely mysterious — are we going to learn more about him as season one winds down?
Matt: Oh, absolutely. That’s all going to come to focus starting next week. Like a colossal “bing!” and all his connections to all the other characters, which are very surprising, will come to the surface. I will say that Alaric makes a very unlikely ally in the show.

Read the entire interview at PopWrap.

Posted by | April 6, 2010, 23:12 (EST) | 6 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Sorry for the silence today, folks – we were both away and, frankly, my brain is fried. So thanks, Twitter, for saving me from a pile of Google Alerts. Here’s a bunch of stuff:

Paul Wesley is one of three young actors “Hot Off the Screen” (along with Matt Lanter and Shaun Sipos) in the new issue of Watch! Magazine. The piece touches on his background and career and gives some insight into how he crafted his portrayal of Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. Oh, and did we mention it features these way suave pics? (Click to see ‘em in the Gallery.)


But actually, Wesley has worked hard on landing the right look for Stefan, losing 15 pounds before the production of the show’s pilot— and even more since—to look like a noble vampire who subsists, unhealthily, solely on animal blood. And there’s plenty of time for mental preparation, too, on the Vampire set. Filmed on the outskirts of Atlanta (standing in for fictional small-town Mystic Falls, Va.), the show is far from the bustle of everyday life in Los Angeles. Out in the Georgia woods, he shuts off his cell phone and even shuns too much social interaction with the rest of the cast—“which is very difficult,” he adds, “because I really like everyone.”

Read the entire article at Watch! (Thanks to IHeartTVD for the heads up.)

MTV’s Hollywood Crush gives a play-by-play of Paul Wesley’s featured interview in the April/May 2010 issue of DaMan Magazine.

Paul said his favorite part about playing Stefan on “VD” is that the character’s willing to grow. “Stefan is 165 years old, but he’s going through so many changes right now, especially what we’re going to explore during Season 2. And he’s a very complex character, because he has a lot of things inside of him, but he’s still a vampire, so he’s still tempted by the dark side. He has a lot of hurt and pain and suffering. And he has to manage all this while trying to be a normal person for Elena’s sake.”

Read the rest of the article at MTV Hollywood Crush. (Someone send them the “TVD” memo, yeah? And check out pics from Paul’s DaMan photoshoot.)

Speaking of Paul – this video from the Atlanta set is cute as hell. The ladies of Paul Wesley Fans (Melinda and Sharie) caught up with him yesterday and, I dunno about you, but I’d do whatever Melinda told me to do, too. Just sayin’. And The VRO posted a video from the same set visit featuring “Zach and Tyler” (HA!), aka Zach Roerig and Michael Trevino. The most exciting part about this last video is – oh, hey, Michael Trevino. We’ve been missing you on our screens lately.

Cosmogirl! has Five Questions with Zach Roerig (by the way, how priceless was the “I’m not really good at expressing myself” line delivery last week? Right up there with Damon’s “Yeah…about that”):

I would like to think I am quite similar to Matt in terms of his protectiveness as well as his general good-heartedness, although I don’t think I have near the temperament that he shows at times. I know it’s cheesy, but as fictional characters go he’s a pretty solid role model.

Read the entire Q&A at Cosmogirl!

BuzzSugar has a few Vampire Diaries tidbits up: Damon Salvatore makes their list of 10 Most Quotable Characters on TVDamon’s special brand of bad boy snark always helps him stand out in a crowd – and chimes in on the nearly two-decades strong Stefan vs. Damon debate. (The more things change…)

Editor B: Elena and Stefan make a cute pair, but Elena and Damon really sizzle. Damon gets under her skin and brings out her firecracker side. Plus, Damon can keep her on her toes — and that’s what makes for great television. We may always root for Elena to end up with the nice guy, but she and Damon have way hotter chemistry, which will give the show a big boost.
Editor S Counterpoint: It’s way too soon! The show is only in its first season, so it would be TV shark-jumping suicide if the writers let Damon and Elena get together now. Maybe in two, three seasons from now they can consummate that tension, but for now, they need to keep building up this foundation.

Read the entire debate at Buzzsugar.

And finally, we have a textless version of the Elena/Stefan sweeps poster (posted last night) to share. Check it out in our Gallery.

Posted by | April 5, 2010, 21:23 (EST) | 5 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Because we’re equal opportunity (not all the eye candy on this show is male, right?) and because I love the color of this dress on Nina – courtesy of Nina Dobrev Network, another still from Miss Mystic Falls (EP19). (You can see a lot more here.)

Oh, and Twitterverse? Help #VerifyNinaDobrev. Details here.

Posted by | April 5, 2010, 19:17 (EST) | 17 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here we go, Elena/Stefan fans, a little something for you, courtesy of Nina Dobrev Network (check the site out!): a new Vampire Diaries promo poster. Pretty powerful, right? UPDATE: Okay, you guys should all be able to see it now. Let me know otherwise, please?

Elena and Stefan

Posted by | April 5, 2010, 18:52 (EST) | 10 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Not going to lie – having a bit of a moment with Elena in blue and Caroline in green and Bonnie (!!!) and Salvatores in ties… Ahem. Yes, we have more episode stills from Miss Mystic Falls (EP19) to add to that Elena/Damon fever you guys have been suffering from since Friday. (Me? I’m shipping Stefan and That Porsche. In case you were wondering.) You can check out full stills by clicking the images below or heading over to our Gallery.

