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Posted by | March 15, 2011, 0:00 (MST) | 39 Comments
Category: Books, L.J. Smith

The final volume of The Return trilogy (and the final L.J. Smith-penned Vampire Diaries novel), Midnight, is out today in North America. We know Australians and U.K. fans have had the book for a few weeks now, and many U.S. and Canadian fans were discovering it in bookstores this past week, but today it should be widely available.

Book: Amazon U.S. (Hardback) | Amazon U.K. (Paperback)
E-Book: Amazon Kindle U.S. | Amazon Kindle U.K.

The Return: Midnight (officially) out now!

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  • ru

    can someone please tell me what happens in the end of Midnight?

  • Alyssa

    I can’t believe we actually had it before America did XD I live in the Netherlands and my copy arrived two weeks ago, I’ve already read it twice, and it’s really beautiful. TVD just won’t be the same if LJS isn’t writing it anymore…

  • Sleathers97

    I’m still waiting on the paperback that is if I don’t break down and it on my kindle too.

  • TheMarina1610

    When is the audio book going to be available?

  • hannahxlovinda

    Lol I live in Norway and got the book like almost two weeks ago, I’m almost done with it, but trying to save it as long as I can!! I don’t want it to be over :( I’ve decided to not read the next books seeing as they’re not written by L. J. Smith (NO TVD WITHOUT L. J.!!) so this is the last one for me :( Midnight is so good though!! It’s awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Oh please someone who have actually read this book can tell me what happens in the end? does Elena choose Stefan? Or Damon? is Damon turned back again into a vampire? please if you don’t mind tell someone who is so far from getting this book (I’m from south america) tell me at this email direction, I’d be super thankful.

  • Kayleespivey

    Best day of my life. :D

  • ru

    please tell me Does Damon Die in the end?

  • Alyssa

    Where are you form? Cuz I have the paperback to and it was already out on februari 26th here. And I couldn’t wait a second longer, was so curious XD

  • Anonymous

    I got the book some days ago and have already read it twice. I won´t tell anybody how it ends because it would spoil it for all those who haven´t read it yet but I can say that there are really heartbreaking scenes, especially with Damon and Elena but also with Stefan and Elena. Nothing for people without strong nerves. There are passages I completely cried through. (Oh Damon, that made you even more lovable – if that was even possible :)
    And I had the impression, that Damon´s dream with Rose (which was heartbreaking as well ) was written similarly to what happens in the last third of the book. But unless you haven´t had it in America it´s probably just by chance
    (I could tell you more if I knew how to write the text so that you can only read it by moving the mouse over it.)

  • Julia Juhnika

    Can anybody send me this book? :D Please…. :(

  • 444reeree

    I got the book today and I love it so far…I am like on page 50…….. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Annie

    Just grabbed a book in the store and read the end. All i can say is…I’m absolutely devastated. I always thought that character would meet a tragic end…but still. My favorite character in the history of characters…dead. Make your guesses if you will. I must say though, if the show stays true to this endgame, i will cry, faint, rise in an outrage, and storm the gates of the CW. with a PITCHFORK. and a TORCH. It CAN’T end that way.

  • Lala

    i read ahead and i saw that Damon dies and i dont know if i really want to read the rest of it :(

  • ru

    so that means Damon dies in the end right?

  • Anonymous

    well, he doesn´t really die and it´s very heroic, so that your tears can dry in the end:)

  • lauren

    what will happen to Damon?

  • ru

    does Damon become a vampire again?

  • luvm4ever

    Im so glad to know that im not the only one who cried. To annie you must not have read the very end. I can’t belive how this book turned out I had the same cintement not to read the others with a new author, but I don’t think I could not read them after the way this book turned out!

  • mari

    can you tell me what happens in the end im from mexico and we wont get it any soon please is my adress:$

  • Mari

    i want to know too!!!!

