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Posted by | October 25, 2013, 14:48 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV

american gothic

  • Now this is my kind of American Gothic homage, Phoebe Tonkin. [Instagram]
  • Because she loves us, Julie Plec shared a great photo of herself with Paul Wesley & Shaun Sipos. [Instagram]
  • Rolling Stone talked to Lauren Cohan, TVD’s Rose, about her role on The Walking Dead. [Rolling Stone]
  • You can now pre-order Ian Somerhalder Foundation t-shirts. [iansomerhalder]
  • Kat Graham rocked a geometric suit at the Kaiio Launch Event. [Zimbio]
  • Kat also attended Elle’s Women in Hollywood Celebration. [Zimbio]
  • Nina Dobrev shared a throwback photo last week of her younger self meeting [Instagram]
  • talked to Torrey DeVitto about Pretty Little Liars and her hospice documentary. []
  • Extra talked to Claire Holt about The Originals and also took her through a haunted house. [Extra]
  • Damon & Elena have made it to Round 2 of E!’s Best TV Couple of All Time Tournament. You can vote for them to win this round until Sunday at 9 pm PST. [E! Online]

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Posted by | October 23, 2013, 14:00 (MST) | 4 Comments
Category: The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV

People's Choice Awards 2013 Nominations: Get The Vampire Diaries & The Originals on the Ballot!The People’s Choice Awards has launched their nominations round and The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are up in several categories. Time to get voting if we want to see them on the final ballots! See the categories below and then head over to the People’s Choice website to start voting your hearts out. Clicking each category listed will take you straight to that particular category on the PCA website. Remember that you can also write in your own choices in this round. You can vote for up to FIVE nominees in each category, so spread the love!

Go Forth and Nominate!

Posted by | October 18, 2013, 13:13 (MST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV


  • Chris Grismer shared this great behind-the-scenes photo of Marcel, aka Charles Michael Davis, at the Masquerade Ball. [Instagram]
  • Joseph Morgan shared another photo taken by Grismer, a great shot of Klaus in his masquerade mask. [Twitter]
  • Charles Michael Davis continues to charm us all by participating in this fantastic marriage proposal for a friend. Click if you like romance, *NSYNC, Boyz II Men, or just CMD in red briefs. [YouTube]
  • Flare talked to Sara Canning about her movie, The Right Kind of Wrong, and her relationship rules. [Flare]
  • Daniel Gillies talked to Just Jared about his new daughter and how awesome his wife is. [Just Jared Jr.]
  • Phoebe Tonkin shared a cool photo of herself with the wolf from “House of the Rising Son.” [Instagram]
  • If you’re a Brazilian fan, TVD do Brazil has a tutorial on how to vote for the ladies of TVD for Forbes 30 Under 30. [TVD do Brazil]
  • Congrats to Sara Canning for her nomination for Best Actress at the 2013 Eerie Horror Festival for the short film, Corvus. [Eerie Horror Fest]
  • Kat Graham has a cartoon alter ego? The actress shared a pic of a “fierce” cartoon rendering of herself. [Instagram]
  • Entertainment Tonight Canada shared a great photo of Sara Canning and Keith Mars as they promote their new show, Remedy. [Twitter]
  • Nina Dobrev joined Jimmy Fallon for some lip synching in Atlanta. [Instagram]
  • Ian Somerhalder’s new puppies are tiny and adorable. [Instagram]

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Posted by | October 17, 2013, 10:45 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Kat Graham as BonnieWe’re all wondering: How long can Bonnie’s death stay secret? TV Guide spoke with Kat Graham about this and other matters, including Bonnie’s evolving relationship with Jeremy:

“They continue to evolve and grow, and it’s exciting because Bonnie has never had that before. So, it’s new territory for her. She’s always been about her magic and her girlfriends and saving the town. So, for her to have these moments with Jeremy are really special.” And what about a ghostly kiss? “I can’t say, but it seems like a natural progression,” she says. “Although who knows how they’ll do it now that I’m dead.”

Yeah, being dead sort of puts a few obstacles in the way of romance. Kat also talks about Bonnie’s connection with new character Tessa.


Posted by | October 11, 2013, 14:07 (MST) | No Comments
Category: Misc, The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV


  • Julie Plec talked to The Hollywood Reporter about vampires and the horror genre. [THR]
  • Todd Stashwick of The Originals is multi-talented! You can check out his comic, Devil Inside, on his website. []
  • Joseph Morgan’s film, Open Grave, has been picked up for distribution and will come out this December. [ThePlaylist]
  • Congrats to Arielle Kebbel, who has been cast in an apocalyptic pilot for Amazon Studios called The After.  [Deadline]
  • Ian Somerhalder is the current coverboy for ICON Magazine. [TheIconMag]
  • Nina Dobrev posted this adorable photo of Ian Somerhalder’s dog, Nietzsche, and her new puppies. [WhoSay]
  • Ian offered another aww-inducing look at the pups. [Instagram]
  • Nathaniel Buzolic will be returning to your screens on Pretty Little Liars during the upcoming winter season. [ET Online]
  • Yahoo! Music has an exclusive look at Kat Graham’s new video for “Power.” [Yahoo! Music]
  • Looks like Daniel Gillies & Rachel Leigh Cook have revealed the name of their new baby daughter. We welcome our new empress, Charlotte Easton Gillies. [E! Online]
  • Sara Canning, along with co-star Ryan Kwanten, talked to Moviefone about their movie, The Right Kind of Wrong. [Moviefone]
  • Joseph Morgan talked to TV Guide about the television shows he loves. [TV Guide]

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Posted by | October 10, 2013, 17:49 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Another interview with Kat Graham, this time from KTLA.



Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Kat Graham talks about Bonnie’s otherworldly dilemma, and why she’s keeping it to herself.

“There is definitely going to be some fighting,” Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “If she does tell anyone about it, it makes it real, which I think she was always trying to avoid.”


In this week’s Vampire Diaries Bite from TV Guide, we learn a little about Dr. Wesley Maxfield, who will be joining a long-established club of TVD teachers who are a lot more complicated than they seem.

“He can be a jerk,” Cosnett told about his character during our visit to the show’s set. “There’s a side to him that will be revealed which is not as nice as we’d all like.”


Posted by | October 10, 2013, 14:29 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Kat Graham as BonnieThings have not exactly been easy on Bonnie Bennett for the past few years, and now she’s also dead on top of everything else. Kat Graham spoke with Zap2it about her reaction to Bonnie’s death and what’s to come:

“I didn’t know what was happening. Every character has died a few times on the show and the last time I died on the show they brought me back after the commercial break. So I just kept reading, and I was still dead so I thought, ‘Well they’ll just bring me back in the next episode.’ And then when that didn’t happen either, I realized that for the first time my character was about to go through a whole new arc that I hadn’t expected. I was excited because I could explore new things with the character that I never thought I’d be able to explore. I don’t know how many times I’m going to be playing a dead witch after this show, you know what I mean?”


And at TV Fanatic, Kat discusses when the other characters will find out what’s going on with Bonnie:

“I can’t say if that happens tonight, and I can’t even say if she’s part of the decision, but it leads to a conflict with Jeremy,” the actress teased. “He’s always been this amazing support system and if he stops supporting her desire to keep her death a secret, there will be major problems.”


And over at Alloy Entertainment, Kat considered how she would react in Bonnie’s situation:

Alloy Entertainment: Do you personally agree with Bonnie’s decision to keep her friends in the dark?
Kat Graham: She’s much more selfless than I am. I personally would have made sure everyone knew I was dead. I would have had a parade, a day dedicated to me and a Bonnie Bennett avenue. (laughs) You know what I mean? I’m very narcissistic that way, but when you’re trying to protect your friends it makes sense. I think though that there is a bit more of a selfish objective that people are not recognizing. This is someone who is used to being able to fix problems and now she can’t do that anymore, particularly her own unfortunate situation. So, she’s going to try to cover it up as long as she can to be honest.


Posted by | October 4, 2013, 11:47 (MST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV

morgan and gillies

  • Joseph Morgan tweeted this great photo of himself and Daniel Gillies during the premier of The Originals. [Twitter]
  • Huge congratulations and best wishes go out to Daniel Gillies and his wife, Rachel Leigh Cook, on the birth of their daughter this week. I may never get over his announcement tweet. [E! Online]
  • Also welcoming a new little one this week were Alice Evans (Esther Mikaelson) and her husband Ioan Gruffudd. Welcome, Elsie! [TV Guide]
  • Meanwhile, Ian Somerhalder is going to be a grandpa? A doggie grandpa anyway. Congrats to Ian & Nietzsche. [Instagram]
  • Hollywood Crush made Charles Michael Davis their Hump Day Hottie. Related: They have great taste this week. [Hollywood Crush]
  • You can help out ISF while you shop online, according to Ian Somerhalder. [Twitter]
  • Sara Canning has signed on to Canadian medical drama, Remedy. She’ll join Dylan Casey, Sarah Allen, and Keith Mars himself, Enrico Colantoni. [Shaw Media]
  • Zooey Magazine offered a sneak peek of Claire Holt in their Fall 2013 issue. [Facebook]
  • Claire also showed off some fall fashion and selected some favorite pieces for Who What Wear. I’m coveting that floral romper already. [Who What Wear]
  • Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham played the Entertainment Weekly newlywed game. [Entertainment Weekly]

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Posted by | October 1, 2013, 11:01 (MST) | 8 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Thursday creeps ever closer and the CW has released two more TVD Season 5 promo posters via the official Vampire Diaries Facebook: Bonnie Bennett and Stefan Salvatore.


Check out more Season 5 promo in our Gallery.

Posted by | September 27, 2013, 10:49 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV

WhoSay - content from Candice Accola
  • Candice Accola tweeted this adorable pic with Kat Graham from the set of TVD. [WhoSay]
  • Kat Graham is still raising money for UNHCR to celebrate her birthday. [Crowdrise]
  • Ian Somerhalder gave thanks for this Conde Nast Visionary award on Instagram and showed off the certificate he received. [Instagram]
  • Conde Nast has photos of Ian at the party they threw to celebrate the Visionary Award Winners. [CNTraveler]
  • Ian also showed up at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas looking snazzy. [Zimbio]
  • Kat Graham was at the iHeart Radio Fest too, walking the red carpet in a stunning plaid number. [Zimbio]
  • Also at the fest were Claire Holt & Charles Michael Davis. [Zimbio]
  • Candice Accola looked resplendent in red and white arriving for THR’s Emmy party. [Zimbio]
  • Candice also made an appearance at the EW Pre-Emmys party. [Zimbio]
  • The Fuggirls talked about Kat Graham’s outfit at the EW Pre-Emmy’s party. [Go Fug Yourself]
  • Sara Canning’s rom-com, The Right Kind of Wrong, will screen tomorrow night at the Vancouver International Film Festival. The film also stars Ryan Kwanten & Catherine O’Hara. [VIFF]
  • Chris Johnson, who played Logan Fell, has a new show premiering on ABC this Sunday, Betrayal. [Julie Plec]
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