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All Vampire Diaries In Review posts written by Crissy Calhoun.

CAST Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce), Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore), Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert), Sara Canning (Jenna Sommers), Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett), Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes), Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan), Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood), Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman)

RECURRING CAST David Anders (John Gilbert), Lauren Cohan (Rose), Trent Ford (Trevor), Daniel Gillies (Elijah), Randy Goodwin (Dr. Jonas Martin), Bryton James (Luka Martin), Taylor Kinney (Mason Lockwood), Marguerite MacIntyre (Sheriff Liz Forbes), Michaela McManus (Jules), Joseph Morgan (Klaus), Dawn Olivieri (Andie Star), Gino Anthony Pesi (Maddox), Tiya Sircar (Aimee Bradley), Lisa Tucker (Greta Martin), Susan Walters (Carol Lockwood)

201: The Return
202: Brave New World
203: Bad Moon Rising
204: Memory Lane
205: Kill or Be Killed
206: Plan B
207: Masquerade
208: Rose
209: Katerina
210: The Sacrifice
211: By the Light of the Moon
212: The Descent
213: Daddy Issues
214: Crying Wolf
215: The Dinner Party
216: The House Guest
217: Know Thy Enemy
218: The Last Dance
219: Klaus
220: The Last Day
221: The Sun Also Rises
222: As I Lay Dying


EP01 The Return

The Vampire Diaries: The Return (201)
Damon: I just need the truth, just once.
Katherine: Stop. I already know your question and its answer. The truth is I’ve never loved you. It was always Stefan.

Production: 201 | Airdate: 09/09/2010
Written by: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec | Directed by: J. Miller Tobin
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: Hatred – The Brutal Beginning of a Love Story?

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: KATHERINE HAS RETURNED WITH A VENGEANCE — Picking up on the same night as last season’s finale, Elena arrives home to a nightmare as she discovers Uncle John’s and Jeremy’s fate. At the hospital, Sheriff Forbes is comforted by Matt, Bonnie and Damon while she waits to hear if Caroline will survive the car accident. After a confusing conversation with Elena about the night’s events, Damon is the first to realize that Katherine has returned. Katherine’s arrival sends Stefan and Damon on a path to find out what she wants, why she’s back, and how much of a threat she is to the people they love. Meanwhile, still reeling from his father’s death, Tyler is surprised when his charming and mysterious uncle, Mason Lockwood, arrives to console the family.

EP02 Brave New World

The Vampire Diaries: Brave New World (202)
Stefan (to Caroline): When you feel the blood rush in, you tell yourself that you’re gonna get through it, that you’re strong enough. No matter how good it feels to give yourself over to it – you fight it off, you bury it.
Production: 202 | Airdate: 09/16/2010
Written by: Brian Young | Directed by: John Dahl
Guest Cast: B.J. Britt (Carter), Terri James (Nurse)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: It’s Not Going To Get Any Easier
Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: THE CARNIVAL FROM HELL — When a confused and desperate Caroline leaves the hospital and joins her friends at the Mystic Falls Carnival, Damon wants to take immediate action, but Stefan and Elena come to Caroline’s defense. Matt is completely mystified by Caroline’s behavior, but still tries to tell her about his feelings for her. Damon has suspicions about Tyler’s Uncle Mason and uses Tyler’s volatile personality in an attempt to get Mason to reveal his secret. Upset with everything going on around her, Bonnie takes her anger out on Damon.

EP03 Bad Moon Rising

The Vampire Diaries: Bad Moon Rising (203)
Damon (to Elena): You have every right to hate me. I understand. You hated me before and we became friends. It would suck if that was gone forever. So, it it? Have I lost you forever?
Production: 203 | Airdate: 09/23/2010
Written by: Andrew Chambliss | Directed by: Patrick Norris
Guest Cast: Courtney Ford (Vanessa)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: It’ll Take Over

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: STEFAN FACES A NEW DANGER — Elena, Damon and Alaric take a road trip to Duke University and search through Isobel’s research on folklore and paranormal phenomena to see if they can uncover any clues to the mystery surrounding the Lockwood family. Isobel’s former student, Vanessa, offers to guide them through the research and ends up getting quite an education herself. Stefan comes face to face with a terrifying new danger in the woods, and Tyler makes a shocking discovery about Mason.