The Vampire Diaries TV Series: Miss Mystic Falls XX


We also have a few new shots of Frederick (Stephen Martines) from Let the Right One In (EP17) up in the Gallery. Or just click the images below.


Posted by | April 4, 2010, 19:55 (EST) | 26 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Thanks to the always fabulous Vampire Diaries Web for this beauty – a rather poetic still from this week’s upcoming episode, Let the Right One In. Excited much after that promo?


Posted by | April 4, 2010, 16:24 (EST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Hope those of you able to take advantage of the holiday are doing so. For everyone else, Happy Lazy Sunday! Let us nibble on Cadbury eggs and round up a few tidbits from this past week…

There Goes the Neighborhood is now up on the CW’s website for viewing.

If you’ve been on Twitter this weekend, you know that preparations for the Vampire Diaries season one finale (May 13th) are under way. But don’t despair, TVD fans – we have it on very good authority that you’re going to be too busy freaking out over the final episodes of this season to even think about the summer hiatus. Six episodes from now, we’ll be deep in conversation about what’s coming in season two – how exciting is that?

@MSiega: Looking forward to shooting the season one finale this week!

@julieplec: Headed to the office w @kevwilliamson. Listening to Glee soundtrack. Getting my season finale mojo on.

@kevwilliamson: Big writing day. Season finale time. Love, romance, and lots of blood.

Vampire Diaries Web has a slew of previously unreleased behind-the-scenes pics and stills from several episodes of The Vampire Diaries. We’ve included a small sampling below with links to VDW’s gallery. You can see their original posts here, here, and here.

The Vampire Diaries TV Series: Lost Girls The Vampire Diaries TV Series: Lost Girls
The Vampire Diaries TV Series: Friday Night Bites The Vampire Diaries TV Series: History Repeating

Today is the last day to enter’s Vampire Diaries giveaway. One grand prize winner will receive Elena’s KRMA leather jacket, and six runners-up will win Bonnie’s crystal necklace (as seen in the CW Shop). Don’t miss out!

And finally, we received a very nice email from Melinda (yeah, that Melinda) and Sharie from Paul Wesley Fans asking if we could give some attention to their cause. Seems they may have the opportunity to interview a Vampire Diaries cast member and are bolstering their case with a fan petition. If you’d like to help them out, head on over and sign their petition. It’ll take you a minute and perhaps these ladies will get their chance.

Posted by | April 2, 2010, 17:37 (EST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV SeriesJulie Plec is interviewed in Variety about social media and the rising profile of TV showrunners as celebrities. The article’s a great read and Plec in particular talks about the Vampire Diaries fandom, Twitter, and instant feedback.

“The whole TV and film industry is built on focus groups and test screenings,” Plec says. “In my opinion, watching a Twitter feed during an episode of our show is a built-in focus group. They react to everything — and it’s fascinating because (over time) you get to witness your fan community as it builds and grows.”


Last night’s ratings are in and There Goes the Neighborhood rounded up 2.8 million viewers according to TV By the Numbers. (We expect the DV-R ratings will knock that up quite a bit.)

For those of you who missed it in North America, you can watch it online:
USA: Download from Amazon for $1.99

(Yeah, Canadians, we don’t know why CTV doesn’t have the episode up yet – sorry. And UKers, it’s not up on iTunes yet either. Lame.)

And finally – Fancast ran this tidbit about the upcoming Vampire Diaries season one DVD earlier this week, (which we mentioned on Twitter and then didn’t blog because…well, see below the quote):

Hey Matt! We need some more ‘Vampire Diaries‘ scoop! – tvdfansonline via Twitter
I feel like the remainder of this season got sufficiently scooped at the recent Paley Center event, so instead I will share this about the freshman drama’s debut DVD set: As we speak, exec producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec and co-exec producer/director Marcos Siega are recording an audio commentary for the pilot, and there will be at least two featurettes. Look for Season 1 to hit stores in August.

The upside? Thanks to some clarification from the very nice people in Warner Bros.’ legal department on that non-disclosure agreement I signed, I’m allowed to say that I was interviewed for the special features back in early February. The downside? That’s all I’m allowed to say about the Vampire Diaries DVD set. I KNOW. Though I think they won’t get mad if I tell you that the featurettes mentioned above are quite cool and those putting the whole shebang together are very cool people. August seems so far away now but I think you guys will be more than happy when you’re holding that DVD set in your greedy mittens.

Posted by | April 2, 2010, 16:46 (EST) | 11 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Entertainment Weekly has posted an exclusive sneak peek at Miss Mystic Falls, the April 22nd episode of The Vampire Diaries. We’re sure the Elena/Damon fans in the house are quite pleased with this, right? If you’re not spoilerphobic and want a reminder of this episode’s synopsis, you can check it out in the Episode Index.

The Vampire Diaries: Miss Mystic Falls

Posted by | April 1, 2010, 16:03 (EST) | No Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV SeriesSciFi Wire has posted an interview with Julie Plec, previewing tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries and emphasizing the support of the CW Network.

“We’re very much excited to get back into more episodes where we get to see the relationships and the fun of being young and in love, and the scariness of vampires, and more vampires come in to town,” said Plec in an exclusive interview. It’s got “a great sort of sexy, exciting, soap-opera feel that will lead us towards the end of the season, which of course is once again a big … leading us back to a huge mythology storyline that we’ve actually taken from the books. So book fans will be very excited to see Founder’s Day coming by the end of our season.”


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