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Posted by | July 4, 2010, 11:48 (MST) | 6 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Vampire Diaries in Australia: Hub Productions' Vampire Diaries Fan EventHub Productions’ Vampire Diaries fan event this weekend in Sydney and Melbourne was, by all accounts, a good time for all. There were lots of tweets from Sydney and post-con tweets from Melbourne throughout the weekend, and we’re sure there will be lots more info as fans get some much-deserved rest.

You can check out a stream of tweets from the event by clicking #TVDozcon and at Cover It Live (set up by Paul Wesley Fans). Apparently reception was pretty spotty in Melbourne but keep an eye on Paul Wesley Australia and Salvatore Council for comprehensive post-Con wrap-ups. For an insider’s viewpoint, check out @FilthiAssistant – Twitter of the fabulous Meg at Hub.

Some exceptionally cool news – Hub’s auction to benefit Starlite Foundation was a hit! Paul’s shirts for Sydney and Melbourne pulled in around $1,000 each, and Ian’s shirt in Melbourne brought in an astounding $2,000. Well done to the lucky bidders! The Paul t-shirt winner in Melbourne, @Deanie_24, posted pics of the shirt on her Twitter: Front and Back.

We’ve compiled some links below but if you have something to add, drop it in the comments and we’ll add it to this post – recaps, videos, photos, your general impressions, etc.

Random cool tidbits from the Q&A sessions with Michael, Nina, Paul, and Ian (courtesy of fans on Twitter):

  • Michael originally read for both Damon and Stefan. (@dixiesattic)
  • Michael confirmed Tyler would have a new love interest in Season 2. (@SalvatoreCast)
  • Ian confirmed he would be shooting a Season 2 promo/teaser in a few days. (@SalvatoreCast)
  • Nina’s favorite episodes are Lost Girls and Children of the Damned. (@SalvatoreCast)
  • Michael likes the idea of a Tyler/Bonnie relationship. (@dixiesattic)
  • Nina said the blooper reel on the DVD is very funny. (@KatGrahamAus)
  • Paul says he’s looking forward to seeing how Katherine will manipulate Stefan in Season 2. (@SalvatoreCast)
  • Michael would love more flashbacks involving Tyler’s ancestors. (@SalvatoreCast)

Fan photos:


Posted by | July 4, 2010, 10:18 (MST) | 5 Comments
Category: Fandom, The Vampire Diaries TV

We’re pleased to finally announce the winners from Hub Productions’ video contest! The task was to create a video about Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder or Michael Trevino to be used as each cast member was introduced on stage at the Hub’s Australian Vampire Diaries fan event this weekend (more on that in a later post). Congratulations to all of the winners with their rocking videos, who will be receiving this prize pack of goodies for their awesome efforts. Winners can expect an email from us shortly about their prizes. Everyone else, check out the winning videos below!

Nina’s intro by Marla Paul’s intro by Jacqui
Ian’s intro by Tara Michael’s intro by Stacey

We’d also like to take a moment to give a very big thank you to all of the sponsors who contributed to the prize packs. This wouldn’t have been possible without them. Please take a moment to check out their websites:

KRMA Clothing, Stateless, Plumb, Mads Langer & Copenhagen Records, White Lies & Universal Music Group, Crissy Calhoun & ECW Press, Smart Pop Books, Barcelona

Posted by | July 3, 2010, 16:58 (MST) | 51 Comments
Category: Books, The Vampire Diaries TV

HarperCollins has updated their online catalog with the cover of The Return: Midnight, along with the now officially confirmed release date of March 15, 2011. You can take a peek at the rather vivid cover below and start speculating. Big thanks to Natalie for the heads up!

In addition, HarperCollins has updated their listings with titles for each volume in the Stefan’s Diaries trilogy – #1: Origins, #2: Bloodlust, and #3: The Craving. (This is the prequel trilogy based on the TV series.)

UPDATE: We should also note that Stefan’s Diaries: The Craving has a new release date: May 3, 2011. (We previously posted the release dates for all three books.)


Posted by | July 1, 2010, 18:38 (MST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Look, yes, we know that Supernatural’s little offering at the end of the season finale was indeed a (rather amusing) surprise, but seriously – can that really beat the surprise that the Vampire Diaries threw at us? [spoiler]Elena snogs Damon then chops off Uncle John’s fingers before stabbing him in the gut… and fandom’s collective jaw dropped as we realised it was Katherine posing as Elena[/spoiler]. Nothing can beat that, we’re sure you all agree. And so we urge you to go and vote for the Vampire Diaries as having the biggest surprise in the CW Sourcies. ;)

You can still vote for Katherine as best villain (come on, she’s even better than the devil! Don’t let Lucifer win! He was falling to pieces by the end of the season – at least Katherine was looking really great while being wicked!), though the less said about Damon not winning most heartbreaking moment, the better.

Posted by | July 1, 2010, 2:25 (MST) | 3 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV Series

Tonight at 8/7c: The CW continues their weekly Vampire Diaries encore spree with Lost Girls (EP06), which marks the very first appearance of flashbacks and everyone’s favorite doppelgänger vampire ex-girlfriend. Everything about this episode is BIG – the revelations, the costumes, the hair, the dancing. “Enjoy the Silence” and enjoy the show. New episode of Moonlight airs immediately after at 9/8c.

