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Posted by | November 29, 2012, 18:27 (MST) | 813 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - My Brother's Keeper (EP407)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.




This year’s Miss Mystic Falls pageant is set to be more difficult than the last. As if dancing without touching wasn’t difficult enough, they’re now introducing a gymnastic component. At least, we think that’s why Olympic gymnast gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas is making a guest appearance. With Professor Shane being Shady, Klaus and Stefan in cahoots, and Tyler and Haley plotting something super secret… well, we hope Gabrielle manages to survive the episode. We’re sure that gold medal would make a useful weapon in a pinch.

Once you’ve seen the episode and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. All discussion about the episode is welcomed and encouraged in the comments of this post.

Remember, some parts of Canada watch the show an hour earlier, so beware of spoilers and avoid the comments if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

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  • DianaPauline

    I haven’t read all the more than 700 comments, so sorry if I’m being repetitious.

    The bottom line is I feel manipulated and more than a liitle bit angry.  I waited so long for Damon and Elena to consummate the passion that has been simmering between them since Season 1, and when they finally do we’re told that Elena couldn’t help herself because she’s sired to Damon?!  Puhleeze!  She wants him.  She’s wanted him for a long time now whether or not she admits it.  She didn’t use the “L” word (love, not lust) but when Damon finds out about this sire thing he’s going to wonder whether she really wanted to be with him because of her feelings for him or because she had no choice. Hey, let’s burst Damon’s bubble again, why don’t we?  How many times is this man going to be shafted before he breaks?  Just saying.

    And as far as the sire thing goes, any vampire who makes another vampire on purpose or accidentally is their sire, period.  Damon is Caroline’s sire, he was Isobel and Vickie’s sire, and Katherine is sire to both Stefan and Damon.  Acting like it’s a “rare” occurence and causes the new vampire to be in thrall to their maker as Caroline said, is bulls–t.  I adore Caroline, but since when is she the resident vampire expert of Mystic Falls? I know I have to accept TVD’s mythology, but this sire bond making you some kind of “slave” – but only RARELY, let’s not forget – seems not only lame, but very manipulative, IMO.

    Oh, and before I finish my rant, that love scene was the hottest TVD has ever had, even though they couldn’t be more graphic because of the younger fans.  We older fans know exactly where Damon was heading and to do what as he was kissing his way down Elena’s belly!

  • midnight

     Oh Julie Plec, how you do enjoy torturing us.  Maybe at one time, I would have fallen for this little ‘sire bond’ plot twist, but not anymore.  Now I am wise to your ways lady.  You cannot pull the wool over my eyes this time.  I mean, in the same episode, JUST as the DE fandom are finally getting the most anticipated, long-awaited love scene ever…then you drop a bombshell that maybe Elena only feels that way because she’s sired to Damon?  Oh, that was REALLY subtle of you.  But I’m not scared, because I know that it’s all part of your little ploy to wind the fanbase up and create faux drama which will die down in time and probably come to nothing, and when this is over and DE can be together they’ll get hit by another obstacle.  Because what’s an epic love story without a journey riddled by an endless supply of suspense, danger, and angst?  I am not daft you know.  IF Elena is sired to Damon, then how come she’s not acting out of character?  Why is it that only certain things (not being able to drink from a blood bag, changing her mind about a dress etc) means that she’s influenced by Damon, and thus sired to him, but 9 times out of 10, she’s free to do and say as she wishes?  Why does the sire bond apply to one thing but not, say, agreeing that he was right to want to save her before Matt, or the Hallowe’en dance-and-drink party when she felt guilty afterwards, and many other things in between?  Is it because the sire bond is different from Klaus and his hybrids?  OK, but it still doesn’t make sense that Elena is free to be herself in most other respects, but is somehow under a supernatural force to ‘love’ Damon. 
    Plus, she was in love with Damon before she was turned.  She never vocalized it, (if she had, there wouldn’t be all this drama), but she was.  So whether she’s sired or not, her love for him is real. That doesn’t change.  You might have succeeded in causing a lot of fans to hit the panic button, but not me.  Not this time.  I know that theoretical sire bond or not, Delena is happening.  And I am calm.

