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Posted by | February 9, 2011, 8:45 (MST) | 134 Comments
Category: Books, L.J. Smith

Following up on news/rumors that exploded this past weekend, L.J. Smith has confirmed on her blog that she will no longer be writing The Vampire Diaries series. Below is her statement in full so there is no confusion:

First, I want to thank my readers for all their messages of support. I’ve gotten far too many emails to answer, and I really appreciate the kindness and emotional sustenance you’ve given to me at this difficult time.

Second, if you’ve asked me a question about the future books or the endgame of The Vampire Diaries and I’ve been vague about what’s in store, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize. I really wasn’t looking forward to the day when I would have to talk about this.

Third, and most importantly, I want to ask anyone who was thinking of it, not to boycott Harper’s or anyone. It just doesn’t make sense. Although I wanted and still want more than anything to be able to continue The Vampire Diaries series myself, there’s no point in not trying the new books. (And remember, for fans of Bonnie and Damon, and strict Stefan and Elena fans, the immediate dynamics may be more to your liking.) Besides which, Midnight, which is all mine, is coming out in March, and I believe there may be some of my writing in Phantom.

Thanks again to all the fans who have shown loving and loyal kindness to me.

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  • Jen.

    WORD to all of this!
    Just like ANY job anywhere. You are required to do something via your contract. If you don’t comply.. they have EVERY right to dismiss you, its a business.

  • Jen.

    Seriously. I love Harper Collins. They sell such great books and I would never boycott such a thing. This is only ONE series.. people are refusing to buy ANYTHING. — any book, from any author from Harper Collins ALL because of ONE series? Sounds kinda stupid to me.

  • tphi

    I heart your post! I am grateful to her for bringing the TVD characters to life but I cannot take this manipulation of hers. :-(

  • Rivara

    I haven’t read the books yet but it sounds so bizarre that a writer can be fired from their own series… Shouldn’t such important plot points have been ironed out between her and Alloy before the second series?

    Such behavior makes both look unprofessional and it sort of reminds me of one of those sandbox fights where one kid invents a game and at first everyone is suddenly BFF with them but later they send the creator home in tears when the other kids want to add their own rules/change something but the original creator won’t budge. So they kick them out of the group and continue to have fun w/o them…

    I just hope that this doesn’t set the endgame for the TV series into stone: the love triangle (although it’s more like a hexagon or some other multi-sided shape) is a big part of the appeal and this news could potentially put off a lot of Delena fans.

  • Team Delena

    Not buying the ghost-written books :) That is all.

  • Malaika

    Y’all are haters,
    I totally understand that you have opinions that you love Delena and what not.. But be more classy about it. Most delena fans are known to being immature nasty and cruel to us Bamon fans..
    I’m not saying all though. I’m friends with quite a few Delena fans and they luckily are genuine and are totally open and acceptable to what might come even though they real don’t want Bamon.

    Just saying. It is what it is. There will be Delena moments in the show to come obviously, it’s a love triangle for crying out loud, but keep in mind that you’re getting something. Even though Delba won’t be the product.

    L.J smith is one of my favorite authors though I didn’t agree with her turning different angles, I still love the way she wrote all her books. Simply amazing. Just wait… Shell have a while new line of popular books to come:)

    Let’s face it, we are ALL vampire Diaries fans… So stop hating so much and let’s stand together..


  • Charlotte

    First of all I am greatly surprised that this rumor turned out to be true. I admit I am a Damon and Bonnie fan, but if the reason why they fired her was because they wanted it to end their way than that is very unfair to the loyal fans and disrespectful to the author’s feelings since she was the one who created the many beloved characters in the series. I may not be a Damon and Elena fan, but if that is how the author wanted to end the series than they should have allowed her to. This is quite an injustice to all who aspire to be writer’s someday and in general to all book lovers.

