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Posted by | March 12, 2014, 13:02 (MST) | 5 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

Screenfad has posted some new episode stills for Moon Over Bourbon Street (EP117). Looks like there’s another fancy gathering on the schedule! Enjoy.

UPDATE: Stills added to the Gallery.


18.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg
12~0.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 9~0.jpg
10~0.jpg 11~0.jpg 6~0.jpg 7~0.jpg
8~0.jpg 4~0.jpg 2~0.jpg 3~0.jpg
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  • lynne

    These new stills are cool!!
    Klaus is holding a MAN”S size ring in his hand, it is huge!
    Would that be his father’s Ring? If it is,, Klaus’s father was a big man.:)
    Jackson look’s serious, and is standing in a defensive style.
    I wonder if he will tell All, including his supposed relationship with Hayley and there story of betrothal
    I wonder how Klaus will handle all this information. He will be thrown for a loop of course,, But the thought of a Father and people of his own. His heart is starting to expand a little more.
    Rebekah leaving was her own decision,, but left a huge opening for re- appearances.:)
    The Originals is plural. The show started with three, does not mien there can’t be less than 3, but not less than 2, of course:) or more than 3. It does however, leave a HUGE dissapointment for our female Vampire that most adore.
    We have1 Original Vampire, 1 Original Hybrid,
    The baby will be an Original witch,, unless,, Another Original returns. My thought is,, The Eldest Mikaelson didn’t die.
    Aaron, would be an Original Warlock after his Mother Esther. Why couldn’t there be a character for him? We have all seen how Mikael was with his children. Maybe this 1 time Esther thought of her child first & took the baby away, gave him to another family to be raised in safety. The writers could have him return for his Mothers Grimoirs, & the Lapis Necklace that once belonged to Tatia.
    {I’m like a dog with a bone. lol I will not let that theory go until there is absolutely no logical way for any of it to happen.:}
    I am worried about Father K. He is such a decent person
    He has such a Commanding Presence, and he needn’t say a word.
    No wonder Klaus and mostly everyone likes him, (except the witches) and respects him. He need’s some serious help.
    An “Original Warlock” would be able to do just about anything, including UN-doing Hexes, especially if he is a good guy,, but,,

  • lollipop girl

    Damn— those Mikaelson men look good in those suits.

  • Dana Capps

    Did anyone else record this on their dvr and have issues with the sound? I am getting only music and no dialogue.

  • lynne

    Hi, I watched the episode on CW this time and didn’t record. Sorry your having difficulty.

  • Saki

    I got the same problem!

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