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Posted by | March 1, 2012, 21:04 (MST) | 67 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Thursdays just aren’t the same without a new episode of The Vampire Diaries, but don’t give up! The hiatus will be over soon, and (SPOILER ALERT) TV Overmind has some stills from the March 22nd episode, Break On Through (EP317). WARNING: We’re serious about the spoiler alert, guys. It’s one still but it comes out of nowhere. If you want to skip it, it’s photo #12.

New Stills From Break On Through (EP317) via TV Overmind (Spoilers!)


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  • Mary

    Holy Crap,Damon is a Mr Lover now Lol :D
    Sage x Rebekah *_*

  • ImAPrincessandThisIsMyTiara

    Whoaa! :O So the Damon/Rebekah thing wasn’t a one-time thing? Interestinggg. I’m so excited for this episode! Comes out on my birthday. Fuuuuuuuck yeahhh! :D

  • Cherrie

    OMG OMG OMG!!! Paul & Torrey have a scene together? Am I dreaming?! You guys, I’ve waited so long for this! I don’t care if she’s passed out or dying or even dead they are sharing a scene! Haha!

    Damon dancing again? Yay! Although why is he touching Rebekah’s face? Probably trying to get information out of her with the help of Sage? I think I like Sage already. She seems pretty cool!

    I cannot wait to see this! Oh how I love TVD ♥ 

  • Guest

    yaaay, paul with nina and torrey in the same scene! THAT is a triangle i would wanna see hihihi. so excited fot his episode! :)))))))

  • Kari

    I thought the Rebekah-Damon thing was a one night stand. Um, they aren’t allowed to be a couple. I won’t let them.

    But on a different note, MORE DRUNKEN DANCING!! I’m already thinking first season Vicki and Damon :D

  • karen

    Looks like sage is jealous of Damon and Rebekah getting close.  Rebekah and Damon do look hot together.  Wonder if Elena and Stefan are getting along better.

  • Laney

    Mr. Lover! Lol…

  • Laney

    It doesnt look sexual between d and r. It looks more like he is controlling her, if i dare use that word….

  • Miss_Annie

    This episode seems like there won’t be much Damon/Elena interaction. But this stretch of episodes in every season so far is pretty cold for the two of them. I think they’ll get the finale.
    Also, it may look like womanizer Damon is back, but I think it’s different this time. His feelings are still turned all the way on – he still loves Elena. He just needs something from these two women – be it information or a distraction.
    I still have faith in Damon and Elena – the writers just want us to give up so that whatever comes will be that much better.
    On a different note, good lord is Meredith dead? Surely they wouldn’t post a still of that so soon. And I thought in the ep before this Elena is trying hard to prove what Meredith did to Alaric? So why is Elena helping her now? Ugh, this show. I can’t even guess anymore. 

  • Laney

    I just dont think anything is going to happen between stefan and elena for the rest of this season that will be substantial to the s and e fans.

  • smirk

    I kinda want Damon, Rebekah and Sage to get it on…. together.  *whistles*

  • Georgia_Peach

    Wow!  From the stills this episode is looking really good. 

    Looks like Rebekah is jealous of Sage and Damon is reassuring her that Sage is just a friend.  Sage looks like trouble and appears to truly love her vampire nature.
    There is no trust or friendship between these two females. (catfight?)  Looks like once again, Rebekah is trusting someone (Damon) as a friend and will once again be stabbed in the back.  Damon firmly stands on Team Elena!    Writers…give Rebekah a friend she can trust! 

    Damn it!  Damon, my #1 favorite guy (so Team Damon),  is going to find the weapon (wood from the White Oak tree)  and he is going to try and kill my other guy, Klaus,  along with all the Original Siblings… including Rebekah!   My heart is breaking already!  Please don’t kill the Originals siblings,  kill Esther… kill Esther!!!

    Meredith is a bloody mess!  What happened?   No stills of Alaric???

    So looking forward to March 15th.. TVD bring it!!!

  • Canderella

    Can’t wait for this ep! Damon getting drunk with two girls … fantastic! Have you noticed the amout of bottles on the table? They’re gonna have a good party… Wonder what it is all about – certainly to get Rebekah talking… But I feel kind of sorry for her, she really looks a bit lost and childlike. And I would like to see Damon to start caring about her. That would show the major change he’s gotten through in regard of his humanity. Much more than loving Elena. That is not hard. Caring for bitchy Rebekah would show real humanity.
    *wow*… and the bloody scene with Dr. Fell. I guess Abbey might have something to do with it. Or the serial killer…
    I don’t want Damon to hook up with Sage again. I love her red hair, but I think Rebekah looks really hot with Damon. Never thought of saying this!
    And oh, all this talk of love and Elena – just let the two have a break and enjoy Damon dancing … :)

  • Tanja

    Meredith is dead?? Was it Alaric? Maybe he has a dark side and is the killer? Or he´s compelled. (at first I thought Meredith is)
    Damon/Rebekah/Sage together -  interesting :D I think Sage tells Damon about the secret weapon.

