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Warning: This page contains large spoilers for the events of the books and the fates of the characters.

Elena Gilbert
Elena is the protagonist of the first three books. She’s beautiful, blonde and blue-eyed, popular, and gets what she wants. Then she meets Stefan Salvatore, and decides she has to have him, no matter what the cost. While she starts the series as a self-centred teenage girl, she does grow up over the course of the books to become a decent person.

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Stefan Salvatore
With dark, wavy hair, sculpted features, and oak-green eyes, it’s no wonder that Elena is attracted to him. Stefan is a 500-year old vampire with issues. He’s vowed never to take a human life, and tries to exist as much as he can on animal blood rather than human, though he’s not always successful. He comes to Fell’s Church from Italy in the hopes of escaping his past and starting afresh, but that plan starts to crumble around him when he meets Elena, a girl who bears a startling resemblence to his lost love, Katherine. While he tries his best to avoid her, he can’t help but succumb to the attraction he has for her.

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Damon Salvatore
Damon is Stefan’s older brother. He’s a little shorter than Stefan, with black eyes and straight hair, but Elena does notice they resemble each other quite a bit when she gets them together. Unlike Stefan, Damon revels in being a vampire and has a steady diet of human blood, which makes him far more powerful than his brother. He only really gives a damn about himself. And Stefan. But you have to read between the lines, there, because there’s no way you’d drag that out of him verbally. He follows Stefan to Fell’s Church with the plan of tormenting his younger brother, but then he claps his eyes on Elena, and when he realises that Stefan is in love with her, he makes it his mission to try and steal her away from him.

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Links: Scorpio Boy, Brothers Should Be Close
Matt Honeycutt
Matt is the all-American boy-nextdoor type. He’s good looking with blonde hair and blue eyes, and is the quarterback of Robert E. Lee High’s football team. However, he’s not a stereotypical jock, and is an all round good guy. He’s Stefan’s first – and only – human friend when Stefan comes to Fell’s Church, and on several occasions goes out on a limb for his friend, trusting his gut instincts that Stefan is a good person who can be trusted. He’s also Elena’s ex-boyfriend, and it speaks volumes about his character that he remains a loyal friend to Elena, but also makes the effort to be friends with the guy who stole his girlfriend. Even after he knows Stefan’s secret, Matt sticks by him. Matt is also one of the few people to actually earn some respect from Damon Salvatore in Dark Reunion. Not only does he stand up to the vampire to protect Bonnie, he also observes Damon’s actions and pieces a few facts together to work out that Damon isn’t the completely evil person he makes himself out to be.

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Links: Chivalry is not Dead, The Locker Room
Bonnie McCullough
Short and bubbly with curly (permed) red hair and brown eyes, Bonnie is one of Elena’s best friends. She’s fiercely loyal and loving, though maybe not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to education and common sense, and has a habit of engaging her brain before her mouth. Bonnie is also a psychic, and has only just started to discover what she can do with these powers. As the story progresses, she becomes more and more afraid of what she can do, and fears that her powers may end up using her rather than the other way around. She also has a worrying tendency to find death romantic.

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Links: Droo-id Priestess
Meredith Sulez
Cool, calm and collected, with dark hair and eyes, and olive skin. Meredith is Elena’s other best friend, and perhaps the most mature of the trio, even if she does seem a little bit obsessed with sex at times. Her own experiences and observations of Stefan and his interactions with Elena lead Meredith to believe that Stefan is not quite what he seems.

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Links: Elusive Truth
Alaric Saltzman
Alaric brought in as a substitute teacher to replace Mr. Tanner after his bloody demise. He has sandy brown hair and hazel eyes, and is only a few years older than the students; likely 23 years old at the most. It transpires that Alaric isn’t actually what he may seem, and is really a paranormal expert brought in by Principal Newcastle in order to deal with the strange goings on in town that look like they might just be supernatural. Despite his determination to root out and deal with the vampire Elena, it turns out that he’s really just a good guy who is in over his head, and doesn’t really want to hurt anyone who isn’t evil, even if they might be vampires.
Discover more in Alaric’s Wiki entry.
Aunt Judith
Judith Gilbert is Elena and Margaret’s aunt and legal guardian since the death of their parents a few years prior to the books. She’s the sister of their father, and described as having a thin, mild face and flyaway hair. While Elena doesn’t seem to think that Judith understands her, Judith does love both her nieces and takes her role as guardian seriously, blaming herself when things go wrong. She’s engaged to Robert Maxwell, who seems to spend a lot of time at the Gilberts and also seems to care for Elena and Margaret.

