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Posted by | May 19, 2014, 8:40 (MST) | 848 Comments
Category: Fandom, The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV, Website


As another Vampire Diaries season ends, and The Originals wraps up its inaugural season, it’s with a mixed sense of sadness and gratitude that we announce this has been our final season as an active website.

Since starting over five years ago, we have been so fortunate to share our excitement, inside jokes, and crackpot mythology theories with a humbling number of readers, commenters, and followers – many of whom have become friends. We have been allowed unforgettable opportunities and experienced overwhelming support and love. (Remember when you guys won us a Logo Superfan Site NewNowNext award?) We have watched this fandom grow into the unstoppable force it has become with a sense of awe and pride. You are a beautiful, passionate, entertaining family, and you have made this an amazing ride.

But five years is a long time and the timing felt right to say goodbye. When you’ve immersed yourself in something as all-consuming as this has been, there comes a point where you want the time and freedom to pursue other projects that are important to you. And that’s what we will all be doing as we close this chapter and begin a new one. So while we are sad to say goodbye, we are also excited to plunge whole-heartedly into these new endeavors, and we hope you’ll be happy for us, too.

So what does this mean? The site will not be going anywhere for the time being, as we discuss possibilities for the future, but we will not be updating. We wanted to announce this now so that commenters would have an opportunity to exchange off-site contact information and ensure you can keep in touch with the friends you’ve made here. Comments on the blog will be left open, though we will no longer be moderating them, so please: Be excellent to each other.

Thank you to the fellow fansites and TV journalists and recappers who always made us feel welcome, to everyone who volunteered as mods on the forum or contributed a guest post to the blog, to anyone who ever reached out with a kind word via here or Twitter and, most of all, thank you to Julie and Kevin and the casts, writers, crews and production teams of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. We look forward to kicking back and appreciating your work every week as plain ‘ole fans as we move into Vampire Diaries Season 6 and The Originals Season 2.

And thank YOU. (Yes, YOU.)

Red (@redcognito), Kate (@katelinnea), Abby (@abbygraham), Holly (@hollye83), Vee (@dieslaughing) & Crissy (@crissycalhoun)


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  • whoneedsthecullens

    @Staff: just one last thing. Don’t know if anyone mentioned this. Anyway, I thought the title of your final post and the tags below it are great. Loved it. Glad still someone knows Douglas Adams… Cheers!

  • shoe20

    who will be the lone last post to this site?

    Who cares? I know you took my interjection as not an hostal act! =) I tried to be as “milk toast” as possible, and you know that’s an effort for me ;) I just kept reading and said their saying the same thing ! lol

    Besides you and I have this great new love affair we fought hard to achieve. xo

  • Lynne

    “Fat Chance” on one hand and a “Miracle” on the other.

    Only S6 will show,, in which court the ball drops. Any Wagers? lol

  • Lynne

    Good Morning Shoe:)
    Are you trying to give Gwen some kind of Palpitations? Hm
    Look,, when I said that I would love to introduce you two,, I was joking around. Mostly:) lol
    Any Love affair between you,, would be Gwen’s love,, of dragging you around by your Monkey Ears, lolol or some such. lmbo
    I’m Sorry,,I Couldn’t resist:) The two of you are very entertaining, when your posting to each other, especially when you disagree OR when Gwen calls you a “Nosy-Body”,, even if it is not meant as entertainment. She had me in hysterics.!!!
    As an outsider,, looking in? You two are a riot!! lol :)>

  • Gwen

    Lynne/ Shoe – You 2 crack me up….I don’t know what you are drinking / smoking but count me in….please don’t let this be the last post of We need something epic.

    Shoe you need to come to all our rescue before this old site shuts down and post something inspirational! I hear Nosy-Bodies are gifted that way. :-)
    PS…be nice to my guy Damon.

  • Gwen

    Yes the 10 post frenemies to lovers…love story (talk about a quicky). Yes, but it was not meant to be, when Gwen discovers Mr. Nosy Body flirting with all the girls on TVD.proboards…Tragedy… :-(

    See we could write our own posters soap opera….along with Lynne’s cleaver narration, We could be a HIT!

