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Vampire Diaries Links


Official Cast Twitter Accounts
@NinaDobrev (Nina Dobrev, “Elena”)
@PaulWesley (Paul Wesley, “Stefan”)
@iansomerhalder (Ian Somerhalder, “Damon”)
@KatGraham (Katerina Graham, “Bonnie”)
@zach_roerig (Zach Roerig, “Matt”)
@Michael_Trevino (Michael Trevino, “Tyler”)
@CandiceAccola (Candice Accola, “Caroline”)
@saradjcanning (Sara Canning, “Jenna”)
@ErnestoRiley (Matt Davis, “Alaric”)
@caryshotwife (Margeurite MacIntyre, “Sheriff Forbes”)
@danieljgillies/a> (Daniel Gillies, “Elijah”)
@josephmorgan (Joseph Morgan, “Klaus”)
@mcqueeninchains (Steven R. McQueen, “Jeremy”)
Official Production Twitter Accounts
@kevwilliamson (Kevin Williamson, Executive Producer/Writer)
@julieplec (Julie Plec, Executive Producer/Writer)
@paulmsommers (Paul M. Sommers, Director of Photography)
@cmollere (Christopher Mollere, Music Supervisor)
@dafacles (Daphne, Writers’ Assistant)
@young_brian (Brian Young, Staff Writer)
@verschoo (Pascal Verschooris, Line Producer)
@andrewchambliss (Andrew Chambliss, Writer)
@carolinedries (Caroline Dries, Producer/Writer)
@dancur (Daniel Curet, Head Hair Stylist)
@mikedaniels101 (Mike Daniels, Staff Writer)
@elizabethcraft (Elizabeth Craft, Consulting Producer/Writer)
@sarahmfain (Sarah Fain, Consulting Producer/Writer)
@yapplebee (Elysse Applebaum, Writers’ Assistant)
@michaelnarducci (Michael Narducci, Writer)
@jeanewong (Jeane Wong, Writers’ Assistant)
@charliecharboo (Charlie Charbonneau, Production Assistant)


Fan Sites
Opulence – Damon Salvatore Fansite
Scorpio Boy – Damon Salvatore Fansite
TVD on
Vampire Diaries on Fanlore
Vidiot’s Vampire Diaries Site
Wickery Bridge – The Series
Blame – Stefan Salvatore
Brothers Should Be Close – Damon & Stefan Salvatore
Carne, Morte, Diavolo – Klaus
Chivalry is not Dead – Matt Honeycutt
Droo-id Priestess – Bonnie McCullough
Elusive Truth – Meredith Sulez
Ice Cool… – Elena Gilbert
Promise – Stefan & Elena
The Locker Room – Stefan Salvatore & Matt Honeycutt

TV Series:
Vampire Diaries Series
Chivalry is not Dead – Matt Donovan
Promise – Stefan & Elena


L.J. Smith Links


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