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Posted by | May 7, 2014, 3:35 (MST) | 9 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

And here’s your extended promo for next week’s season finale of The Originals, From a Cradle to a Grave (EP122).

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  • Michelle

    I don’t want the baby to die!

  • Bahman Assasine via Facebook

    if they ever kill the child orginals should slaughter them all to the last person

  • Danyela Silva via Facebook

    Adoro esses epsodios

  • Keanne Nicholson via Facebook

    I wish Klaus and enzo would meet :3 that would be amazing !!! :3


    Me either I hope they find another way… and I don’t want Haley to die nor marcel, I like cam but she doesn’t really have a story line.

  • YellowHigh


  • Lulu

    If they let the baby die after all this, I will really be disappointed. However, the photos we see of Hayley talking to Elijah, she is still wearing the dress she gave birth in, and she doesn’t look like she’s been sobbing-in fact, she doesn’t look upset at all, to me, and surely if she just lost her baby, she’d be a basket case.
    I know the bad one is Klaus looking so morose, and Elijah looking distraught, too.
    I will be disappointed because they chose to write a baby into this-and if the child is the first real casualty of the end of the season, it’s really going to make me mad, frankly, because, IMO, they were, I thought, doing something different by letting Klaus father a child. Yes, I know about “Twilight,” but the circumstances on TO are different.
    If they let the baby die, it will be a big copout, IMO. I thought the idea was to jumpstart some humanity in Klaus-and to rip this hope from him surely would just make him more bitter and filled with hate.

  • Lulu

    If Genevieve dies, then wouldn’t that send back the fourth Harvest girl and give back the power to the “witches” like it was supposed to do in the first place? Maybe that is what will happen, and when they are supposed to kill the baby, Genevieve will instead stab herself, completing the original ritual. Of course, she’d then face the wrath of the witches where ever they are at-unless they all get swooped away by the shenanigans over on TVD. Klaus-though he’d be relieved that the baby was saved-could still be upset because of the blankety-blank witches forcing everyone into this situation to start with, and feeling some small remorse over his part in the whole thing.

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