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Posted by | July 20, 2013, 18:20 (MST) | 16 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

And here’s the sizzle reel from the panel for The Originals that happened earlier today at San Diego Comic-Con. Enjoy!

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  • guest

    Yay! More Elijah, please. :)


    I am sooooo super excited for this show;) Seeing this reminded me of some things that have been in the back of my mind:

    1. Per a cut scene with Elijah: A NOLA witch practices ancestral magic, so if a NOLA witch leaves NOLA, they loose their power.
    2. Marcel control the witches in NOLA.

    Conclusion: Marcel has in his care, Davina, the witch that was cut from the backdoor pilot, and she’s what’s keeping all the NOLA witches in line….at least until they get her back;)

  • dman_24

    Wow, you exist! I haven’t heard from you in a WHILE! Where have you been? Too many of my favorite people have left the site, so I hope you stick around and comment more often. The site wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t here. You and Georgia_peach. It’s nice to hear from you though.

    I haven’t commented consistently for a while because I had some computer issues which were seriously hampering me. But I’m proud to say I just bought a new computer — and it’s great! So hopefully everyone will be hearing from me a little more often. Looking forward to hearing from you too. Bye.


    HI there dman:) I’ve been around,,,,just pretty much reading what other people have to say as of late:) It’s been a really busy summer for me with work and such but I’m constantly on the look out for spoilers and such regarding TVD & The Originals. I’m super excited for The Originals and can’t wait till Fall for it to air;) Hope all is well with you and am glad your computer issues have gotten straightened out. Hope to here form you soon as well:)

  • Georgia_Peach

    I’m super excited for The Originals too! :)

  • dman_24

    Nice to hear from from you Georgia_Peach. You haven’t commented in a while so I thought Silas kidnapped you and threw you into the quarry. Glad to know that was just a rumor. :)

  • Georgia_Peach

    Glad to know your computer problems are over… new computer :) and that you are up and running again…. missed you dman_24 !

  • Joey

    The show looks so exciting! Can not wait till October. The cast and writers are amazing.

  • dman_24

    Yes, I’m back–and it feels great! Missed you too! I have a brand spanking new laptop after trying desperately to repair the old one (to no avail mind you) and it’s running like a charm. All that’s left is for the new season to start and we can get this ball rolling. Wouldn’t mind if some of my other favorite commenters came back though–namely ihatepeople. I always liked her comments. No matter how pessimistic she was. :)

  • Georgia_Peach

    Yep…. looking forward for the new season and my favorite commenters to come back. Ihatepeople was always one of my faves too….. :)

  • guest

    Have any of you seen the Director’s Cut of the pilot?? So much better than the backdoor pilot. Extra scenes. It feel much more cohesive. Loved it:–directors-cut/?play=0d57211c-4704-4c0f-a339-3ed1b08dc2dc&sf15253306=1


    Yes! Watched it last night. I wish they had aired this version. :Lots of dialogue that we didn’t get to here that made the start of the story make much more sense….not to mention a big hint on how the witches in NOLA practice their magic and how Marcel is controlling said witches. Oh, and much more of a sense on exactly where Elijah is coming from….I loved it, too:)

  • dman_24

    Yeah I just watched it too, and this version felt more like a pilot than the one we previously watched. Obviously, they were trying to tell two stories at the same time, hence the slight difference in quality and feel, which is understandable, given the time difference. It’ll be interesting to see how they pull this off and if they’ll be able to maintain the type of quality show we’ve come to expect from Julie and Company.

    BTW, we finally got to see Davina. Looks like she’s pretty powerful. I wonder what type of supernatural being she is? Is she a witch? I forgot. Also, fans shouldn’t be fooled by the smiling face of Marcel — the guy is ruthless! I don’t think you get to that type of position just on your charm. You get there by getting your hands dirty and using underhand tactics to achieve your ends. I’ll be curious to see how him and Klaus stack up against each other and what strategies they’ll use to maneuver their way to power. I’m looking forward to watching it.


    Hi dman- Yep, Davina is a witch…and I have theories. Elijah said in this version of the back door pilot that the witches of NOLA practice ancestral magic, meaning they draw their power from the dead….there are a lot of graves in NOLA and I’m going on the assumption that there are a ton of witches buried in said graves. I think we will find out that Davina is the “heiress” to one of the most powerful and most well respected witches NOLA has ever seen. I think that’s why the other witches in NOLA won’t go up against Marcel and also how he controls them. I also think that Marcel’s life is tied to Davina’s, which is why Sophie wouldn’t let Elijah just out right kill Marcel (Davina would die, too). Sophie has a plan to get Davina away from Marcel, but they have to do it by subterfuge……

    Obviously Sophie did her homework and knew her best chance of succeeding was with the help of The Original family. She thought she’s try Klaus first, considering Haley just happened to be in NOLA and Haley just happened to be pregnant with Klaus’s child. What she didn’t count on was Klaus’s “this falls between I don’t care and I don’t give a shit” attitude because Klaus HATES being manipulated (maybe Sophie should have done homework on their personalities…LOL) It’s a good thing Elijah showed up to talk some sense into his brother, although I think Klaus would have came to the same conclusion all on his own, with a ton of help from the unknowing Camie;)

    What I sensed in the undertones of this version of the pilot that didn’t come across in the version we saw during the season, was that Elijah wants this baby to be born. Period. He see’s this child as a way of bringing his family back together again and nothing will stop him from protecting Haley or her child. These witches better tread lightly where Elijah is concerned. Underneath that gentleman’s suit and perfect manners is a ruthless vampire who won’t be crossed. I just wished that fans of the Klaus/Caroline pairing would have seen this version because they would realize that Elijah is the one feeling protective of Haley, not Klaus…..maybe then they wouldn’t be hating on Haley so much:)

    Yeah, this is going to be really good. It’s one of my most anticipated shows for the Fall:)

  • whoneedsthecullens

    Hi guys, you all back! Yay, now that makes my day. I usually don’t comment much, I am more of a “jump-at-a-comment-and-reply”-person instead of developing theories, but I love to read all of your thoughts. Without bashing either shipper-side or either character.
    I couldn’t watch the director’s cut (CW wouldn’t open it for me, I live in Europe, not the first time I couldn’t watch a clip posted on their site) but from what you guys said it must be awesome. Maybe they’ll have it on the DVD later… Your theory about ancestral magic, vamplover, sounds really interesting.

    Have a great summer!

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