  • Kiki

     the reply-botton on your post below disapeared so I use this post to reply to your post below.
    Your post gave me another idea. What if Shane is master of the sire bonds? Connor worked for him although he didn’t know the meaning of his tattoo, the huntershistory and why he felt the urge to kill vampires. Maybe he was sired to Shane? Maybe Shane was the one who told Hayley how to break a sire bond? And maybe he sired Bonnie to him, too. Maybe even Hayley.
    About the hybrids… I don’t think he needs the hybrids just to let the other hunters kill them. Any vampire would do so he could just use Stefan, Damon, Caroline, … way easier since they are not protected by Klaus. But if he can sire the hybrids to himself he’d have a nice army on his own.

    PS: I know you are a huge Damon fan. I am Stefan fan and now look at how peaceful and interesting our little discussion about Shane is. I just don’t get why other fans have to fight all the time ;-)

  • Becca Leigh

    I love this episode! The writers had me excited, heart-pumping and mouth open. All signs of a great show! Now I hear the collective frustration of those who feel cheated by their Damon/Elena moment (my bestie included) it’s not REALLY what they hoped for because of the whole Sire thing but I think it’s brilliant. A) I didn’t see it coming B) it’s plausible and C) it paves the way for more interesting story-lines which = the continuation of the show. Think hard if Elena flat out chooses Damon, they ride off into their bloody sunset and…the show is over. BORING!
    This is much better :) The back and forth is what keeps it interesting. Though I was a tad annoyed that our highly anticipated hot loving scene was interrupted by Stefan/Caroline’s faces. I know why they did it but maybe just a voice-over next time?!
    I continue to adore Caroline, her new hairdo and her continuous attitude. I love that SHE figured it out and her chemistry with Klaus still has me clapping. Such power she has to make the epitome of evil look humble and she brings out his dimples *cheesy grin* #TeamKlausVampireBarbie

    Yay for more screen time for my favorite (ONLY ONE LEFT) main human character. Matty blue-eyes as Robin to Jeremy’s vampire-ass kicking Batman is a win. Jeremy’s “Hard-ass kill my sister and her stupid vamp brother lovers” attitude is AWESOME-SAUCE!!! Go young Gilbert and carry on into this world. He is tired of being a doormat “Gimme a stake and I will kill Damon now” from last week was one of my fave lines.

    So glad that they are using my favorite witch Fay for purposes of evil and not just in the wolfie-vamp love triangle. Love Phoebe and I hope she sticks around! In the words of my favorite TVD recampper Thomas “Tyler will hit that like the fist of any angry God” Ha Ha. Could her red dress been any more slutty?! Perfect :)  I hope Katherine shows back up eventually but I like that Elena is still Elena as a vampire and not a Kat carbon copy. Overall , Yay writers, well done.


    You know what, I’ve been wondering what Shane is (warlock/vampire/immortal…what is he?). That still hasn’t been answered. I don’t believe he’s using compulsion, but hypnosis, absolutely. Werewolves, hunters and witches can’t be compelled, which is why he uses hypnosis to get people to do what he wants;) Maybe he does have answers regarding sire bonds, after all, he “knows everything about everything”:) I don’t know if he can create them, but he sure knows how to break them:) It’s a mystery for sure. I’m not sold on what his endgame is…but I’ve wondered many a time if he is Silas. A little bit of my own speculation I’ve picked up that most people don’t know: When Shane was giving his lecture about Silas and the head stone, April decided to talk over him, remember? If you listen really closely, Shane said the headstone was originally found on an island. Guess what? Following tweets from various TVD personal, they are filming episode 13…and based on the pics certain cast members have been taking, they are off in the middle of nowhere, filming on a beach/lakeshore somewhere…could it be the island where the headstone was found? I have a feeling 13 is going to be a flashback…and by flashback, I mean way back to the origin of where the immortality spell came from;) Just wanted to share that with you;)

    PS: Yeah, kudos to us. I love the TVD fandom, but sometimes, they come across as a bit harsh. To be honest, I don’t like it either. What I really don’t like is when people try to re-write the story to make their favorite seem better than they are. You don’t do that. You have your favorite, and I have mine,  and guess what? That’s ok. We both see their actions in a different light because we understand their motivations. That being said, we  can have an interesting chat with each other without it breaking into an all out war. I don’t mind talking about Damon and/or Stefan’s motivations as long as it stays in the confines of how it was written on the show and most of all, polite. Name calling, bulling, ect isn’t cool;) I’ll defend Damon to the bitter end and I would expect a true Stefan fan would defend him to the end, too. People should be allowed to do that without being called a Stelena or Delena like it’s a bad word or something. That came out longer than I meant it to, but we are all part of the same TVD family, we should all act like it:)

  • Nelly

    I’ve read it in TVGuide:
    How will Elena cope with her breakup from Stefan on The Vampire Diaries?
    NATALIE: The
    very last way you’d expect — though it may make some fans happy. The
    big question now becomes: Why? Are Elena’s intentions pure?

