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Posted by | October 13, 2011, 17:30 (MST) | 265 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - The Reckoning (EP305)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.





We could wax poetical about tonight’s episode, but we think this quote from Julie Plec on Twitter sums it all up perfectly:

Tonight’s TVD is how sh*t goes down when Klaus feels betrayed. #someoneneedsahug. #ortherapy

Somewhere in Mystic Falls there’s a therapist raking it in…

Don’t forget that directly after The Reckoning you can watch The Secret Circle, the new Thursday night companion for The Vampire Diaries from Kevin Williamson, based on another L.J. Smith series.

Watch and then swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers are welcome in the comments, though if you want some more in-depth discussion then head on over to the forums! (You’ll need to register, but it takes two seconds.)

Quick guide to the poll options: Look, we know you’re all unimpressed with the mousetraps as a prank, but this is Mystic Falls! Do you have any idea how big the mice in this town are and what they can do?! 5 mousetraps = LOVE. 1 mousetrap = MEH.

What did you think of The Reckoning (EP305)?

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  • Anonymous

    Exactly! I was sure Klaus had him in one of his coffins x) and I was a bit disappointed by how easily they found him. 

  • Anonymous

    Hi Miss_Annie:)- Wise & reasonable, me? LOL….I need to watch the episode again, but for the most part…I can tell you this:

    Stefan: You would have to have a heart of stone not to feel sorry for him tonight. I would say he had the worst day ever because per Rebekah, Klaus had been breaking his neck all day (ouch), then he got attacked by the brat from hell (Rebekah), the he got mind screwed by Klaus (geez), then he tried to fight said mind screw (great job, that), and then he got the full mind whammy from Klaus  which caused him to flip his switch- yeah, worst day ever! I’m a tad disappointed that the writers are afraid to dirty him up and have him flip his switch all by himself, it just makes it easier to forgive him later on- but this is what we have to work with, so, there you go. That being said, I was soooo proud of him for fighting the compulsion Klaus put on him, but lets keep it real and say that he knew if he started feeding, he wouldn’t be able to stop unless someone stopped him. Which means he knew he would kill Elena. So, the scenes themselves were awesome, the love he feels for Elena is definitely very strong…….but what I want to know is this: Had he started feeding on Elena, would he have been able to stop? That after all is the point, isn’t it? 

    Klaus: Freaking rocked! JoMo is killing this role. I’m telling you, one look in those eyes of his and I’d be scared to death. I do kinda find it a bit funny (and very ironic) that Klaus has done all this so there will be others like him around- ahhhh, the hybrid doesn’t want to be alone.

    Rebekah: Freaking rocked, too……yeah, she does come across as the brat from hell…but she’s awesome while she’s doing it. Now Caroline knows what the head butt from hell feels like!

    Katherine & Damon: “I wouldn’t do it for you”- LOL- Damon’s snarkiness is the comedic timing of the show. And just so everyone’s clear here…..he was talking about going up against Klaus…you know the hybrid that kicks his ass on a regular basis and it’s almost a certainty Klaus will get tired of seeing Damon’s face up in his eventually- no, Damon wouldn’t do that for Kat…..however, leverage is the word of the day. Kat’s always one step ahead and Damon is a fast learner:)

    Damon & Elena: My heart broke for Elena tonight. She genuinely loves Stefan. She thought that no matter what, he would never hurt her. We the audience can see the poor guy had no choice, but Elena looked like she was shell shocked. I was in tears when she asked Damon: “Where were you Damon?”…..and then the, “I promise, I will never leave you again.” Damon has made his choice. He’s given his word. He knows that if Stefan were to come back to himself, that Elena would choose Stefan. Damon is choosing to not let that matter to him. He loves her so much, it’s enough for him to know that she’s alive, and happy….and it really doesn’t matter who she’s with.

    It seems to me that both boys are very honorable. There is no right or wrong here. Stefan fighting the compulsion so hard and Damon giving his word to Elena that he would never leave her side again……wow. When Rose told Elena back in S2 that no one has loved her like Elena is loved, she was right. Who can say that they’ve had two such powerful loves before? Elena is a very lucky girl:) But in a sense, it’s also very sad.

