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Posted by | February 24, 2014, 17:58 (MST) | 4 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

XXWe’ll be seeing lots of interviews with Joseph Morgan pop up in the next 24 hours, but TV Guide is first out of the gate with a sneak peek at what’s to come on tomorrow night’s all-new episode of The Originals, Long Way Back from Hell (EP114). He’s also previewing what we can expect as we move towards the end of the season and shares his thoughts on Klaus and Caroline’s TVD100 tryst.

With Klaus’ alienation, it’s no surprise he’ll soon delve into the werewolf side of his family, a history that has barely been explored on the show thus far. “Klaus is going to gradually show more interest in the other side of his family,” Morgan says. “He’s been primarily a vampire, but you know his last name is Mikaelson which means son of Mikael, which he’s not. So that will be really interesting. As Hayley decides how she wants to have his baby and who she wants to have around to protect her, it’ll be interesting to see where he stands [between the two worlds]. He is part werewolf even though that part has been neglected [for] the last thousand years.”


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  • lynne

    Our Poor Nicklaus,
    While you are in agony and going down Memory lane,, maybe you will remember that the Man you referred to as” Father”,
    Mikael Mikaelson,, IS NOT your father. The Bastard Killed your father and his entire wolf pack. I am rather surprised you didn’t go looking for any member’s of your fathers clan long before this.
    If M.M. killed the entire wolf clan, then it may be that a few descendents survived in order for that young man to be Worshiping Hayley from afar ( so sweet), and sporting Klaus’s father’s family wolf clan ring (given to him by Esther). around his neck Very Special:).
    To give Esther credit for Anything, goes against my grain, but here it goes.
    Esther may have been very much in love with Klaus’s Father, and it is possible, that Esther found out what M.M. was going to do and cast a spell to protect even a few of them,, before it was too late?
    There is so much more to this storyline, and I can’t wait,, to get in and start exploring.
    I have been interested in and about Klaus, his Vampire and Wolf families, the moment the Originals were introduced on TVD. Such an intriguing storyline.
    Is someone going to help Father K.? The Vexed Padre` has been Hexed!:(

  • lynne

    There is something that has been nagging at me, so I did a little investigating.
    Probably many of you are aware of this, or maybe not,, but,, The first child born to Esther and Mikael had reportedly died during a plague that had run rampage through Europe,, That child’s name was “Aaron”.
    I thought it was a little coincidental that Dr. Wes nephew ‘s name was Aaron, before Damon killed him.
    There maybe no connection at all between the two, but in all these seasons I have not noticed a name used twice on the TVD episodes.
    Any thoughts?

  • Lulu

    Did he kill everyone, or just Klaus’ father for “cuckolding” him. It would be nice for them to fill in some details. I am having a hard time remembering, but are werewolves stronger, etc. than a regular human when they are in their human form? I’ve just been thinking how tough was it for Mikael to kill Klaus’ father, must less his whole clan-unless he did it after he became a super vamp-which makes more sense, since he then wouldn’t have been endangered by any bites.
    As for Esther, if she had loved Klaus’ father and done any spells, surely she would have done one to protect him.

  • lynne

    According to what has been written and told about the Original family and Klaus,,, is that M.M. went on a rampage and killed Klaus’s father and his wolf pack with him, while in human form. Doubtful, he killed the entire village of wolves, but important enough members,,so that M.& E, had to flee Europe with there children.
    Rebekah tells the story, about them having to move often.
    My thought is that they were being hunted by Klaus’s fathers clan in repayment for what M.M. did. Which is what sparked the beginning of The War between the two species.
    I believe they Wolves were hunting them because of Klaus’s smell, the wolves followed it everywhere. Hence Esther coming up with Vampire spell to throw them off the track and to protect the rest of her kid’s.
    . I also believe Klaus killed his brother Henrik by accident, because he changed into wolf, while watching the others change. Again,, Esther coming up with another spell. The Moon Stone spell.
    Extremely Strange Parenting,, don’t you think?

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