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Posted by | September 17, 2013, 11:00 (MST) | 40 Comments
Category: Books, The Vampire Diaries TV

#LoveTVDtoDeath Giveaway: Tell Us Your Favorite S4 Episode & Enter to WinWho’s up for a giveaway?

Love You to Death – Season 4: The Unofficial Companion to the Vampire Diaries, by’s own Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vee, is out October 1st, but we want some of you to get your hands on it early. So we’re having a contest!

One GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive Love You To Death, Seasons 1-4! A whole set of LYTD books! And four runners-up will receive their own brand-spankin’ new copy of Love You To Death Season 4.

There are TWO ways to enter, via Twitter and via the comments on this post (this one, right here, the one you’re reading):

  • This contest is open to everyone – yes, international fans, that means you, too!
  • To enter via Twitter, first make sure you’re following @tvdnews because we will need to DM you for a mailing address if you win! Next, tweet your favorite episode of Vampire Diaries Season 4 and tell us WHY you loved it. Your tweet must include the hashtag #LoveTVDtoDeath. (If you fail to follow @tvdnews, or your entry is missing any of these three pieces, you will not be eligible for the giveaway, so be sure your entry is complete!)
  • To enter via blog post, leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite TVD Season 4 episode and WHY it’s your favorite. Make sure you log in with an email address we can contact you at! If you don’t log in to comment with an email (which is hidden from public view!), we won’t be able to contact you if you’re a winner.
  • Each person is allowed ONE Twitter entry and ONE blog comment entry. If you spam the comments or Twitter tag with multiple entries, you’ll be disqualified, and no wants that to happen!
  • CONTEST ENDS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd, 8PM ET/5PM PT. All winners chosen at random.


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  • utauhoshii

    Woah! This giveaway is really cool.

    My favorite Season 4 episode would be The Walking Dead. Or even Graduation. I loved to see my favorite old faces, like Alaric or Lexi. It was so cool.
    Also, Graduation was probably high up enough to rival The Walking Dead, as it had the veil down too and also there was that cute Klaus and Caroline moment.
    Overall, it’s probably The Walking Dead.

    Ok, all the best to everyone and the best may win.

  • Heather Fox

    I liked a lot Down the Rabbit Hole. It was Treasure-Hunt like thing. It may be only me, but I really enjoy adventure. Plus that Jeremy without a shirt was really #awesome.
    I think that’s my favorite.


  • utauhoshii

    should I give you my email?

  • Kytty

    Of course it’s hard to choose, I would probably say The Originals, it was great seeking the pilot for the new series, but my favorite must be Graduation, the scenes with Elena and Damon were perfect!

  • Alexandra Pasparuga

    It’s creepy hard to say which one was my favorite. I loved The Originals because it was fresh and we could escape from Elena-teen drama (I hate myself for saying that).

    I vote it!

  • Robyn

    My favorite is definitely episode 15, Stand By Me, because of Nina Dobrev’s tear-wrenching and award-worthy performance.

  • Lauren Segall

    It’s so hard to choose and there were so many good moments and episodes. But I’d have to give it to O Come All Ye Faithful or Stand By Me. O Come All Ye Faithful almost entirely for Klaus’ slaughter of the hybrids set to O Holy Night. And while Stand By Me was so incredibly difficult to watch, the scene where Damon had Elena turned off her emotions was one of the most powerful in the entire series. Amazing.

  • Debbie

    We’ll always have bourbon street or stand by me…Salvatore bonding!

  • Alexandria Nicole Moses

    I have Seasons 1 2 & 3 on dvd already, so I just need Season 4.

  • Mary Ross

    My favorite is definitely Memorial. It’s great in a way that Elena has spent the past 3 seasons trying to help everyone else with their supernatural struggles, and now, as she is struggling to find her own way through this new life she has, we see all her friends helping and comforting her.
    Also, the scene where everyone gathers to actually deal with their grief is such a powerful moment. It takes us back to the heart and the beginning of the show. Family is most important.
    One last scene that I thought may have gotten overlooked by most is the one where Elena compels April. Being an orphan herself, Elena knows the grief that April is going through, and now, Elena has the chance to give April something that she never had after the deaths of her parents, a sense of comfort and hope.
    It is all around just a fantastic episode.

