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Posted by | October 25, 2011, 8:23 (EST) | 42 Comments
Category: Books

Phantom, the inaugural volume of the newest Vampire Diaries trilogy, The Hunters, is now available for purchase from your favorite local or online bookstore. We know there’s a lot of curiosity about the new trilogy amongst fans, so definitely let us know what you think after you’ve read the book. Available in Hardback and Kindle.


The Hunters: Phantom will be available in the U.K. on November 10th. Pre-Order: [Hardback].

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  • Savannah Starr

    YAY! Im so excited for this!!
    Damon: wake up, remember who the hell you are, and find your girl!! You have to decide to die right when Elena realizes she loves you more than your brother (facepalm)
    Despite having 3 AP classes and having no time for anything, i WILL find time to read this!

  • phjt

    Created by L.J. Smith and written by. G.H. Ostwriter

  • pjt

    Created by L.J. Smith and written by. G.H. Ostwriter

  • Seif

    LJ didn’t write it.. that doesn’t bother you? =(

  • sarah

    quick question for those who read the 7th book….ive read all the books except for that one, but did elena ever say in the 7th book that she loved damon more than stefan, or that she just loved them both? ive heard different things and im just really curious about what really happened

  • Kiki

    Cannot wait to read it, too

  • galacticaCIC

    She admitted that she loved them both – but one of the quotes was something along the lines of ‘there was no world if there was no Damon.’ It was heart-breaking. But there’s no way in hell I’m reading this… I’m not wasting my time to read a novel full of lies. LJ was really torn up about the whole thing and I think what her publishers did was cruel. Stelena fans, go on ahead and enjoy, considering you know that’s ‘endgame’ now.

  • Red

    Guys, we appreciate that many of you are still upset that LJS hasn’t written this book and that you don’t want to read it. That’s fine and understandable. BUT this post is not for complaining about that, it’s to let people know who ARE interested in reading it that it’s out. If you’re not interested in reading this book, then please just ignore the post rather than commenting. There are other posts on the subject for fans to air their grievances on the matter, please use the tags to find them.

  • Hanna

    Oh, I am so confused. I don’t know if I
    should read it or not. I think it was awful of them to fire her from her own
    book, but at the same time she wrote in her own blog that she thought we should
    read it anyway.  The problem is that I am
    Damon and Elena fan and it sounds like there not will be anything between these
    two. Oh, I am so angry I want to know how she would have finished the story. Please
    I need help!!! Shall I read it or not? I think it will help me if I can get
    others perspective on it!   

  • Savannah Starr

    It really just depends if you want to know about their story. I do, so I’m reading it. If you’re satisfied with where it left off (which I’m not)  then don’t

  • Sherry

    I just finished the book-slow day here and I read the first 80 pages online before it came out.  I am a Delana fan and I wasn’t disapointed.  The exchanges between Elana and Damon were fantastic and well written.  I didn’t feel it was tilted to a more favored Stefan/Elana pairing at all.  Over all it was well written and a great read.  I almost gave up on the series after the last book.  I am aware of what went down with the publisher, etc.  but honestly, LJ Smith was ruining the series with her horrible convoluded writing.  Just my opinion.  I am happy with the ghost writer and the way this series is now headed!

  • Anonymous

    I first came to know The Vampire Diaries as a TV series, rather than through the original  books by LJ Smith, so perhaps I don’t feel as strongly about the new book as it concerns LJ as some fans do. I have since read all of the books completely written by LJ herself and enjoyed them very much. From my perspective I see them as a jumping off place for the TV series, which I now know diverges in many ways from the novels.  I heard Kevin say in a panel discussion when the series was still in its first Season that he didn’t want to just follow the books exactly as written, because if you are going to do that you might as well just read the books instead.  Now I would like to know what happens next in the book series and have just ordered the new book from Amazon.  I hope that all the characters and the story line are well served. The book is arriving this Thursday and I intend to stop my other vampire novel reading and go right to “The Hunters Vol. 1 - Phantom” and try to judge it only on its merits as a novel.

  • Seif

    In ‘Midnight’, there’s something basically VERY close to this; I forget the precise words: “How could she explain it? How could she make Stefan understand that she was so in love with Damon, but that it would still never change a single ounce of the love she felt for Stefan?”

  • Amy

    Just got done reading… Not bad, but definitely different from the rest of the series. like certain parts kept in line with story, but this creature is from left field. Sorry, but clearly this is going to turn into a “boxercar kids” type series. Adventures of the supernatural gang…

  • Amy

    Lots of Elena and Damon moments, I promise.

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait .i hope Damon is in alot of it !!! Delena rules

  • Lucia Z.

    ***SPOILER ALERT**** Really I have read that she chooses Stefan and Damon admits that Elena will always go back to Stefan and if Elena had to choose between the brothers she would choose Stefan so that there is telling me that its Stelena endgame :(

  • Naruto is awesome!

    I am a book critic. And I negatively criticized the book 4, 5, so on and so forth because I HATE the writing of these stories. It’s childish and not on flow. The moment I read book 4 and its first 4 pages, I had to put it down. IT WAS NONSENSE AND IT’S KILLING MY BRAIN CELLS!!!

    But this book? I have to say, I am glad that the ghost writer wrote this! AMAZING FLOW AND EXCELLENT WRITING SKILL! That’s what I want from a book.