    Are Elena’s intentions pure??? What could coming yet? :)

  • Kiki

    The reply button disappeared below so I hope you find my answer to your post here.
    Well… if the lakeepisode they are filming right now is
    a flashback to Silas’ time why is Paul Wesley in it? Nina posted a photo of him and Claire at the beach. I agree about the
    Island but let’s hope the tombstone is not the next moonstone thing. Maybe the tattoo map will lead to the island?
    This Silas-story will be importand I’m sure. Especially his lovestory. The witch who helped with the immortality spell killed the woman he loved. You think Shane is Silas. What would be Silas’ plan in this situation? He was burried alive. Does that mean he lost his powers? So first thing would be getting back his powers but I’m sure getting back the woman he loved is on top of his to-do-list, too. This guy created a spell for immortality I’m sure he knows a way to bring back his dead girl. Because fighting for loved ones is always a topic on TVD. But where is she? Is she a ghost? Will Silas try to bring back a ghost? And what does that mean for our Mystic Falls gang? Would it be possible to bring back a ghost? Lexi, Alaric, Jenna, Anna…. When Ian was in Germany for BloodyDiaries convention they asked him something like what he thinks Damon thought when Alaric died. And Ian said first Damon was sad but then he was happy because Alaric found a new job as maincharacter in another show and then he thought this new show is only 13 episodes so Alaric will take a break and come back when he finished the other job. Ofcourse Ian didn’t know anything about season 4 at that point but….


    Yep- the tattoo map will lead to the island. Shane said the headstone was found on the island (why couldn’t April shut-up so we could clearly hear what he was saying?) which means the “supposed cure” could be there. We need to know, for certain, what the “cure” is. It would make sense, since Stefan is on a mission to find the “cure” that he would be following the map.

    If you go back and carefully listen to what Shane was saying about Silas, he said the following:
    1. Silas wanted to be immortal.
    2. Silas, with the help of a woman named Kepsia (spelling?), created the immortality spell, but instead of sharing it with Kepsia, he wanted to share it with his lady love (no name for this woman).
    3. Kepsia then in turned stole Silas’s magic, burried him alive, and killed Silas’s lady love.
    4. Silas was left immortal, alone & with no magic. His one goal would be to get his magic back and take his vengeance out on the world.

    I’m glad you follow the same twitters I do, it makes it easier, because you know what I’m talking about:)

    Something to consider:
    We know that eventually Rebekah will be woken up. We also know Kohl will be back in play soon. So, why is the Original family gathering? Coincidence or not? If they think there is a “cure”, would they want it? Klaus would not…but Rebekah? Maybe.

    Our MF game are all on board with finding the cure for Elena. But nobody has asked her yet whether or not SHE wants it. Considering the outcome if she takes it, she may not want it…that is, if it really exists. But, one would think the following: if Silas was responsible for the original immortality spell, then he would know how to reverse it….as long as he got his magic back:)

    Look at us go, figuring all of this out:) BTW- I would love it if Alaric could once again make an appearance on TVD. I miss him, and I know Damon does, too:(

    EDIT: one thing we can’t forget- the hunters sword is the key to deciphering the map…and they already have the sword;)

  • Kiki

     but if the map leads to the island and the tombstone Silas must be still burried there. If not why would his grave be importand?
    Ok Kepsia (or however it is spelled) took Silas’ magic. Does that mean she has more magic now? Does it mean she can create the immortality spell on her own now? So maybe she is still alive and Shane is working for her. So if she wants whatever the map has to offer what could it be then?

