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Posted by | October 13, 2011, 17:30 (MST) | 265 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - The Reckoning (EP305)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.





We could wax poetical about tonight’s episode, but we think this quote from Julie Plec on Twitter sums it all up perfectly:

Tonight’s TVD is how sh*t goes down when Klaus feels betrayed. #someoneneedsahug. #ortherapy

Somewhere in Mystic Falls there’s a therapist raking it in…

Don’t forget that directly after The Reckoning you can watch The Secret Circle, the new Thursday night companion for The Vampire Diaries from Kevin Williamson, based on another L.J. Smith series.

Watch and then swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers are welcome in the comments, though if you want some more in-depth discussion then head on over to the forums! (You’ll need to register, but it takes two seconds.)

Quick guide to the poll options: Look, we know you’re all unimpressed with the mousetraps as a prank, but this is Mystic Falls! Do you have any idea how big the mice in this town are and what they can do?! 5 mousetraps = LOVE. 1 mousetrap = MEH.

What did you think of The Reckoning (EP305)?

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  • Radiomuse

    One of the most powerful moments on TVD of all 3 seasons had to b Stefan fighting the compulsion not to kill Elena, trying to kill himself so he would not act on Klaus compulsion & his fight against Klaus to turn off his emotions/love he feels. Def made me cry & I say only one other scene has ever made me cry was when Damon killed Jer (i have a younger bro so kinda freaked me out). The only thing that ruin the scene in the cafe was Elena reaction to the situation. I understand she was scare but for crying out loud the love of your life is trying to kill himself & fighting against someone he is no match against so he doesn’t let go of his feelings & kill her but all she done was watch & not shed at least 1 tear? Other than that best epicsode ever!! PS everyone is complaining about Stefan being compell to turn it off as oppose to him doing it for himself but i totally understand y the writers did. It would have been a longer journey & more of the season taken up to make him go that way on his own. Also how would u get him to turn back on his own? If he is Klaus henchman & enjoying it caue he turned it off on his own then how do they keep the people/story lines going on in MF. Y would anyone want to help Stefan if he is the ripper by his own doing? So long story short the writers need to connect those dot unless they were willing to create a whole another show just for Stefan & Klaus. Instead me getting mad at the writers when they make choices i try to understand y & figure out where they r trying to get t.

  • NoMoreBoringTV

    The Emmys has a tendency of overlooking shows on the CW, shows with super good looking cast.

  • Anonymous

    Damon, didn’t kill Jer, he just knocked him a little to get what they wanted from Anna

  • Anonymous

    So, sad because I am sure they will give True Blood some noms. and it has been bad for about two years, now.

  • Iwka_baletnica

    I have few words to sum it up – Payback is a bitch.
    Katherine treated Damon like shit, now he’s just giving her a taste how it feels like.

  • Momina Amjad

    I’m not a big Elena fan and I definitely don’t want her to be the reason Salvatore bros lose what they have, but I think you’re a wee bit too heavy on team hate Elena. I don’t think she would ever purposefully play with both Stefan and Damon.. you have taken her words out of context. She could use a little manning up, but that does not mean Elena is the mass manipulator of BOTH the bros. 

  • Aylin

     am i the only one who thought that this episode wasn’t that good? :/ and that’s because i’m sooooooo disappointed in Rippah Stef… He had to be COMPELLED to kill? Wth? That isn’t ripper-y, at all. It’s just compulsion. I’ve been waiting for Stefan to be 100% in this 1920-modus, and it didn’t happen. Seriously? I honestly can’t see any evolving in his character, he still holds on to his humanity (until Klaus compelled him, but it’s compulsion, so it’s not real, his inner self doesn’t want to do the things that he has to now)

    Now the good things (this is the Vampire Diaries so of course it wasn’t all bad);
    I loved the Damon&Katherine scenes, they’re badass together. But i’m glad that Damon pushed her away, Kat has already messed with his feelings enough.
    Rebekah is a bitch but i like her
    It’s amazing how much Stefan loves Elena, he really did fight against the compulsion
    I’m happy Tyler is okay (and a hybrid lol), and Caroline is so cute she cares for everyone
    Matt is so reckless&dumb, Bonnie.. i don’t know what i can say ’bout her, i guess i’m glad she saved Matt?
    Jeremy is totally cool with seeing ghosts everywhere, i would freak out
    Katherine… i love her, she’ll always be one of my favourite characters
    and Klaus…. gosh i love him SO much, he’s so badass and evil& kinda like a child when he doesn’t get what he wants. I love his cold&unfeeling look on his face, and he can be really funny too. He’s just … perfect.