  • Michelle Dodd

    Holy Smokes Graduation was freakin epic. Lets just Start with the fact this epi. opens with Lexi and Stefan rocking out to You Give Love A Bad Name Bon Jovi fav, Elena snacking with Ric and Jer., Delena!!! Finally, and Klaus freakin epic grad cap kill that did for me along with his Klaroline scene loved it this finale was UNREAL literally.

  • darkdimension

    I am truly not expecting this post to win for reasons, but having read your choices and the comments that followed, suddenly I feel moved to share my reasons for my choice:
    The Memorial.

    4×02 was a gift from heavens as the writers were so clearly blessed with more inspiration in a single episode than in the rest of the season put together.

    The key to the episode, as to the entire season, in my opinion, was the beautiful hymn, “How can I keep from singing?” These poignant and deeply metaphorical words sung by the choir as Elena was giving into her vampire nature, gave her complete absolution. But the warmth radiating from the choir and the beautiful melody showed us how to accept all.

    How could Matt keep from doing anything to save Elena?
    How could Elena keep from feeding on human blood?
    How could Tyler keep from standing up to protect his friends?
    How could the bothers keep from loving Elena?
    How could Damon keep from crushing his own heart just to be there for Elena?
    How could Elena keep from trying to be loyal to Stefan?
    Still how could she keep from falling deeper and deeper in love with Damon?

    I could, of course, mention that this episode also had one of the most daring, sensual and unexpected scenes of TVD: Damon feeding Elena his blood, the two of them so clearly locked in an unbreakable bond. I could also mention the most stunning visual unveiling of the brothers’ contrasting outlook on life at the end of the episode: Stefan’s sentimental idealism v. Damon’s no bullshit realism. I could also bring up the beauty and excruciating sadness of Damon and Alaric’s declaration of friendship. I could in fact write an entire book on the beauty and perfection of this episode. But most of it would be centred around Damon, and his love story with Elena. Judging from your choices of favourite episodes and reasons, not something that you guys seem to hold precious.

  • Debbie

    So I’m guessing the heart of darkness or as I lay dying don’t qualify ;) too bad

  • whoneedsthecullens

    Huh – I left a comment yesterday, and now its gone. What happened? Maybe it’s only my computer? @Staff: If now my name turns up twice, please delete one comment, ok?

    For me overall it was “Memorial”. It was an ep all about characters, where they stand at the beginning of the season. Elena insecure and all heightened emotions, Damon silently furious, Matt guilty, Stefan in denial… And if you compare it to the end of the season, you can see so so much development in each character, it’s nothing less than fascinating.

    Oh, and the bathroom scene at the Grill? Hottest.Bathroom.Scene. Ever. They might just call it the Bathroom Of Desires. (remember Anna and Jer???)
    I still can’t watch the final minutes without tearing up. And I love it that the writers pick up such heart-wrenching moments, even lots of eps later, and refer to it very casually. “You heard that? Well that’s not creepy.” Just perfect.
    So. Memorial. For now.

  • Alina

    That’s a really togh one, I’d say Memorial, because the whole gang works as a team, the episode is crazy, blood sharing, the comments, Dalaric!!!!!

    I really love so many, many, many great episodes to choose from…..

  • alwayschoosingdamon

    My favourite episode was The Graduation because we got to see all our favourite dead characters again and the DE love declaration finally proved that the sire bond had nothing to do with how Elena felt :)

  • tevilu

    It´s difficult to choose one but my favourite episode was definitely the last one, 4×23 where she finally says to damon she loves her. I´m both a stelenba and delena fan, but i wanted that for once damon got the girl and more important he knew he was loved by someone apart from stefan. What i love as well is when they make love, that one is one of my favourite scenes.
    i love vampire diaries a lot

  • Kate

    I checked the Disqus records and your comment yesterday never came through. Weird! Possibly a momentary server glitch. If it happens again, let me know.

