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Posted by | February 3, 2014, 12:54 (MST) | 10 Comments
Category: The Originals TV

The CW has released a new webclip for tomorrow’s new episode of The Originals, Crescent City (EP113). Is Cami buying what Klaus is selling?

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  • Lulu

    I think that Klaus is starting to really have it bad for Cami. There’s no way that she could have talked to him as tough as she has-especially with nothing really to back it up with except her own spunk-if there wasn’t at least a very big soft spot for her. I thought he looked pretty jealous when she let Marcel slurp down her nice warm, red plasma in the previous eppy to save him.

  • Leelala

    Klaus def has strong feelings for Cami.. There is no way he would ever say those things to anyone else and try to help fix her family not to mention how he lets her talk to him.. Klaus is evolving with love ;)

  • T. Vernay

    Don’t fall for it Cami!!!

  • lynne

    Klaus respects Cami for many reasons. He may have been envious of Cami offering herself to Marcel to drink from (being it is a very personal issue with vampires:), but I am sure Klaus was equally worried about the way Marcel looked. He does love him.
    Klaus feels he can be just as honest with Cami as he is with Father K. whom he also respects greatly. I like it when Klaus shows his tender and understanding side, which is very seldom seen, and makes him aware of others feelings. Those times are a little more frequent lately,, I hope it continues,, he could use some love.& support.
    Caroline where are you? :)

  • lynne

    LOLOL He may be evolving some Leelala, but I don’t think it is due to romantic love for Cami.
    . Klaus feels he need’s Cami to understand him, he doesn’t want to lose her respect, because of the choices he has and does make.
    What Camille and Father K. think of Klaus, Matters to him. And I think he is just as surprised by this as we are. lol

  • Leelala

    LOL dull it down all you want Lynne but we both know its more than acceptance Klaus is after hahaha
    He’s been close to making out with her a few times now.. Plus the jealous glimmer in his eye does not go unnoticed haha

  • lynne

    And always pulled back. Klaus doesn’t hold back on anything that he wants.
    I don’t think they are dull, the timing isn’t right,, and I’m holding out for you know who!!;)= lolol

  • Leelala

    haha i know i know ;)
    I think with Cami he does hold back though, I think he even thinks shes too good for him… He doesnt think he’s worthy b/c she can see right through into his soul…

    Wow i just said think A LOT!! LOL

  • lynne

    If she doesn’t like what she see’s,, there is always Elijah’s sole she can take a peak at! .lolololol

  • Leelala

    NOOOOOOOOO lol ;)
    you knew that was coming haha

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