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Posted by | September 13, 2010, 15:56 (MST) | 13 Comments
Category: Books, L.J. Smith

Bonnie's opal ringThose of you who have read Shadow Souls will know all about Bonnie’s opal ring. L.J. Smith has had such a ring made, and is going to be giving it away to one lucky Vampire Diaries fan.

Now you can win this version of Bonnie’s opal ring (see above). It’s made of 14 karat gold and 14 karat white gold, with one central opal and diamonds sprinkled around it. This is a gorgeous ring that sells for over $700—so pretty that I got one for myself! And if you didn’t win an autographed Shadow Souls book during the last contest–well, here’s your chance, because I’m offering ten (10) this time around as second prizes.

To find out more about the ring and how to enter the contest, head on over to L.J. Smith’s blog.

The lovely Lorraine over at the LJS Covers Resource has kindly passed on some more German book covers, a variation on the TV series-themed omnibus editions previously published.

The Awakening & The Struggle, Germany, 2010 The Fury & Dark Reunion, Germany, 2010

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  • MakizlovesIan

    RT @tvdnews: [] L.J. Smith’s new Vampire Diaries contest, and more new book covers… #tvd

  • Jessica T

    Wow! That is such a beautiful ring! I give a heads up congratulations to the person that wins this! Sometimes being from Canada has its downfalls but I know whoever wins this is going to absolutely love it!

  • vampire_craze

    RT @tvdnews: [] L.J. Smith’s new Vampire Diaries contest, and more new book covers… #tvd

  • tvdnews

    [] L.J. Smith’s new Vampire Diaries contest, and more new book covers… #tvd

  • VD…babe

    that is so beautiful…wow…then again that s all i could say…is already happy for the winner…wow

  • itsmejoanneling

    RT @tvdnews: [] L.J. Smith’s new Vampire Diaries contest, and more new book covers… #tvd

  • Katherine Pierce

    Don’t know if you know these german bookcovers

    Greetings from Germany

  • Natalie

    THAT IS SO UNFAIR! Now Im really sad!
    Why just US? It’s not that hard sending to other countries :(

    Hate living in skandinavia cause we never get the chance to enter contests :((

  • Abbi17

    This ring is gorgeous i just have fallen in love with the series when i read shadowed souls i knew there had to be another book to that and then i found out there is actually a whole new series with the gang in it i’m so excited!!!

  • Naughtynibbler0787

    The ring is to die for!!! I love it, it’s amazing…congrats to the winner. you so lucky!! 

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