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Posted by | May 6, 2014, 16:28 (MST) | 93 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

Reaction Post & Poll: The Originals - The Battle of New Orleans (EP121)THIS POST IS A STICKY. SCROLL DOWN FOR NEW POSTS.



It’s the penultimate episode of The Originals, and lines are being drawn in the sand (mud?) as everyone takes a side. A lot of lives are hanging in the balance, and we’re all set for heartache no matter the outcome, because we love them all. Apart from that one jerk vampire. Yeah, that one, right at the back in the hipster glasses.

Once you’ve finished watching and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Originals. All discussion about the episode is welcomed and encouraged in the comments of this post.

Quick guide to the poll: 5 Points = LOVE, 1 Point = MEH.

What did you think of The Battle of New Orleans (EP121)?

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  • dman_24

    “Bite.” Funny! How long have you been saving that? lol I’m surprised I haven’t used it.

    Yeah, Game Of Thrones is in a class of it’s own. It’s amazing how many things they continually get right.

    Can we hire that entire staff for season 6 of TVD? Please? Pretty please? O, a fan can dream…….


    Ha! I’ve had a really good week- 24 back on, TO rolling out the last of it’s freshman season with a bang, GOT if full swing…who could ask for more????


    Ummmmm…nope, we wouldn’t want those daft chanting travelers showing up on GOT! Sorry, but GOT can keep it’s entire perfect staff and keep churning out a perfect story;)

    I don’t know what they are going to do for TVD- all kidding aside. I’m praying for a miracle for a kick ass season finale going into season 6….and then maybe we will find the entire 5th season was nothing but a dream, Dallas style;)

    Edit- Gotta run guys- Arrows on:)

  • dman_24

    Dream? Or a nightmare? I wish I could banish this season into the cornfield. Where’s a genie when you need it?

    LOL. As soon as those travelers start chanting, the Hound would probably run them through with a sword, and then steal their money. ;)

    But seriously, GOT is a really good show that enjoy, and the people there do a tremendous creating that world. Really top notch stuff.

  • nobody

    This episode was awesome with a capital AWESOMENESS! Lets count the ways shall we (No Spoilers).
    1) Klaus – “the well laid plans of Mice and Men…….”. The real enemy was right in front of Klaus the whole time, but he was to busy plotting and scheming to see them.
    2) Cami – Scooby Gang much…………….is she Velma or Daphne?
    3) Francesca – I told you (all) she was bad news, but who knew!
    4) Marcel/Hayley – the “Prince of Ashes” and the “Queen Of Nothing”!
    5) Davina – poor Josh and now Mikael……YES! Wait……..NOOOO!
    Where is Rebekah when she is needed now more than ever before? Bex, come home ASAP! Unbelievable episode leading up to the season 1 finale (take notes “Diaries” writers)! Can’t wait for next Tuesday or miss this season finale! 4 THE ORIGINALS, THE REPEATS, AND ALL THE COPIES, I am somehow still Nobody!!!
    QUOTE – (Klaus to that poor bastard with the mop and bucket) “I’m sorry mate, but I’m a bit FAMISHED (GROWL/BITE/SUCK)!
    PS – am I the only one disappointed with “Sista Mohawks” first line of the series?
    PSS – I actually posted early this morning, but the DISQUS (monster) apparently devoured it! So I reposted it when I got home from memory……………..sorry for the tardiness, “Original” posters. Enjoy!

  • Lynne

    Here is a thought,, what if the wolves that attacked Bex were the Guerra’s and not the Crescent Clan?
    Oliver has been in thick with them. Just a thought.:?)

  • Lynne

    Hey wonder Twin,:) For the back woods gal, who are the “Sista Mohawks” you are referring too?
    Queen of Nothing? hahaha Wow, good one!
    Cami?? I’m thinking a Combination of the two Scooby, gals. Just missing the Dream Machine, and the hunk Freddy. lololol

  • Lynne

    Another thought,, Each time one of the brothers killed one of there guards, they had a cramp in there stomach. The smell of Blood is what triggered there turn.
    Now Blood and witchcraft is what is needed to bring Mikael back. What if,, this was enough of an opening for Mikael to walk back through. He knows where Klaus hid the white Oak Steak, I’m sure. Voyeur!! lolol Davina would no-longer be needed, for his return.Davina could help in other way’s though. She is more powerful then Genevieve.
    I am going to hold out on the idea, that Esther (if a come-back) will do good this time around.

  • nobody

    Ha, Wonder Twin! I believe it’s the “Mystery Machine” unless you were thinking about something else………hunky Fred (lol)! “Sista Mohawk” has been a featured vampire throughout the season in a “Non – speaking roll until last night. She survived Elijah somehow, only to meet a more terrible fate (No Spoilers) at the end of the episode. Hayley and her “Back Woods” tribe are going to get their A$$3$ handed to them by the “Bad News Tribe” and their leader! 4 EVER WONDER TWIN POWER, I am Nobody!!!