  • Lynne

    Hi Gwen,:) OMG,,
    Shoe is MIA. To chicken to come out and play with the girls. Afraid we will through Mud Pies at him. lolololol
    What I have, you are too far away to share with lmbo!!
    Find some change on your car floor and fly over. I’ll drive you home!! lololololol

    I have been floating around the last day to see what conversations were going on, and a major topic is something you & CrimmyJ were discussing or had brought up,, and that is the the CD writing and writers forum, for S6.

    My idea is this.,, Take the writers to an Indian Reservation,, pack them into a “Sweat Lodge” which drives the body’s temp up to the point of hallucinations. Write those hallucinations down, then re-hydrate them.
    The next day or two, depending on there condition. lolol
    Set down a budded bush in the middle of there cabin with a Turkish “Hooka” water pipe with 5-6 hoses attached, and let them smoke there brains out. Write down everything or record everything they think of and put it together with the Sweat Lodge Hallucinations and they just may have an S6!! Oh Sh**

    Then they can go grocery shopping and.clean out every store within a 20 mile radius.

    Eat themselves into a coma,, and sleep for a week!! That should cover it!!
    What do you think? lmbo!!

  • Lynne

    Absolutely!! We would Rock!!:))
    Well you and Shoe can play Verbal ” Rock’em Sock’em ” I’ll be on the floor rolling in laughter!!
    Hey, where did CrimmyJ go? You two were having an in depth about Elena,, Human Verses Vamp?
    Want to have some “Real Fun”? hehehe READY, SET,,,, GO!!!!!!

    What if I were to say,, “Elena sucks as Human & Vamp!!
    in fact,, she sucks shoe”s Monkey Ears!!! lmao

    I have no idea if shoe has M.E.) just for joke sake!! Luv ya Shoe you too Gwen;)

    Come on Lady bristle up with those porcupine venom laced needles for fingertips,, what’cha Got? lololololol

  • Demetra Christakos

    In terms of the narrative, the character of Elena has a specific function, she’s meant to be a source of light and inspiration. As I re-discovered this morning re-reading the first four books, Elena actually means light. In the TV show, the exploration of Elena as a vampire and her bond to Damon is the topic of the third book. But at the end of that book, Elena makes a sacrifice, an act of her own agency. The end game of the last of the original 1991 books sees Elena human. The complication of the TV series is that Caroline has been referred to both by the showrunners and the actors as a source of light. She has usurped the role Elena played in the books. Here Elena has kind of taken on the role Meredith played in the books, with her fight training. My hope is that with the loss of Katherine and Amara, Elena will return to her lead role as light-bearer.

  • napoli

    Did you read the article because there was no direct quote from JP saying Elena was a vampire but rather the writer paraphrased what JP said. Unless JP is actually quoted as saying Elena is still a vampire I won’t believe it.

  • shoe20

    Yep, an assumption by the writer. Still it doesn’t matter what Plec says (has it in the past?) I still think the SL needs a change of character status for Elena.

  • dman_24

    I don’t mind her being human again, but not right now. She needs to deal with her issues as a vampire first before she can ever move on to whatever life has in store for her. And maybe in the end she’ll be stronger for it.

  • Gwen

    As we have seen TVD TV series is a loose interpretation of the books…I cannot speak to the books but what I have seen of Elena’s character on the TV show is a young girls journey of love, loss, friendship, family and personal growth / maturity. Her being the source of light and inspiration I see mostly applying to Stefan and Damon which comes across more about them than about her. Elena’s love and compassion has challenged these 2 flawed characters to be better men and want to show the good they have within them. Elena is also the anchor that holds all her friends together. She has taken on a tremendous responsibility, which has consumed and overwhelmed her at times which proves no one is perfect. Light and inspiration shifting to Caroline? I agree only where Stefan is concerned. As I stated earlier Elena being the source of Light and Inspiration applied mostly to Stefan and I can now see Caroline stepping into the role for him.