  • Dal_221604

    I honestly can not believe all the stupid comments in here, first all the people talkign about the books and talking about jeremy when he doesn’t even exist! And c’mon people, LJ said it in her page in Nightfall she didn’t write with her heart she wrote for others, so it doesn’t matter if you are a Stelena or Delena fan, you should support her work anyway, i wan’t slaming the book in the wall because Damon was kissing elena in Shadow souls and i’m a Stelena fan! I love the books, adn even if the endgame it doesn’t like me i would still love the serie, and so should you!

  • Dal_221604

    I totally agree with you Charlotte!

  • Random Damon fan

    Noooo! What are they thinking?? I’m sorry but keeping it strict Stelena the whole time is just boring. It’s like there’s no development at all, all that time. It’s true, it was Stefan and Elena since the beginning, but to keep it that way would make it quite a pointless story. I mean, why bother reading all that if nothing happened from beginning to end? If Elena ends up with Damon, at least there’s some change there. Otherwise, it really is just like Twilight. I mean, I know part of why I find Twilight so useless is because we know that it’s going to be Edward and Bella, and nothing’s going to change that. There’s nothing to look forward to. No one’s wondering what’s going to happen. Keeping Elena with Stefan the whole time is like that to me. It’s dry, and there’s no room for more story when it comes to their relationship. I mean I understand it’s a bit inconsistent to have to have her go from Stefan to Damon, but the last two books have been leaning to that, so it’s not entirely out of nowhere.

    And you don’t have to keep complaining that the Return series is different from the original ones. That’s kinda the point, they’re a separate trilogy after all. But don’t get me wrong, I too am fed up with the overly complicated magical, dark dimension aspects. But my point is, just because Stefan came first, and the original, “nicer” books are pro-Stelena, that doesn’t make him better. The Return series has flaws, but Delena aspects aren’t really the problem, to me anyway. Besides, in life, it’s a fact that you won’t necessarily stay with your first love forever. Stelena from beginning to end is kind of unrealistic in that sense.

    This is just my opinion by the way. I didn’t even go into details about why I think Damon and Elena are better together, just why I think that would make a better story, overall. As mentioned, the love triangle is *probably* the focal point of the story, so why waste that and just keep it Stelena? Then the triangle would have been useless. Anyway, I don’t mean to offend any Stefan fans, or people who believe in her sticking to the same guy, etc.

  • Rockgirl858

    Well, I think this might be positive for the books. I mean I hated the Return Trilogy Damon, he wasn’t anything like the one LJ introduced on the first arc…and the pairing didn’t convince me at all.Sadly she didn’t stay true to her own characters, the situations were weird, the love triangle was getting annoying and therefore she payed the consequences. As an old school reader I’ll give this new writer a chance and hope I’ll meet with the characters I fell in love once again, no matter who they get paired with. And for God’s sake, let her make a decision because a love triangle that lasts 10 books is upsetting

  • Rokkstxr

    I disagree with you. Bonnie and Damon would have a love-hate relationship. A real one. Not this crap that they pull with Delena, AKA the endless scenes of Damon having feelings for Elena and Elena pretty much shooting him down because she’s in LOVE with her brother. Who do you guys want Stefan to end up with? No one?

  • Rokkstxr

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. How Delena fans could be so confused and think Damon would end up with Elena is beyond me. I can understand not shipping Bamon, but realistically, it had to be Stelena, even if there weren’t a TV series.

  • Rokkstxr

    Somehow my comment replied to yours. Didn’t mean for that to happen as I obviously don’t understand Delena shippers.

  • Boomshick

    You haven’t read Midnight LOL, which a chunk of it was leaked. There’s a lot of Damon/Elena.

    Also, it would not be a sell-out. Her with Stefan would be a sell-out. It’s ALREADY dry and boring and completely irritating. He is better with Katherine- at least on the show.