    So, currently, I’m into chapter 4 and I’M LOVING IT! Whoever the ghost writer is, I wanna thank him or her for doing justice to this book and I want it to be continued.


  • Naruto chapter 558 is awesome!


  • guest

    I think at this point she loves both of them and can’t live without either.. and it’s a bit unclear who she loves more. Her love for Damon was given more emphasis though because of him dying and all. There was that whole “there’s no world without Damon” thing and a bunch of stuff like that. 

    But I’d say it’s still up for interpretation, like always. I mean, one minute she can’t live without Stefan, then she needs Damon, then her soul belongs with one, then the other… I find it really hard to keep track of Elena’s thoughts, honestly. Hehe. 

  • Andie

    Basically (MAYJOR SPOILER) when Damon died she realizes her feelings towards him and Stefan is crying with her saying that he knew that she loved Damon

  • Andie

    When is it coming out In the US?

  • Dark-obsession

    Well what a surprise.. They’ve made the girl on the cover brunette, just like TV Elena. For those of you still wanting to read this book so that you can get your Delena ending, think again. The whole reason they fired LJ is cause they didn’t like where she was going with Delena. They want a Stelena ending and for it to go back to the way it was in the first two books. Ugh..

  • Dark-obsession

    I’d take you a lot more seriously if you stopped randomly typing in caps like a child..

  • Red

    Er, that’s Meredith on the cover of this book. Matt is on the next one. It’s likely Bonnie will be on the third. They’re just branching out with the characters in the books so the covers can be a little bit different.

  • Red

    It’s already out in the US.

  • Anonymous

    The only way they are ever going to please all the fans is to kill both of the brothers off.  They are just as many Stelena fans as there are Delena fans.  I truely think that the endgame will be the death of Damon and Stefan.  However, the series doesn’t appear to be ending anytime too soon so I wouldn’t worry about the endgame.

  • jahh

    Link please!

  • Naruto chapter 558 is awesome!

    And then, the beginning of fanfiction… Meridith: The Next Chapter of Kickass Vampire Hunter/ Slayer.

  • Poppy

    I think a Meredith spin-off could be fabulous, especially if the ghostwriter doesn’t really do anything with the hunter-slayer, missing family angle. 

  • pjt

    Or, let the information about who wrote it and why and then let people decide if they are still interested in reading it. The publisher is selling this book as if it was written by L.J. Smith at least on Amazon which is borderline fraud:

    “The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters: Phantom [Hardcover]

    L. J. Smith (Author)”

  • Red

    That information is common knowledge with many other posts and comments on the matter on this very website. All comments get delivered to our inbox, and we’re tired of the negativity all the time. This post is just to let people know it’s out. End of.

  • sarah

    thanks for answering!!

  • sarah

    thanks for answering!!

  • sarah

    thanks for answering!!

  • abbyM

    I was very disappointed in this book. the beginning  was good but as the story progressed towards the end i could tell that it was a different writer. For LGs humour was very much lacking as almost non existent. no creative swearing and very little damon humour for me, personally. *SPOILISH ALERT*And i expected elena to act very different once damon was back, she did destroy a world for him. stefan is her love, but damon is her lover. Also Damon at peace? tranquil? that upset me. very much. damon is dangerous and witty with his side comments. Maybe he will be back to “normal” by he next book. i literally pray. and not calling matt mutt. not needed. Delena for me was the downfall of the book. Maybe the “ghost writers” writing will mature, not that im saying it was bad just, i don’t know.. Its not the same for all of you as i have read. this was just my outake on the book.

  • abbyM

    You have got to be kidding me.

  • abbyM

    seriously? Where did you get this from? If this information is true i will literally die. A Stelena ending… k im going to once the last and final book comes out im writing my very own Delena ending. Stelena pfft.

  • abbyM

    You killed my brain cells. and any chance of finding happiness.

  • Simarilseeker

    In all honesty, I thought L.J.’s writing was sub-par. I have read the first 80 pages and must say that this writing is better. However, I am a 4th year English Major in university, and I know that an idea, story, poem, or essay can become a part of your identity. I honestly feel that whoever fired L.J. has stripped away a part of her identity. I cannot even imagine the emotional trauma she must have experienced when she was fired. Many authors have described writing as birthing a child; this is the only way they can describe the feeling of their creation. This is a tragic event; L.J. Smith’s baby has been kidnapped and given a different identity. Even though it was not technically “hers,” no one can deny that her mind created those characters, and that story. What has been done is a complete and utter crime – give her back her intellectual property! Again, I am not a huge fan of the series (I would rather read something more intellectually stimulating); however, what has happened to L.J. is vile and repulsive. I hope the Ghostwriter gets a series of her own, because her writing is good, but I honestly hope that this novel is unsuccessful.

  • Földesi Dóra

    Hi guys,

    I’ve red it and I can say besides the well-known facts it was great! There was a point at the end when I had to admitt that was awkward-later the I’ve realised I don’t think L.J. would’ve write this way or anyway (I try to stay mysterious for those who haven’t read it yet) But all in all it was pleasure to read, and they really tried to pick up Lisa’s style.

    Worth for a try. : )

  • Kenzie O’Brien

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *thumbs down* I refuse to read a book that Lisa Jane Smith did not write. 

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