    I’ll have more later….but for now, Tyler’s a hybrid, Katt & Jer have found Michael, and Stefan the Ripper is now running around present day MF- what a mind blowing episode:)

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t say it better!! Love Delena 

  • Anonymous

    I cried when Damon told Elena he would never leave her again ;( One of my top delena moments!

  • Lola

     reply to eve i do like your comment but i don’t agree with you about elena she is only 18 and went through so much and when she asked damon where he was that does’n mean she is not loyal she is sad lost and damon he did like stefan in season 2 when he want to klaus and told him he doesnt care if he kill him so whey many of you against damon.they weren’t getting cosy what? did he share a kiss with her, he offered to her to forget what happen isn’t that true love and elena refused she is after all stronge and she is going to face klaus and sure not by getting in damon arms ,and i love stefan i put the three of them in same level

  • Anonymous

    Klaus finding Elena, that was quick! And it’s nice to see he still has his sense of humor after finding out she’s alive. 
    I love how he keeps calling her “love”, “sweetheart”, and acts like she’s his pet x) Hell, I might just start shipping Kelena x)

    And OMG is Dana finally dead?!? I would’ve loved to see her miraculously transform into a vampire just so someone could say “Not now, Dana!” and stake her.

    Stefan being compelled to become a true rippah? That was a bit disappointing. I was hoping he’d let go because he wanted to. But it was to be expected, it’s the only way they could justify his actions once he’s back from this bender. But I wish they didn’t have to. He’s a vampire, he shouldn’t have to have an excuse to act like one.

    Tyler becoming a hybrid was unexpected as much as Caroline becoming a vampire. But Klaus wasn’t the least bit interested in him. He probably didn’t need another disloyal, homesick comrade to deal with.

    When Klaus slipped and gave away his fear of being alone, it was the most “awww” moment for me. I guess I’m just a sucker for lost cause too x)

    Elena’s blood being the key to creating more hybrids was quite obvious, given her blood was what triggered Klaus’ werewolf side too. Yet it didn’t occur to me. Probably because they were trying to mislead us (and Klaus) with the whole “doppelganger has to die” thing. Kudos to Julie & Kevin for one more twist! 

    This guy Michael is scary enough to make Klaus flee and leave Elena behind. I’m officially worried. I don’t want there to be a way to kill the originals. They’re supposed to be invincible. Oh TVD, why do you always do this to me. 

    Yes, I realize this whole post is “Klaus, Klaus, Klaus” but I can’t help it. I just love that crazy bastard.

  • Kaua Kaeo

    this episode was awesome!!!

  • Iwka_baletnica

    I have to admitt too that storyline about Stefan resisting compulsion wasn’t reliable. After all Klaus is ancient and powerful. For me it was to big of a stretch. They always give Stefan a loop:/
    Above that i loved the episode! Can’t wait for next one

  • Mairead

    Don’t think we have that in the U.S.  Bummer.

  • simplethings

    I agree, resisting compulsion from normal vampires is supposed to be something learned over decades, not to mention resisting from a ancient vampire! But that’s the only story-line that I’m not liking. Other than that everything else was perfection!

  • Ilianina

    Undescribable. I’m really unable to find the words descriding this thing I’m sure about..I Love Delena<3

  • notenough

    “Where were you, Damon?”

    “I promise, I’ll never leave you again.


    phew… Great episode all together….

    In the words of Stefan- Carry on! LOL

  • Tvdfan#

    Ok, great episode, BUT I was yawning a little that Stefan almost killed Elena like 3 times. I mean it was like the writers did the same scary at least moment twice. First off, we know she will never die and if she did it would NOT be by Stefan. So why do it 3x?. the first moment was the countdown. Then the Chase in the halls, then the total REDO by Klaus when he compelled Stefan AGAIN to turn it off. I get that it was part of the story arc, but yawn! Enough with the Elena near death moments. It just bugged me.

  • Levi

    Elena is the one that got attacked by Stefan, so why the dislike for her? She believed in him till the moment he let go and attacked her so what did she do wrong?