EP04 Memory Lane

The Vampire Diaries: Memory Lane (204)
Katherine: Go ahead, Stefan. Torture me. Keep me captive; drain me of my blood until my body turns to dust. It will never change the truth. I never compelled your love. It was real and so was mine.
Production: 204 | Airdate: 09/30/2010
Written by: Caroline Dries | Directed by: Rob Hardy
Guest Cast: Simon Miller (George Lockwood), Evan Gamble (Henry), Brad James (Tow Truck Driver)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review Love Games

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: DAMON MAKES A DANGEROUS ENEMY — Stefan takes drastic measures to find out the real reason Katherine has returned to Mystic Falls, and is shocked when she reveals new secrets about what really happened in 1864. Damon tries a new tactic to resolve his issues with Mason…. but it proves costly. Tyler pushes Mason to tell him the truth about the Lockwoods. Finally, when Katherine delivers an ultimatum, Stefan and Elena are left with very few options.

EP05 Kill or Be Killed

The Vampire Diaries: Kill Or Be Killed (205)
Caroline (to Liz): Look, I know that we don’t get along, and that you hate me, but I’m your daughter and you’ll do this for me, right?
Production: 205 | Airdate: 10/07/2010
Written by: Mike Daniels | Directed by: Jeff Woolnough
Guest Cast: Courtney Cummings (Lemonade Girl), Justin Greer (Jimmy), Jason Guiliano (Deputy Jess), Kevin Nichols (Deputy #2), Maiara Walsh (Sarah)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: Too Strong To Give Up

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: MASON’S PAST IS REVEALED — Tyler learns more about the Lockwood family curse from Mason. Stefan and Damon argue over how to handle Mason. Elena tries to keep Jeremy from becoming more involved with the Lockwood mystery, but Jeremy makes an effort to hang out with Tyler. Mason gives Sheriff Forbes some startling information, leading to a night of violence, confession and heartbreak.

EP06 Plan B

The Vampire Diaries: Plan B (206)
Katherine: I will always know, Elena. I will always be one step ahead of you.
Production: 206 | Airdate: 10/21/2010
Written by: Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain | Directed by: John Behring
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: Necessary Evils

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: KATHERINE CHOOSES A NEW VICTIM — Despite Elena’s efforts to keep Jeremy safe, he offers to help Damon and Alaric deal with Katherine. Sheriff Forbes and Caroline share a few rare moments of quality mother/daughter time. Bonnie accidentally discovers new information about Mason and shares it with Stefan, leading Damon to take matters into his own hands.

EP07 Masquerade

The Vampire Diaries: Masquerade (207)
Jeremy: It’s not just you anymore, Elena. She’s messed with all of us – she has to be stopped.
Production: 207 | Airdate: 10/28/2010
Written by: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec | Directed by: Charles Beeson
Guest Cast: Jackie Prucha (Ms. Flowers), Tiya Sircar (Aimee Bradley), Maiara Walsh (Sarah), Natashia Williams (Lucy)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: Masked Avengers

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: DEATH AT THE MASQUERADE BALL — Stefan and Damon decide on a new plan to deal with Katherine at the Lockwood’s masquerade ball. Katherine calls on an old friend, Lucy, to attend the ball with her. Bonnie, Jeremy and Alaric all do what they can to help Stefan and Damon, but Katherine has a surprise planned that none of them could foresee. Things take an ugly turn when Matt and Tyler start doing shots with their friends.

EP08 Rose

The Vampire Diaries: Rose (208)
Damon: So noble, Stefan
Stefan: I can’t think of a better reason to die.

Production: 208 | Airdate: 11/4/2010
Written by: Brian Young | Directed by: Liz Friedlander
Guest Cast: Russell Comegys (Man)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: So Noble

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: AN ANCIENT PRESENCE IN MYSTIC FALLS — Stefan and Damon come to Elena’s assistance and, in the process, learn surprising new information about people, vampires and events in the distant past. Jeremy helps Bonnie after she casts a difficult and exhausting spell, and Caroline does what she can to make things easier for Tyler. Finally, Stefan and Damon reach a new understanding.

