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Posted by | March 7, 2014, 16:37 (MST) | 9 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

Joseph Morgan as KlausComplex has a nice lengthy interview with Joseph Morgan in which he discusses the development of the spinoff, his dead Original siblings, and more. On how he builds his portrayal:

“When I am Klaus, I keep in mind that my evil comes from the fact that I had a dysfunctional childhood, my father wasn’t my real father, my mother and my siblings rejected me so I’m striving for love and I want affection and I’m lashing out because I’m not getting it. All of these things that build the backstory for the character. When the audience is allowed to glimpse that backstory, to see Klaus as a child or young man, that allows them to sympathize with him. And to a certain extent, to justify some of the things he’s doing in the context of this fictional world.”


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  • lynne

    Klaus’s actions are still that of a child that has not grown up.
    No better time to start, like the present!

  • Jennifer R. Bishop via Facebook

    Great interview!

  • Jennifer2667

    This was an excellent interview. So Joseph isn’t counting out a supernatural loophole where the witches figure out a way to bring the dead Originals back. ;)

  • lynne

    Hi, I don’t think so, but the F/B’s will include them.
    I was rather looking forward to seeing Kol again.
    I do understand why though.
    TVD has been doing that lately, and T.O. is it’s own show, and would prefer no comparisons.
    I agree with that, don’t you?:)

  • Samantha

    As much as I like those characters one thing that got very old very fast on TVD was having dead characters come back… It has gotten quite repetitive so as much as we would love to see more of Kol and the others I think they should leave it to flashbacks only

  • Jennifer2667

    Hi Samantha & Lynne – I don’t think the show has to go there; the three Originals we have are a handful already! I do like that Joseph speculates about such things and proposes a plausible theory; an actor who’s a fantasy fan is pretty cool.

  • Samantha

    I agree 100% Jennifer =)

  • lynne

    This is Nani,, Klaus has had his heart shattered more times than I have been alive. I am 91..Stanley is a wonderful boy.

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