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Posted by | October 18, 2012, 12:49 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXIs your Thursday dragging a little? Don’t worry, we’re here for you. We’ve got a whole group of goodies to keep you going until tonight’s episode, starting with a pair of interviews from Zap2it. First up, Michael Trevino talks about how Tyler feels about being Klaus’s crash pad and a little secret (spoiler!) he’s been keeping from Caroline (VIDEO).

“Tyler is in a state of not only shock, but also ‘Okay, if he was in my body, what was he doing in my body? How was he treating Caroline or all the other characters?'” Trevino explains. “He’s mainly finding out, okay, what are the consequences going to be to all the people that didn’t know.”


Next, Zach Roerig gives some hints about Matt’s relationship with an incoming new character (spoiler alert!) and talks about the Matt-and-Rebekah dynamic (VIDEO).

“Rebekah and Matt have been a little bit … hot and cold,” Zach says. “I think you can expect to see Rebekah trying to kind of clean things up with Matt and get him to forgive her. ‘I got upset. My bad, I tried to kill you. But you survived! So now we can flirt again!’ I feel like it’s going to continue to be the same dance, though, because at the end of the day, in some weird way, Matt can wrap his head around why Rebekah would do that.”


We’ve also got another interview with Zach Roerig, this time from We’re hoping they’ll fix the spelling of his last name, but typos aside we’re going to be very interested to see more of Matt and Jeremy teaming up in the future.

“Now that Matt’s become more involved and puts his neck on the line…there’s one person in particular that I think we’ll start to see Matt keeping a watchful eye over—Jeremy. Even if characters start to go off to college, he’ll still be around; he’ll still be in high school. So I think before Matt didn’t really have a reason to stick around or feel like he had any family or any ties, but I think now you’ll start to see his brotherly connection to Jeremy [as a] tie,” Roering previewed.


Last but not least, Ian Somerhalder recently shared some thoughts with iOL’s, and we’re e’re not too surprised to see him advocating for the wild side of Elena Gilbert.

“Maybe there’s some unpre- dictable craziness in store for Elena when she turns into a vampire and her emotions are amplified 10 000-fold. She might become a super unbelievably volatile being.”


Posted by | October 18, 2012, 9:45 (MST) | 7 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

This week’s TV Guide Vampire Diaries Bite is good news for fans of Damon’s reckless side, looks like we’ll be seeing some more of it soon, and that it will be a big draw for Elena’s own wild side. Hear what Julie Plec has to say about it in the clip below.


Speaking of reckless, Zach Roerig answers questions from Celebuzz about Matt Donovan’s guilt issues and what might be in store for him this season.

Celebuzz: Matt is obviously feeling a lot of guilt about Elena’s sacrifice for him. How is that going to continue to impact his role this season?

Zach Roerig: Feeling that guilt is going to make him is question why he is alive. I just think both Salvatore brothers are going to encourage Matt in different ways to kind of put up or shut up. Matt’s involvement is stepped up in everything.


Zach Roerig isn’t the only one who has to step up this season, Nina Dobrev has a whole new challenge as she takes on Elena’s new reality. The TV Chick spoke with the actress about all the changes Elena is going through this season.

What are you looking forward to this season for your character?

To go on the journey with her and sort of see how she deals with things, and it’s sad though. She never wanted this at all and now she has no choice. Not just for today, but forever. And she’s stuck with this lifestyle, but who knows. Everything happens for a reason, and maybe one day she’ll be really thankful and really happy that she gets to live through different eras and different times. Maybe she will leave all these boys behind and try to find a cure for cancer or make some good of it.


Posted by | October 11, 2012, 17:28 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Zach Roerig as MattTime to check in with Mystic Falls’s resident human! The Huffington Post talked to Zach Roerig about the changes that are coming in season four and their impact on Matt. On how his relationship with Elena will change:

“I think she’ll confide in Matt even more so now. Elena and Matt’s friendship has always been kind of one that was always understood, that we didn’t really see, but that we know took place throughout their childhood. And now, with Elena giving up her life for Matt and Matt sacrificing himself at times for her, I think this is a rekindled friendship and you see them grow closer together.”

This interview also answers some questions we’ve seen asked a lot in the last few months, so click through but beware of spoilers!