    Stefan/Elena/Damon… no one will have a real happy end in S3,they love each other too much. *sighs*
    The old truth: three are one too many!

    And Caroline helps Abby? Whether it will end the same way as with Stefan/Vicky? Poor Bonnie!


  • ImAPrincessandThisIsMyTiara

    I don’t get the last part of your statement. Of course you should dare…should you not? Anyway, I don’t know. How can Damon control an original? She’d kick his ass. lol. Unless it’s with his charm, then she really has no chance…



  • ihatepeople

    Actually makes me wonder if Sage is just playing Damon to get some pay back to the originals by telling Damon she’ll help him get info out of Rebekah about what Rebekah is hiding. Someone pointed out the booze bottles. Lol that’s funny. Hadn’t noticed they were all partying. Maybe Bex is pouty over Sage. They probably knew each other previously and hated each other. Damon holding Rebekah’s face…he’s playing her pretending to care which we know he doesn’t. It would be interesting if somehow Sage knows a secret on how to compell an original. I don’t know like you’ve had to be intimate w them and get them drunk to compell them. Ha ha just kidding. I’m sure we all smell a scheme going on which is probably going to get Damon on the verge of being perished. His plans don’t typically work out well of course no one’s does on this show. Ooh let’s bring Katherine back and really complicate things…all those old female vamps wreaking havoc.

    I get they might be leading us to believe that Abby is an out of control vamp and Elena is trying to get Stefan to help her the way he helped Caroline. She probably thinks it’ll help Bonnie and salvage their friendship as well as trying to snap Steffie out of his funk. Truthfully I think only some anti-depressants and wild sex can help that broody boy. He seems like the most depressive person in the world. Either way truthfully I don’t really care about Abby one bit. Also don’t really care if they kill off Meredith. Don’t much like her character anyway. Besides they need to have some disposable characters especially if they want some of the originals to stick around until next season. Love all the gory blood though!

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    I agree Laney…

    It would seem like the is compelling her. question is how? I think that bottle of wine Sage showed us will be magical and this will be the “unusual method”

  • ihatepeople

    Kind of hard for Damon to fall for Rebekah when she keeps trying to kill Elena. Might have been different otherwise.

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    I think the bottle of wine Sage had in her hand will be like some magical potion to get originals to be compellable. This may be the unusual way… and they just want us to think that him and her are having a moment… seriously doubt it.

    I agree, they need characters they can get rid of. I can’t see them bumping Elijah or Klaus off… they have too big a fan base. I don’t know about Rebekah. Also Meredith, I really am not liking at all… every series I see that girl in she has the same character. They always make her Psycho. 

    Would love to have Katherine back! And also maybe Tatia! Will be funny to see all 3 of em, having it out.

    All in all, looks like it will be a good episode…

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    Who else thinks that the bottle of wine Sage has in her hand makes a uncompellable Original compellable? B-)

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    Also someone had some awesome insight into the tree being part of the bridge? Well in a pic theres a guy with a construction helmet on and it would look like there is lots of wood being put down … :D awesome theory whoever it was! It totally looks possible ^^

  • ihatepeople

    Hmmm could be! Like I said it looks to me like he is either trying to compell her or manipulate her. A potion would be interesting especially given how easy it would be to do if they’re all drinking. Bex wouldn’t expect to be compelled.

  • ihatepeople

    Yeah “them having a moment” definitely could be a photo trick. Look how many people were worried about the photo of Damon taking off his ring and it turned out he was just washing his hands! Lol

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    haha I know right? haha they are crafty aren’t they… 

    We are getting huge spoilers for these episodes… I wish I could resist the desire to look at the pics and the synopsis because I think they are giving too much away!! >.< but  can't :( me = hooked left right and center :(

  • ihatepeople

    Just remember they like to mess with us with these photo spoilers.

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    aaaag I read this and now I can’t get the song out of my head !!! haha

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    She can’t be dead, she just got there haha

    I read somewere that she starts to show her character and share more about her self in the upcoming episodes so I don’t think they can kill her off just yet. Also, if they killed her, who would Stefan and Elena help? (synopsis) I could be wrong, but it looks like they are going to help her. 

