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Posted by | April 15, 2012, 9:12 (EST) | 131 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

We’re coming up on the end of the season, which means that EP Julie Plec is in high demand as everyone, fans and journalists alike, tries to figure out what’s going to happen. Luckily for us, Julie has done a bunch of interviews recently shedding some light on what’s to come. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Julie at the WB TV: Out of the Box exhibit and got some scoop on a potential season four:

“We’ve got a lot going on, a lot of really amazing character moves, great romance, a new mystery, a new villain and I’m really excited about it. We’re feeling pretty good about it already and we’ve only been talking about it for two weeks.”

And watch the video for more about the end of this season:


Meanwhile, over at Entertainment Weekly, Julie gave some episode-specific intel on each of the four remaining season 3 episodes. On this Thursday’s episode, Heart of Darkness (EP319):

“Yes. There is a lot of steam in this episode, and a lot of shirtlessness,” Plec says. “As I said at the Paley event when somebody asked me about romance, this whole season has been so sad. Everybody’s broken up, all these love affairs are unfulfilled, and there’s lots of despair and depression and tragedy. We kick a little romance back into high gear with the return of the show next week.”


There’s another great interview with Julie at HitFix, where she teases the elements that went into filming the season finale:

“No, but we had an underwater unit, a movie-sized underwater unit. We had massive, massive stunts involving an automobile. We have a huge fight sequence. We have a huge horror sequence. And then we have probably the biggest and most substantial series of emotional moments that the entire season has had.”

She also answers the eternal question of whether Elena and friends actually go to school!


And if that’s not quite enough for you, over at Zap2it, Julie teases a “major motel moment” in Heart of Darkness (EP319) and a beautiful but sad moment at the dance in Do Not Go Gentle (EP320).

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  • ihatepeople

    If she leaves with Klaus then the Salvatores and Jeremy are screwed. I doubt Stefan and Damon would allow that to happen unless they’re unaware or restrained. Once they found out though the chase would be on. Team Salvatore to the rescue!

  • ihatepeople

    Yep you’re absolutely right. No matter which way you go Damon is pretty much damned.

  • ihatepeople

    Well we kind of are on this site aren’t we? LOL. When I say “we” I mean all the regular bloggers. :)

  • Shannon


  • Shannon

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeee let it be the motel scene from the books!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! (the little girl in me is so hyped right now)!!! Julie why must u tease me so!!!

  • ihatepeople

    I didn’t read all the books. Could you elaborate please?

  • Genny

    I think the Damon option is a good option.

    The honest truth is Delena just hasn’t been explored as a couple. It’s all been about the chase. I think the viewers should see what they’d be like as a couple.

    Yeah, my heart will break for Stefan. But I think Elena choosing Damon will at least be something interesting. I just can’t take another season of this “teasing.”  And we know that if she chooses to be by herself, it’s gonna be the same thing happening.

  • Guest

    So I know everybody’s talking about the love triangle but can I just talk about school. In the Hitfix interview Julie said there attendance is great but not interesting so they don’t show it. The timeline does not hold up. From Bringing out the Dead to 1912 was like four days of no school.  The ball was like the day after Alaric got stabbed, and then after the ball Elena spends the whole next day in a cave, then the next day she is breaking and entering into Meredith Fell’s house. Is it a four day weekend or something? Not complaining, just thought it was funny. Jeremy’s right: in light of everything who cares about school.

  • KatAttack

     Very true. If she chooses neither, it will just be more flipflopping. PLEASE NO. I’m a dedicated delena shipper, but I would rather see her with Stefan than have that happen. Seriously, I just want the character to start moving in a direction, any direction.

  • Ellorockstar

    Caroline isnt going to die, at least not this season, but Alaric might after he gets done chocking Elena and torturing Caroline. In episode 21 Elena is determined to protcect Caroline from Alaric. Theres a video that shows Caroline tied up at school and having pencils stabbed in her hands and Alaric is choking Elena at scholl and says that she doesnt deserve to live.

