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Posted by | March 14, 2012, 10:51 (MST) | 18 Comments
Category: Books, The Vampire Diaries TV

Stefan’s Diaries #6: The Compelled is available NOW at your local bookstore or online retailer. Pick up your paperback today, or order it right to your Kindle! If you’d like to read an excerpt first, you can get a taste at the HarperTeen site.

Order Stefan’s Diaries: The Compelled Now
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Stefan's Diaries: The Compelled

Order the whole Stefan’s Diaries series:
Stefan’s Diaries #1: Origins [USA] [UK]
Stefan’s Diaries #2: Bloodlust [USA] [UK]
Stefan’s Diaries #3: The Craving [USA] [UK]
Stefan’s Diaries #4: The Ripper [USA] [UK]
Stefan’s Diaries #5: The Asylum [USA] [UK]
Stefan’s Diaries #6: The Compelled [USA] [UK]

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  • Jennifer Bitcatcho via Facebook

    i didn’t even get to read Asylum yet! lol Finished the last Hunger Games book two days ago and just started TVD The Hunters: Moonsong yesterday and then i’m gonna read Asylum and then The Compelled is after that on my reading list :)

  • eve

    I have never read the books…but this cover of Damon is so damned hot!…good lord…look at those beautiful eyes.  I feel so bad for Nina…how horrible it must be to make out with Ian and Paul…two of the hottest guys on TV…..LOL

  • ihatepeople

    Um more like lucky girl!

  • Jamie Allen via Facebook

    Can’t wait…guess I know what I’m going to buy as soon as my next payday comes around.

  • eve

     I was kidding…being sarcastic…joking.  Obviously, Nina is a lucky girl to be working with Paul and Ian.  Did you honestly believe I was serious?

  • ihatepeople

    No of course I didn’t think you were serious. I was just being a smarta** ;)

  • Desio988

    lol when sarcasm goes wrong on both ends.

  • Canderella

    *wow*… that’s a cool way to recover from the hiatus: yesterday I bought “Moonsong” and read it the night trough. Tonite the new Stefan’s diaries :D

    Actually I am not such a fan of the books but being without the TV series for aching long weeks now – which totally felt like eternity and back – I devour anything on the brothers…!

  • eve

     Oops sorry….guess I’m a little paranoid when it comes to saying something about both are guys…..I’m  happy that some of us still have  a sense of humor.  LOL

  • ihatepeople

    I hear you about the books. It gets a bit confusing due to differences in the characters. I actually like the diary book series though because their descriptions are closer to the show even if they don’t tie in together. As you said it’s better than nothing.

  • ihatepeople

    No worries! It’s hard sometimes to get someone’s intent via the typed word.

  • ihatepeople

    LMAO! :)

  • Iansfan

     … with TWO of the hottest guys?! Has she really skipped any of the hot guys  of the show (being Katherine or Elena) apart from Ric (who is still in line as he told us on the panel) … hmmm, sometimes I wish I had her problems … ;)

  • ihatepeople

    Jeremy…ha ha. That would just be wrong…cousin/brother thing.

  • eve

      Completely agree.  That make out scene with Nina (Katherine) and Uncle Mason  had me wishing I was Nina that day!  Now if Nina gets to make out with Elijah she will have had all the hottest  and sexiest guys on the show.  The rest of the guys are hot but.  Jeremy…that would be wrong….Alaric, he was married to her biological mother…so no.  Tyler…don’t see it.  Klaus…I want with Caroline.

  • eve

    Forgot Matty….he’s hot…but there just friends.

  • Amy Jo Jackey via Facebook

    I already ordered this book on amazon.

  • DianaPauline

    I just finished reading “Stefan’s Diaries Vol. 6 The Compelled”.  It doesn’t take long to read and is pretty lighweight, but I’ll read anything that has Stefan and Damon interacting with each other. 

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