EP09 Katerina

The Vampire Diaries: Katerina (209)
Katherine: I was looking out for myself, Elena. I will always look out for myself. If you’re smart, you’ll do the same.
Production: 209 | Airdate: 11/11/2010
Written by: Andrew Chambliss | Directed by: J. Miller Tobin
Guest Cast: Sandra Lafferty (Old Farm Woman), Trevor Peterson (Slater), Oleg Sapoundjieva (Father Petrova), Sia Sapoundjieva (Mother Petrova)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: Flight or Fight

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: KATHERINE’S PAST IS REVEALED — Elena puts herself in a dangerous position as she searches for the truth about Katherine’s past and what her own future may hold. Knowing that Stefan would never agree to her plan, Elena swears Caroline to secrecy. Damon uses a new-found confidant to help him try to discover the real purpose and power of the moonstone. Jeremy and Bonnie meet Luka (guest star Bryton James), a new student with a surprising family history.

EP10 The Sacrifice

The Vampire Diaries: The Sacrifice (210)
Caroline: There’s a reason it’s called a curse, Tyler.
Production: 210 | Airdate: 12/02/2010
Written by: Caroline Dries | Directed by: Ralph Hemecker
Guest Cast: Bree Condon (Alice), Trevor Peterson (Slater), James Harvey Ward (Cody Webber)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: Better I Die Than You

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: JEREMY MAKES A DANGEROUS MISTAKE — Elena decides to take matters into her own hands and offers a tempting incentive to Rose for her help. When things take an unexpected turn, however, Rose calls on Damon to deal with the plan Elena has set in motion. Jeremy’s reckless attempt to help Bonnie retrieve the moonstone lands him in a life-threatening position and forces Stefan to put himself in danger. Bonnie and Luka form a closer connection. Tyler shows Caroline the Lockwood cellar, where she makes a discovery that leaves them both terrified.

EP11 By the Light of the Moon

The Vampire Diaries: By the Light of the Moon (211)
Elijah: Thank you for having the good sense to be frightened.
>Production: 211 | Airdate: 12/09/2010
Written by: Mike Daniels | Directed by: Elizabeth Allen
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: The Good Sense To Be Frightened

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: TYLER FACES HIS FIRST TRANSFORMATION — As the full moon approaches, Caroline helps Tyler prepare for the transformation he is powerless to stop. While Stefan and Katherine play mind games on one another, Damon and Alaric are suspicious when a stranger named Jules shows up in Mystic Falls, searching for her missing friend, Mason. Elena is frustrated at the lengths Jeremy and her friends have gone to in order to keep her safe. Bonnie and Luca work together on a spell, while still keeping secrets from one another. Finally, Elijah makes an unexpected appearance with an offer that could change everything.

EP12 The Descent

The Vampire Diaries: The Descent (212)
Damon: I feel, Elena. And it sucks.
Production: 212 | Airdate: 1/27/2011
Written by: Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain | Directed by: Marcos Siega
Guest Cast: George Bryant (Maintenance Worker), Anna Enger (Dana), Jason Ferguson (Eddie), Ahna O’Reilly (Jessica), Ryan Proffitt (Park Ranger Martinson), Allee Sutton Hethcoat (Jill)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: There’s Always A Choice

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: DOOM, GLOOM AND PERSONAL GROWTH — Stefan has his own ideas about Elena’s new plan for the future. While Damon tries to get the truth out of Jules, he asks Elena to keep an eye on Rose, a situation that turns unexpectedly dangerous. Caroline and Matt try to be honest about their feelings for one another, and Tyler’s reaction to Caroline’s generosity comes as a surprise to her. Damon struggles to hide his true feelings when a life-and-death crisis hits him harder than he expected.

EP13 Daddy Issues

The Vampire Diaries: Daddy Issues (213)
Production: 213 | Airdate: 2/03/2011
Written by: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec | Directed by: Joshua Butler
Guest Cast: Stephen Amell (Brady)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: Trust Works Both Ways

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: CHOOSING SIDES — Johnathan Gilbert’s (guest star David Anders) return to Mystic Falls comes as an unhappy surprise to Elena, Jenna and Damon. Caroline lets Stefan know about her conversation with Tyler, and Stefan does his best to reach out to a confused and conflicted Tyler. Jeremy comforts Bonnie after her disturbing conversation with Jonas (guest star Randy Goodwin). When Jules (guest star Michaela McManus) takes a hostage, the situation quickly escalates into a violent confrontation.

