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Posted by | March 24, 2014, 13:16 (MST) | 8 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

Buckle up, Originals fans: this is one is intense. This webclip and sneak peek are a Buzzfeed exclusive. The accompanying article also gives some additional details about Claire Holt‘s departure and the possibility of Original sibling guest appearances…and not just from Rebekah.


The Originals will return to our screens Tuesday, April 15, at 8/7c.


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    Freaking hell that webclip was I.N.T.E.N.S.E! I’m a Klaus girl, but I can’t blame Elijah for getting seriously pissed at Klaus’s hijinks!

    So…..Elijah is going to go after what he wants is he????? I’m going to assume that that “something” is the “little wolf”…LOLOLOL!

  • Aline Ferreira via Facebook


  • Leelala

    Hey do you mind explaining what the clip was? Unfortunately it wont load for me..

  • Team Originals

    The Originals keeps getting better. I’m so happy over this spinoff. And my beautiful Originals, though they are down to two. At least Rebekah isn’t dead. I’m glad they didn’t completely rid themselves of her. Who knows, maybe Claire will join them in later seasons. But I am thrilled about the potential of her in flashbacks. And Kol. And Finn. Flashbacks of Kol seem extremely possible with his “history with the witches of New Orleans.” Sadly, Finn was in a box for 900 years. I hate that most of his “eternal” life was spent daggered, but there is a small frame of time that he was alive. I hope they will let us see into that life. And his relationship with Sage. We didn’t get it on TVD, and that angered me so much. Here’s for hoping!

  • Achiko Petre via Facebook
  • snowflake

    I suppose something big has happened just before as Elijah has blood on his hands, otherwise Elijah’s rage is disproportionate. Klaus has done truly unforgivable things that Elijah has forgiven. Klaus allying himself with the werewolves and in this move helping his baby and Hayley is nothing. So we can only conclude this is not really about Klaus deeds. This is about Elijah having chosen himself, but not being able to say it as it is. He has to disguise it as Klaus last drop in his patience glass.

  • Leelala

    Thanks so much for the explanation :) I dont know why but I couldnt reply to the actual post..?

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