  • Suchtie

    My favourite episode was “American Gothic.”
    I don’t even know what I liked most in this episode – every scene was great. Elena and Rebekah, Katherine – for example how Elena tried to impersonate Katherine before she met Elijah. And how they kissed! The look on Rebekahs, Damons and Stefans face when Katherine told them she was “friends friends” with Elijah – hilarious! It was nice to see a good side in Katherine when she gave the cure to Elijah. And of course the Klaroline scenes and when they realized what Silas could do.

    This episode had it all and I’m sure I’m gonna rewatch it at least 1,000,01 times!

    BTW: I wonder if Liz ever got the champaign Damon wanted to give her?!

  • whoneedsthecullens

    Thanks for checking, Kate :-)

  • Mireya Martinez

    My favorite ep of TVD S4 is “After School Special” and also “The walking Dead”. The first because of the library scenes and Rebekah and Stefan teaming up. The second because it was really nice to see Stefan with Lexi again.

  • Sandra

    This is a hard decision. I am torn between My Brother’s keeper and Stand by Me. My Brother’s Keeper for me was when Elena started to accept the fact that she was a vampire and of course the ending with Damon. She didn’t over think her feelings and just went with the moment. In Stand By Me…Nina’s acting from start to finish was just amazing. Starting with her holding onto any shred of hope that Jeremy would come back, to the realization that he was truly gone and when Damon told her to shut off her emotions…watching her shut down was almost as painfull as watching her out of control.

  • Noor Hazfalinda

    We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street – season 4 episode 8 – 1942 flashback, sired, Charlotte, Lexi, New Orleans, brother bonding in army suits.

    This episode opens with the aftermath of Damon and Elena finally slept together which they enjoyed it and that’s what they have always wanted, like for the last 3 seasons!!! With the background music, Elena stylishly jumping on top of Damon’s bed, then Delena having hot sexy making out session and she scratched Damon’s back till its bleeding, with Caroline and Stefan realized the so called ‘sired theory’. That opening worth the whole season 4 really…for those who ship Delena from the beginning of TVD. That was their time… just one selfish, secret day…

    However, all this happiness for Delena does not last long, Damon have to swallow the hard truth, Elena is sired and off they go to New Orleans to find the witch to cure the sire-bond. I really want to see the epic apology from Stefan. Poor Charlotte did count every brick in New Orleans, like literally, for 70 years!

    This episode reveals that sire-bond will not and do not affect the feelings, only the act (thanks to Tyler). No witch/ spell can break the sire bond which can restore Elena to original factory team Stefan setting. Damon has to break the bond, which he did with Charlotte, poor Charlotte, dumped again for the second time by the same Damon.

    Brother bonding really revealed that Damon was in fact a good, unselfish brother, Stefan now knows why Damon left and did not join him to Egypt, to make someone happy is to leave him alone. Lucky Damon doesn’t have to hang the ‘I am not selfish’ billboard with flickering lights like the Bates Motel’s.

    Enough of Delena and sire bond. Tyler really is the true alpha, not like Teen Wolf true alpha transformation. The scene when all the broken-sired-bond-Klaus-hybrids kneeled in front of Tyler (with the dramatic background music) is so amazing and epic!

    In the end, Damon has to break the sire bond but he knows Elena’s feelings towards him is real. Love this episode so much. Everything is just so perfect for Delena.

    Facts from this episode:
    1. Expression is a bad mojo witchy thingy
    2. Elena does have feelings for Damon before she turns, human feelings, vampirism only heightens those emotions.
    3. Girl’s night with Salvatore’s wine cellar, vamp speed, stoner tea are not good for bonding, like ever.

  • Caitlin Demmett

    my favorite season 4 episode was stand by me. Even though i love the supernatural aspects of the show, it was very refreshing though heart-wrenching to see the characters go through the normal grieving process of losing a brother and friend. Nina Dobrev’s performance alone was so raw and beautiful and I could feel her pain. It was a well written episode and is probably both my favorite of season 4 and of the entire series.

  • Caitlin Demmett
  • Lisa

    My favorite season 4 episode was episode 21. I loved the tortuing Elena scenes and when she turned he emotions on.