  • shoe20

    Hey “D”, I’m sure the writers are going to take your path the first of the season… Her interaction with Alaric would not be as helpful or meaningful…. I do think Elena is going to change as a vamp (a bunch) …. That’s going to leave the two camps squabbling over how much the SB actually effected her feelings for Damon.

  • BeeBlood

    Over the years, you have made a great show (now 2 shows) even more enjoyable. Truly loved connecting and sharing with like-minded people.

  • InewtoTVD

    I’m hanging out at mostly. They’re pretty much spot on. Lot’s of great topics, post, poster’s, pics and etc.Fun site keeps me laughing. And swooning ;) I’ll probably mosey around a lot when the season starts. You know how it is.. Respectfully putting ones 2 cents in where it’s not really wanted. Maybe churn the pot ever so slightly? lol It’s all in fun with nothing but love ;) Can’t wait for S6!

  • shoe20

    Glad your having fun….don’t mention my name. LOLOLO My famous quote over there was “if my daughter was dating Damon, I would spent most of my time whittling stakes.” I’ve got to get back and see what the golden girl are up too. lol

  • shoe20

    So are Damon and Bonnie going to become joined at the hip, or will he have the same attraction for her as he did for Katherine as he fed her to Silas. =) Hey, Damon’s …Damon

    Of course I’m still trying to stir the page, would you expect anything less?????

  • Gwen

    Thanks Lady…I knew I could count on you. Not sure where CJ ran off to…I really enjoyed our Agree to Agree More Sparing, kinda like Rock’em Sock’em but with Pillows.

    As always you make an excellent point pretty much Elena stinks at being both “human” or “vamp” so maybe she another supernatural option – let’s see what is in the supernatural closet she can pick from – “Ghost”? “Witch”? “Werewolf”? “Vampire Hunter”? “Zombie”? – Oh I got it what about those Whaaky Bar Characters in Star Wars? – Now they looked like they had their act together.

    Yes – Shoe and his prankster side never disappoints…need to run take care :-)

  • Gabia

    I am waiting for season 6 , very excitedly

  • heartisreeling

    Bwaha stomach made of steel?? I have to down 2 dramamine just to fly to Orlando! But the big plus side of balloon flying- no turbulence just floating :-)
    Oh I do love dolphins, wish I could see some up close! The nearest I’ve been is the show at SeaWorld lol

  • Demetra Christakos

    Hesitate to poke my nose into this very funny conversation, but! I thought human Elena plus newly turned Elena — up to the point of the episode prior to graduation — were pretty solid characters. Elena had a central core that was consistent, dignified beyond her years, compassionate. This was very consistent through the episode after Jeremy’s death. The sequence of Elena turning off and then being forced to turn her humanity back on — all good, still present and accounted for. Then she makes the choice to go to graduation while Jeremy has returned from the dead (the veil is down) and while Damon is suffering from the bite of a werewolf. Hello? This is when the exigencies of the plot become more important than character. This season I feel there was a big problem with Elena’s vamp look — no style, no fashion, no distinct look — when previously Elena had a very distinct look. Katherine’s humanity visually also was a bit of a cop out. Technically it seemed a big step down from previous years in the hair and makeup for both characters. I can’t really see either Katherine or Elena turning themselves out that way regardless of their change in circumstances.

  • Demetra Christakos

    Kevin Williamson just Tweeted that he was hanging with Julie Plec talking Season Six of The Vampire Diaries: “Full on tears. Epically epic” he said.

  • Lynne

    Florida? You are so close to the West coast, why haven’t you floated that way?:)
    Wow , I really like riding the air pockets when on the plane. I am so strange. lol
    Will you be in Albuquerque for October’s Balloon fest? I think I will!!

  • Gwen

    Sorry for responding so late – working on a bathroom remodel this summer… Anyway…No worries poke away…you are among friends…

    Excellent observation regarding Elena I would say everything post graduation has been OOC… I especially like how you described Elena (S1 – S4) as “dignified”, mature beyond her years. College life seemed to change her more than turning into a vampire. What happened? Obsessing over Megan and Aaron, whom she hardly knew. This so called “toxic” relationship SL with Damon just not very believable. Yes – Elena’s character in S5 was all over the place. The only evidence of the “Old” Elena (true to her character) was in the season finale. Hopefully, she is back for good.

