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Posted by | September 8, 2009, 19:41 (MST) | 16 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The final episode of the Vampire Diaries webisode prequel, A Darker Truth is now up. What fate lies in store for our hero, Jason?

Update: Added English subtitles, Polish subtitles (thanks, PuZ!) and Portuguese subtitles (thanks Wilson!).

You can catch up on the previous parts on our A Darker Truth page, where you can also find subtitled versions in English, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Posted by | September 3, 2009, 17:24 (MST) | 18 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has posted up the third episode of A Darker Truth. Many thanks to EMI for the headsup! This is little earlier than we were expecting, probably to do with the fact that the last episode of this would air after the Vampire Diaries premieres next Thursday if they kept it to weekly. Anyhow, in this episode our intrepid hero, Jason, makes a gruesome discovery in the forest…

Update: English subtitles, Portuguese subtitles (thanks Wilson!) and Spanish subtitles (thanks Keiran!).

On that note, there are links to videos with English, Portuguese and Spanish subtitles for both previous episodes on our A Darker Truth page. The SRT subtitle files are also available there for anyone who’d like to translate them into other languages. Portuguese and Spanish subtitles are covered, but translations for any other languages would be very welcome.

Posted by | September 1, 2009, 13:26 (MST) | 14 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW now has part 2 of the Vampire Diaries web serial A Darker Truth up for you to watch. In this episode, Jason has found his prey and sets up some surprises for him…

While Jason is busy doing that, we get to see a lot of Stefan’s bedroom at the boarding house, as well as getting a glimpse at the true extent of his journalling habits. For those who missed it, you can find A Darker Truth Part 1 here.

Update: A Darker Truth with Spanish subtitles (thanks Keiran) and Portuguese subtitles (thanks Wilson).

Posted by | August 25, 2009, 21:29 (MST) | 15 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Looks like we have a webisode series to tie in to the show. Titled A Darker Truth, it follows a guy named Jason searching for his sister’s killer in Mystic Falls. We get a nice peek at the interior of the Mystic Grill, learn that Zach is indeed 100%-for-sure Zach Salvatore, and…well, you can watch it to learn the rest.

View the video with Spanish subtitles and Portuguese subtitles.

Posted by | August 14, 2009, 21:53 (MST) | 4 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

MTV’s Hollywood Crush has posted a video interview (usual disclaimer of being viewable in the USA only) [Vee note: Actually, looks like some other countries can indeed view it. Maybe it’s just a conspiracy against the UK?] in which he speaks of the Vampire Diaries vs. Twilight debate, suggesting that the Vampire Diaries is ‘edgier’. We certainly can’t dispute that given our vampires have teeth with very sharp edges. ;)

CWgossip has posted another trailer to YouTube. We’ve seen pretty much all of it before, but it’s fun to watch and you have to appreciate the way it’s not taking itself too seriously. Thanks to Wilson over at Vampire Diaries Brasil for pointing us at the Portuguese subtitled version. The song used in the promo is “Hang You from the Heavens” by The Dead Weather.

The Hollywood Reporter has an article up in which TV analyst Steve Sternberg reveals his annual picks for the shows likely to succeed or fail this Fall. The Vampire Diaries has been ranked on his list as one of ‘the best’, with the comment “a tough time period, but this has potential to do well.”

A little reminder that you can vote for the Vampire Diaries in the most anticipated show for this Fall in the Television Without Pity Tubey Awards. You need to click the 9-10 tab for TVD’s category.

And finally, the deadline for our Vampire Diaries Comic Con goodies contest is only a few hours away, so be sure to get in your entry.

Posted by | August 1, 2009, 11:17 (MST) | 5 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Many thanks to MrVideo for pointing us at a new trailer from the CW. Again, there are some scenes we’ve seen before mixed in with some new scenes to whet the appetites of those of us who haven’t been lucky enough to see the pilot yet. ;)

The music featured is “Help I’m Alive” by Metric, as used in the earlier “Written in Blood” promo. You can find screencaps in the gallery.

Update: ‘Love’ trailer with Portuguese subtitles (thanks, Wilson!) and Spanish subtitles (thanks!).

Posted by | July 10, 2009, 21:11 (MST) | 7 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

A new Stefan and Elena-centric TV spot for the Vampire Diaries has been released. There’s no new footage in this video, but we know that plenty of you are interested in seeing these clips (we do now, anyway!). It’s a 30 second re-cut of what we’ve already seen in previous promos and TV spots, along with the tagline ‘the story of their love will be written in blood’.

For those who will be dying to know, the music featured in the trailer is “Help, I’m Alive” by Metric. You can find links to the lyrics and more on our music page.

Update: Written in Blood promo with Portuguese subtitles and Spanish subtitles.

Many thanks to everyone who emailed us about this, worried we’d missed it. Don’t worry, we hadn’t. We weren’t in a hurry to get it up since there wasn’t any new footage. But thanks for setting us straight on that. ;)

Posted by | July 6, 2009, 21:18 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Since the Love Sucks promo was released, a few people have been busy translating it into various languages. We added a few to the original post, but as we get a lot of international hits (it’s amazing to see so much interest in this series from all over the world!) we thought it would be a good idea to make a quick post to get the links out there.

Don’t forget we have a list of the trailers so far (both in English and subbed) available on our trailers page. You can also find the .srt files for this trailer and the extended trailer on there. If you want to use them for translating the trailers into other languages, feel free to take them, and remember to let us know about them so we can add them to the list.

Posted by | June 6, 2009, 21:42 (MST) | 8 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Paul Wesley as Stefan SalvatoreFirst up, we’ve transcribed the 5 minute extended Vampire Diaries trailer, and then added English subtitles to it. For anyone wondering why, it’s because there are deaf and hard of hearing fans out there (along with a couple of people with bust sound cards on their computers) who are interested in knowing what’s going on in the trailers, and want to get an idea of what all the buzz is about the Vampire Diaries TV series. I make no claims to perfection, but the speech is all there.

If anyone would like the .srt file for the purpose of translating it into other languages, please contact us and we’ll get you sorted.

Moving away from the English language, as promised we’ve rooted around and found as many translated trailers as we can. These are all English videos with subtitles in various languages. No one has attempted dubbing them yet, as far as we’re aware.

Many thanks to all the people who worked hard to translate and upload those videos. I have a newfound respect for you all after just transcribing and subbing with my native English.

If you know of any languages or trailers not yet listed here, please let us know. We’ll keep adding to this list as we come across more.

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Posted by | June 4, 2009, 14:00 (MST) | 8 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The folks over at Vampire Diaries BR have provided a Portuguese subtitled version of the extended Vampire Diaries trailer. Our readers from Portugal, Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking areas will have to let us know how well it translates. Enjoy, guys!

If anyone knows of subtitled Vampire Diaries trailers for other languages, please point them out to us so we can spread the word.

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