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Posted by | October 18, 2011, 15:14 (MST) | 18 Comments
Category: Books

Read the first 80 pages of The Hunters: Phantom online!Phantom – the first book in the next Vampire Diaries trilogy, The Hunters – is due for release on October 25th in the US and November 3rd in the UK. In anticipation of this, HarperTeen have made the first 80 pages available for fans to read online. Many thanks to Poppy for the heads up!

Pre-order upcoming Vampire Diaries books:
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  • Hanna

    I don’t get any of this with the books. Is some of them like the tv-show and some isn’t?

  • Red

    Stefan’s Diaries are based on the TV series. All the other books are part of the series originally written by L.J. Smith that the TV series is based on.

  • Anonymous

    I can even imagine Elena being a blonde now.  And they just go on and on about her beautiful silky blonde hair.  It seems as though they are different characters all together.

  • Anonymous

    I read the first two pages and I already dare say I like it. I just hope whoever is writing this book will have mercy on Delena and won’t destroy it completely.

  • Anonymous

    Well, in a way they are :) their personalities are completely different. 

  • Laynaa

    I totally agree. I ship both Stelena and Delena, but I’ll be very upset if they don’t give Delena a chance.

  • John Jenkins via Facebook

    I haven’t finished shadow souls yet, I’m so behind :(

  • Amanda

    After what happened with LJ Smith I thought they wouldn’t even mention Delena anymore. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised.

  • Sapphire

    Lol! They wouldn’t just stop writing for Delena. They’re trying to get people to read the books, not give up on them. That would make no sense. Especially since there are some readers who aren’t even aware that there’s a ghostwriter, and they’d definitely notice if Alloy suddenly dropped DE.

  • Anonymous

    i completely agree with you i was so upset about Delena !

  • Sayouf_ptr

    I wonder how much of this LJ actually wrote… I tried to read some of the 80 pages, and as much as it’s really not that bad… It felt so wrong and I feel so awful reading it knowing that LJ’s characters are being manipulated by someone else… I’ll read it anyway and wait to see what LJ says (if she does say anything; she’s been very polite about this whole thing) regarding what parts of her writing were left in and what parts were changed.

  • Nichola Salvatore Richards via Facebook

    If the author isn’t l.j smith it isnt the vampire diaries :’( <3

  • Anon

    I think at least a little bit of LJ Smith’s writing must be in there. It reads well, and I like what I read.

    But they fired LJ from her own series and no matter how seductive this is, I can’t forget that.

  • abbyM

    YES!!! Damon is alive!! I balled my eyes out when i thought that he was dead :( This series seriously makes my life. Super funny! Im getting in on its exact date! I <3 kobo ereaders. and delena

  • abbyM

    I cant wait till it comes out. But i have a habit of reading the book in one night! i finished it at 4 am last time. im gonna savor it this time!

  • Scarlett

    how do u know o what makes you think that Damon’s still alive? (I really hope so though) 

  • dissapointed/devestated lol

    Hi, They fired LJ Smith as she had wanted delena or damon and bonnie, but ALLOY the company who owns it wanted stelena, I AM wounded beyond repair, I honestly thought after Damon died and came back from the dark dimension that Elena would admit she loved him, but she doesnt and Stefan and Elana are still together in PHANTOM that was originally written by LJ Smith, but re written by the ghost writer

  • shraddha

    damon looks more dashing then stefan .i think ELENA should choose damon

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