  • shoe20

    Who’s still checking the page? Is it time for another “Dickmon” post? What’s everyone watching this summer? I’m going with “Buffy” and “Alias”…..

  • CrimmyJ

    Trouble maker! Buffy is a wise choice. what no Season 5 TVD rewatch? You don’t want to relive the romance?

  • eve

    Hi shoe, I’m still checking in…..things to watch….True Blood…walking dead marathon next weekend…..umm….yes to another post….LOL…

  • Demetra Christakos

    Ray Donovan.

  • dman_24

    I’m watching a lot of stuff: True blood of course; Alias; TVD season 5 (it’s actually not that bad on re-watch, but still mediocre); 24; Teen wolf (I finally gave it shot, and it’s pretty good) Hell on Wheels (I love history, and tv shows/movies that take place in the past always interest me); Intelligence (a CBS show staring Josh Holloway from Lost) and lastly — Hannibal.

    Most of these are watched sporadically between marathons of TVD and Alias. But they’re all really good shows, and when I’m done with the two I mentioned, I’ll pay more attention to those.

  • nobody

    Great choses/taste in TV series……………especially HANNIBAL! The last season of Hannibal was just to damn good………… season won’t get here fast enough. Nobody, 4 NOW!!!

  • nobody

    Here is a link to a (German) Vampire film “We are the Night” I saw a few years ago in English subtitles. I was watching it again (English Dubbed………….sorry) and started my own recasting for a English remake (yes I have to much time on my hands). Share with the others and let me know what you (all) think! Who would you cast in a (English) remake? Nobody, 4 LATER!!!
    1) Louise – Zoie Palmer (Lost Girl) or Jaime Murray (Defiance)
    2) Lena – Summer Glau (Fire Fly) or Lyndsy Fonseca (Nikita) or Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black)
    3) Charlotte – Evelyne Brochu (Orphan Black) or Laura Prepon (Orange is the New Black) or Missy Peregrym (Rookie Blue)
    4) Nora – Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl)

  • Georgia_Peach

    So far, I’ve been watching:
    Covert Affairs
    True Blood and before that Game of Thrones
    Penny Dreadful (1st season just ended)
    Gang Related
    Tyrant (the first episode, which was pretty good)

  • Lynne

    Happy 4th Everyone. Have a great Day and weekend.

    Has anyone seen the new spoilers out for TVD?
    Klaroline Love votes are in a few day’s if anyone is interested.

    It may look as if they are sending Stefan down the “Ripper” Rabbit hole, if Lexi will be making appearances, whether it will be in flashbacks only,, it seems Stefan is going to need her assistance.

    Caro? It is either College or N.O. to head for. I vote for T.O.
    Stefan, Splits-ville for Nola, the rest? There is no more room in N.O. for either talented or UN-talented (like little brothers who couldn’t act there way out of a WET paper bag) leave him in MF as a mortal.. Alaric? A little to late, I think, but hey, who knows.

    Alaric will be dealing with Elena, and that was the only mention of N.D. in any articles.
    I take it the fans are her for turning down I.S. Marriage Proposal. The “Damon” fans on Twitter & Facebook, well lets just say,, at this time,, her Popularity has bottomed out. Even for the Delena fans, she is being blamed for Damon being off the program.

    Lady Mo5,, the doorknob has fallen off the door. Yeah for us!!

    On the flip side,, voting for a cross over for Elena to T.O.?
    Voted, Big Fat NO!!!
    Kat? Big fat YES!!
    But alas, death may be permanent on TVD, but who said anything about death being permanent for T.O.? lolol

  • Lynne

    Hey Shoe, Charmed is what I am watching, and then my daughters “24” dvd’s up to S6. E’d you back.

  • Demetra Christakos

    Lynne, where did you see these spoilers?

  • Lynne

    I wanted to check if any spoilers were out for TVD and T.O.