  • Laney

    I read somewhere that neither brother is responsible for the car crash. An article I believe, it wasn’t a fans speculation.

  • Guest

    We have the same theory. 

  • ihatepeople

    Yeah Ric’s kind of going off the deep end. :0( I wonder why he choose Caroline.  I mean I know she is a vampire but there are others in town he could’ve chosen.

  • Jenna

    ‘In the same way that we had to convince Ian Somerhalder that Damon being a good guy was part of a long road that he was traveling and that it was OK, you want to convince the fans that this is the midpoint of the story.’
    So Damon is going back to being the good guy, which as Ian has expressed is not as much fun as bad Damon! I found that line interesting as I thought Ian had said Damon is going back to being bad again… Not so fast!
    I wonder if Elena is perhaps going to be turned? I just read a little tease from Joseph Morgan saying in the last 20 secs of finale we will be shocked, we will want to fast forward to S4 to see what happens next, it will cause strong emotions in the fandom… Putting that together with JP saying she hopes we will understand Elena’s choice , considering her journey this season with Klaus sucking her dry of her blood, threatening her friends lives , etc… It could be possible, we would understand it, and it would definitely be the shocker of all!!!
    The other thought I had is that perhaps she chooses Damon and tells Stefan before telling Damon. Then by the time she gets to Damon, he has somehow sacrificed himself, gotten himself 86-ed and he never finds out that she chose him… Now that WOULD be tragic!

  • From Beginningg To End

    I was really refreshed that Klaus didn’t have a thing for Elena. I was also really impressed when we found out about Tatia because it really shows how much he liked her based on personality alone, and how easily he differentiates the two, which even Stephen and Damon couldn’t do 100%.

  • Jenna

    One other thought… Julie said of the next episode with Damon and Elena that it will be ‘a motel, some bourban, shirtlessness…’
    So what does that mean? That Elena is going to give in to her attraction for Damon because she had some bourban? I really hope that’s not going to be the case! I mean if you’re going to give them a moment, can it be a real and organic one… Not tainted with ‘oh, I’m gonna hate myself in the morning for this!’ As far as Damon has come, he so deserves better than that!!!

  • From Beginningg To End

    Well she did say that their attendance is great but she also implied that she has Alaric-the-history-teacher as a guardian and several vampire friends who can always pull strings. So maybe it’s “great” on paper? 

  • From Beginningg To End

    I hate the idea of Elena turning at this point in the show for a lot of reasons. If it happens I’ll probably stop watching. I know she turns in the books and a lot of people want it to stay true to that, and I suppose it’ll have to happen some time or another, but I’d rather they wait for their last season, whenever that ends up being. Preferably at the near-end of the series if not the very end.

  • Diana Shapoval

    if she chooses stefan it won’t be different from Twilight and it won’t be different from season 1…..she chose stefan once….the main point of her journey is to realise that she has feelings for damon….she has to choose someone….and god forbid if the writers make Damon the blame for the car accident…..stefan is the one who should be the blame….

  • Nianforlife

    Im thinking along the same lines. I think that right before she tells Damon that she chooses him and loves him, she somehow ends up telling Stefan and before she even gets to Damon something tragic like Klaus kidnaps her and compels her to forget everything or Damon sacrifices himself and she never gets to tell him happens. It would be sad and amazing all at the same time. 
    Did u guys seen Ian and Nina at Coachella this year?? OMG they were so cute. and THEY KISSED!! IN PUBLIC!! OMG!!!

  • pam

    I think she will have her cake and eat it too lol!!!1

  • Shannon

    SPOILER ALERT!!!  In Shadow Souls…when they share the room together, (Matt in another room) Elena just gets out the bathroom from bathing, Damon by the window, they’re arguing one minute, then not the next. etc. etc…….sorry don’t wanna ruin it for everybody. They had a lot of moments before and after that, but THAT specific motel scene was a big one, and if u read Shadow Souls you definitely would not have forgotten it. Maybe u should read all the books.

