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Posted by | May 10, 2012, 17:30 (MST) | 945 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - The Departed (EP322)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.


The moment we’ve all been impatiently waiting for and dreading all at the same time. In a few, short hours, the season 3 finale will be over. We’re not even going to speculate about what could happen tonight. This is a Vampire Diaries finale, so all bets are off. Prepare yourselves with tissues, stiff drinks and the usual supplies that can be found in a Vampire Diaries Survival Kit. You may need them.

Once you’ve seen it and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers are welcome in the comments, though if you want more in-depth discussion then head on over to the forums! (You’ll need to register, but it takes two seconds.)

Quick guide to the poll options: Things are already tense in fandom, even before the episode has aired. We may all need chill pills before the night is over.
5 valium = LOVE, 1 valium = MEH.

What did you think of The Departed (EP322)?

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  • Dani

    if i may to ask .. who the hell decided it was stefan the one who had to come back to help elena? did damon just say “hey brother you can go, i don´t care”??? wtf??
    and if it wasn´t enought he let her die!!! seriously? damon´s going to kill him back in season 4 snd he´ll be within his rights ..i thought he said to stefan how he apreciates he isn´t the dumbest brother on earth.. guess he is

  • Shannon

    They would never!! I’ll never think that.


    I guess Damon wasn’t kidding when he said their lives are like the proverbial  coin toss…..had Damon been the one to go back to Mystic Falls, Elena wouldn’t be dead.

  • Iansfan

     … well I think he swam away because once again he relied on Elena knowing what she does and thought she would manage to survive until he came back. He hoped that he would have time enough to return and save her too. And as quickly as she died right after Stefan swam away with Matt she wouldn´t have made it to the fresh air living anyway. I didn´t understand why Matt survived. I´m not into drowning, don´t you breathe when you are consciousless? How could he survive?
    Elena did obviously not know that she had vampire blood in her system. So she had her certain death in her mind´s eye. As floating and peacefully as this deathscene was shot I didn´t quite buy it. She was traumatized by her parents´ death and actually should have panicked.
    … and we don´t have to talk about his vampire strength. If he is able to steal 4 coffins at he same time (Klaus´s caskets) he should be able to rescue two people at the same time as well.  But he didn´t do that when her parents died either. And that should have been a dejavu for Stefan. He knew that he was too late for Elena´s dad. So what was on his mind when he left the love of his life down there?

  • Stylegirl48

    So after reading the JP interview, am I now to believe that the human Elena would never choose Damon but the vampire Elena just might.  Well, honestly, that just sucks!!!
     I guess Elena will be a vamp for a little while and spend some time messing around with Damon and then there will be some kind of super Bonnie magic and Elena will become human again just so she can go back to Stefan.  Is this really the way the story is going to go? 
    Kind of sounds that way to me.

  • Guest

     True. And it totally explains his early soft spot for her.

  • Guest

     I think it’s really cool that you could put aside your expectations and see the episode in a different light. I’m kind of heartbroken over this episode and that, I realized, is why it was so good.

  • Guest

    Actually Elena and Damon are much more similar in the way that they love. They both love with an all consuming passion. Its obvious when Elena says that of Rebekah that she and Damon are aware that applies to them as well. And Elena is definitely not about allowing her loved ones to make their own choices if it puts them in danger. She had Jeremy compelled twice. She was planning on using a vervain dart on Stefan to drag him back to Mystic Falls in 3×03. Elena would, under no circumstances, have done what Stefan did in the finale.

    I know everyone has a different opinion but the situation Stefan was in in the finale is very black and white to me and Stefan did the wrong thing. I can’t believe anyone thinks that his decision to do what Elena asked was selfless or romantic. He sacrificed Elena for her choice. So which does he love more? Her or her choice?

  • Tanya

    Totally agree! That’s why I’m telling goodbye for the show as many of my friends do. The finale was the breaking point for me and it failed miserably.