    I Came across these:

    Spoilers | The Originals Online,.

    Twitter, Facebook, posters, are ripping on Elena, that is just a few.

    Klaroline Love votes 7/9 if interested & spoilers galore on her and Stefan. Not as a couple,, but as individual, characters..Klaroline Awards (KlarolineAwards) on Twitter

    I guess Mattie will not be the only focus for S6. Caro will go a bit dark, & Stefan needs Lexi again, so it will be in flashbacks we see her.

    Entertainment weekly, web.paint and a few other sites are all letting loose about Kol also.

    There will be TVD cross overs starting around the Holiday Hiatus.

  • Lynne

    I wanted to let you know I just received from amazon, “Armistice” & “Open Grave” with J.M.
    I see a little similarity btw the movies SL.
    “Dermaphoria” will be released in 2015, and the SL is close to Open Grave’s SL. I also see some Nicklaus in his rolls.:)

  • shoe20

    Happy belated 4th to you too girl….can you believe the page is still up? Off for a week … E tomorrow. Been noodling. lol

    It’s all about the meat. =)

  • CrimmyJ

    Lynne has all the spoilers. I’m terrible at finding decent spoilers. But also I am lazy.

  • Lynne

    lolololololololololololololol,. You crack me up.!!!! :).
    The Family is saddened b/c our Nanni passed away, then my next door neighbor passed away,
    So I went surfing for some “Spoilers”,, on our shows and was soon feeling much better.D
    Now, of course we can’t believe more then a handful of words, but they were uplifting enough. Especially, since they didn’t come from J.P. :)

  • Lynne

    Yeah right,;)
    My Tin Bucket is old and Rusty and not holding as much water as it used to. lolololol Good One!!:)

    I will have the garden cleaned out and the Veggies frozen, The Tomatoes being redied for Sause and it will be Pasta making time. AND our programs will be airing before I recieve anything other then a paragraph from you.

    I broke a couple of strings on my Violin waiting. lololol

  • pjtpjt

    I’m sorry to hear that!
    But to quote Douglas Adams too: So long, and thanks for all the great articles, and reviews.

  • shoe20

    I deserve the hard time……kinda….something coming tomorrow. =)

  • Lynne

    Caro is going “DARK”, this season, and it is about time. She hasn’t always been Miss Goody-Goody, Two Shoes!! lolol

    I have been thinking,,( too late:) lol
    Stefan is supposed to have these flashback memories of Lexi,, it
    doesn’t necessarily mien that he will be a “Ripper” again,,right? It
    could mien that he feel’s the need for her guidance and support to combat,, that Ripper side of him. AND, to help deal with the loss of his brother.
    Thoughts,, Anyone?

  • Lynne

    Hi Shoe,
    Tomorrow has come and gone, by at least a few days. See what I mien? lolol
    Found Shannon on a site,, and posted a bit with her. .
    Am Tweeting with T. Verney and am following my “Wonder Twin” all over the place, which hasn’t been to hard, since we are able to Morph. lololol

  • shoe20

    Does that quick wit just roll off you tongue. lololol

    I vote “no ripper” Stefan, but a Stefan that isn’t wallowing in the guilt of past mistakes. I’m all for Caroline getting a little blood on her hands. I think that will make her a better fit for Enzo, because I think thats where the writers are going. As for Stefan, I hope he continues to stand on his own two feet as he did this season and doesn’t regress. I think Elena may be happy and getting control of her life by herself..(JP said her reaction would be something we hadn’t seen before. lol)

    Hey girl you should check out “Hemlock Grove”…. it’s a Netflix original series and has your favorite supernatural in it. Probably the best Werewolf transformation I’ve seen. See ya. post on PB sometime this summer. =)

  • Lynne

    Are you trying to make me ILL?? Enzo & Caro? Zecro OR Crenzo, either way you set it up, That is nauseating. Now as a buddy thing if she decides to go Bio-Chemist or something b/c of Augastine,, idk,, sure, But,, for the Klaroline Lovers of America,,, NO WAY, MAN!!!:) lol

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