  • Amy

    I think we should give some credit to Nina as well… 

  • Ana

    He better not take over Damon’s room!!! 

  • Levi

    Poor Dana :’( 

  • Mo

    Oh come on! Where do u see Elena coming on to Damon? Why would Elena need to repay Stefan for anything now? He attacked her, she has reasons to be wary of him now. She encouraged him to fight till the last moment when he let go and even then she didn’t believe that he would attack her but he did. Stefan is not the victim here, Elena is!!! 

  • Miranda FM

    I have to say…. Klaus betrayed was a little MEEEH… I mean, he’s a mean badass muf****** Hybrid… I kind of expected him to go a little more psycho. 

    I thought I would like Rebecca more too. The-blond-bombshell-centuries-old-diva-vampiress came across as a real dame a few episodes back, but she’s starting to seem really whiney and, like Klaus said, Petty. It would be nice if she grows a little more backbone too and stands up to her evil big bro. Don’t get me wrong, I love her ruthless crazy bitch qualities… but maybe she could take a page from Katherine and stand up for herself… I mean would yooou like to have been locked away in a box for years for disagreeing with your egocentric sibling? …No… I didn’t think so… 

    I’m so glad they didn’t kill Tyler off… Is it me, or have they given him that added bonus evil vampire twinkle in his eye now? Cause I mean, you can’t be a vampire, or at least half vampire with out a little of the “undress you with the eyes” quality…

    Can’t wait to see big chief vampire in action… In the flash back he looked a little MEH… but I won’t judge yet…

    All in all though, I do love these guys and I do love this show, and this episode was equally as awesome as the rest :D 

    Now to wait patiently till next week :( 

  • guest

    I really am not getting why Stefan fans are hating on Elena now? What did she do wrong? Ask Damon where he was? Really!!! Elena is just as much a victim here as Stefan is!!! She believed in him until the moment he attacked her. Ease up on the Elena hate, please!!! 

  • Miranda FM

    That’s exactly what I thought ! I don’t understand why they had him say that… it’s like… DUH… look at you , you sorry dead vampire… It’s her bloody fault you were in all the mess you were, and still are, in! LOL

  • Levi

    This is not a game of one-upmanship between Damon and Stefan. Yes Stefan sacrificed himself tonight, Damon will probably get his turn one day. Lets not underestimate TVD writers. I’m sure they’ll come up with a twist and turns to shock us and keep us on our toes!

  • Miranda FM

    I don’t know… I kind of thought he meant his sister too. Also being as petty as she is, she would totally take it the wrong way If he meant Elena no? 
    It’s not uncommon for Loveless psycho killers to find a connection with siblings and/or parents. Just ask Norman Bates. 

  • Vampirelady2212

    Love your comment!
    Now Elena knows how much Stefan loves her,she saw it,she heard it! And she asked Damon: “WHERE were you? (…you didn`t help him!)”
    I´m sure Stefan & Elena will be together again,their love is so strong.
    I think Damon knows that…

  • anon

    Totally agree with u. Stefan is portrayed a victim again. I would have preferred it if he let go with been compelled. The fight to gain his humanity back would have been so much more effective. Regardless, I am looking forward to new ‘improved’ Stefan… 

  • Miranda FM

    I know right? 

    Poor girls just trying to go day by day about saving the guy, not caring wether or not she get’s killed in the process… but hey… how selfish of her right? LOL

  • Momina Amjad

    This might as well be my favorite TVD episode of all time. Every character this show has was used EPICALLY . The show raised the bar very high with The Reckoning. 

    Everybody was talking about game-changing, it was, but I guess many of us connected the dots… The developments were not necessarily surprising for me, but the episode kept me on the edge of my seat and my jaw was dropped right since Matt was looking for something in the opening scene to where Micheal’s sleeping Original self showed up. I just tweeted this ” Shocking, suspenseful, frightening, fast, slow, beautiful, emotional, action packed, game-changing – it was EVERYTHING in one. #TVD” 

    Can’t remember the last time I loved Matt and Bonnie so dearly. It was beautiful scene when Matt was drowning himself an Bonnie came to his rescue.  Amazing how Pearl and Anna from season one had something to do with Micheal and why he’s so important. Loved Damon and Katherine’s interaction. Loved Stefan and Elena’s scenes, especially the part when she was running from him- it was nicely shot. Damon and Elena scenes in were really sweet, got me to tears..Seeing Stefan like that in the end had me confused but it was kinda funny. 