  • Nermin

    I don’t like this episode. Full of tricks , over emotional, lack of consistency…people died but no one actually died.  Whole episode is just a lie and empty..  

  • Alice

    Guys do you remember this poster?

    it was promotional poster for TVD third season and I remember that somebody anticipated that Elena will become a vampire.. Someone wrote that Elena is holding a pomegranate (which is the symbol of life and death) and it is crushed which means she will be dead (become a vampire)

    When I read the comment about that I was like “No way they will turn her, it is just overanalyzing the poster” but now… kudos to the person who figure it out!;)

  • Broomy

     good point about people died but nobody actually died..

  • Kiki

    Why did Stefan save Matt and not Elena? Well, he had to decide within seconds and I’m sure part of season 4 will be him regretting this choice. Everyone does mistakes some are worse than others but part of Stefan is still human and humans make mistakes

  • Kiki

     it felt out of character because Damon had been loving Kathrine for more than 100 years and he stands infront of the girl who is an exact copy of Kathrine and when he realises that she’s not Kathrine he’s just “ok nice to meet you”? Wouldn’t Damon be more emotional, surprised, disappointed whatever about it? Or did he know about doppelgängers and thought “oh just another copy of Kathrine” Or was he (who always overreacts about every emotional even) able to controll his emotions so much?

  • Confuddled

    I’ve got a question you guys.

    How did Klaus manage to be in Tyler’s body by the end of the episode. I mean Bonnie did the spell but how does the spell actually work because I swear it changes everytime it’s done.

    1. End of Season 2 when Klaus was in Ric’s body
    2. Esther in Rebekah’s (all they had to do was hold hands?)
    3. Klaus in Tyler’s body when Tyler was (I’m assuming) 100miles away

  • Caniac59

    I’m with you on that. I was confused at the end when Tyler walked out and was talking to Bonnie. I didn’t know that Klaus was in his body or whatever until I read the comments on here.

  • Guest

    While I am a Stelena fan, I can freely admit that they have done some Delena scenes very well (like when he scooped her up after her accident in season 1). But this new Delena development is more forced than anything ever over the course of 3 seasons on this show. Do the writers just expect us to forget how big of a d-bag Damon was in season 1? He didn’t care about anybody save for himself and Katherine. He used and belittled Caroline, he turned Vicky on a whim, he was mean and nasty to everybody on the show. Now all of a sudden he was prince Charming to Elena, wishing all her dreams come true, out of the goodness of his heart? I’m perfectly happy to go along with the Damon evolved story, but this is just too much to have me believe.

  • Guest

    If Damon’s love was enough for Elena, she wouldn’t be so into Stefan.

  • Guest

    I know, right? And John Gilbert died for nothing.

  • Kiki

    short question: Does Damon have Alaric’s stake now? And where did Elena’s (Esther’s or Rebekah’s ) necklace go? Is it still available to open the door to the ghostworld and get Alaric back?

  • DamonLover

    Lol, I’m the opposite to you. I’m a Delena fan but some Stelena scenes are cute like the one where they are lying in bed and Stefan goes ‘Stop staring it’s creepy.’ But, I personally think that the Delena development isn’t forced but natural. I mean he was there for her after Jenna’s death, when Stefan said to her he didn’t want her anymore when he was off being a ripper and it’s only natural that they become close because of that. And to be fair Stefan has done his fair share of douchebaggery (is that how you spell it lol) too – I mean we saw the list of victims he kept when he was a ripper going so far as actually mutilating the bodies. The only difference is that we didn’t have a personal connection with his victims unlike Caroline or Vicky. But, yes Damon loved Katherine back then so I think it was only reasonable that he compelled the women who reminded him of her to get what she wants in life – sort of a

    hommage to the woman he loves. In season 1, even though Damon did some awful things I don’t think he was an awful person – it was just an act just like Stefan being a ripper. They both pretend to be something they’re not in order to hide their true feelings. 