  • Amy Peeters

    I have 2 say that i’m dissapointed by this news.We all are i guess…
    But indeed she had a lot of negative comments about the new trilogy.I personly did not care i liked all the books she wrote.for me it was the story not the little things(okay she did however made some errors like bonnie’s eyecoller ect.)
    I would like 2 say i wont be reading the ‘new’ books but we all know thats just bull becouse we are curious about it….and becouse otherwise whe have an ‘unfinished story’ and we didnt read the books for years and years so we could not read the ending…but still it’s a pain in the heart becouse im of a believe that when a wrighter wrights a story…it’s his/her story/baby…. and 2 take away something big like this from a wrighter,i can’t imagine how it hurts 2 have taken you baby away and not ending the story youre self…after so many years of putting blood sweat ann tears in it.This is the worst thing you can do 2 a writher(and the fans!)

    If i finish my books one day this would be my biggest fear
    sorry 4 my bad english i’m dutch so its not that easy =)
    xxx Amy

  • DarkFeather

    I’m not sure if I understand this…
    L.J. Smith is the original creator of this series, isn’t she? Why isn’t she allowed to write a book about her OWN CHARACTERS?
    Or did she give all the rights away?
    I love both the TV series and the books since they both have their good points, but why do they need a new writer? It just doesn’t make sense.
    So if anyone still reads this post, could he or she please explain this to me?

  • Sarah Welsch

    I just finished Midnight. And I will read the first book just because I want to know what happens with Damon and everyone else. I wont boycott something that is a good book, plus I need to know what happens next. It’ll drive me NUTS not knowing what happens next. But if the books become stale and uninteresting than I will put TVD books in the back of my mind and just focus on the show.

  • 07ambryce

    i just read MIDNIGHT and what a brilliant cliff hanger! i cried solidly throughout one chapter(and a half) i’ll let you guess which one it was ’cause i dont want to give anything away. i will read the next book but only to find out what happens next-and because there might be some of lj’s writing in there too. the publishers are idiots to fire her and it’ll be there loss when sales drop(which they will) i am especially sad about it because i am a firm Delena supporter-i think bonnie should be with stefan.

  • Kenz

    Screw you publishing company…Most fans would not even read the books if there wasn’t any Damon and Elena in them. As for Stelena? GAG ME. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the books or on the TV show, I always think, “BORING AS HECK!” Delena sparks things up, and I really hope that the publishing company ends up putting Damon and Elena together, not Bonnie and Damon because, let’s face it. They’re a horrible couple.

  • Mr Ec Back

    i’m not agree actually ..
    i’m a delena fans ,, and i still think that they can be together ..

  • Mr Ec Back

    much much better than bamon too ! :(

  • Fiebremex


  • Lily851111

    I just wish you could keep wrighting. I love your work and always have. I dont want to read on from the other wrighter  

  • Sarah Babut

    LJ has gotten way to repetitive in her writing. Elena love Stefan, then cheats with Damon, Then loves Stefan, and cheats and fools around with Damon. GIVE IT A REST. You cant base a whole series on that! The character development is just terrible because their isnt any! The best book was when Elena was dead and Bonnie was the main POV. I personally love Bonnie and Damon, and I think LJ is fooling around with that development way to much. She implies thar Damon loves her, then he doesnt, then he does, like make up your mind! Im just glad that all this stupid Elena-Damon-Stefan triangle will finally come to an end! I think Stefan should give Elena a punch in the face in the books, cheating is not okay. Yet Elena gets away with it every single time. Hopefully this new writer will have some better story lines and character development. 

  • Ideasbro

    im done “harper collins”
    i’ve been crying my eyes out
    vampire diaries is gone:|

  • Delena4eva

    but…why isn’t she going to continue tvd?? that’s what i don’t understand ;( ;( ;( it’s not fair….. ;(

  • victoria

    No please not Delena just let Stefan and Elena be together they both deserve it there the best couple ever.

  • Nosheenk

    i hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    if the show ever kills Damon off it would be ruined so why bother in the books? the people who fired L.J Smith R BIG BALLHEADS!!! STEF SOUNDS UGLY IN THE BOOK!

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