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Posted by | March 29, 2011, 18:27 (MST) | 74 Comments
Category: Fandom, The Vampire Diaries TV


I’m in the process of writing my own review of the 2011 EyeCon Vampire Diaries Convention in Atlanta this past weekend (for now, let’s just say I was less than impressed with the con itself, but the fans were fabulous) [ETA: READ IT HERE] but we want to hear from you about your experience. If you attended the Con, please let us know your thoughts on the weekend – what you liked, what you didn’t like, what should be changed, etc.

Would you attend another EyeCon Vampire Diaries event?

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  • guest

    So completely agree with you. Alot of my friends thought the same.

  • pamela ross

    everything that autumn amber said made me feel that if did come and spend alot money on the event the ball would be nice for the cast to be there. also if the money was just a little cheaper i would come.

  • Fendlers99

    Carina- I did not get to meet you! But I did see you around the convention and you seemed to do everything in a professional manner! I also thought you made a great auctioneer! You made the foundation lots of money,way to go!! PS knowing cast members is a perk of the job!

  • guest

    Well, I had a great time. The only thing I didn’t really like was the masquerade ball. The line got cut off right in front of me to meet the cast and then they left. But other than that I had fun and I hope they have another one soon. I think people should understand that things had to be a little rushed because there were so many people and if everyone would have taken thier time it would have taken all day. I thought the Eyecon staff was nice. I asked Kenny a question and he answered it nicely. The handlers, or whatever they’re called…some were fine but one was a total bitch. The girl with the glasses and the flower in her hair!! But I don’t see how that is Eyecon’s fault. But Kenny if you read this PLEASE have another con soon and have Ian back!!!!!

  • Samantha

    Overall my experience was pretty good. I enjoyed meeting the fans, and meeting Ian was amazing! I can’t complain too much, because that was my dream, and Eyecon made it happen!

    The only real complaints I have are ones that have already been mentioned.. Many of the people working the event were extremely rude. During Ian’s Q&A all the seats were taken up, so I went inside the door to get a picture, that’s all I wanted. I wanted just a few pictures, and then I planned to go back and buy more things from the booths and wait on my Photo-Op picture to be printed. However, I never got the pics that I wanted from the Q&A. While inside the Q&A I was told many times that I had to stand against the wall, clear the door, etc. while literally a hundred other people were standing there as well. Keep in mind that I’m only about 4″10 and couldn’t see a thing because people way taller than me were standing in the way. I eventually got pissed at being reprimanded for simply standing there, and gave up, and walked out. One of the workers came out side and apologized to me and asked if I got the pictures I was trying to get. Kudos to her for apologizing and being concerned.

    I was disappointed at the rushed feeling of the Photo-Ops, but I understand.

    Overall, I’d probably attend Eyecon again, depending on who the guests were. It wasn’t a completely bad experience.

  • Coy

    I only had one major problem with this event. It was with one of your people,(not one of the volunteers)…..I searched and searched till I found a pic. of her and found her name..she talked to the star she was with so much, anyone coming up to talk to him (Steven) at the PRIVATE autograph session “WE” (the paying guest) had to stand and wait for her to stop writting on his hand and talking about herself just so “WE” ( once again the paying people) could get anything signed or pictures taken. Her name is Heather. 99% of the ladies I delt with were very nice and did not try to captivate the star…so others once again who where PAYING could have access…I was at every event and shelled out BIG money for everything from the trip up. Having to stand in line and wait for Heather to decide she could stop talking and let others at least say Hi. She should have paid and got in line with the rest of us. As far as your partying on our money…isn’t that why you do these things is to make money? Come on people get a brain they are not in this just to let you have a good time..

  • 2PissedOffGirls

    Where do we even begin!!! Jessica and Sandi here (@JessiVanessi & @VampireKrazy), and we were so excited about this convention. I (Sandi) have been a fan of Ian’s for 10 years, and when this convention was announced, I was THRILLED!!! Initially it did not include Ian, but bought tickets anyway in hopes that he would eventually attend. Jessica is a big Paul Wesley fan so she was just as excited.

    Last Wednesday, neither one of us could contain ourselves, we were so excited!!!! But come Friday, all that excitement was flushed down the toilet!!! The #1 thing that we noticed right off the bat was how rude the Eyecon staff was and how quick they were to turn their noses down as if they were better than us! At the carnival Friday night when Rob was making the rounds, they were literally moving you out of the way with their bodies!!! That just didn’t sit well with us. Staff was also very, very rude when it came to taking pictures!!!!We weren’t even able to take pictures of Rob from afar!! They kept telling us “No pictures, have to buy one.” Ummm……seriously?? We personally were not touched by the handlers, but we know of people who were grabbed and moved with force. That is just unacceptable!! No one should be putting their hands on anyone!!!