  • Guest

    When she said, “if only we met first,” she didn’t mean a 30 second polite exchange at a bus stop. She meant if only she had developed a relationship and feelings for him first.

  • ihatepeople

    Afraid they might. It’s been implied in a few articles. They said they plan on having Meredith become Damon’s drinking buddy and possibly more with a question mark after it. It could be the interviewers suggesting the and more part but they suggested that with Sage and there was some shower action. They seem to like putting him with mediocre characters as the is somehow suppose to make things all better and appease us. Bex was actually the only character that wasn’t just fringe but that would’ve worked anyway because of trust issues.

    Shannon explain something to me from your optimistic perspective (I mean that in a complimentary way) because I just can’t wrap my head around it. What was the purpose of all this heartache? I mean we’d expected Elena to go back to Stefan but why put Damon thru more heartache when he’d already accepted she didn’t want him? Why let Stefan push her into that kissing situation to only in the very next episode have him act like it doesn’t matter that she has feelings for his brother? He went from deciding things for her to letting her die because she should have freedom to choose in like two episodes. WTF? How does she go from I can’t lose you to bye-bye so quickly especially after she told Matt how he makes her feel and that she can’t shake him? Maybe you can tell me what you think the point was of her letting him die alone, telling him she chooses Stefan and that she is going to let him go because she cares but not enough and too bad he wasn’t first? I mean who does that to someone who is about to die? It makes it feel like she never really cared about him. Every move now seems like it’s been an exercise in futility and a means to mislead him and the DE fans. I just don’t see the point why it was implied more than once that she was ready to move on when they knew they weren’t going to go that route. It seems like such a regression for her to go back to Stefan. She was a stronger character without him but as soon as he is back she is like this frightened little girl again and he wimps out to that teenage boy who would never disagree because he doesn’t want her to get mad. How is that “epic”? All we’ve done is go back to the beginning.

  • ihatepeople

    The last we saw the necklace was still in the cave. It has to pop up again at some point. They didn’t show us but I think we’re to assume Damon has the stake since he was the only one left with Ric when he died and that was what Ric tried to kill him with. Maybe they’ll use that next season on Tyler/Klaus.

  • VCQ

    Sorry, but the last several episodes have been downhill in terms of writing. I found myself having a hard time following along at points. The finale was somewhat of an improvement, but I was still confused about several things. The shocker that flashback Damon actually made contact with Elena first was awesome…however, for Delena fans, I wouldn’t get your hopes up just yet. I’m confused about the ending…Elena apparently drowns, but Dr. Fell is saying that she had a stroke…when? In the car, underwater? At the beginning of the episode, and she’s been a “ticking time bomb” ever since? And Ric shows up as a ghost like, “hey Jer, just wanted to say ciao” without apologizing for being a demonic dirtbag (still haven’t puzzled out all of Ric’s motives).

  • VCQ

     I didn’t even catch it until I read about it on here. Like I mentioned in a recent comment, I’ve been having a hard time following along the last several episodes; the storylines feel disjointed, with actions either happening off-camera or too quickly for me to follow.

  • Ianlover

    The Secret Circle has been cancelled on the CW which is very sad. I will miss it and am disappointed we won’t get to see those awesome teen witches play with their magic and each others heart ever again.

    But even though I am sad, I am twistedly happy. Since Kevin Williamson’s schedule won’t be that busy anymore, maybe he can pay more attention to tvd? Maybe we will get more OMFG and WTH just happened moments? Maybe we won’t see Damon getting punched around all the dam time anymore? MAYBE Damon and Elena will get a chance to be together without STELENA IS THE EPIC LOVE bull crap over them.

    Julie Plec has been doing OK alone and i liked season 3 but when she is with Kevin they become  a super power couple and their brains create magic together. And Julie LOVES Stelena more than anything, but Kevin has a different view on the love triangle and he loves Damon a lot more. Season 4 will be epic magic if they com back together for a daily basis so even tho its sad That secret circle is gone forever, we might get back the TVD epicnes we have been missing for a long time.

