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Posted by | February 29, 2012, 21:47 (MST) | 18 Comments
Category: Books

The Hunters: Destiny RisingIt’s an exciting day for Vampire Diaries book fans! The title, cover and US and UK publication dates have been revealed for the final book in The Hunters trilogy. Destiny Rising is due for release in the US on October 23rd 2012 and in the UK on November 1st 2012. Click on the image to the left for a bigger view of the cover – and if that’s not Bonnie McCullough, we’ll eat Ian Somerhalder’s hat.

If that wasn’t exciting enough for you, the second book in The Hunters, Moonsong, is out now in the UK and is due for release on March 13th in the US. In anticipation of this, HarperTeen have made the first 80 pages available for fans to read online. Many thanks to crowskisses for the heads up!

Order the entire Vampire Diaries book series:

The Awakening & The Struggle [Amazon US] [Amazon UK]
The Fury & Dark Reunion [Amazon US] [Amazon UK]
Nightfall [Amazon US] [Amazon UK]
Shadow Souls [Amazon US] [Amazon UK]
Midnight [Amazon US] [Amazon UK]
Phantom [Amazon US] [Amazon UK]
Moonsong [Amazon US] [Amazon UK]
Destiny Rising (pre-order) [Amazon US] [Amazon UK]

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  • addictedtowordsx

    Moonsong came out in Australia early, a few days ago and  I read it within one day.
    Best book since.. well, the original books! (By that, I mean, books 1-4).

    I can’t wait for Destiny Rising. It even comes out on my birthday!

    And I am glad Bonnie is getting a cover.

  • pjtpjt

    Wow, these are coming out fast. Must be busy little elves writing them.

  • midnight

    Why are you even advertising these books when they’re not written by L.J. Smith?

  • LurahLkirk

    These are written by her, it’s the Stefan’s diaries books that aren’t written by her.

  • Heather (Just Heather)

    Actually these are written by a ghost writer. 

  • Obsessedandproud

    So then when does Destiny Rising come out in Australia?

  • myangeldust

    The Vampire Diaries? I love that show! I didn’t think I would ’cause Twilight killed the genre for me. But the show is so well done that I’ve been unable to turn it away. And just when I think they’ve run out of steam, boom, there’s more. Wha?!

  • Jadevolly30

    Oh my gosh I can’t wait for Destiny Rising! PLEASE DON’T LET THIS BE THE END OF VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!

  • Fallenanjel_87

    Wasn’t Bonnie on the cover of Midnight? If that wasn’t her then who was it? If it was her why would the put her on the cover of another book looking completely different. Idk what’s going on since the let LJ stop writing.

  • topviola1

    i think it was Caroline on the cover of midnight.

  • myangeldust

    Are you the daughter of Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago?!

  • Lauren

    All books after midnight onwards were Written by a ghostwriter , sad. L.j.smith was fired from writing her own books! Honestly, this person lacks sme imagination.

  • Sympli

    Caroline was on the cover of Midnight not Bonnie

  • Isabel

    No, i think it was a picture of the guardian Idola or whatever her name was, because Caroline has Auburn hair so it couldn’t have been her and Idola, the one who wouldn’t bring back Damon, had bright green eyes and red hair. Just my opinion. 

  • Donna Duxbury


  • Ana

    This last book was a real shit, I hated the end.

  • Thor Even Kipperberg

    love the new books,even tough L.J.Smith is not writing them anymore,theyr still based on them.Its a shame that she is not writing them anymore,tough.Nightfall was her last book,and all that kitsune and japanese mythology was a bit to much for my taste.Loved the Dark Dimension stuff tough, and I bet we will see some of that in the TV series.and we got hints about in the last episodes(season 4 in VPD series)after Jeremy was killed by silas.I wonder if VPD tv series, will go as deep in the books and show more of that darker stuff.Hope so..

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