  • IloveDelena(:

    Yeah, I sobbed like a baby in some parts. It was so beautifully written though, even though I didn’t like how the ending left you unsure of what exactly happened. But I’m thinking that its my favorite pairing that end up together.(: (Hint: It starts with a D(;

  • Melissa Cancelliere

    I got the book on my kindle when it came out and I just finished it today:) There were parts of the book where I bawled my eyes out but the ending well I kinda liked it I still do wish that she was coming out with ONE MORE book to let us know how what is going to happen next all in all it was a very very very good book I did get a lot of unanswered questions answered I do still have hope that L.J Smith will come out w/ one more book:)

  • Sousse

    can someone pleas tell me what happens in the end of Midnight? I´m from Czech Republic and this book isn´t released there. We have only the first 5th books. Please send me at this Thanks!

  • Sousse

    Really? Delena in the end? It is very good news!!!!!!!!!

  • Sousse

    I´m from Czech Republic and this book isn´t released there. We have only the first 5 books. Please send me what happens in the Midnight at Thanks!

  • Rabia Shakeel

    i simplyyy luv THE VAMPIRE DAIRIES<3

  • BSL-Best Stefan Lover♥

    excuse me can somebody tell me the names of all the books :P

  • Elina

    I don’t know! i think he doesn’t, because then it says that his fist clenched, so he must be alive! I think Elena’s and Bonnie’s tears made him alive again! Gosh, I hope this is true, I love Damon <3

  • BSL-Best Stefan Lover♥

    this is so confusing O.o where I am from I only have 4 books – The Awakening , The Struggle , The Fury and the Dark Reunion :P i don’t know ….what to say here there are a lot more books …can any body help me a little to understand..?

  • BSL-Best Stefan Lover♥

    My 4 book end’s with Elena coming back from the dead but here that is the end of the third book ? now I’m even more confused I don’t think this is the same book! lol xD

  • Awilkins

    a huge disappointment… so confused. finished the book and I have no idea what happened. it’s hard to interpret. no clue how to interpret it AT ALL. no resolution to the Elena Stefan and Damon mess.

  • Bookwarm2011

    To be honest, the Midnight book was a disappointment. I fell in love with LJS first TVD books, but I regret I read the last three. Elena wasn’t the same anymore; she was just this annoying, selfish person, who everybody loves to death for some unknown reason, very OTT.
    Reading previous books I was all tense and nervous, I wanted to know what’s going to happen next and I couldn’t stop reading until 4 in the morning, but I hardly could make myself to read this one. I’ve expected some kind of a battle at least, but it seems like “their darkest moment” was solved in no time.
    And what’s up with their threesome? I’m personally for Damon and Bonnie, but even if Elena would choose Damon at least it would be interesting to read and to find it out.
    I’m sorry to all the LJS fans, but the last three books weren’t as great as the first three, particularly the Midnight. I feel that maybe someone else should write the new one, because I believe that there can be so much more to the characters.
    Elena still might become this good, beautiful, interesting person, who she used to be. I came to dislike her very much in this book, people seem to love her OVERLY TOO MUCH, and she didn’t really deserve it. And come on, it seems that Stephan isn’t really a man at all; he was too desperate, to naïve, to forgiving. Even such a good character as Damon has lost his face (Very cheesy lines to Elena in the end ruined my impression of him).
    So I really hope to read some more of TVD, but it needs its edge and its characters back, otherwise there is no point.

  • Letanyc


    I cannot agree more. I was wondering why i found myself actually skimming over some parts. I feel like L.J Smith forgot her own characters. Dont get me wrong I did have a moment when I realized what was happening in the end but I wish my major questions were answered just a little. I felt like I was watching a soap opera in my head. I guess out of curiosity I will try to Read another one (if and when it comes out).

  • Shaois

    Ive nearly got the the end of it, im at the point where Damon dies, i have been so gripped up to now, but ive had to put the book down, i cant believe that hes dead, i quickly scooted to the end of the book, hoping to see some miracle, but alas no Damon is dead, and if this stays the same then i dont feel i wanna read anymore of the books :(

  • Crystalcampbell05

    Is seriously upset I want Damon back and for Elena to run screaming into his arms and a double WTF to the issues of things being taken away I wanted to throw the damned book when he died and elena broke down it’s too damned sad and I really want to read the next one who ever writes them next bring back the trio

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