  • Yasemin Turner

    I just think they havent built up this Delena connection all season for nothing. I think she will choose Damon but I dont think they will last. and I think she will go back to Stefan possibly next season.
    as a Delena fan I really want Delena to happen but I want Stelena to be end game. I think thats whats going to happen.
    Unless they pull a TB and include a werewolf in this love story….

  • Iansfan

     … you see, and I am even married… ;)

  • ihatepeople

    I think it’s too soon for her to turn also. Season 5 finale would make more sense that way we could have one season of her as a vamp. I’m loyal to a fault so I’d still watch even if she turns but ill be disappointed. JoMo’s comments about the finale seem to lean towards either her turning or Tatia showing up. He said the end is “hugely dramatic”…”it’s going to change the world of The Vampire Diaries forever”. These are ominous statements to make. It would series suicide if they permanently killed off one of the Salvatores. They might do it temporarily like they did in the books and bring him back next season.

  • ihatepeople

    Well Damon is the one who would be drinking the bourban and would be shirtless. LOL. I know what you mean though about not wanting it to be cheapened. Seriously though I doubt they’ll actually have them sleep together in the cardinal sense just yet. At most we might get a deeply passionate kiss with his shirt getting undone but someone will stop it from going further. Either she’ll say it’s not right or he’ll stop her because he wants her to be sure and not regret it. I mean he was hot and heavy with Katherine when she first came back but he put the breaks on because he had to know if she loved him first. We see what happened there. As much as he wants her I can’t imagine him not wanting her to be sure first. Also it would be out of character for her to jump into bed with Damon after being so mean then going to the dance with Stefan in the very next episode. She is wishy washy but they haven’t made her a tramp.

  • mary.m155

    My hubs is anti tvd :( :( ;(

  • ihatepeople

    I wouldn’t be surprised by this but it would completely piss me off for them to torment Damon like that and tease us yet AGAIN. Unfortunately if they actually allow her to choose Damon he would only be allowed happiness for like a nano second then they’d either rip her away from him or kill him off. They could follow the books where he temporarily dies and he is mad when he finally is brought back because he doesn’t think she tried as hard to bring him back as she did when Stefan was gone. Of course in the process she would be back with Stefan before Damon ever gets his chance with her. Very tragic but expected given how much they like to torture Damon’s heart and his fans. What I will say is based on what has been said I get the impression she will at least tell him her feelings before they’re ripped apart if that is what they have happen. Ian said it was hugely emotional and that she was extremely honest about her feelings. It would be like when Princess Leia said I love you to Han Solo before he was sealed in carbonite. LOL! That would suck but I wouldn’t be shocked.

  • ihatepeople

    Yes, it would be tragic if he never found out and it would piss a lot of people off but it wouldn’t be a shocker to me since they love making Damon suffer.

    If they have her turn I wonder if they’ll make that she begs Damon to turn her to end this whole doppleganger bloodline. He usually disagrees with her choices so for him to agree to turn her would be a sacrifice itself because he would have to live with being responsible for turning her. After his desperate attempt at turning her before the ritual he regretted it and was glad she didn’t turn. I don’t know why I’m contemplating this because I really don’t want her to turn just yet. Maybe the shocker is Tatia comes back.