  • Kiki

     another thing… all the information about the cure is what Alexander told Rebekah, isn’t it? Connor didn’t know why he had the urge to kill vampires and he didn’t know the meaning of the tattoo so did Alexander know everything about it? And if so did he tell Rebekah the truth. Did Klaus just believe what Rebekah told him? Or did he find out more about it from other sources after he killed Alexander? I have a feeling he knows more than he told. And maybe Kol and Elijah know more about it, too and therefore come back to stop Klaus or to help him.

  • TVDHousewife

    Like lots of others in the fandom, I can’t stop thinking about the Damon/Elena sire connection and the seeming randomness of it.  Since it seems somewhat random to many, many (many) people out there, and we all know nothing on TVD is random,  what if it occurs only with a perfect combination of circumstances?

    Die with vampire blood in your system, but not any blood – the blood of a vamp you already have very strong romantic/sexual feelings towards.  This vampire also has to have ingested the blood of the original hybrid to cure him of a werewolf bite.  Elena is turned using Damon’s blood.  Damon ingested Klaus’ blood to cure him of his werewolf bite.

    Blood share with your maker after your transition.  Damon and Elena sexy times in the MG bathroom.  A-hem.  Elena would have ingested more Klaus tainted Damon blood here.

    Blood share with the original hybrid after you’ve ingested werewolf venom (keg stand optional).  Elena drinks Klaus’ blood straight from the vein to cure her of the werewolf venom she ingested at Bex party.

    Each time, is she getting a bit more “sire” into her system?  Does the episode after Bex party mark a slight shift in her feeling towards Damon?

    They spent so much time building up the sire bond story on the hybrid side of things, plus the Klaus as a cure all for werewolf bites, that I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a correlation here…


    Hmmmmm……I would say the map would lead to Silas’s magic. It’s his magic, right? So he would want it back. I would also say it’s safe to assume that if Kepsia (how is this spelled?) stole it, she would still have it…so it would be safe to assume it’s still with her. From what Shane said, Kepsia was not immortal, maybe she couldn’t perform the spell on her own for whatever reason…..or maybe she did…..or maybe she passed the spell down through the witches in her bloodline….ie the Bennett witch bloodline.  Maybe  Esther borrowed Aeyanna’s (spelling again) when she turned her kids into vampires. That would make the original vampire spell a Bennett witch spell. Hmmmmm…..what if the Bennett witch magic actually comes from Silas? So, what if Kepsia is dead, and in order to get the magic back, Silas has to raise her? 

     Remember, Silas is immortal, just powerless. So if Shane is Silas, he would be looking for his magic, right? If the magic is now resting with the Bennett witches, it would make sense that only a Bennett witch could give the magic back. I’m suddenly very scared for Bonnie…..It’s also safe to say that if Silas was the one to create an immortality spell, which he was, then it’s safe to say he could undo it?

    Wait a minute, if the magic rests with the Bennetts, does Bonnie have it in her power to undo the spell placed on the vampires to begin with, she just doesn’t know it?

    I feel like I’m going around in circles here trying to figure this out.

  • Kiki

     What I never understood is why can only Klaus’ blood heal a vampire from a werewolfbite? What exactly is needed to heal? Blood from a hybrid or blood from an original? Wouldn’t Tyler’s blood help, too? Or does it have to be original hybrid blood? But Klaus just became hybrid when his blood healed Damon. How did he know his blood would heal Damon? Did someone explain it to him? And what else can his blood do?

  • TVDHousewife

    I don’t know nearly enough about the mythology to completely answer that question, but my understanding is because Klaus is the only “true” hybrid, in that he was born of a witch mother and a werewolf father and then turned into a vampire.  

    But, I could be misremembering that detail.  All the other hybrids are made/turned by being bitten by Klaus and then fed doppleganger blood.  Maybe someone else can back me up on that…

  • Kiki

     You think the magic is kind of resting in a box or something? My thought was that Kepsia (let’s just spell her this way) just added his magic to hers and now has twice as much. Like Bonnie used the magic of the dead witches. He needed her magic to do this immortality spell but after she took his magic she had enough to do it on her own and made herself immortal?
    But let’s just assume it is resting in a box at the tombstone on the island and Shane is Silas and wants this box of magic. Maybe Bonnie can reach it and did with her dark magic. Remember how she got in trouble with the ghosts of the witches first. When she brought back Jeremy from the death. She did this spell where Onkle John gave his live so Elena would become alive again after the sacrifice. And she tried to bring back Elena from death before she turned into a vampire. She played a lot with death and immortality. Maybe with all this she touched Silas’ magic and this caused Silas’ attention. So he came in form of Professor Shane to work with Bonnie and use her to get his magic back