For the savvy among you who did the math and realized the CW wouldn’t be able to air Season 1 in its entirety before the Season 2 premiere – good spot. According to the Futon Critic, Vampire Diaries encores will be making the jump from Lost Girls this week to Fool Me Once next week (skipping seven episodes). Presumably, this will allow Founder’s Day to air the week before the show’s return on Sept. 9th.

Catch up on this past week’s posts:

Posted by | June 30, 2010, 11:22 (MST) | 55 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV SeriesIt’s a date! Thanks to Carina MacKenzie (@cadlymack on Twitter) for confirming that The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW on Thursday, September 9th.

UPDATE: You can read the entire CW premiere schedule at Entertainment Weekly.

Are you ready for Season 2?

Posted by | June 30, 2010, 9:29 (MST) | 5 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV SeriesOur friends at The VRO are taking questions for Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder. If you have questions that you are absolutely dying to ask the TVD Trio, head over to the The VRO’s forum and start posting. This is important, guys, and a great fandom opportunity, so give ’em a good response. They need these questions by July 9th!

And speaking of The VRO – unfortunately, they announced last night that, due to financial circumstances, they are having to cancel their premium subscription on Blog Talk Radio. That directly translates to not being able to take fan call-ins during their shows. If you listened to Julie Plec’s VRO interview, you know a huge part of what made that epic 2-hour Q&A so much fun was the call-ins. Now imagine losing that component on every single interview. Not the same, is it? Unfortunately, that’s the new reality. If you are enjoying the site’s interviews with the Vampire Diaries cast and crew, and would like them to continue taking callers, please consider making a donation. You can donate directly on The VRO’s Donate page.

Posted by | June 29, 2010, 17:04 (MST) | 3 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV SeriesSeat42f has Warner Bros.’ official Comic Con 2010 press release and the Vampire Diaries has been confirmed for Saturday, July 24th at 4:15 p.m. in Ballroom 20. If you’ve been to Comic Con International, you know that Ballroom 20 is a considerable upgrade from last year’s room.

Also – nice one, @CW_VampDiaries, for getting a mention in the release!

From the WB’s press release (read the entire thing at Seat42f):

4:15–5:00 p.m. The Vampire Diaries Screening and Q&A – The cast and creative team behind The Vampire Diaries return to take a bite out of Comic-Con! Series stars Nina Dobrev (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Paul Wesley (Roll Bounce), Ian Somerhalder (Lost), Michael Trevino (Cane) and Matt Davis (Blue Crush) join executive producers/writers Kevin Williamson (Scream) and Julie Plec (Kyle XY) to show fans a fang-tastic season one highlight reel, followed by a Q&A session. This edgy, romantic drama quickly became the number one series on The CW in its first season. The Vampire Diaries director/co-executive producer Marcos Siega (Dexter) will moderate the panel. From Bonanza Productions Inc., Outerbanks Entertainment and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios, The Vampire Diaries will return for its second season this fall, airing Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, and The Vampire Diaries: The Complete First Season will be released on Blu-ray™ and DVD August 31. Become a fan of The Vampire Diaries on Facebook at and follow the show on Twitter at Ballroom 20

Posted by | June 29, 2010, 1:00 (MST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Teen Choice Awards has released their second wave of categories and Vampire Diaries has racked up five more nominations: Breakout Show, Female Scene Stealer: Katerina Graham, Female Breakout Star: Nina Dobrev, Male Breakout Star: Paul Wesley, and Choice Male Hottie: Ian Somerhalder. Now remember – this is in addition to the show’s previous nominations for Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Show, Best Actress in a TV Show: Nina Dobrev, Best Actor in a TV Show: Paul Wesley, and Best Villain: Ian Somerhalder.

That’s a lot of voting, so let’s rack up some surfboards, shall we? The awards will be taking place on FOX on Monday, August 9 at 8pm. If you want to see the Vampire Diaries win it these categories and are aged between 13 and 19, then you can vote for them on the Teen Choice Awards website.

And while you’re getting your click on, swing by Television Without Pity’s updated Tubeys polls and log a vote or two for your favorite show. Vampire Diaries is listed in the following categories: Best Single Episode – Drama (Founder’s Day and Lost Girls), Most Welcome New Character (Anna), Most Wrongly Underused Character (Matt Donovan), Best Line of Dialogue (FIVE Damon lines are up, from Family Ties, Isobel, Children of the Damned, Night of the Comet, The Turning Point), Best WTF Moment (Founder’s Day), Best Pop Culture Reference (Damon talking Twilight in Family Ties), and Best Unexpected Plot Twist (up for two, Fool Me Once and Founder’s Day). Whew. Go forth and VOTE, TVD soldiers!

Posted by | June 29, 2010, 0:32 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Oh, we’ve got this, Vampire Diaries fans – CW Sourcies has opened their Best Villain category and guess who’s up as the baddest of the bad? I’m Team Katherine all the way – yes, even over Lucifer. Lucifer! By the way, Stefan and Elena won Hottest Moment – as if there was any doubt.

And don’t forget: Last chance to vote for your favorite Heartbreaking Moment.



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