And over at The Televixen, the “Take 5 with The Vampire Diaries” series continues with Ian Somerhalder. On how Damon will cope with the loss of Alaric:

“I think it’s not going to be easy for Damon. I mean, the loss of any great friend is not easy, and I don’t think Damon is going to be any exception to that rule. They had a full-on bromance, even though Damon was a complete asshole at times. Really, this was his only friend in the world. I think it’s going to be a little difficult for [Damon] to let anyone in. He’s at that stage now where he’s all ‘PFFT, you guys are a bunch of IDIOTS. I was right, this is bullshit.’ Seriously. I think it might take him a little while.”


Posted by | October 11, 2012, 15:10 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

IMG DESCThere’s more than one love triangle in Mystic Falls . . . and you should head over to The Insider to see the rest of their exclusive promo picture of Caroline, Tyler, and Klaus.

And hey, ready to check in with Caroline’s other (former?) love interest? The Examiner talked to Zach Roerig about what he’d like to see for Matt in season 4.

“He’s got Elena; he’s got the number one bodyguard in the world, now that she’s a vampire, and she’ll look out for him. But I would like to see Matt play a more dominant role in the show as far as being a physical presence and whatever that is. Being aggressive and doing all of that stuff is really fun.”


Posted by | October 11, 2012, 11:04 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

MTV asked Vampire Diaries cast members their top five season premiere questions. How violent will Elena get? When will the Council strike? MTV has the answers, as well as the video below, where Candice Accola, Michael Trevino, Zach Roerig, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder all talk about their characters’ biggest challenges heading in to Season 4.


Posted by | October 10, 2012, 13:20 (MST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

New interviews and teases are springing up right and left! Here are a few things to tide you over until tomorrow night’s season premiere, including TV Line’s exclusive first look at the new hunter in town.

Posted by | October 10, 2012, 11:28 (MST) | 4 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Are you ready for more Season 4 promo portraits? The official Facebook page has been releasing these ever-so-slowly, drumming up anticipation for the big premiere tomorrow night at 8/7c. You will be tuning in, yes? Feast your eyes on this portrait of Matt and then head over to Zap2It for their exclusive peek at the portraits for Bonnie, Rebekah, and Elijah.

UPDATE: Added Bonnie, Rebekah and Elijah portraits. Click to view them in the Gallery!


(Via the FB page, “VULNERA SAPIENTIA” – wounds to wisdom.)

Posted by | October 8, 2012, 18:40 (MST) | 9 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

It’s going to be a busy week, so here’s the next batch of interviews for your enjoyment. First up, Julie Plec previews Season 4’s return over at The Hollywood Reporter.

THR: Now that Elena’s exploring her new state of being as a vampire, will this force her to open her mind up?
Plec: Elena becoming a vampire, in a way, is an awakening of a person who is about to go through a lot of changes – some for the better and some for the worse, some for the darker and some for the lighter. In all that, she is going to evolve as a person and her relationships are going to evolve accordingly. I can’t say much beyond that other than that it’s a journey for her of an adolescent growing up to a really tragic adulthood. We change a lot in those years and we change what we want out of life; it’s a constant evolution.

TV Guide sits down with Nina Dobrev to talk vampire!Elena, Stefan and Damon, and Season 4 surprises.

Over at Entertainment Weekly, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder talk about vampire sex. And that’s all we need to say, right?

Zach Roerig chats with MTV’s Hollywood Crush about the State of the Donovan in Season 4 and how last season’s events will affect Matt’s relationship with Elena. (Also, book fans, there’s a nice spoilery gimme in that article that might interest you.)

“Damon definitely blames Matt and doesn’t think that Matt deserves to live,” Zach explained. “Of course Damon, being the rage-filled-fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of guy, comes at Matt. But thankfully Elena is there to defend him.

“Both Salvatore brothers make it clear to Matt that he needs to earn his survival,” he added.

And, finally, the Associated Press sat down with Daniel Gillies to talk Elijah, Elena, and Season 4.

Posted by | October 4, 2012, 8:14 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

There are a lot of cast interviews popping up lately, so we’re putting them all together in one place so everyone can revel in the TVD goodness. Only a couple more weeks until the start of Season 4! Some interviews may have hints and spoilers for the upcoming season, so be click at your own risk. Enjoy!

TV Fanatic Set Interviews:

More Interviews:

Miss A Post This Past Week?

Posted by | September 28, 2012, 18:54 (MST) | 10 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Friday Night Bites is a weekly round-up for various tidbits of show and cast/crew news not quite big enough to warrant a blog post, not strictly Vampire Diaries-related, or that somehow just fell through the cracks. Please insert theme song by Explosions in the Sky here and enjoy.


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