  • Kiki

     ok, but how did Klaus know that his blood would heal Damon? It was so short after the sacrifice he had no chance to test it before. There must have been someone who knew about it and told him way before


    I would say Klaus knows a lot more about all of this than he’s let on…he always does;) If you remember, Klaus and Elijah were thick as thieves for many years, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Elijah knows what Klaus knows, Kohl to for that matter. maybe they kept it from Rebekah because she really was heartbroken about Alexander. That’s what we need to do….get Klaus to spill the beans;) 


    Blood from The Original Hybrid is what is needed. Tyler may be hybrid, but his vampire bloodline comes from a diluted bloodline…in other words, Klaus was turned by the magic of a witch, Tyler was turned by blood.
    Klaus was born with the werewolf gene, so when he was turned into vampire by magic and made his first kill, he triggered his  werewolf side. Esther then cast a spell to bind Klaus’s werewolf side. I think when Klaus spent all those years trying to break his curse, he found out a lot more from all of the witches (past and present) he had in his back pocket feeding him information.

    As to what else his blood can do, that is a very good question, and one I would love to know the answer to;)

  • TVDHousewife

    I don’t think the sacrifice had anything to do with his blood being a cure for a werewolf bite.  I think his blood was always a cure because of his unique witch, werewolf, vampire genetics.  How he knew that?  I dunno!  LOL!  Maybe he discovered it at some point in his kazillion year history.  Or a witch told him?

    As I remember it, the sacrifice just unbound his werewolf side which would then allow him to make more hybrids using his bite and Elena’s blood.

  • Kiki

     oh yes, I never thought about it this way. Sure his blood was always special even before the sacrifice. That’s it :-)


    Remember all those crazy witches we were told about by Elijah Klaus had as his allies? I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them told him….he’s been around 1000 years, so chances are he’s run into this before. 

    Also, something to remember. Just because Klaus’s werewolf side was bound by magic doesn’t mean his blood was,  it only meant he couldn’t turn. His blood stayed the same. He still had werewolf blood in his veins and he was still half vampire;)

  • Jenay Carriere

    Klaus is an original so he had to go through the sacrifice to be a hybird to bring out his dormant gene a werewolf.When that happened he created hybirds but can only do so from a werewolf.So it’s only because he’s an original and the only one with a wolf gene that he can heal those bitten by werewolves/hybirds.

    Klaus knows because a witch told him I don’t know which one.I would say that it came from legends written down and he followed the blood lines to the right ones.

  • Kiki

     yep and if he does we both are ready to write a Silas spinoff show :-) Look at this storyline we created today :-)


    Resting in a box? No. I don’t think that unless it’s resting in Kepsia’s dead body and she’s dead in a box;)

    I’m leaning more toward the Bennett witch magic actually being Silas’s magic…and he wants it back. But maybe, in order for Silas to get his magic back, they have to contact Kepsia, the one who stole it to begin with…..and the closest place to do that is her grave? Or maybe you’re onto something about Bonnie playing with immortality….maybe it did cause Silas to take notice? But if he lost his magic and is buried alive, yet immortal, how would he know what she’s up to? Meaning he doesn’t have any magical abilities……

    Very puzzling….you know what? If by some chance Kepsia is still alive……and Silas is Shane…well, there would be two of them. Remember the twin demons from the books? Could this be a play on that?

    Another idea I’ve been playing with:
    Is it possible that a doppelganger could also be used as vessel? The reason I am asking is because I couldn’t help but notice the similarity in the name Tahtia, and how Shane pronounced Kepsia…..we’ve been told that Tahtia was the Original Patrova, but what if she was actually the first original doppelganger, meaning Kat the second, Elena the third. What if Kepsia is actually a Patrova and she’s the one were the Partova line started from…..don’t know what that has to do with Silas, but I’ve been playing with the idea a bit in my head;)

  • Raven

     Recap time, from a hilarious perspective!

