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Posted by | January 15, 2014, 11:54 (MST) | 14 Comments
Category: Books, L.J. Smith

Evensong: Paradise LostMany fans of The Vampire Diaries books were left upset and bereft back when Alloy made the decision to replace L.J. Smith as the writer of the series, and decided to take the story in a different direction than the one LJS had planned. While the book series continues to be successful, many fans have wondered what would have happened with LJS at the helm, where the story would have gone, and who would Elena choose – Stefan or Damon?

Well, it’s a fantastic day to be a loyal LJS fan, because we’re about to find out the answer to those questions, thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Worlds. For those who aren’t aware, Kindle Worlds allows the publication of fanfiction about certain titles (including The Vampire Diaries) through Amazon. This means that L.J. Smith is finally able to publish her intended vision of The Vampire Diaries for fans to enjoy. While LJS does point out that these stories class as fanfiction and not an official part of the series, we’re sure that in the heart of many fans they’ll count where it matters.

The Evensong trilogy will continue from where Midnight left off, taking an alternate path from the official Hunters trilogy. Evensong: Paradise Lost and Evensong: The War of Roses: Part 1 will be available from the Kindle Worlds store on the 23rd January, 2014.

Head on over to L.J. Smith’s website for her announcement, as well as details on the next two stories.

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  • mydamonheart

    This could prove very interesting.

  • samantha

    I’m excited, I love the original versions, book series should have the same writer throughout its never the same when you know its a ghost writer.

  • Trazy

    I don’t understand how they can take her books from her.

  • T. Vernay

    Can someone please clue me in on how L.J. was booted from a series she created. Did she sell her rights? Confused. Please help.

  • Heather Vee
  • T. Vernay

    P.S Very happy for her. Can only imagine how she must have felt finally reuniting with her “baby”.

  • T. Vernay

    Thanks so much! This clarifies much. I had no idea she was a staff writer on the series. Never read the books but considered doing so this year. Very intriguing indeed.

  • Lulu

    I’ve never read the books, but I am pleased that Ms. Smith, who is at least credited with creating the world of Elena, Stefan, and Damon, is going to get a chance to present her version of character’s ongoing saga.

  • napoli

    Great news for Smith to be able to finish her story the way she wants and even better for her fans.

  • Andrew55

    I hope everyone realizes that no matter what story she tells it does not necessarily mean the show is going to follow suit. Julie and Kevin already said they decided how the show was going to end back during S2. Plus the show has taken many liberties with the books and created their own story lines and characters. I am glad the LJ Smith will get to continue her version and explore the stories she wanted to tell because I do think her firing was ridiculous and wrong. But I hope everyone understands the show is it’s own entity.

  • Anne

    Is the show allowed to take inspiration from these books as well or can they only take ideas from the official series?

  • Robert

    I think that is great that she can now tell her story the way she intended, However I am confused and hope someone can clear this up, OK she got fired from Alloy and was banned from ever writing a VD book ever again, so how can she legally write TVD even on Amazon’s Kindle and sell it, is’nt that Copyright Infringement since Alloy owns the rights to the books and stories? Wouldn’t she need permission and I am assuming that Alloy would not considering the circumstance. If that’s the case even I then can write A Buffy the Vampire Slayer book, and sell it as Fan Fiction without Joss Whedon’s permission.

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