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Posted by | September 18, 2012, 13:24 (MST) | 223 Comments
Category: Books, Fandom, The Vampire Diaries TV, Website

Name Elena's Teddy Bear!

To celebrate the release of Love You To Death – Season 3: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries by contributor Crissy Calhoun, we’re having a contest to name Elena’s teddy bear! Crissy has confirmed with executive producer Julie Plec that the bear is currently nameless, and we’re calling on all you TVD fans out there to help give little teddy a name. (Please note that this is a contest purely for fun, not a promise that the actual teddy bear will end up with the winning name.)

THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO EVERYONE – yes, that means you too, international fans!

FOUR WINNERS (CHOSEN AT RANDOM) WILL RECEIVE: A signed copy of Love You To Death 3!

But what about the GRAND PRIZE, you ask? Crissy will choose her favorite name for Elena’s teddy bear from all of the entries and that GRAND PRIZE WINNER will not only receive a signed copy of Love You To Death 3, but also a Vampire Diaries prize pack that includes some snazzy official TVD merchandise (t-shirts, jewelry, etc). (Ever seen a wild Vee go crazy over a convention merch table? Yeeeeeah.)


  • Once again, YES, this giveaway is open to ALL, including international fans.
  • You may enter via Twitter or the comments in this post, but not both! Comment entries are for those who don’t have a Twitter account. If you have Twitter, use Twitter!
  • How to enter via Twitter: First, make sure you’re following @crissycalhoun and @tvdnews (because we will need to DM if you’re a winner). All tweets must include the name you’ve chosen for Elena’s teddy bear and these two hashtags – #LYTD3 and #TVDTeddy. [Example: Elena's teddy bear is obviously named MR. CUDDLES! #LYTD3 #TVDTeddy] You DO NOT need to @reply to us or Crissy in your entries; the hashtags are how we will log the entries. ONLY ONE TEDDY BEAR NAME PER TWEET. Also, if your tweet does not include BOTH hashtags, your entry will not count. Do not tweet the same name multiple times. Each of your entries must be unique. You may enter more than once, HOWEVER if you spam the entries, we reserve the right to ask you to stop. If you continue to spam after we’ve asked you to ease up, we will disqualify you. Let’s be reasonable!
  • How to enter if you DO NOT have Twitter: Leave a comment on this post, but make sure you do so with an email address. (As in filling in space where it asks for your email address under username; we won’t publish your email!) We need a way to contact you if you win! You may leave multiple entries, but as mentioned above, please be reasonable and don’t spam the comments. Only one teddy bear name per entry!
  • Your entry may not be STELENA, DELENA, STEFAN OR DAMON. Sorry to be fun-killers but this is a simple way to avoid too many duplicate entries. Remember: Crissy will be picking a favorite grand prize winner, so you need to be creative, funny, unique.
  • Deadline for entries is THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 11:59 PM EASTERN. Winners will be notified next week.

Contest starts now! GOOD LUCK!

Read the comment rules and guidelines.

Everyone is subject to these rules and guidelines, whether they read them or not.

If you have problems with any of the comments posted, flag them to bring them to our attention. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the comment so the 'flag' link appears. You're also welcome to contact us to let us know about any problems.

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Be excellent to each other.

  • Chloester

    I meant Doppelbear

  • Chloester

    Name the beart Mystified

  • Chloester

    Wicker’s the bear.   “Wickery Bridge”

  • Chloester


  • Lucia

    I think his name should be Mr. T-Bear

  • Jo-Anne

    I think his name should be Matty-Bear, because when Elena was small she already had a crush on Matt

  • Letyusheva2012


  • Suchtie

    I think his name could be Flaushebear

  • Suchtie

    or Mr. Gilbert

  • Suchtie

    or Knuddelbear

  • Suchtie

    or maybe Pupsi

  • Karen

    I think he (I think Elena’s bear looks like a boy) should be called Doodles.

  • shila1307

    Here’s another one: Hercule Poirot

  • Laurel_Cz

    either “Mia” “Jones” or “Mia Jones” after Nina’s character on Degrassi.

    We know the writers like inserting biographical information (e.g. Katherine being from Bulgaria) so there’s some precedent.

  • Witchyways4445

    Count Cuteula ………cheesy yet adorable! 

  • Neja Pu

    Miserabear. Because he helps her bear the times when she is miserable :)

  • Karen

    I think his name is Charlie.

  • Samantha Downey

    Elena’s teddy bear is named “Darcy” after reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, one of the greatest female English novelists. Elena Gilbert fell in love with writing after her mother gave her the copy her own mother gave her as a child. It is what made her want to write as a child.

  • Karen

    How about Harold?

  • Dmdiva27

    Beary bear

  • L.T

    A good name 4 Elena bear is : Sir Triangle

  • Jenc

    Bloody Beary

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