  • Kiki

    Well if Kepsia would have had Silas’ magic don’t you think she would have made herself immortal using her own and his magic? Maybe the tombstone is some kind of key to put the magic back into Silas… But didn’t Shane have the tombstone already when he was speaking infront of his class? There was a rock or was it just a model of the original one?
    Maybe Silas is dead but bound to the ghostworld like Ester was? So he can watch everything but cannot interact.
    Twindemons? You mean the kitsune from the books? Didn’t they put some kind of demon worm into Damon and he lost control of his body? That goes into the sirebond direction somehow. But the kitsune were twins while Silas and Kepsia are some kind of split non-love-couple thing…. well enemies
    Tatia is a good idea though. What if she was the women Silas loved and he shared immortality with her. Kepsia killed her but the immortalityspell worked and she was reborn as a doppelgänger. Like a phoenix.

  • kellygreen17

    I’m not sure about the others, but DisQus has a “dashboard” option on its page that allows you to look at all of your posts and the responses to them, it also allows you to sort the posts by all, just you, and just responses to you.

  • kellygreen17

    In regards to the number of episodes left this year, as far as I can tell 2, “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street” and “O Come All Ye Faithfull” (I STILL internally hum that carol every time I hear/see that episode title lol).  I was unable to find when exactly next year they’ll be back though I presume it’ll be sometime mid January.

  • Elijahsgirl

    THAT made me feel tons better about the whole thing.  He always nails it.


    LOL….I’m still waiting for my Originals spin off…I’ve got loads of good stuff stored up in my head for them;)

    Kiki- It’s been a real pleasure going back and forth with you exchanging ideas and speculations. Thanks for taking the time to do it:)


    Yeah- you’re right. If she took Silas’s magic she would have made herself immortal, too. So, he would need to find her before he can get his magic back.

    Regarding the tombstone, yeah it was the real thing. Shane said it was recently donated to Whitmore College…

    Regarding Tahtia/Kepsia……I’ve been wondering about that. I’ve also been wondering, if Kepsia was able to do the immortality spell for herself, if Kepsia is in all reality Tahtia. She just changed the spelling of her name as time wore on…..

    I also like the idea of Kepsia being re-born and Silas being tied to the other side, kinda like Esther. This is really interesting stuff, I wonder if we’ve even come close to what the writers are going to present;) 

  • Iansfan

    …I love all your guessing but how do the unsired hybrids come into all of this…

  • I love this show

    Delena, Stelena, Defanila,Stefanila…give me an amen for Klaus and Karoline!!! <3 <3 

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    Really? Haha thanks! I hadn’t noticed!

    That’s a lot of pissed of Delena fans! :(

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    Yes it’s sad that he has to always prove himself so much especially after he has shown on countless occasions that he has evolved. The more they tred on him though, the more you love him, as he seems to manage to brush off sooo well now everything that challenges him. I hope if this sire thing turns out to be true that he manages to brush that off as easily though… Something makes me think that it will damage him even more. Sleeping with Elena was a real big move for him and it might break him to find out that she was only sired…

    Hopefully, if this is the case, they will at least reveal to us in the upcoming episode that in order to be sired in the first place, you have to actually be in love with the person anyway… I guess that might soften the blow … A little…

    I have always liked Stefan too, but lately, more so since the end of last season and this season I am starting to feel different towards him. Like I never really knew him for the first two seasons… Like he is now showing his true colors… And I am starting to really not like him at all :/ Every chance he gets to put his brother down he takes, like a coward, mostly behind his back… Where as Damon confronts him with everything that HE doesn’t like about Stefan, and when it concerns Elena, he has even taken the back seat ( killing bonnies mum when he one the coin toss) for Stefan. I hate the way Stefan tries to constantly cover his ass while Damon does things quietly, ever the silent hero, quietly looking for another hunter without telling Elena, to save her brother, saving Matt from Kol, going to get the grimoir from Anna to save Elena after saying he wouldn’t help….etc… So many moments.

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    They NEED to compensate with a full length, 40 minute, full on sex episode the week after next after having found out that she isn’t sired!

    Okay …. Maybe not all that, but some kind of christmas special, log cabin, romantic love making? XD

  • Georgia_Peach

     I am betting Klaus also knows more about the meaning of the “Doppelganger” too, but that will be revealed more and more as the story goes along.