EP14 Crying Wolf

The Vampire Diaries: Crying Wolf (214)
Luka: Elena has to die.
Production: 214 | Airdate: 2/10/2011
Written by: Brian Young | Directed by: David Von Ancken
Guest Cast: Stephen Amell (Brady), Erik Stocklin (Stevie)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: No More Lies

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: SECRETS AND LIES — Stefan and Elena get away for what they hope will be a romantic weekend at the Gilbert family lake house, not realizing that they’ve been followed. Jenna starts to worry that Alaric isn’t being honest with her. Jules explains the importance of the sun and moon curse to Tyler, but leaves out an important detail. Damon attends a tea at the Historical Society in order to talk to Elijah, but Elijah isn’t giving up any secrets. With help from Caroline and Jeremy, Bonnie uses deceptive measures to get shocking new information out of Luka. Finally, Tyler offers Matt some relationship advice.

EP15 The Dinner Party

The Vampire Diaries: The Dinner Party (215)
Stefan: Elena, you’ve agreed to sacrifice yourself to Klaus. To say that we have a difference of opinion is the understatement of the century.
Elena: You would know.

Production: 215 | Airdate: 2/17/2011
Written by: Andrew Chambliss | Directed by: Marcos Siega
Guest Cast: Carissa Capiobianco (1864 Girl #2), Kelly Finley (Honoria Fell), Valee Gallant (1864 Girl #1), Arielle Kebbel (Lexi), Joe Knezenich (Johnathan Gilbert), Daniel Thomas May (Thomas Fell)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: The Element of Surprise

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: STEFAN TELLS ELENA ABOUT HIS DARKEST DAYS — Stefan tells Elena about a dark time in his history and the surprising person whose influence changed everything. After getting the truth out of Luka, Jonas makes his feelings clear to Bonnie and Jeremy. Trying to catch Elijah off-guard, Damon arranges a dinner party for him with Jenna, Alaric and Andie (guest star Dawn Olivieri), but last-minute information throws Damon’s plan into chaos.

EP16 The House Guest

The Vampire Diaries: The House Guest (216)
Katherine: I’m not a threat to you, Elena. If any of you are going to believe anything, believe that.
Production: 216 | Airdate: 2/24/2011
Written by: Caroline Dries | Directed by: Michael Katleman
Guest Cast: Brad Davis (Band Singer), Mia Kirshner (Isobel Flemming)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: Eternal Flame

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: A NIGHT OF CONFESSIONS — Katherine’s mind games are getting on everyone’s nerves, but Damon, Stefan and Elena realize that her knowledge of Mystic Falls history will help them stay alive. Frustrated with her relationship with Matt, Caroline finds a new way to get his attention. Alaric makes a surprising confession to Jenna, and Katherine makes a different kind of confession to Damon. Stefan and Bonnie try to convince Jonas and Luka that they should all be working together, but Jonas’ lack of trust leads to a violent and fiery confrontation.

EP17 Know Thy Enemy

The Vampire Diaries: Know Thy Enemy (217)
Matt: I feel like she died.
Sheriff Forbes: She did.

Production: 217 | Airdate: 4/7/2011
Written by: Mike Daniels | Directed by: Wendey Stanzler
Guest Cast: Mia Kirshner (Isobel Flemming), Michael Roark (Frank the Cowboy)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: Compelled to Betray

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT — Elena and Alaric both lash out at John when Isobel’s unexpected arrival leaves Jenna devastated. Bonnie works with Damon and Jeremy to find the spell they’ll need to harness her ancestors’ power. A heartbroken Caroline doesn’t know what to do about Matt. Stefan and Damon realize they have a new secret weapon

EP18 The Last Dance

The Vampire Diaries: The Last Dance (218)
Damon (to Stefan): I don’t mind being the bad guy. I’ll make all the life-and-death decisions while you’re busy worrying about collateral damage. I’ll even let you hate me for it. But at the end of the day, I’ll be the one to keep her alive.
Production: 218 | Airdate: 4/14/2011
Written by: Michael Narducci | Directed by: John Behring
Guest Cast: Mark Buckland (Chad), Anna Engert (Dana), Terrance Gibney (Mr. Henry)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: Whatever It Takes

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: DANCING WITH DANGER — As the high school prepares to throw a “1960s Decade Dance,” Elena starts receiving disturbing messages from Klaus via an unusual source. Bonnie tries to reassure Jeremy that she is strong enough to help Elena, but a worried Jeremy asks Stefan for advice. Caroline talks Matt into taking her to the dance. Expecting Klaus to show up at the dance, Damon and Alaric attend as chaperones, but Klaus is playing a complicated game that keeps them on edge. Finally, Damon comes up with a new plan of action that shocks and upsets everyone.