  • Lynne

    hahaha, hey you.:) I thought you were talking about the girl with the Mohawk, before met at the end of the walk by the Guerra brothers, I’m sure her killing will be Brutal. yuck!!
    The Mystery Machine, of course, my mistake.:)
    Cami probably wished at this point, that she has listened to Klaus, & left town in a Mystery Machine, Dream Machine, Calgon.!!!!!!lmbo

  • nobody

    The Nirvana crack was a good one and the reference to “Bex” was also good. Wonder Twin……….what if our girl (Claire Holt) departing was a PR stunt ie: to hype up finale ratings by “Bex” making a surprise return to save the day? I’ve been thinking about this since last night, but dared not post it for fear of spoiling the wish! I know I’m holding on tight with this, but………..what if Wonder Twin?
    4 EVER WONDER TWIN POWER, I am Nobody!!!

  • Lynne

    Bex by herself phenomenal. Kol re-entry and Team up? Spectacular.!! D
    That Hype stuff has crossed my mind. There was a interview, where C.H. claimed there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for the show. If she were told to jump out of an Air Plane, she would. That didn’t sound like someone contemplating leaving the show..
    But things happen.:/
    Wonder Twins Activated!!:)

  • Gwen

    Don’t get me wrong…CH is Rebekah agree in an ideal world their is No substitute…I just get the impression she is never coming back and I really liked the character. The show needs a good / bad, very strong female character…Cami is just not cutting it. My dream scene is that Rebekah makes an appearance in last Esp. to meet her niece. Now that would be EPIC.

  • Rafi

    The Episode was so Impressive ! Bravo !

  • lynne

    My daughter loves Jack (K.S.). She thinks he would make a great “Vampire Hunter” for either TVD or She has everything K.S has been in . Plays included.!!

  • T. Vernay

    Man oh man am I in tv paradise.

    With witty one liners, foreshadowing, new mythology
    (cloaking spell) and the return of uncle mason’s *off the hood* wolf jump, what more
    can a girl like me ask for…except continue this please and always. :)

    More than anything, it was a brilliant episode because we
    truly got to see how developed the T.O. characters have become. Even peripheral stakeholders like Diego have blossomed into movig layers.
    Did you all see the defeat on his face when he returned to Marcell? *my hearrrtt* Makes sense. Marcell is a natural
    born leader. Who, but a cractastic hybrid and said hybrid’s fogey brother would want to disappoint him? lol

    Just a few side notes:

    The Guerrera’s are back in town thanks to Oliver Iscariot
    and his wacko conceptualizations. Man this just got real.

    Correa is a sneaky one, but smart and truly powerful. And
    here I thought she’d just be a filler character.

    While, I am not particularly a fan of Gen V (aka Genevieve)
    nor her sorority circle of witches (sans Davina), I bask in the glory which is
    her NON-FEAR Of KLAUS. Outside of Cami she is pretty much the only person I’ve seen truly stand up to him without some malarkey in the background. She’s definitely a formidable foe. I would say they’re using her to take Bex’s place(
    Gen V calls him ‘Nik’ too) but not sure if she’ll last past next week.

    Also, glad Correa is now wolf. That leaves Cami as the
    sole survivor of the human faction. She’s not caught up in the politics, not making underhanded deals or fighting for the place. She’s just stumbling her way through as she tries to find her own while Marcell fights to gain his back.
    Not sure if I agree with their almost love story, but I like the parallel. #TeamCamcell

    Davina’s gonna bring Mikael back.

    Thanks to her nursey instincts, Gen V will betray the coven.
    That may land her dead. Eljah will continue to be the male version of Elena.
    His entire purpose will be to make a choice. Will he won’t he- Hayley. “It’s
    complicated” Yeah right.

    Anyhow, hope we get some hybrid blood to help out all our
    sick vamps including Marcell (is he bitten?) and Mohawk vamp sis. Too bad Theirry isn’t pitching for a return from the other side.

    P.S. Was it not adorable when Davina told Josh “It’s witch
    stuff”. Another shout out to Bonnie Bennett. Love it.

  • T. Vernay

    Hi Lynnie! How’s Thursday treating ya?

    Oliver is THEE worse. He’s gotten more people in “his” pack killed than he’s saved. He’s no leader. He’s a little rat follower. The Correa crime family’s gonna roll a bulldozer. Speaking of which Fran is someone who knows how to run a pack!

  • T. Vernay

    Hi there!

    “Sista Mohawk”! I Love it! Man did?does she have stil

    I enjoyed this episode so much I watched it twice. That might have been my first double feature for TO.

