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Posted by | July 20, 2010, 11:14 (MST) | 57 Comments
Category: Books, L.J. Smith

The Return: MidnightL.J. Smith has written in her blog that she’s finished writing The Return: Midnight, and it’s now going through the editing process. All looks to be on track for publication next year. In other book news, we heard a while back that Ms. Smith was involved with a prequel trilogy, which we all originally assumed was part of the book series, but turned out to be the TV series tie-in, Stefan’s Diaries, that she’s (apparently) consulting on. Well, turns out a new Vampire Diaries trilogy is in the works, starting with Phantom. We have no idea about publication dates, what it’s about or when it will be set (though, given the spoiler at the end of this blog post, it’s likely at least some of it will be set after Midnight), but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we have more information.

Also, I have been finished with Midnight, the final book in the last Vampire Diaries trilogy about a month ago and am waiting (you can imagine how eagerly or maybe–if you’re not an author–you can’t) for the edits. I’ve also signed on for a new trilogy and finished the first book in it, Phantom. So there is more Vampire Diaries in store for readers of those books.

And another little spoilery Vampire Diaries tidbit from the blog post (spoiler blocked because it gives away some of what might happen in Midnight:

And I’ve already bought a fantastic brand new Tiffany and Co. (the real Tiffany’s) gold locket and chain. Now I just have to make up a scene in which Stefan gives Elena the locket (crucial for the new trilogy coming up after Midnight) and we’ll see if we really can cause my computer to implode.

(Thanks to Ayna for the heads up!)

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  • Rayhoffman90

    I Love Damon, Elena an Stefen~~~However, in reading the books and in watching the show, I see Damon an Elena Forever~~~they just were made for one another! Stefen Loves Elena, but that Love came out of her looking like Kathryn~~~Yes, Damon once Loved Kathryn, but when He realized that Stefen was the Only One she wanted ever, an that she never really Compelled Stefen as she did Damon~~~Damon saw her 4 what she was/is~~~Damon met Kathryn first, Stefen took her even knowing he was hurting his brother in doing so! In comes Elena. Stefen meets her first: an he is Obsessed with her LOOKs, an he kept Kathryn’s picture all those years~~~Not Damon! In comes Damon, he learns the who truth about his brother an Kathryn (both brothers LOVE One another very Much), yet knowing that Kathryn really Loves Stefen, that Stefen really Loves Kathryn (He fights this Fact, but it is StefKat), Damon feels it is his time for Happiness, an He Knows Elena Loves Him just as Much as He Loves her! His Love unlike Stefen’s is really for Elena 100%, How could he Love Elena just because she looks like Kathryn? Because He HATES Kathryn NOW an wants nothing to do with her! He (Damon) sees all in Elena that isn’t nor ever was in Kathryn~~~~Remember, I love Damon, Stefen an Elena, but sorry if this upsets anyone, I Truly feel that it will Be Enena an Damon in the end! That is the only Outcome that would make sense! I hope Stefen doesn’t die, that would be sad! As for Bonnie, NEVER NEVER NEVER~~~~Damon does not fall in LOVE Over Night! He likes Bonnie in the books but Like is not Love! Bonnie really likes Damon in the Books, but she will NEVER GET HIM, even if she tried, it will not HAPPEN! As for the tv series, Damon hates Bonnie just as much as she an her Gramps hated Him! He would kill her if he found a way! She would Kill Damon if she knew Elena didn’t Love Damon! One more thing: this has nothing to do with books by L.J. Smith. but everything to do with the tv series: Kevin Williamson believes in Surprise endings for his Movies an tv shows! Example: DAWSON’S CREEK! Most Fans of show always thought that Joey an Dawson would end up together! They were SOULMATES, those words were used often, Anyone who watched the show knows what Soulmate meant: Life Long Friends, A more of Brother/Sister Love, One that truly Lasts a Lifetime! Joey Loved Pacey, Pacey Loved Her~~~There Love with the Love of a Man & Woman! They Loved One another, but were also in Love~~~They Married! Dawson remained Friends to both an He realized what he had always Known: His Love for Joey an her;s for Him~~~it would never pass, but it wasn’t a sexual Love! Thus Far, We have seen the same thing with the Vampire Diaries tv series, Stefen an Elena together in bed, like we always saw Joey an Dawson~~~this can go on for years, but it keeps building up more an more until a Fan has to see an whether they want to see it or not, they will have to accept the REAL LOVE that is being shown between Elena an Damon~~~it is a FACT: She Loves Steden, but She doesn’t just LOVE DAMON, She is in LOVE with DAMON 100%! I want the show around for many years so I can waitn it out~~~but it will be Damon an Elena! As for the show having too much DAMON? That is NOT POSSIBLE: All the Cast is GREAT, both Actors an Characters, However, Fans better face it: without Ian Somerhalder an DAMON the show would not LAST! Check out the WB SHOP too, it is Damon Mdse that Sales MOST! By the way I Have been a Huge Fan of Paul Wesley (Wasilewski) for over 10 years, he used to do daytime SOAPS, he sent me Autographed Photo an a Letter back then! He is an Awesome person an Great Actor, But Damon is the Chracter that Carries the Weight~~~He is Loved by both Female an Male alike~~~STRONG CHARACTERS always have this PULL with Viewers, especially Males!

  • Iheartbreakhotel

    I want Damon with Bonnie.

  • Iheartbreakhotel

    I want Damon with Bonnie.

  • madi

    the way midnight ended made me mad cuz damon died but….. then it had the whole fist clenching thing tht makes it seem like damon is back alive so in phantom damon better get his vampire butt back to fell’s church and be with elena in the end or i will be so pissed/

  • Yanny

    DAMON&ELENA forever! In the books and the show their chemistry and passionate love is undeniable.

  • Angela salvatore

    Lj smith specifically said the Damon and Elena were supposed to be together. Though, I love Stefan i prefer delena. It’s because Elena can really see into Damon’s soul(literally) and bamon? I’m sorry but bamon is kind of a joke to me. Sure, Bonnie is cute and funny, but she doesn’t seem like she could handle Damon. But that my opinion.

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