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Posted by | April 14, 2014, 16:33 (MST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

XXWe made it! The hiatus is over and we finally have a new episode of The Originals to watch. Drinks (and backstabbing, plot twists and fisticuffs) all around! It’s almost time for The Big Uneasy (EP118), airing tomorrow night at 8/7c.


Jumping forward a month after Rebekah Mikaelson’s departure from New Orleans, Moon Over Bourbon Street delivered plot straight up, but with a fuzzy twist. Relationships between New Orleans’ factions are chilled, tensions stirred, but Elijah is determined to keep matters off the rocks despite Klaus’s feigned indifference and, at first, in spite of the newly curse-free Crescent werewolves. While the end results of Elijah’s immediate efforts are mixed, trust Klaus to ensure that the long-term consequences will be anything but neat.
The Originals In Review: Moon Over Bourbon Street (EP117) – Minus the Sugar and Mint
By Heather Vee, Vampire-Diaries.Net

The backdoor pilot for The Originals pitched the show as a power struggle; an epic battle between Marcel and Klaus to be the vampire king of New Orleans. When the show premiered as its own series last fall, removed from its The Vampire Diaries roots, it quickly became about much more than a simple power struggle, also folding in themes of family, duty, loyalty, and the nature of being an immortal, invincible being. “
Moon Over Bourbon Street,” the first episode following Rebekah’s permanent departure, immediately reclaims the idea that New Orleans is at the center of a great supernatural power struggle, with all of the city’s various factions now fighting to come out on top.
The Originals: “Moon Over Bourbon Street”: The fight for New Orleans begins all over again
By Carrie Raisler, A.V. Club

“Moon Over Bourbon Street” was The Originals‘ answer to waving candy and treats in our faces to distract us from crying. Because ever since Rebekah left last week that’s all I’ve wanted to do. Here is but a short list of the candy and treats The Originals waved in our faces this week: New characters, new sets, a shirtless hunk tussle, a female drug lord, painting-in-anger, a punch-up at a party, dreamcatcher pervin’, drunk Cami, Josh, a female vampire with a mohawk. This episode had it all, or at least, it wanted us to feel like it had it all. And while there was not a single moment I forgot what we were losing in Rebekah, this episode left me with the sense that I will definitely continue to love The Originals. It was a very fun and good episode!
The Originals “Moon Over Bourbon Street” Review: Return of the Razzle Dazzle
By Price Peterson,


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