    Onto Saturday-Paul Wesley- The pictures were so rushed and so short that we were left wondering “What did we just pay $75 for?” NOT to mention having to pay an extra $10 or $15 for a reprint and or JPEG (which BTW we went to Rite Aid today and had the same exact high quality reprinted for $3!!!) That 2.2 seconds in my opinion was not worth $75!!! Paul was fantastic though and it is a memory that we will always cherish, but as fans, EyeCon screwed us to the fullest extent!!!! And don’t even get us started about the Masquerade Ball!!! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME, MONEY, AND ENERGY!!!!!! Spend all this money on a dress and mask, to only wear it for less than 30 minutes!!!! The room was so small, so stuffy, and so dark….it was a MESS!!!! Not to mention EyeCon promised the cast would attend and mingle with us. Didn’t happen!!!! We were told to line up in a single file and we would be able to “talk” with everyone. Too bad a line started, but people were just walking in and cutting in front of us. I was not able to make it through the line because I got frustrated and left, but Jessica got through. She said Eyecon staff was inconsiderate not only towards the fans, but towards the actors themselves. Jessica was talking to Steven, and they kept pulling her and telling her “Your done, your done.” Steven himself was trying to tell the handler that he was talking to her, but he didn’t care!! Rude and inconsiderate!!!!

    Sunday was bad due to the fact that things were so far behind. Why?? Surprise, surprise…..EyeCon didn’t have their act together!!! Again, the photo ops were very rushed and nothing was on schedule!!! We didn’t attend the Miss Mystic Falls pagent, but from what we hear it was one big clusterf**k!!! We didn’t mind spending the money for Ian because it went directly towards his foundation. At least it was going to a good cause!!!

    In our opinions, we as fans should be able to come up with better promoters than EyeCon for future TVD conventions!!! We took away not only the memories that we had to make on our own, but the friends that we encountered along the way!! We had one of the handlers actually come up to us on Sunday afternoon (we will not say their name) and ask us how we thought the weekend went. We were completely honest and told him/her everything we just addressed here (and then some). He/she told us that they themself were disgusted and disappointed with how the convention was run. So what does that tell you??? I myself am a single mother with 2 children, and my money was literally pissed away and is being put into somone’s new pool or home remodeling in Florida!!! We need to put our heads together as fans and come up with a better alternative!!!! Vee was so amazing this weekend, we want her to organize a convetion!! WE WOULD SO HELP YOU VEE!!!!! ♥♥♥

  • Luv2right

    I was a vendor at the convention. I have never been at a convention with so little organization. First I couldn’t get anyone to respond to me the week prior to the con even though I emailed, texted, called, emailed another address, and wrote on the facebook wall. It was insane. Then when I finally got an answer it was wrong.

    Also, I can’t believe there was no one in the vendor room to make sure it was being opened and closed at the proper times. The first night there was almost a vendor brawl because one vendor wanted to remain open while the rest of us wanted to close as it was 30 minutes past the stated close time. Then on Sunday when the room was supposed to be opened at 11, it was opened way before that time. I can’t believe that!! I had all my stuff out in the open and no one there to protect my area. It is so incredibly unprofessional and ridiculous. I didn’t pay $195 to have a table in the vendor room and have zero security.

    I’ve been to eyecons in Orlando as a guest and have enjoyed myself. It’s a small con. It is what it is and I’ve gotten to meet some great people so I figure it’s worth it.

    However, I will never ever pay to be a vendor again with this convention.

  • VampireDiariesOnline

    I can not believe I’m reading this…

  • Sandra Sadowski

    CRAPTACULAR. Would never attend again. Glad I met Ian Somerhalder & Matt Davis, but that was free and in the middle of the night after they had finished filming….the actual Eyecon portion of the trip sucked ass. Total waste of money. It was terrible….

  • Angry Mother

    The gentleman volunteer in the Q & A session was Rick. He was very polite to us and constantly tried to get our questions answered. He apologized and helped the best he could. This show was horrible for the price we paid. Will be very careful in the future! Thanks Eyecon for ruining my daughters fan experience.

  • Tracy

    1st, having the opportunity to meet the stars of the show was awesome! So THANK YOU for giving us all the opportunity to do so. 2nd, the Q&A sessions were the highlight along with 3rd, getting pictures with the stars. 4th, buying additional photo ops was a smooth process upon arrival at the convention. I was worried you would have sold out in advance, but that wasn’t the case. Seemed like you shrived to accommodate all photo ops.

