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Posted by | March 13, 2014, 11:03 (EST) | 9 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TONIGHT – The Vampire Diaries: The Devil Inside (EP512 Encore) Airs at 9/8c

Unfortunately, we’ve got another rerun tonight . . . but hey, anyone in the mood for a party? Because this is Mystic Falls, so obviously “throw a party” is the correct way to deal with any obstacle or unpleasant situation. The Devil Inside (EP512 Encore) airs tonight at 8/7c.

Episode refresher course:

What’s Next . . .

Posted by | March 12, 2014, 13:02 (EST) | 5 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

Screenfad has posted some new episode stills for Moon Over Bourbon Street (EP117). Looks like there’s another fancy gathering on the schedule! Enjoy.

UPDATE: Stills added to the Gallery.


18.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg
12~0.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 9~0.jpg
10~0.jpg 11~0.jpg 6~0.jpg 7~0.jpg
8~0.jpg 4~0.jpg 2~0.jpg 3~0.jpg
5~0.jpg 1~0.jpg    

Posted by | March 12, 2014, 11:24 (EST) | No Comments
Category: The Originals TV

Claire Holt as RebekahReady to watch Farewell to Storyville (EP116) again? US fans can now download the episode from Amazon or iTunes. US fans can also watch the episode for free right now at the CW site.

Download Farewell to Storyville:

Buy on Amazon US Buy on iTunes US


In case you missed ‘em:

If you missed any episodes, find them at Amazon US, Amazon UK, iTunes US, or iTunes UK.

Posted by | March 11, 2014, 23:05 (EST) | 5 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

And here’s the extended promo for next week’s all-new episode of The Originals, Moon Over Bourbon Street (EP117).

Posted by | March 11, 2014, 22:15 (EST) | No Comments
Category: The Originals TV

Courtesy of Chris Mollere, The Originals’ music supervisor – follow him on Twitter!

Songs listed in order of appearance.

NONONO “Down Under (Piano Acoustic Version)” Unavailable
Augustines “Walkabout” Buy on Amazon US Buy on Amazon UK Buy on iTunes US Buy on iTunes UK


Posted by | March 11, 2014, 22:01 (EST) | 36 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

Major The Originals Player Exits as Series RegularBuzzFeed posted some shocking news for The Originals fans tonight after the show’s East coast airing. Since we’re aware that many fans DVR the show, and it relates to events in tonight’s episode, Farewell to Storyville (EP116), we’re placing the news behind a cut for now. UPDATE: Post edited.

As the headline states, a lead actor and integral character made their last appearance as a series regular in tonight’s The Originals.

According to BuzzFeed, Claire Holt has left The Originals.

BuzzFeed has confirmed that Episode 16, the aptly titled “Farewell to Storyville,” was Holt’s final installment as a series regular. According to sources close to production, it was entirely the actress’s decision to leave The Originals, but everyone involved with the freshman series hopes she might return for future guest appearances.


We expect we’ll have more to say about this news once we’ve properly processed it, but we want to give Claire Holt our most sincere thanks for bringing Rebekah Mikaelson to life over two seasons of The Vampire Diaries and most of The Originals Season 1. Tonight was a prime example of why we love this character, and why we will miss having her on our screens every week. We wish Claire the utmost luck in her future projects, but hope we will be seeing Bex pop by once in a while.

Posted by | March 11, 2014, 19:05 (EST) | 3 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

Here’s your first look at next week’s new episode of The Originals, Moon Over Bourbon Street (EP117), which airs on the CW on Tuesday, March 18th at 8/7c.

Posted by | March 11, 2014, 18:11 (EST) | 81 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

Reaction Post & Poll: The Originals - Farewell to Storyville (EP116)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.




Force any siblings to be in a room together against their will, and usually they’ll find some past slight to start bickering about. When it’s the Original siblings, they have literally centuries of petty squabbles to choose from. Mix that up with a penchant for casual heart-snatching and spontaneous murder, it’ll be a miracle that the City of the Dead is still standing when it’s all over.

Once you’ve finished watching and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Originals. All discussion about the episode is welcomed and encouraged in the comments of this post.

Quick guide to the poll: 5 Points = LOVE, 1 Point = MEH.

What did you think of Farewell to Storyville (EP116)?

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Posted by | March 11, 2014, 11:41 (EST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

TONIGHT – The Originals: Farewell to Storyville (EP116) Airs at 8/7c

So, three Original siblings trapped in a cemetery . . . time for some fun family bonding! Or, you know, fighting. Will anything be resolved? Will everyone make it out in one piece? Farewell to Storyville (EP116) premieres tonight on the CW at 8/7c.

(Looking for the list of posts from the week? You’ll now find it on Friday in the Friday Night Bites post.)

Prepare Yourself for Farewell to Storyville:

What’s Next . . .

Posted by | March 11, 2014, 8:31 (EST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Originals TV

XXPreviously on The Originals, Mikael ruined opera night in a pretty spectacular way, sibling problems were at an all-time high among the Mikaelsons and Hayley proved she can really rock a shotgun. Never a dull moment in New Orleans!


Just as one chapter seemed to come to an abrupt end, another began with a gasp. Le Grand Guignol was a breakneck hour filled with glittering and bloody flashbacks, cracking good dialogue, an abundance of excellent character flourishes, and a penultimate scene that was more unsettling than a sanatorium full of blood-coughing horrors. Finally we have the full picture of what went down the night the Original siblings fled New Orleans and, like the opera that frames Mikael’s destruction, it’s grand drama.
The Originals In Review: Le Grand Guignol (EP115) – Rip My Heart Out
By Heather Vee, Vampire-Diaries.Net

As good as The Originals has been about spinning engaging yarns from an originally inert premise, this new Mikael storyline has not been very well delivered! The first problem was informing us up front that Rebekah and Marcel had summoned him. Why were we supposed to care? What was so bad about Mikael? Then we spent an entire episode where the tension was supposed to come from Klaus learning a fact we already knew. We should’ve learned who summoned Klaus right alongside Klaus. But even if we had, why would it have been shocking other than The Originals simply telling us it would be? The Originals should’ve first shown us Mikael’s reign of terror AND THEN revealed that Rebekah had been the one to send for him. Plus, we already know the ultimate punchline of this story: Mikael gets staked in Mystic Falls sometime in the 2010s like it’s no big deal. Our knowledge of this kiiiinda undercuts the tension a lot. See, this is why I don’t like prequels: We usually know how they end.
The Originals “Le Grand Guignol” Review: A Fright at the Opera
By Price Peterson,

The Originals left off with Elijah and Klaus ready to rumble over Rebekah. Klaus wants her dead and Elijah wants to heal his family. Still. Oh, and Celeste is gone and Davina is back!
The Originals Round Table: “Le Grand Guignol”
By Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker, and Heather Vee


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