EP19 Klaus

The Vampire Diaries: Klaus (219)
Klaus: Love is a vampire’s greatest weakness and we are not weak, Elijah. We do not feel and we do not care.
Elijah: We did once.
Klaus: Too many lifetimes ago to matter.

Production: 219 | Airdate: 04/21/2011
Written by: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec | Directed by: Joshua Butler
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
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In Review: Brothers at Arms

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: KLAUS IS REVEALED — Stefan and Damon are furious when they discover that Elena has defied them both to make a new ally and take control of the plan to out-maneuver Klaus (guest star Joseph Morgan). Disagreement over how to protect Elena leads to growing tension between the Salvatore brothers. Meanwhile, Stefan has his hands full trying to keep a confused and frightened Jenna safe. Flashbacks to 1491 reveal Katherine’s introduction to Elijah and Klaus, along with the origin of the moonstone curse. Elena learns shocking new information about Klaus’ motives.

EP20 The Last Day

The Vampire Diaries: The Last Day (220)
Damon: That’s not a risk I’m willing to take.
Elena: But I am. It’s my life, Damon. My choice.
Damon: We can’t lose you.

Production: 220 | Airdate: 4/28/2011
[News & Info] [Music] [Images] [Discuss] [Poll]
In Review: As Good As Dead

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: NEVER IS A VERY LONG TIME — Damon is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to prevent Elena from being a victim of Klaus’ plan to break the curse. Damon’s actions put him at terrible odds with Stefan and the tension that started brewing between the brothers over their differing opinions of how to help save Elena’s life blows up into full-scale conflict. Tyler returns to Mystic Falls after receiving a disturbing phone call. With the full moon marking the arrival of the sacrifice ritual, Stefan and Elena spend a romantic day together — afraid it might be their last.

EP21 The Sun Also Rises

The Vampire Diaries: The Sun Also Rises (221)
John: Whether you’re reading this now as a human or a vampire, I love you all the same, as I’ve always loved you and always will.
Production: 221 | Airdate: 5/5/2011
Written by: Caroline Dries & Mike Daniels | Directed by: Paul Sommers
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
[News & Info] [Music] [Images] [Discuss] [Poll]
In Review: Hope Dies Last

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: THE SACRIFICE RITUAL BEGINS — With the arrival of the full moon, Elena tries to prepare for whatever Klaus has planned and Tyler faces his second transformation. The terrifying events quickly spin out of control, despite an unexpected act of courage. Finally, Damon admits the truth to Stefan about a terrible new development they must face.

EP22 As I Lay Dying

The Vampire Diaries: As I Lay Dying (222)
Damon: You should have met me in 1864. You would have like me.
Elena: I like you now, just the way you are.

Production: 222 | Airdate: 5/12/2011
Written by: Turi Meyer, Al Septien & Michael Narducci | Directed by: John Behring
Guest Cast: Kayla Ewell (Vicki Donovan), Ashlyn Henson ( Warehouse Girl), Malese Jow (Anna), Bianca Lawson (Emily Bennett), Chris Whitley (Deputy), Mark Wilson (Deputy #2)
Previously on The Vampire Diaries:
[News & Info] [Music] [Images] [Discuss] [Poll]
In Review: There Will Be Consequences

Downloads: [Amazon] [iTunes US] [iTunes UK]
Official synopsis: THE BOND BETWEEN BROTHERS — While Mystic Falls presents a screening of “Gone with The Wind” in the town square, Damon’s memories of Katherine in 1864 mix with the reality of Elena in the present day. Stefan pays a terrible personal price for his attempt to prevent a tragedy, and Sheriff Forbes makes a deadly mistake while trying to keep everyone safe. More than one life hangs in the balance as the consequences of the sacrifice ritual play out to a horrifying conclusion.


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