    …Yeah good thing Hayley moved back into the mansion, because it’s a done deal for the Crescents.

  • T. Vernay

    GoT got the new Daario wrong but everything else works. Like seriously what is that all about?

  • T. Vernay

    We love the wolves!lol I am so glad their story is progressing. Next up— Klaus’ family line.

    Hang on to the hate Hayley bandwagon. I am still here and have no intentions of ever leaving. I have tried to like her all season along but she is just too selfish and entitled imo. She has no loyalty when pressed against the wall.

  • T. Vernay

    Gasp. Vamp1973! No breaking of the Car neck! May she live forever! lololol

    That reminds me. I have to get on Shan next for her ginger comment. rofl.

  • T. Vernay

    Oh dear. Esther and her napkin grimoire as PP once
    said. hahah I just can’t take it. Mikael is fine, but leave that mama in the grave.

  • T. Vernay

    Ha! I hit mute EACH and EVERY TIME.

    Please none tonight. Please.

  • T. Vernay

    Bwahahah! Omg I love your sarcasm. I’m over here cracking up.

    I can not wait until these travelers burn! Count down until they get the heck off the show commences tonight.

  • lynne

    No Doubt about Francesca. Tough as nails!! Oh Elijah is pissed off at Gen & beyond. I don’t think Cami told him about Fran though. Too bad Hayley the Dill weed,, didn’t pick up her phone. Brilliant!!!

  • lynne

    I have been given no-reason to trust Hayley either,, yet. I am so over her monopolizing the screen and T.O SL.
    Maybe after the baby is Born, the writers will lay off of her quite a bit, unless she doesn’t make it? I can’t get us too excited, it may not happen..
    No telling, what T.O. has in store for us next week. But can’t wait to find out!!:)
    How are we going to get through our Tuesday nights all summer long? I’m sure we will enjoy our free time, but Geez, we have had so little time with our new friends. lolol

  • lynne

    hahaha Funny!!
    Be nice to the pre- Birthday Girl, next week I believe, TVD Finally!!:)
    Ginger? lolololol

  • lynne

    Off to class, enjoy the TVD and the chanting!! lolol

  • T. Vernay

    Exactly. It seems the end came so quick! :)

    It hadn’t occurred to me that I will most likely not chat with you all during the summer. That is a bummer! :( I tried to follow you and Nobody on Disqus but you’re both blocked. :/

  • T. Vernay

    Enjoy class. You’re probably already done lol

  • lynne

    Awe T. You really are a sweet person!!:) Blocked? really?, I will check it out.
    A Softsong and Shoe20 we follow and,,, email each other, so how am I blocked? Ugg
    Absolutely!! :) you can email me too, so can our posting friends if they like,:). Norton, spy ware, all safe!:)
    Last summer I came on the TVD posting site and was amazed, how many were chatting, & posting. For some odd reason, I thought the site was closed or turned off, IDK, but was I surprised,, and I felt so silly!. lolololol
    We will post this summer, there isn’t that much b/c we are 1 season in and not the whole season at that,either.:)
    We will have to Shanghai, the
    “Wonder Twin” and a few others. lololol
    I got home from class around 9 c. so I haven’t seen TVD. But I read the posts this morning,, The last of my favorite Male characters,, Stefan, has been killed off.:(
    I’m sure a way will be found to bring him back for the show & viewers sake,..
    I will say I am not surprised though, There are Posters here with brilliant ideas and have been calling the TVD EPS all season, They are probably freaking out the writers!! lolololol

  • Lynne

    I would like to expand on this Francesca Guerra and her clan a little bit.

    Francesca, claimed to be filling in for Father K. on the Human Faction side when signing the “Contract”, Which made it instantly null & Void, UN be-knowing to Elijah or anyone else round the table.. How she must have laughed to herself over that one. Now we find out that they are “Werewolves”.!!
    How is it that they were not sniffed out by Marcel & his Crew? Hayley or especially Nicklaus? How did they get by them,, or anyone else,? Except for Father K. he knew and he was to sick to say?:(
    Francesca say’s to Hayley, after snatching up the stones,, that she/they no longer have to hide who they are?
    So, the Guerra Clan has been keeping a very Low Key on there Wolf side. Maybe chaining up somewhere.

    The Crescent Moon Wolf Pack adores Hayley, more so the baby,,,,So why would they turn on her,& side with Oliver,, & attack Rebekah,? The Baby’s Aunt, Powerful Vampire in her own right, but also the Sister to 2 of the most powerful “Original” Brothers, A Vampire & A. Hybrid?
    It does not seem logical that it was the C.W.clan to go after Bex:/
    It was most likely the Guerra’s and Oliver,,, that set it all up. Which would or could,, possibly mien,, that Genevieve knew of there Status,,, Before Hand,,. Interesting,, Very, Very Interesting.