  • Lisa

    My favorite episode was 22, I loved the Jeremy and Elena reunion, Bonnie and Katherine bonding, not to mention the reunions between Damon and Alaric and Stefan and Lexi. What I loved most was the way Rebekah actually spends time with the gang and was an ally not an enemy.

  • bellynation

    There were so many good episodes this season, but for me I picked Memorial, for lots of reasons. There were so many excellent moments in this episode. As a Delena shipper I was of course thrilled by the interactions that Elana and Damon had in this episode: Damon feeding her his blood, bringing her a new dress and comforting her when she thought she was better off dead. I absolutely love the writing for Damon. He has so many good one liners, retorts and clever dialogue: “Your four-legged protein shake was a bust, the juice box was a no-go. She can’t even keep my blood down.”

    I think this episode had one of the most shocking moments of the season: Elena vomiting blood, not once, but twice in the bathroom. For me this was epic. I remember watching this the night it aired and my jaw dropping…it was horrifying, in such a good way!

    I loved the scene where she feeds from Matt. I think the music really helped make that scene. Just to see Elena struggling so much, and her best friend Matt is always right there to help her out. When she finishes and whispers “Thank you”, I got chills…epic.

    The final scene was, well, to use a word I’ve already overused…epic. (I literally looked up synonyms in a thesaurus, and this is just the only word that works for me ;) Giving everyone a chance to say good-bye to all those that we’ve lost over the years was very touching. And watching the lanterns float up in the sky was healing. Of course seeing Damon talking to Alaric was such a great way to end the episode. Any chance we get to see Alaric again is a win in my book. I loved seeing how affected Damon was with the loss of his best friend and drinking buddy.

    So for these reasons, and all the other exciting moments in this episode (Stefan and Damon arguing; Tyler being shot by Connor, twice; Caroline stopping Elena from feeding on April) I picked Memorial as my favorite of the season.

    One last note: As I already have the first three Love You to Death books, I would be thrilled to simply be a runner up:)

  • animallover girl

    my favorite episode is when klaus first came to mystic falls to create trouble. specially i loved it when klaus made trouble for tyler & caroline !. i loved it more when tyler saw in caroline’s eyes that she loves klaus !. i really loved that fact about the love triangle between damon, stefan, & elena.

  • Emily Grace Polster

    Oh my. Well I have several favorite episodes of this season. By far it was my favorite season of all. However, two really stuck out and that was Growing Pains and The Five. Now most of the time the first episodes of the season are transitioning episodes. They are designed to transition us into the season. So they are tying up the cliff hanger(s) from the previous season and giving us new mysteries to think about. However, Growing Pains was by far one of the best episodes I have ever seen. Now I am team Delena all the way. I truly believe Damon is Elena’s true love, but that doesn’t mean I do not understand the love her and Stefan share. They have as Caroline puts it “A true epic love.” It is amazing. In Growing Pains you get to see Elena finally transition into a vampire. You get to see Stefan never give up hope and Damon flat out accept that she is one of the undead now. You get to see Elena continue to fight for the human girl she once was. The one she said goodbye to on the bridge with Matt. You get to see Elena tell Stefan why she was on that bridge and that after everything was said and done she chose him. You also get to see Elena remember what Damon has compelled her to forget. See her reaction and see her confront Damon. After everything that Damon believes in and empowers, he finally confesses that he wanted Elena to stay human for her, because she deserves the life she wanted and so desperately needed, Then, Rebekah seeing the love Stefan and Elena share. The love she has always wanted. You get to see her do good, in a way. Then out of sheer survival Elena must turn. The power that scene had over me was indescribable. It was flawless. Then the last scene when Stefan gives Elena her ring. Stefan and Elena never gave up hope. Even in the darkest hour they remained full of it. This scene to me said “even after all that, there is still hope in this world, no matter what.”
    Episode 4, The Five was an amazing episode in many ways. First of all it was a flashback episode, I LOVE flashback episodes anyway. I loved how this episode told two different stories that intertwined with one another. What I mean is in one corner (to say) you have Stefan, Klaus, and Rebekah who are telling stories. Klaus who refuses to lose his one hope to more hybrids. Him and Rebekah come together to tell Stefan of this mysterious “cure” along with it came the legend of the five. The brotherhood sworn by magic and a dying wish to hunt down vampires and kill them, but to also to kill Silas. The first ever immortal being to ever walk the earth. So Stefan then has hope that Elena will not have to stay a vampire forever. Then in the other corner you have Damon, Elena, and Bonnie who have traveled up to Whitmore College for various reasons. Damon and Elena, to teach Elena how to properly control her blood lust and feed. Then, Bonnie to meet this mysterious Professor Shane who has taken over her Grams classes. All seek different answers to different questions. Some come up satisfied, others not so much. I love the Delena dynamic in this episode. Out of pure (maybe a little selfish) care, Damon takes Elena on this trip to not only help her, but to show her being a vampire isn’t all bad. Now even though he fails in his mission (in some ways) it is nice to see Elena letting go and trusting Damon for the first time. Stefan, Klaus, and Rebekah on the other hand are discussing the five and Rebekah’s love affair in Italy to a hunter. However, my favorite part was towards the end of the episode where Bonnie sees Elena and Damon dirty dancing covered in blood. The shame seen on Elena’s face is priceless. I also enjoyed when Elena revealed her true feelings to Damon at her doorstep and then told Stefan that she hated it. To Elena she feels that it is right, but knows that it is wrong. An amazingly done episode. This season was so amazing. I just cannot wait to see what Season Five brings!!!!