    But you requested feedback so here it is:

    - I was SO disappointed in the way Paul’s autograph line was handled and Paul himself actually. (I was Team Stefan, officially I’m now Team Damon after this weekend.) After being rushed along by rude staff/volunteers, I ended up with chicken scratch for an autograph because he was more interested in chatting with the person to his left behind the table and texting on his phone than signing my picture. Fortunately it wasn’t the picture of he & I (in this case I was grateful that the printing process took so long :)) Furthermore, I don’t see why it could not have been personalized… After all, it WAS $60. He’s being paid to be there. For the time he’s ‘supposed to be on’, well — he should be ‘on’ – Hell – he’s an actor… ACT like you WANT to be there! There was plenty of time to accommodate adding a name. Ian personalized. He made eye contact with everyone as did Steven, Michael, and Rob. Basically, that’s $60 down the toilet.

    - During the non-photo op and autograph times, EyeCon should have filled the time with TVD blogger panels, heck – put in TVD 1st season DVD! That would have given folks something to do for the hours in between ballroom sessions on Saturday.

    - I understand you have volunteers, but it would be helpful if they actually KNEW what they were doing (seemed like there was no one in the know to answer a question) and more importantly weren’t so rude. Folks PAID to be there! Without the paid patrons, there is no convention. There were a couple of staffers that were extremely rude as well. Didn’t catch names, but I could describe them to you if you wanted more specifics. If I were EyeCon, I would be embarrassed to have them on my staff. Complete lack of professionalism.

    - Photo op lines became a mess. There needs to be specific time-slots so participants know where to be and when (see Twi-Con schedules for an example)

    - Photo op ticket collectors and person across from them didn’t need to be complete a-holes. Yes, I said it. They were the WORSE! You are practically shoved into the person standing ahead of you once you gave your ticket. And then shoved to move into place for a quick ‘snap’ before hearing NEXT. I’ve been to several SciFi conventions and this photo op experience was the worse. Positive side – The photographer is great to be able to take a great picture in a fraction of a second. Each picture was awesome that I saw on the table and I was extremely happy with mine as well.

    - Exhibit tables should have been moved into the ballroom area itself since there was so few of them and there was unused space in the back. The hallway was extremely to crowded and the smaller rooms you had — didn’t even know they where there until Saturday afternoon.

    - Through the rumor mill, I’m glad I opted to NOT get the banquet or ball. After attending a number of Twi-Con’s I figured it would be the same. Talent is sectioned off. Cramped spaces. Basically, not worth the $$$ you have to spend.

    So with all of that… I’m a maybe for the next go around. It will depend on the talent that will be there. Paul certainly would not be a headliner for me to sign up in advance.

  • Mchelle0708

    Hey Kenny,
    I think for my first eyecon event it went as well as it did. It was chaotic.. on your end with all the people that did show up. But all and all you and Autumn did a great job, can not wait til next year. Oh and yes would love a few extra minutes w/ the stars. I took a ton of photos can you an Autumn add me on facebook, and hope ya like them.. xo

  • volunteer

    hi Autumn, I would just like to say that I was the only volunteer in the private autographing session, and I did not even get to say hi to even one of the actors or even speak to one throughout the entire convention (except during my photo, which I paid the same amount as everyone else). None of the volunteers did. The “volunteers” you are probably thinking of are the eyecon staff who were assigned to an actor as an autograph assistant and they had to be sitting next to them to assist them.

  • volunteer

    hi Autumn, I would just like to say that I was the only volunteer in the private autographing session, and I did not even get to say hi to even one of the actors or even speak to one throughout the entire convention (except during my photo, which I paid the same amount as everyone else). None of the volunteers did. The “volunteers” you are probably thinking of are the eyecon staff who were assigned to an actor as an autograph assistant and they had to be sitting next to them to assist them.