    Tyler and Caroline – I knew something was gonna go wrong there. Tyler’s turning into a hybrid wasn’t a surprise for me- thanks to the speculation on this website :P It’s an interesting turn of events for him, but I REALLY hope this doesn’t get him killed! 

    I’m starting to think that Michael is the Original dad after all, maybe his children never bothered calling him daddy or something. It makes a lot of sense. Though who knows, TVD likes surprises so-  Also, I’m starting to think that the Original Witch and Mommy Original are one and the same, Vamplover said this before but I doubted it then (cause witches were always of an African origin, weren’t they? LOL) but I see why the mother would be behind the whole curse and all. This helps us understand Klaus too. In his mind, he’s the lonely kid deserted by BOTH of his parents… As far as this episode goes, Klaus is one of the best villains of all time. I’m actually comparing him to Sauron and Voldemort, and that’s the greatest ranks of villainy for me. 

    The reason why TVD is so much better than most other fantasy shows is because all of the storylines actually merge into one main plot. I wasn’t sure about Jeremy’s story this season, until the previous episode, when I liked it, and this episode, when it’s proven essential to this whole season. Very few shows know how to connect it all together effectively. (I’m looking at True Blood, thanks for a sucky season where a Nobody’s V addiction takes up 20 minutes of an episode) TVD does it every time… This episode was great character development for ALL characters we have on this show. This is going to be a mind blowing season. 

    PS- RIP Dana.

  • Miranda FM

    I have never really spoken to a Stelena fan hehe I’m more of a Delena fan myself, but I just wondered If you really think they could get back what they had now? after everything? 
    I also wondered, if you were Elena, how you could ignore the intensity of Ian Somerhalder >.<… I would just melt lol

  • guest

    Your thoughts about Stefan, ripper, compulsion…Brilliantly said!!! 

  • Miranda FM

    Does no body think that maybe… JUST MAYBE…. Elena, Katherine, yada yadda yadda…. were dopple gangers of MUM ??

    Yes Klaus, Rebecca’s mum and Michaels wife? who cheated on him with a wolf ^^

  • Momina Amjad

    Agree with all that you said.. If there wass one foggy moment in this episode, it was this one.. It’s not quite possible for Stefan to deny Klaus’s compulsion. And yeah.. I guess flashback Stefan was the best..  he didn’t surface yet :( 

  • guest

    THIS!!! I like SE but I don’t get the Elena-hate now. She just lost Stefan to the bad side, she needs a shoulder to cry.

  • Miranda FM

    Stefan resisting compulsion:  LOVE conquers all… wait a second… hmm….thought about it…. slight wedgie moment face coming on…. hmmm no, no it doesn’t…. 

    Nyam nyamaamama aanyaaamaa ama a aa….. (BUUUUURP…)… 0o0o0o0o0…. pardon me

  • Miranda FM

    who is Dana? 

  • Miranda FM

    I have never really spoken to a Stelena fan hehe I’m more of a Delena fan myself, but I just wondered If you really think they could get back what they had now? after everything? I also wondered, if you were Elena, how you could ignore the intensity of Ian Somerhalder >.<… I would just melt lol

  • Momina Amjad

    Yeah, a lot of us had thought that before the Mommy original was cast.. I can’t remember the actress’s name but obviously, new casting means no doppelganger. Mommy Original could be the Original Witch, though. 

  • Momina Amjad

    Dana, more commonly known as NotNowDana was the girl Klaus-Alaric compelled in the 1960s dance, episode 2×17. The same girl who Klaus compelled to stand on one leg and later asked Stefan to kill her.

  • Maha

    Wow wow wow !!!!!! Best episode so far !!!!