  • Kiki

     Yes it was so much fun. I’m so sad about all the hate in the comments lately. Just look at the comments for the webclip :-(

  • Kiki

     Maybe Shane is Silas and he wants to unsire the hybrids from Klaus to use them for himself. I could use an army of hybrids if he really has to fight Kepsia to get his magic back

  • Kiki

     Of course we are not even close to what will happen on the show but we have a lot of fun guessing, don’t we :-)
    Kepsia could have changed her name of course. Like Kathrine did.
    We learned that Tathia was the original and the way Klaus and Elijah reacted when they first saw Kathrine we all assumed they had a thing with Tathia before. So if the doppelgänger is like a phoenix of the original Tathia and Klaus loved Tathia his interest in Elena could have more reasons than just creating more hybrids. I never understood why he still needs an army of hybrids anyway. He was afraid of his dad but his dad is dead now. So why is he so obsessed with his hybrids? And why did he hunt Kathrine for all those years. Her blood was useless for him after she became vampire. So much effort only for vengeance? If it was only vengeance he could have killed here easily when he kept her prison in Alaric’s appartment. He didn’t care for Elena anymore after she turned but when he got to know that there is still a hunter around he saved Elena and said she could be useful for him after all. Maybe the doppelgänger has something to do with all this Silas-Kepsia thing, too.
    One thing I am sure of though is that this cure is not what they say it is. This whole cure-story doesn’t make sense. Why would witches greate a way to heal vampires? They are enemies. And why would hunters have to kill vampires to get a map that leads to something which heals vampires?

  • Kiki

     HE could use… not Me of course :-) typo

  • Caffeine

     Does anyone else see the Charlaine Harris rip-off here? The Sookie and Eric blood-bond. The whole saga where Sookie can’t tell whether she loves Eric as a result of the bond or not, so she gets her witch friend to do some hocus-pocus to break the bond.
    I do sincerely hope that Elena’s conclusion will be the same as Sookie’s – “I love you all on my own”

  • Tamara

    To Raven = regarding Thomas Galvin recaps
    His recaps are the most objective and mature ones! They made every episode better than it was written to me.

  • KO

    I agree with you, she did pick someone this episode, whether it be for true feelings or the sire bond. I just feel like she wasn’t exactly being honest with herself season 2 and season 3. Now this episode she finally is, but what I mean by picking one is not having feelings for the other anymore. And that’s the problem that she has which I think will never get solved because its one of the premises of the show.

  • kellygreen17

    Well, it’s a problem even in real life. It’s not like you can turn feelings on and off like a switch (we’re not Vampires after all ;) and even with them it’s an all or nothing deal). You can still love and/or care about a person whom you’ve broken it off with even if you’re no longer IN love with them in the same way. It’s a very human thing for that to happen. I do get what you’re saying though, and it would be nice if she could do that, but as this is a TV show with a very real possibility that she will go back to Stefan at some point before the series ends, having her loose all those feelings completely does not make for good drama. :)

  • DibsOnIan

    Caroline, don’t ruin this for me. Damon is perfect for Elena. And teams? Don’t turn this into Twilight. Delena = the obvious choice.

  • Lyn

     You hit the nail on the head!
     Sorry, just have been reading the post’, sort of new to the scene

  • 8Dana8

     don’t listen to stelenas. They can’t comprehend some stuff. Just beyond them.

  • 8Dana8

     that’s like 3 years later. Geez.

  • Anne

    Hi! sorry to intervene.. I’m just curious with your conversation with Kiki.. just a thought though, I think Silas is an original werewolf (this is just a theory)..I think he’s the opposite of Klaus for that matter..  It just occurred to me when I/ we found out that Haley (wolf girl) and Shane are working together. And they don’t really mention the original werewolves. But since his werewolf “friends/ species” became hybrid, he needed them back to be his alliance that’s why Haley is helping Ty (w/c is innocent) to break the SB..

    As connection with the cure, Silas wants all the hybrids to be with his side because he knows that Klaus would kill just to get it. Although we don’t know what the cure really is, I’m pretty sure it also has something to do with Silas’ girl. I also agreed with you when you said that Bonnie may be from Kepsia’s bloodline.. That’s why Shane wants her to regain her power so he could use her to achieve his plan.  

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