  • Kim1possible9

    I enjoyed myself mostly with other fans but question is why is that platinum tickets holders were treated like the rest of the tickets holders. I felt like I wasted $400 to be the same as GA. lack of communication and organization, unprofessional

  • gena

    I have worked several conventions, but this was my first Eyecon event (as a volunteer) and I couldn’t agree with you more. I have NEVER had such a bad experience at a con. The whole event couldn’t have been less organized. I don’t expect perfection at all and I know with so many schedules to juggle, it’s impossible to run on time, but what I do expect is common courtesy for the attendees. I have never seen a company treat their customers so horribly! I had people constantly complaining to me and honestly I totally agreed with them- all I could say was how sorry I was then point them to kenny & his staff only to hear that “they don’t care”. I was so embarrassed to be associated with these people. The were consistently RUDE to everyone including the volunteer staff who got VERY VERY little for their time! When I saw the outrageous prices they were charging for this event, I figured this must be a really great celebrity experience for that price. I have never seen a con provide so little celebrity time and interaction. You were not even allowed to speak to the celebrity during your $75 photo op and autographs were just as bad. I heard from several attendees that the banquet was a disappointment too. My impression was that the staff of eyecon could care less about delivering for the fans and all about keeping the celebrities locked away with them in the green room. I felt truly sorry for all the people who spent so much money for this disappointment. I will never have anything to do with Eyecon again- This was a horrible experience from start to finish!!! I would encourage fans to try the much more affordable Creation cons- I have done several of those and while not perfect- they are a much much better experience!!!!!

  • Kfabu01

    I forgot to mention about the handlers in my post on facebook. They were very pushy and rude, especially on Saturday at the concert. One of them literally yelled at the top of his lungs for ppl to move back or hed move them himself. Kenny told him they couldnt control where the ppl were in the room as long as they didnt go behind the table, which is where all the celebraties were sitting. After that was said, the other handler told me to move from the table towards the speakers. The also said no photos of the cast as they were off and drinking and didnt want the pix taken, but that happened regardless. Also when Matt Davis was down at the bar, one of the eyecon staff ladies came down asking what all the noise was about. From my understanding, from several ppl, when she was told Matt Davis was there, she asked who he was and then said “whats he doing here?” in a very rude tone. She then went and got some handlers for him in which to my understanding again, he said he didnt want as he was there on his own. I also heard that Candice was trying to talk to her fans and the eyecon staff was pulling her away. All this info that I didnt personally see, was told to me by several different ppl who witnessed it.

  • Crystal McMain VanDiver

    Gena…I totally agree with you. You are a veteran volunteer. Thanks for helping all of us newbies! We appreciate you.
    You couldn’t have said it better!

  • HJWitherill

    Hi Coy, this is Heather

    Others told me about your comment and I had to check it out for myself. I’m really disappointed in your negativity. Everyone there was having a good time and it makes me sad that you felt compelled to wait to talk with Steven. If there was no one in line to talk to him, I kept small talk with him to fill in the awkward gap. He mentioned a few times how awkward it was that Paul and Ian had huge lines and there were times when no one was at his (Steven’s) table. I felt bad and as a handler, it was my job to make sure that the celeb is never uncomfortable. And if he was ever talking to me in front of a fan, it was because he needed something, food, water..etc. It was a pleasure working with Steven because he was an easygoing guy and was very humble. He was just there to have a good time and meet the fans. Please don’t let this affect the way that you view Steven, but do remember that he is just a kid. He’s only 22 and was looking at the convention as “fun” and not a “job”. He even made videos for fans, gave lots of girls kisses on the cheek, and talked with people about their lives. He was an easily approachable guy, and if you saw no one at the table, you could have easily sat there with him and talked for a while. At the private autograph session I was taking pictures for people and letting them take videos with him. He got gifts and rave reviews all weekend.

    This was the first bad thing I’ve heard about myself since the convention. And yes I was a volunteer.

    And the whole writing on the hand thing…
    He made a comment at one point that no one was in his line and it was awkward. So I made the comment “Well think about how I feel, everyone is here to see you and I am invisible. No one wants a picture or autograph from me. I’m just the girl that they ask to hold the camera for them.” Then he understood and jokingly asked for my autograph and he said to write it on his hand. LOL. Steven was a sweetheart, and I understood why when I met his brother and mom. He was raised right and I hope to work with them again in the future.
    We all learn from our mistakes and the next convention will be much better.

    I do apologize for your unhappines, but please don’t let it effect Steven.


  • fl volunteer

    as a volunteer for this event I have to say that I had ZERO time with any actors (except rob who gave his time to everyone) and I found it to be the eyecon staff that monopolized their time- not the volunteers. I have worked many conventions and this was the only one where the stars were kept so guarded from the attendees! The prices were the highest I’ve ever seen and the interaction was so brief! I don’t think the actors were to blame….

  • fl volunteer

    couldn’t agree more & thanks to the site for giving us a place to post our comments!!!! this con would be worth a quarter of the prices they were charging for what the fans received. I felt really sorry for all the people who spent outrageous amounts of money only to be treated so badly.

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