  • Candygirl9890

    That’s exactly what I said.

  • confused01

    Loved this episode but it was confusing!!
    Matt and Bonnie on a mission to save Tyler only to stop short when Klaus shows up to over hear them talking about what vicky was told by the original witch…
    Klaus has Stefan feed on Elena, leaves and turns up with Elena’s blood and gives it to Tyler, now a hybrid… where is Matt and Bonnie, having a nice conversation by the pool… did they forget they were suppose to be doing? What about Elena? did they just give up?
    Tyler and Caroline walking through the hall later, no Rebecca or Klaus…  and not in any hurry?
    Either we have holes in this story or they were all compelled!!! 

    Also confused bout Anna knowing where to find Michael, Pearl apparently gave her info im assuming about him and where to find him, but Pearl was in the tomb.  I thought Michael was chasing after Klaus in the 1920′s, not sure on the date but clearly Pearl was still in the tomb, did Michael escape at some stage only to get caught and put back???

  • Maha

    And how do u feel about Damon ??? U didn’t say anything about him !!!

  • Rebecca Simonca

    There’s a difference clearly- He would DIE for Elena as in NEVER COME BACK. Vampires come back.

  • Thirsty Like a Vamp

    Dead vampires do come back too. True, no longer as vampires (Vicki, Anna), but they can still hang around and/or haunt.

  • tess

    OMG best episode yet!!!!!

  • Drich61

    From this episode, it is now clear that Anna was lying last episode about being all alone. Vicki got info from the original witch ghost. And Anna had to get info from either Pearl or Michael, and if it was from Pearl she is then in contact with Michael. Don’t know how that would have worked since Michael wasn’t really dead?

  • Naruto chapter 558 is awesome!

    Damn it… Delena so close, but so far because Stefan is a cock blocker.

  • Anonymous

    I was team brotherhood, and that is the problem Elena is always the victim.  And my I say I go on record for always hating Elena since the first day of the show.  Yes, I am the President and founding member of the I hate Elena club.
    Now in terms of the wonderful shipper wars: I think both side are missing something.  I think Elena is much worst than Katherine, at least Katherine was an open player.  I.E. Elena- with Stef: Oh, remember our love,what we been through.  Elene with Damon- Oh,Damon where were you. And she manage to sound so helpless both times.  Women/people like that deserve to be alone.  Trick, please, there is no way that woman does not know what she is doing, she is working it. She is a victim alright, of her own vanity.  Of course, this just makes both Damon and Stefan look at best stupid, and at worst I won’t say because I dont want to get banned.   This is why I went from Team Brotherhood to Team Klaus.
    So, therefore:
    Elena- Congrats, you have move from pathetic to completely pathetic. You poor little helpless victim.

    Katherine- Player play on!!

    Klaus- Call me and bring Katherine.

  • Iwka_baletnica

    I agree. People forget that she’s young (and already have seen so much death). Despite what others think i see her as a brave girl.  She’s just human and like we all do, she’s going to make mistakes – that’s the process of growing up (it doesn’t mean that she’s not going to have any regrets). Stefan was her first real love, why can’t people understand that she’s still learning what it really means? That she may be confused, may fall in love with someone else. This is normal. You don’t choose who you love – this are the heart desires. I know from experience that sometimes love just appears, uninvited. And you have to deal with it. So quit judge her for counting on Damon to save her. To be suprised that Stefan bit her. Everything happens so fast. Just let her live, poor girl has been through enough.
    Of course i understand some points of view, i myself sometimes scream on my tv “Shit Elena! WTF?” but i think that’s what makes a good tv show. So peace people:)

  • Iwka_baletnica

    Yes! “Improved” Stefan will be a treat to watch:) I’d love to see some scenes with him and Katherine! It could be hilarious!
    Brooding Elena will fit better with Damon – he’ll make her smile a bit:)

  • Iwka_baletnica

    I agree with you! There was no “coming on” to anyone. Elena is just used to Damon being there for her whenever she needs him. She counted on him to save her, at least try. He always did, until now. After all he’s her friend, and a strong one:)

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