    Good point on Alaric, it’s true that we aren’t hearing much about him. He could be the one tat’s being compelled to comit all these murders… although it doesn’t explain how he got injured himself in the process. But hey, all kind of things are possible on this show. Alaric could have done this, and if he didn’t where is he? 

    However I think i’m gonna go with Abby being the one to have attacked Meredith, with her uncontrollable emotions. 

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    Did they say somewhere that Damon and sage actually had a thing? in the past I mean? I havn’t read that :-o

    I was hoping that all these two had is friendship… 

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    I’m starting to feel sorry for Rebekah too… I’m not a big fan of hers ( even though I wen’t as 1920′s Rebekah to a cosplay party xD ) but I do feel sorry for her. She has always come of as this whiney little girl to me, but all things considered, she has had a tough time. So I agree, she needs a friend, that is, if they don’t kill her off. 

    I mean… what could Klaus possibly do to get in Damon’s good books? Alot of people want Klaroline, but it’s like… how can they all live happily ever after with all that’s gone down? Damon will always wan’t too kill Klaus unless he maybe …. hmm…. nope, he will always want to kill klaus lol

  • Moi

    what’s damon doing with Rebekah? Does Sage teach him how to hypnotize vampire women into spilling out their secrets or what? Is this how he finds out about the white oak tree (I guess this is the weapon the synopsis talks about) 

    And Dr. Fell… WELL… I’m confused. NOW I have no idea who the killer might be…. 

  • Anon

    Wow. Damon with two sexy vampire ladies :D

    Sage looks like she is going to be a lot of fun.

  • mary.m155

    I am sad, i kinda don’t like the direction this is going………..maybe i’ll be satisfied in the end.

  • Mary

    God,Damon is totally out of control now.
    I can see him dancing with Sage and having a romantic scene with Rebekah in another scene :P

    Damn i’m very excited to see the new episodes :/ (Breaks sux)

  • Ginie

    Damon with two vampires. DANCING with Sage? And Stefan, Elena in the scene with Meredith. It’s gonna be good.

  • thenextbigthing

    I think it’s funny how everyone is focusing on Damon and Rebekah and no one is focusing on Meredith. possibly dead. in the bathroom. Which is kind of a bigger deal. 

  • guest

    And where is Alaric?!  No mention of him at all, I don’t believe he dead. Please, someone tell me he is not dead!!

  • Ginie

    I looked thorough the ep stills again. I wonder how Stefan will handle the blood in that scene with Meredith. I wonder if his eyes will vamp out like in S1. *curious*

  • mary.m155

    Lol haha. I love his faces almost more than damons now.

  • Mary

    It’s a good test for him with the blood thing…
    Can he control himself :D?

  • Joan Sandberg

    like the Damon and the ring thing……

    And poor Stefan better not have to go all season without any – no wonder the boy is depressed!  All that fine maleness going to waste 

  • Joan Sandberg

    Can we add Stefan to the orgy?  The boy needs some bad!

  • thenextbigthing

    Torey deVitto basically said he wasn’t in an interview.

  • ihatepeople

    Probably because she hasn’t been around enough for people to care about her. She is more of a disposable character like Bill Forbes and I’m guessing Abby. Besides since the writers have been messing with everyone lately the Bex thing is leaving people curious and anxious as to what is going on there after their tryst.

  • ihatepeople

    I’m sure I’ll get staked for this comment but I think I’d actually like to see Stefan with Katherine and Damon with Elena. The reason is some hot balance on both sides…Stefan’s good boy balancing Katherine’s bad girl and Elena’s good girl balancing Damon’s bad boy that way there is always an exciting struggle for both boys having to battle each sides of their personalities plus there could be tension between Katherine and Elena too. Also I think it would make their love scenes more passionate. Without someone challenging you a relationship can be dull.

  • Kiki

     Matt Davis is still tweeting from Atlanta so.. Alaric is either alive or a living dead person ;-)

  • ihatepeople

    They’ve had him turn around so quickly that I’m sure he will be fine. His face will contort with fangs out then Elena will talk him down and he will be all better.

  • Kiki

     It was me :-)
    But on a 2nd thought.. maybe this bridge is some kind of mystic place like the old witches house. As far as I remember it was some kind of border between the mystic  and the normal world in the books

  • Kiki

    maybe it’s not a normal wine.. maybe a very special mystic wine which only sage could get…. The Originals have been drinking alcohol before. Making them drunk would be far to easy

  • Joan Sandberg

    I could go for that – this will probably get me staked as well – I always thought the Stefan/Katherine sex scenes were hotter than the Damon/Katherine. 

    And the scenes with Elena/Stefan started shortly after she turned 17 and he was afraid of hurting her.

  • Mary

    That’s true,i agree with you 100%.
    Good theory !

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