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Margaret Gilbert
Margaret is Elena’s younger sister. Like Elena, she’s blonde and blue-eyed, and seems to be a good-natured child for a four-year-old. Elena loves her fiercely, not quite realising just how much until it’s almost too late.

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Mrs. Flowers
Mrs. Flowers owns the boarding house out of town where Stefan is living. She’s a short lady with grey hair and bright black eyes. Most people see her as a dotty old lady, but she knows a lot more than she lets on, and even helps out behind the scenes without anyone knowing. It’s likely she’s a witch, and she certainly seems to know Stefan’s secret without having to be told about it.

Discover more in Mrs Flowers’ Wiki entry.
Katherine von Swartzschild
Katherine was the sweet and innocent beauty that was the cause of the biggest animosity between the Salvatore brothers, and the reason that they now walk the earth as vampires. Naively, she thought that her love for them both was enough to make them put aside their dislike for each other and for them both to join her and live together as a happy trio for the rest of eternity. Sadly, they proved her wrong and after killing herself to try and make them comfort each other over their loss, they instead went for their swords and killed each other. In fact, Katherine had merely staged her death, and was horrified at what they’d done to each other. She made the mistake of going back to her sire, Klaus, who abused and beat her to the point that she became twisted, crazy and evil herself.

Discover more in Katherine’s Wiki entry.
Klaus is an Original vampire, and claims to be older than the pyraminds. He has white-blonde hair and blue eyes, and likely originates from Europe, though from before it was ever labelled as such. He’s Katherine’s sire, and by extension Stefan and Damon’s grandsire. Despite Katherine’s claims to have killed him, he’s proved himself to be nigh-on indestructible, and this makes him a hopeless opponent to go up against. He’s a ruthless, cruel, evil creature who delights in blood, violence, chaos and mayhem. Oddly, he seemed to have some kind of respect for Damon, perhaps recognising something of himself in the younger vampire and wanting to foster that in him.

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Links: Carne, Morte, Diavolo
Caroline Forbes
Caroline is thin and graceful with auburn hair and green eyes. Before Elena left for Paris the summer just prior to the books, it seems that she was the fourth best friend in a group that included Elena, Bonnie and Meredith. No one is quite sure what exactly turned Caroline against them that summer, but she became Elena’s bitterest enemy, making it her mission to utterlt destroy Elena and her reputation within the community. Especially after Elena stole Stefan away from her.

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Tyler Smallwood
Tyler is the school bully, usually seen hanging around with his best buddy Dick Carter, or getting up to things with Caroline in convenient corners. He’s on the school football team and, being the thug he is, takes it upon himself to try and torment Stefan from day one. However, when Stefan thwarts his attack on Elena in the graveyard and causes him some painful physical damage, his antagonistic attitude turns to one of outright hostility, and he’s determined to make Stefan pay for what he’s done. In Dark Reunion, it transpires that there’s a reason for his animal-like personality and behaviour; he discovers that he has werewolf blood, and with the help of Klaus and Sue Carson’s death, he activates that blood and actually becomes a werewolf.

Discover more in Tyler’s Wiki entry.
Vickie Bennett
Vickie is one of the most tragic characters in the book. Not too bright to begin with, she’s attacked by Katherine and left traumatised and in need of therapy, which doesn’t seem to do her much good. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Katherine has some control of the girl’s mind and uses as her puppet for her own amusement. Before she has barely any time to try and get herself sorted out, she’s plunged back into a bad mental place in the events of Dark Reunion, after which she is eventually killed by Klaus.

Discover more in Vickie’s Wiki entry.

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