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Below are a list of rules and a few guidelines for commenting on If you insist on being obnoxious, you’ll end up on moderation or banned.

Please remember that we get hundreds of comments a day, there are only four of us, and we’re only human (…mostly). We can’t see everything, so you need to help us make the comments a nice place to be by following the rules and flagging comments that cross the line. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the comment so the ‘flag’ link appears. You’re also welcome to contact us to let us know about any problems.

Do not insult other commenters. Step back and think carefully about how your words may come across. If it’s not something you wouldn’t say to your grandmother’s face in real life, don’t say it. If you enjoy insulting your grandmother to her face, then you shouldn’t post at all.

If someone does insult you, do not respond. Flag the comment, contact us, take a deep breath, and move on.

Do not flag comments that you simply disagree with. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and by flagging comments that don’t break rules but you don’t agree with wastes moderator time. Flagging should not be used as a system of giving a comment a thumbs down. It’s for genuine problems.

Do not post hateful things about the cast and writers of the show. It’s fine to not like someone’s acting or writing, or like what they’ve done with the show, but you can express that politely. There’s no reason to insult anyone.

Do not post speculations or rumours about the personal lives of the cast. This is a site for the show, not for gossip-mongering.

Stay on topic. The comments section is in place for discussing the subject of posts they are attached to. This is not a forum.

Posts that contain a couple of words or less (such as just saying you agree with a comment, ‘good morning/goodnight’, or are otherwise chatty without any reference to the show) will be deleted. They don’t contribute anything and just take up space.

Posts that exclaim ‘I love/hate [character]!’ will be deleted. Similarly, don’t post comments that are solely about physical attractiveness (or lack thereof) of a cast member. These comments don’t contribute anything and often result in winding other posters up. If you want to explain why you love/hate a character (perhaps because of something they did in the episode in the reaction post), that’s fine. Just be polite.

Don’t post fanfic or such directly into comments. If you have a fanfiction that is related to the topic (perhaps it’s based on the events of the episode being discussed in the reaction post), the occasional link to your fic is fine.

Comments that are racist/homophobic/misogynistic/etc are not acceptable and will be deleted. If you hold any of those kinds of views, keep them to yourself, or just go away. We don’t want them here.

Other posts may be deleted at moderator discretion. These will include – but not be limited to – anything that goes too much off topic, anything hateful, and anything that may cause the fandom equivalent of the apocalypse.

It’s natural for you to make friends and form cliques if you’re a frequent commenter. Unfortunately, that leads to small groups of people taking over the discussion, making it difficult for others to be able to discuss the topic with anyone else, and driving people away because they can’t discuss things without those groups taking over. Because of this, we suggest that if you find you’re making a lot of comments with a particular group of people you get along with, you should set up a free forum so you can go wild without interrupting things on here. You can set up free forums at Forumotion, and ProBoards. You’re still welcome to comment here, just remember that others want to comment, too.


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