  • Ianlover

    lol LOVE IT

  • Ialover

    I MISS HER MORE. The last we say her was in 3×09 and shes still not back. I think Damon forgot to give her a call to to tell her Klaus was locked away since he’s been busy being TORTURED emotionally and physically.

  • Ianlover

    I have been trying to get over my depression and re watch the episode objectively but i can’t. I want to pretend the finale never happened. I hated it so much but loved it to OMG life sucks when a TV show has you in an emotional mess.

  • charmedone1545

     Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Rebecca take the necklace when Elena threw it at her in the cave or was it the other way around,I honestly can’t remember,but that’s ok because I am still mourning TVD and The Secret Circle(it would be great if one of the chance harbour witches would come to Mystic Falls).I’d love to see Lucy(2×08?) to come to Mystic Falls in season 4. How are you doing?

  • ihatepeople

    It was the other way around. Bex threw the necklace at Elena when Elena pointed out that despite hating her mother Bex was still wearing her necklace. I don’t think anyone picked it up after that.

    I don’t watch the Secret Circle but MF sure could use some more witches to help with their vamp issues. LOL.

    Mourning is a good word. Haha. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this so called logical progression the writers seem to think they’ve made. No matter how they try to spin it things just come back to them regressing the characters and toying with us. You know the same old one will always be perfect while the other will never be good enough. Themes I completely disagree with. After the finale I just want Damon to move on to someone who lights a fire in him and appreciates what he does instead of someone who uses him and a brother who never follows his advice.

  • ihatepeople

    In JP’s interview she said Elena only told Damon that to “soften the blow” implying she didn’t mean it really. Are you thinking that whomever the Petrova meets first is the one who was her true love? As in how Stefan saw Katherine first? Damon got involved with her first but she ended up loving Stefan more.

  • Charlotte

     Julie must have done something right.  The Vampire Diaries is coming back.  I think Julie has been doing  an outstanding job.

  • Alexa

    Just thinking the way the finale went down Damons song could be the new song from maroon 5 ” payphone”, was downloading it and it just popped into my head, still very unhappy about the finale am watching season 1 again you can see the change in Damon slowly coming on.

  • shila1307

    You are so right. They all do a good job. Did I mention everyone involved with the show. EVERYONE OF THEM!!! :))

  • shila1307

    One question that keeps popping up in my mind. Is Tyler dead or not? And if he is alive where is he? I mean is he floating somewhere in oblivion. And when exactly did Klaus pop into his body bc That Titaniclike sentence with Caroline and her beautiful future was not exactly Tylers style. Though the tears flowed exactly from this moment on until Alaric appeared as a ghost. I have to rewatch once more!

  • Ner

    I dont think Julie Plec did great job in s3. Dialogs manipulating, julie invades characters in every episode, characters seems like not talking each other, talking to viewers mostly. She used mostly Caroline, Matt , Rose , Elena ets. to answer critics about shows moral messages and she used this characters for firing up the main tringle. (P.S.English my second language, my grammer and some words i used may be wrong) It was sad because all s3 Elena talked about boyfriend issues with almost everyone

  • Anon

    You’re going too heavy on the d-bag side of S1 Damon. Yes, he had a lot of d-bag moments in S1. But it wasn’t ALL bad. In S1 we saw glimpses of caring from Damon – that he cared about his brother, about Katherine, about Elena. But more than that, there were hints of him caring for other people beyond his ‘inner circle’, like Liz Forbes and Ric (before their bromance proper started) or like when he told ‘Elena’ in the finale that he wanted to protect the town.

    He was never a total d-bag, the humanity has always been there, it’s always just under the surface. When Damon saw a human girl who looked exactly like Katherine it stirred that humanity in him. I believe Elena as a person wholly separate from Katherine captivated him during their conversation. That’s what Elena did in S1, she tapped into that side of Damon.