  • Iansfan

     There is hardly a scene with Damon without Burbon (too few shirtless scenes … :) so Damon drinking before or after kissing a girl is not cheap it is normal. In the motel room of the book they don´t sleep together either (not the way we normal human mortals think of it), nonetheless the scene is very intense and what those two interchange there is very deep, beautiful and very emotional. So if they managed to transfer that to the screen it would be a great moment for sure.
    One thing that I really love about Damon is that he is so experienced, patient, appreciative and understanding – like a man who has 164 years of experience with women – He doesn´t push anything with Elena, he is on her side, no matter how far she tries to push him away, he sees what she feels even before she does. (*Swoon* – the perfect man, right?), so to cut a long story short, there might be no actual sex scene, anyway it could be awesome … ;)

  • Iansfan

     … sorry, that sucks… well then you are here particularly at the right place, no anti TVD guys around…;)

  • ihatepeople

    The cheapening part was a response to

  • Iansfan

     …yep, got that! :)

  • Shannon


  • ihatepeople

    Sorry. It sounded like you misunderstood me before so I wanted to clarify. Damon is sexy no matter what he does. **fanning myself now**

  • mary.m155


  • mary.m155

    “Your Honor, he hates The Vampire Diaries, i can no longer be with him”
    That would go well in court.. ;)

  • KatAttack

     That’s sad! My husband enjoys it…but he likes and empathizes w Stefan. And of course I am a devoted Damon/Delena fan.

  • KatAttack


  • Bonniefan1

    Eh, the guys are always shirtlessness in practically every episode.

  • From Beginningg To End

    It’s CW’s Two to Die For new trailer with the Secret Circle, it has clips showing these things.

  • From Beginningg To End

    I really, really hope they don’t, I’d feel the same as I would if it were taken off the air I think. Maybe the Salvatore house blows up and it changes the show forever because they’ll have to all meet up elsewhere from now on :p

  • ihatepeople

    Looks like the webclip is out on Utube. Hopefully the official one will be out soon so we can see it better.

  • ihatepeople

    NOOOO! Their house is too beautiful to blow up especially Damon’s bedroom. Haha.

  • tunka

    there’s a 319 short web clip embedded in paul wesley’s interview with live with kelly. i can’t find any other clip on youtube.

  • KatAttack


  • Jenna

    I know Damon drinks on a regular basis, I was actually referring to Elena drinking the bourbon… remember when he gave her a drink after Klaus had used her as a blood bag? That was the concern I had, that she is going to be shaken up by the whole Jeremy/Kol thing and he will give her something to calm her nerves- and the booze, the shirtlessness…
    I also hope that they don’t sleep together. I’m not sure I want him to do a whole lot with her anyway unless she is really open about her feelings and is nice to him for once in I don’t know how long!!! But, from the episode clip it’s obvious he is a gonner for Elena… I just hope he holds out!!!

  • ihatepeople

    I saw mention of it on today but my work computer blocks viewing so I had to search it on my Android. It took a lot of searching and I didn’t see it by directly going to Utube. I Googled vampire diaries webclip 3×19. A couple of them came up but there was one that was a little clearer. It was on fanpop.

  • ihatepeople

    I hear you about him being a goner for her. I fear he is in for a serious heartbreak. I don’t want to see him toyed with again so if she does at some point tell him she has feelings for him she had better be serious before she acts. It wouldn’t be fair to tease him like that or only try with him for a brief time because Stefan pushes her aside. I’d rather see him alone than to have that happen. She needs to be sure she wants him and is willing to give Stefan up and even then I don’t trust it.

  • Georgia_Peach

    I have a feeling the “new” villain will be Esther’s spirit taking over Rebekah’s body and that is the spell Esther was doing in the extended promo.  Esther had hold of Rebekah’s hands and the fire in the fireplace was huge.  There was definitely a spell going on there.   Obviously Esther needs a new vessel because the mother/daughter Bennett witch line was severed and she can no longer channel through the Bennett witch line (dead or alive).  With no one to channel through Esther would fade back to “hell”…as Klaus is the one that sent her there.   Esther absorbing into Rebekah, her Original vampire daughter, could definitely be an evil indestructible force.  That would not be a witch dying and becoming a vampire, that would be the spirit of a witch that practices dark magic taking over an Original (daughter) vampire……… thus creating a true witch-vampire……..just speculation of course.

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