    Francesca sure has a brainy head on her shoulders, but we all know what happens when you are over Confident,, you end up getting your Butt kicked.!!:) Any thought’s?

  • Lynne

    Yeah, Klaus bit Marcel pretty good. Marcel and all will die with out help from Klaus, and at this point, not sure if it will be forth coming. Including Josh!!
    How cool was it that Nicklaus (J.M.) was walking on the edge/roof of the building looking for Marcel’s hide out?:) Cloaking Spell, Huh? lolololol

    Our poor Diego, WE cannot let him go,, too cool of a character. Thierry started out good, but Diego picked up the slack, and made it work.
    I still think it was Francesca s family that took out Diego’s family. Maybe his Father or Brother owed them money,, I don’t know, but it does seem probable. No?

  • T. Vernay

    Wow for Marcell. I believe it about the Guerrera wolves. Seems liked they were ran out of the quarter for a reason.
    I am looking forward to the progress of their story line. Seems like they have skeletons in the closet. Makes for great villains.

  • T. Vernay

    I think the Guerrera’s went undetected because the curse had not been triggered yet. Fran laid in wait until the right moment of power to unleash the beast. Prior to that there was no advantage having to turn every full moon. That’s probably why the vamps did not know. Otherwise I find it funny that the human in the bunch figured it out first. lol

  • T. Vernay

    HI Lynnie! Are you talking about this site or another one? I have always said we get it right on this sight. As you said so many bright ideas. I follow a few other sites and folks are always baffled at the turn of events. I think to myself we (meaning thought of that months ago. hahah lol

    If there is another site, let me know. A few months ago I found a forum started by someone who once posted on the forums on here before they shut down. I never get over there, but I said that I would join especially if they were talking Originals. Unfortunately I lost the book mark to the site. I have not been able to find them again.

  • Lynne

    OH yes. Francesca character did not start out with a bang,, she kind of slipped in quietly & deadly in the back door, while no-one paid attention. Not even Elijah.. lolol like we said,, Smart!!

    She is going to die a horrible death when it happens.

    There is supposed to be another new character joining T.O. A Warlock this time. That;s what we need in town. Another W/W. :) I fixed disqus!

  • Lynne

    What I was thinking is,, Oliver and the Crescent clan, were human on the full moon, The wolves that attacked Bex were turned on full moon.
    So, I’m leaning towards Guerra’s for now. I don’t even know if that is important enough to be Addressed. I was thinking it a little strange how comfortable Ollie & Fran were talking together. I knew she was behind all the bombs in the Bayou, including the warehouse explosion.

    Genevieve set up the spell, where they draw power from Klaus and are draining him, that is why he is ravenous and biting everyone..But the more he bites, the more power the G’s get, so he is only fueling them.
    Klaus has gone” Ripper” Hybrid Style. Poor Baby.!
    I wonder if Gen, added a little something to the spell as a precautionary measure. I wouldn’t put it passed her. She is pretty sharp herself, don’t you think?

  • Lynne

    keep trying to find it. lol
    I was talking about the TVD posting site, that magically closes during the summer months. Yea, right. haha

  • Gwen

    Well if I can’t have Bex, I would love to have Kol back. Now that is one sexy actor! I always felt he had a bad boy story line that had yet to be revealed and that Damon & Kol crossed paths at one time, sorta like Klaus and Stefan in the 20’s. So yes, totally on-board with bringing Kol back.

    Yes, Mikael is one clever fox, I bet he knows exactly what has been going on and has been plotting his revenge against Klaus. A guy like that is not going to take being duped by his son very well. I just have a bad feeling about Mikael and Klaus’s worst fears about his father returning will come true, especially when the other side goes bye-bye.

  • Lynne

    Gwen, crazy thought. When the OS crashes, dead is dead. Mikael will be gone for good right? Hope so
    This fang business of Tyler’s,, do all hybrids loose there Vampire side and Fangs .? Reason is, that would make Klaus a Wolf only,, and loose his Hybrid status if Vampires are in jeopardy, due to Markos and his people and that effects.T.O. We are going to loose viewers including me. I can’t express how
    strongly I dislike what is and has been happening on TVD and with it’s characters & SL..
    Please tell me something positive.:)

  • Demetra Christakos

    Dear Klaus: Sorry to butt in here, but when you get back from hiatus, could you please go across the hall and kick some sense back into the writers at TVD? I’m sure Caroline would appreciate it, too. Thank you.

  • lollipop girl

    Hey all you Originalites!- Before Tuesday, I suggest you take the time to re watch episodes 1-21.( not that we all haven’t re watched it over and over) . I knew the show was spectacular but you get a better appreciation of the different storylines and all those clues they gave us. I know episode 22 will leave us breathless.

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