    Ian Somerhalder said in an interview somewhere that Damon, despite all the pain and loneliness and cynicism, there is still something innocent in him that hasn’t been touched since 1864. And that’s what I always see in his portrayal of Damon.

  • charmedone1545

     Damn Straight he needs someone to light his Fire if they’re not going to let Delena have their time(I still have HOPE,not giving up)b/c Damon needs to have Love in his life,instead of heart break and beatin’ down all the time.Lord if my heart is in a BILLION Shards,His has to be 24 Zillion Piece’s,he needs some Healing LOVE.I Still think they need to explore the Katherine/Stefan relationship b/c he did actually loved her,his feelings were never compelled,now wouldn’t that be a shit kicker for all of them………..

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    Totally agree Ner about the dialogs. Especially some of Elena’s dialogs. I didn’t know wether to think it was Blond, bit of an airhead Elena Gilbert from the books speaking or the Elena we have known since the show started. Quite a few silly things have been said, and out of character things from a lot of the characters this season. 

  • Kiki

     Julie Plec said Tyler is not dead. It’s the same spell like the one Klaus used to get into Alaric or Esther into Rebekah oder Emily into Bonnie ;-)

  • Kiki

    As far as I know Kevin did work on TVD season 3. He said he only worked for Secret Circle for the first couple of episodes and he never stopped working on TVD.

  • Kiki

     well they had the moonstone and locked it with Kathrine in the tomb only to fight for it afterwards. They had the necklace and left it with Rebekah after Elena staked her. I wouldn’t be surprised if Damon forgot to take the stake when he relalised Elena died.

  • Mellem_28

    If at the end delena ends up being the end game then everything that has happened including this season’s heartbreak will make them getting together so much much more amazing.  So im just going to go  with that mentality for the rest of tvd…if however at the end she still chooses stefan i will literally die and i think i would have been better if i never watched this show in the first place. My only hope is that damon doesnt get elena by default because stefan dies or dissapears…which is kind of what happened in this season…im actually glad they didn’t get together while stefan was away because then we’ll never be certain if he was just elena only option..when and if they get together it has to be because elena literally chooses damon over stefan….but stefans a nice guy and i hope they put him with someone too after delena happens…maybe meredith perhaps?

  • shila1307

    …Oder… LOL are you from Germany too? OK Tyler is not dead. But there is only one body or Klaus body is damaged bc Ric closed the coffin too quick and shut off the O2supply :) I mean they have healing powers but with the special stake? 

  • ihatepeople

    That would just suck!

  • Angel_683

    I doubt that. because Elena’s father had a ring which protected him from supernatural death.So, if Damon or Stefan caused the accident, he wouldn’t die. (just like Ric when Klaus’s hybrid hit him by car)

  • ihatepeople

    I’ve been shipping the Stefan/Katherine thing for a while along with a few others on here. He wants to think his feelings for Katherine were based on compulsion but they weren’t. You know the irony with her is he has no problem having a spine when it comes to telling her she isn’t getting her way but with Elena he let’s her make stupid decisions because he doesn’t want her to be mad at him. Honestly pairing him with Katherine would do his character a lot of good. No one wants to see a guy with no backbone no matter who we ship.

    For me they’ve made it painfully clear by the way Damon keeps getting crushed and what is flat out said in interviews that DE will never happen and wasn’t meant to. Damon’s purpose was to create tension nothing more. On that note I’m more than ready to see him in a spicey relationship with someone else. It can be a turbulant one for all I care so long as it is with someone who is only his, who loves him, who is as passionate as he is and who he ends up falling for. He doesn’t have to be instantly madly in love with her but he has to at some point realize she snuck up on his heart and it’s REAL love not this using crap.

  • guest

    “In that moment, when she was going to lose them both, she didn’t miss the chance to hurt Damon”
    This about sums it up. So OOC for Elena, who is this selfless, compassionate and caring person. Her crying, then the thought she is also going back for her friends didn’t change the cold: I care about you, so I’ll let you go, just when Damon was about to die.

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