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Posted by | February 6, 2011, 8:27 (MST) | 130 Comments
Category: Books, L.J. Smith

L.J. SmithEDIT: L.J. Smith & Vampire Diaries rumors – author confirms they’re true

We are aware of the four letters that L.J. Smith has allegedly written to fans stating that she has been fired by HarperTeen/Alloy and will no longer be writing any Vampire Diaries books. We cannot comment on whether or not these are real, or if she has indeed been fired by the publishers.

We are trying to find this information out, and have contacted the publishers for official word on the matter. We will let you know as soon as we hear any kind of official word on the matter. We do ask for you to be patient though, as today is Sunday and we may not hear anything until tomorrow at the earliest when people are back at work.

In the meantime what we can confirm is that yes, the publishers can technically do this as L.J. Smith doesn’t own the Vampire Diaries and the series belongs to Alloy Entertainment. L.J. Smith was hired back in 1990 to write the series for them, and signed a contract to say that the Vampire Diaries belonged to them. Alloy own the rights, and L.J. Smith has no say in what they do with the series.

We are aware that all fans are upset by this news regardless of whether or not it’s true, but we ask you to please keep comments on this post civil. Remember that no matter who your favourite character or pairing is, you’re all as upset as each other and there’s no need to argue when you should be supporting each other.

EDIT: About the TV series. No matter what happens with the books (and we don’t know yet if any of it is true, or an elaborate hoax), the TV series is in no danger of being cancelled. The show has excellent ratings, and it follows a different path altogether to that of the books. Kevin and Julie have their own story to tell that is inspired by the books but not dependent on them. So TV series fans, you don’t need to worry.

EDIT: About The Return: Midnight. Midnight is still going to be published no matter what, and is due out in the US in March.

EDIT: About Stefan’s Diaries. This series is related to the TV series, and was not written by L.J. Smith.

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  • Smarter than you

    I just LOVE how the company that runs this whole franchise has exactly the same morals as the main characters. Kill people left and right, cry a little about it, move on, repeat.

    Protagonist centered morality at its finest. Why cry about it when it turns around and bites you, seriously? :-)


    The point? Its exactly what you just said- create more tension.
    First of all, honestly, EVEN the so called “DELENA” letters, seem– hmm like the point of view of an open minded BAMON- or STELENA.
    I’m sorry for my categorization of “SHIP BASES” because I don’t mean to say that anyone who isn’t a DELENA, is capable of this.
    I really do think that this is BS- someone got upset over the Midnight spoilers, be it a Bamon or a Stelena, and started this.
    Really, they shouldn’t have- I’ve heard the spoilers are some of the only Delena parts in the book, so– I don’t think Bamon or Stelena fans should have been discouraged by the spoilers.
    Of course, not everyone thinks the same way and I’m sure someone out there probably just got a little out of hand.

    Here on this CW thread, you can read two of the Delena letters.
    I’m sorry, but ALL the letters seem a little TOO ship based to me.

  • Lizzy Miller

    I just emailed Harper Teen hoping to get some answers. This is what I wrote:

    Hello people at Harper Teen!

    So, you guys have probably gotten a lot of emails about this already, but I was hoping you would confirm or deny the rumors that have been circulating that L.J. Smith has been fired from writing the Vampire Diaries for her choice of exploring different couples. I am a loyal reader, and this news is very distressing to me. The thing is, no one has come right out and said it. The only thing substantiating the rumors is emails that Ms. Smith allegedly wrote, but there is no proof. I am trying not to lose my head through all of this because L.J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries books are basically what my world revolves around. I count the days until the new book is released. I Google endlessly hoping to find new spoilers about the latest Vampire Diaries news. With each book, I have fallen more and more in love with the series. Shadow Souls is my absolute favorite book (of all time even not just Vampire Diaries.)

    So, I guess I am really hoping you can tell me this firing is a hoax because I want to look forward to and read all the books that come out, but I just don’t think I will be able to if L.J. Smith isn’t writing them, especially with the rumors I have heard. I heard that you and Alloy Entertainment want the books to be strictly “Stelena,” as fans have dubbed them. This would just ruin the series in my humble opinion, not a Stelena endgame but making it only Stelena and never giving us “Delena” or the “Bamon” fans a chance to see some kind of romance, epic or not, come through. Since I don’t know if these rumors are true, I will not go on a tirade about why this would be wrong. I would appreciate an answer as soon as one can be provided especially if it is one that will set my mind at peace about this hopefully a hoax. If it is true however, a big mistake has been made because L.J. Smith is the Vampire Diaries and it would never be the same nor would it satisfy true fans if the woman who created the characters and story did not finish it.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Lizzy M

  • Wiccanstar3

    Hey, just had a look on LJ Smiths official website & her most recent blog entry seems to mention this

  • Random

    Not really bothered as i don’t like the books that much tbh

  • JB

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. As a fan who first read the original series in 1992, I completely agree with this post.

  • A.G.

    Still waiting for the official version, but if this thing is real, I won’t be reading anything of TVD after “Midnight”.
    Contract or no contract, TVD is like…her “baby” and now they want to take it away for her? that’s bad.