  • Emily Grace Polster
  • Chris’

    My favorite Season 4 episode is definitely My Brother’s Keeper. Seeing the dynamic/tension between Damon and Elena was awesome – i really liked the fact that Elena’s not just throwing herself at Damon, but it’s build up through the whole episode. It doesn’t seem ruched or anything – and it’s nice with some Dalena action for a change! :D

  • Chris’

    Seeing the dynamic/tension between Damon and Elena rising was awesome*

  • Jan29Jan

    My favorite episode is Episode 23: Graduation, because the showdown that we all have been waiting for ever since Elena was in transition finally occurs in this mind-blowing season 4 finale. The showdown between both wonderful characters, Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert (portrayed by the truly-talented actress, Nina Dobrev). The showdown was worth waiting for and truly amazing to see Nina fight with herself. That scene was ultimately unforgettable. In attention to this unbelievable scene, there was also the Klaroline scene. The scene where Stefan, Elena, and Caroline were being tortured by the dead witches and Klaus saves the day by taking off the head of the torturing witch with a graduation cap. I mean we can forget about Damon stabbing some guy with a guy in Season 3. I think taking off a head with a graduation cap just made my favorite kick-ass killing scenes list. That was very graphic and mind-blowing to see that cap come out of nowhere and take off that witch’s head clean off her body. These two scenes are very unreal to believe and entertaining, making this episode my favorite.

  • jazzy

    i loved the last episode of season 4 where elena finally told damon that she had feelings for him….its so sad that love you to death magazine is not available in my country :(


    I am the biggest fan!!!! MY favorite episode would have to be “Stand by Me” because elena shuts off her humanity. It just shows a whole new side to her and her character.

  • Angel Johnson Reed

    I would have to say my fav is “Memorial”. The flaming lanterns scene was so touching and then Damon talking with Alaric at his grave…tears in my eyes. There’s always so much tragedy and drama, it’s nice to see them stop and remember those passed and find some sort of solace for just a few minutes.

  • Hope Due

    My favorite episode of Season 4 is episode 21, She’s Come Undone. This is my favorite episode because Elena turned her humanity back on after many attempts of the Salvatore Brothers to force her to turn it on. I also loved the part where Silas threatened Caroline, it made Caroline so confused of who her real friends are and her mom. Lastly, I loved that Rebekah softened up with Matt. She tried helping him with his failing subjects and she wanted to repay him for turning Elena into a vampire.

  • Kelsey Nash

    My favorite episode would be “Do Not Go Gentle” during the last scene for Alarics death when everyone is standing outside of his tomb. It’s such a powerful moment and I know it brought tears to my eyes. So moving!!

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