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The Vampire Diaries fandom – and the L.J. Smith fandom at large – uses a lot of acronyms. Here’s a guide for the uninitiated.

LJS = L.J. Smith

The Books
TVD/VD = The Vampire Diaries
VD1/TA = The Awakening
VD2/TS = The Struggle
VD3/TF = The Fury
VD4/DR = Dark Reunion
VD5 = Nightfall
VD6/SS = Shadow Souls
VD7 = Midnight
TRT = The Return Trilogy

TV Series
TVD/TVDtv = The Vampire Diaries TV series
KW = Kevin Williamson
JP = Julie Plec
KG = Katerina Graham

Vampire Diaries Websites =
VDWiki = The Vampire Diaries Wiki
VDW = Vampire Diaries Web
VDde = Vampire Diaries Germany
VDes = Vampire Diaries Spain
VDbr = Vampire Diaries Br
VDB = Vampire Diaries Brasil
VDit = Vampire Diaries Italia
VDH = Vampire Diaries Hungary

Other L.J. Smith Websites
DP = The Devil’s Playground Forums
TT = Twilight Tales
NWCD = Night World: Circle Daybreak

Other L.J. Smith Books
TSC/SC = The Secret Circle
TFG/FG = The Forbidden Game
DV = Dark Visions
NotS = The Night of the Solstice
HoV = Heart of Valor

NW = Night World
SV = Secret Vampire
DoD = Daughters of Darkness
SB = Spellbinder/Enchantress
DA = Dark Angel
TC = The Chosen
SM = Soulmate
Huntress… Do we have an acronym for this?
BD = Black Dawn
WL = Witchlight
SF = Strange Fate

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