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Posted by | January 5, 2010, 20:16 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: Books, The Vampire Diaries TV

Nina Dobrev has been confirmed as the first member of the Vampire Diaries team to be attending the Insurgence: Bloodlines convention in the UK. The con takes place on the 19-21 March and is for the Vampire Diaries along with two more of the CW’s shows, Supernatural and Smallville. No news yet on other members of the cast and crew attending, but we’ll post as soon as we hear anything.

Insurgence: Bloodlines

Most of us had already worked out that this was a given due to threads in the story that need tying up, but we’ve got official information now. Fancast have heard from Julie Plec that [spoiler]Bianca Lawson will be returning as Emily Bennett in flashbacks[/spoiler] during episode 13, “Children of the Damned”. The episode in question will be airing on February 4.

Thanks to Max for getting in touch to update us on the Vampire Diaries airing in Germany. We’ve previously mentioned that the series premieres in Germany on January 20 on the ProSieben channel, but we’ve been told that Austria and Switzerland also get the ProSieben channel and will be getting the series at the same time as Germany. As we understand it, the series has been dubbed into German, and if you’re curious about what Elena, Stefan and Damon sound like, you can watch a trailer for it below.

And finally, a book curiosity. We have no idea what it’s about, but it certainly piqued our interest. @Guinevere09 was poking around on the Harper Teen website and found… ‘Stefan’s Diaries‘. Given that Stefan doesn’t keep diaries in the books (though you never know, he might have one hidden in his sock drawer), we’re wondering if this is possibly some kind of TV series tie-in. Whatever it’s about, it’s due for release at the end of June and we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on it.

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