  • Katerina Gilbert

    I willl write a formal letter of compalint stating my disgust. This is retarded! How can you be fire after you’ve written the most amazing book series of all time?

  • I Luv Oso

    found a petition online to help keep the series.

    please sign.

  • Ablaid

    That is so sad.

  • Hello

    I read a sneak peak of Hunter Volume one: Phantom. About Damon and Elena.
    L.J Smith, please keep writting them, please!!!!!

  • Robert

    I personally will not read any new books from Harper/Collins because of the fact that they have stolen the story from LJ Smith, Her publishing company may own the rights but it will never be their story and to have some one else write in her place and use her name is about as chessey as any publisher could get, they should get Shot for it. They are thieves!!!!!

  • Jessae~belle~<3

    i really hate this news….how can they do this to Lisa Jane Smith….after making The Vampire Diaries famous they’re just going to fired her for not following what they wanted to happen to Stefan and Elena….so what’s wrong if Damon’s the partner of Elena they look more better together compare to Stefan! >.<

  • axis

    i won’t buy the succeeding TVD novels. How could you guys fired L.J Smith? She’s amazing and one of a kind writer. If it’s not because of her fantastic imagination, Vamp. Diaries will never be as great as it is right now! She doesn’t owned the title ‘The Vamp. Diaries” but she fully owned the story. Evey words of it came from her brain cells. She’s the only one who can give justice on her own story. Let her finish the series she’d started. We love L.J Smith.

  • Carolyn Gibbs

    The Vampire Diaries will not be the same if a different writer is to take over.  The reason other series has the success that they do is that the same writer is behind the pen not multiple ones. 

  • Carolyn Gibbs

    The Vampire Diaries will not be the same if a different writer is to take over.  The reason other series has the success that they do is that the same writer is behind the pen not multiple ones. 

  • Alexandra

    They better not have fired her! She writes the books wonderful and there’s no reason for them to get another author. I want to see what happens in the next books by HER. Not any other stupid un-named author that they hire. The series has already gone so far from her point of view, they can’t just change to another author. Everything will be all messed up. KEEP L. J. SMITH WRITING VAMPIRE DIARIES!

  • Damon is my love

    I hope it’s not true. I live in the UK and we don’t get informed about this stuff all the time I just hope it’s not true.

  • Mcgheedanielle

    It’s true, and I don’t want her to go!!!!

  • Mcghedanielle

    You guys wanna try and bring her back?
    Sign the L.J smith re-hire petition, spread the word so we can get L.J back!

  • Vanessa-tran

    disappointed and appalled the author spent 20 years on the series 

  • Trannessa

    this is true and because of it the rest of the books will be written by a ghost writer I am truly disappointed and will not buy the rest of the books that the TRUE author haven’t written

  • Candigirl20a

    Its not a lie she was fired because the publishers didn’t like the direction she was going to take in creating a Delena outcome one which seemed to be the most popular of her fans.  The publisher must be a Stelena fan and so she was fired and now a ghost writer will be writing the Hunter series of which the first comes out in Oct, 25 2011.  I personally am a Stelena fan myself but I do not think that it’s right to strip a writer of her creation it is as if you were taking a child from their mother.  It is totally wrong! I will read the hunters series simply because I love the series but Harper Collins is a piece of shit publisher to do something so low.

  • Nakashimae

    I think she was confused. I mean, she had written a letter to her fan and it seemed like LJ was torn between Bamon and Delena, and the books were heading that direction. Stefan was slowly fading behind the curtain. I mean, she wanted to write more about Bonnie and Damon, and it appeared to be VERY TENSE! Something you won’t be forgetting about in years, so why was LJ trying to end it with Delena if she was giving Bamon more sweet moments? I don’t get LJ and at times I thank god she got fired. If she wanted to Bamon then why add more Delena and possible Delena ending? I mean look it up in Fanpop, she had this whole thing set up for Bonnie and Damon, I mean, LJ is NUTS! If you read it, you’ll see what I’m talking about and if she wanted to end it with Delena then why did she give it to Bonnie? My people, Lj was not TORN! se wanted an ending with Bonnie and Damon, I just think that she was torn because Elena was torn but I think she was aware of whom Damon should end up with.

  • Negra9898

    I Wish this was a Lie But sadly It’s reality ! ='( It’ sad to see all her hard work in these book tossed away over something so stupid all because She did not know that signing the contract thingy two decades ago would give the company the ability to fire her. I really liked the book , but after hearing this I wont be reading any other books after midnight it wont be the same I really wished there was something us fans could do to help! =(

  • Amanda

    The company was upset because they wanted the story to be straight Stelena not Delena , so they fired her when they saw she was going in a delena direction !

  • Anna Tinker

    I was told she was fired because of too many ‘delena’ scenes. They want only Stefan and Elena? I was outraged because they’re all like “Oh my god guys, lets just go ahead and fire the person who pretty much created this franchise and make it stupid by making it on our own!.”

  • Guuri

    This explains why the books were down hill after the fifth(third)

  • Taylorswithangel

    this is better to be a lie becose i realy love the book of the vampire diaries.

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