    But i’m really annoyed that they already showed the good parts of Klaus.. that he doesn’t want to be alone. It’s too early, he’s only been totally bad for 5 episodes or so. Why didn’t they let him be heartless for 10 episodes more? Every baddie on this show has, almost immediately, good parts too. Except for Katherine, and that’s what I love about her. They didn’t change her completely into a ‘good’ person.

    oh and i really miss Elijah and his hair :(

  • guest

    Ripper Stefan storyline was a total letdown till now. It was all talk and no action. Stefan in 20’s flashback was awesome! I’m hoping he is like that now that he has switched off.

  • Aylin

    PS: I’m looking forward to that Micheal guy. He sounds interesting.
    and i’ll be pissed next week if Klaus won’t be on my tvscreen for a long time, because he has left MF. I loved Stefan interrupting the extremely cute scene between Damon and Elena. And i’m not really excited about Stefan staying in MF. Elena i’m happy you weren’t annoying this episode, though you should stop saying that you can help him because you clearly can’t.

  • Cinnamonfleur

    Holy smoke! I think I am still having heart palpitations.

    Can’t wait to see Klaus running sh***tless scared of Michael. Will Michael hunt only the very bad vamps?

    I think Caroline may have reason to have a worried look on her face about the new/improved hybrid Tyler.

    Ooh Rebakah is one mean brother, like sister?

    What is Vicki up to? Matt better watch out. Has he now acquired a supernatural gift as well?

    Ahhh Kat, hope she really is good at staying one step ahead.

    Damon and Stefan still protecting Elena but now for very different reasons. 

  • VampLover1973

    I’m sorry Candygirl9890- I read your comment at 5:00 AM and didn’t realize that you were talking about Vicki in your first sentence:)

  • Radiomuse

    I am proud to say some of my S3 predictions I made on the forum when S2 finale aired has came true such as…

    The new season will def have Klaus & Stefan working together. The question would be how enjoyable would the experience be for Stefan. Will he embrace his dark side & be Klaus’s right hand man without questions or problems or will Stefan endure it til he comes up with a plan to destroy Klaus.
    I think the writers picked Stefan to b with Klaus because it was time for us to get to know his other side & it would also be a perfect opportunity to keep Klaus & the Originals in the storyline. Stefan will def leave town for awhile but somehow, someway perhaps by Mifi we will be able to keep in touch with Stefan & his whereabouts.In S3 they are def gonna give Alaric a new place to live. The Salvatores have a huge boarding house (where no one boards mind you) & the Gilberts now have a large house with more empty bedrooms & minus any parental figures so it’s pretty obvious he needs to move in & be there for these kids especially since he couldn’t be there for his girlfriend their Aunt. 

    (Please come true!) I am hoping this opens the door to bring in Meredith. Yes, I am still hoping they will bring her on the show. They would make her his age & therefore another fellow vampire slayer so she won’t be in the dark & not be another repeat of the Jenna/Isobel incident. Also it would give Elena & Jeremy afatherly role model of sorts. Jer & Alaric will bond over have so many dead girlfriends.(May come true if she is not careful!!) Bonnie girl is gonna get a lesson taught to her by those 100 dead witches if she is not careful. The last few epsiodes of the season she has been using more & more powers. There has to be some type of consequences for her using powers that are not hers over & over again & beyond her abilities as well. If John had to die in order for Elena to live so there wouldn’t be an imbalance then why wouldn’t there be any consequences not just on Jeremy but also on her for going against nature. Who polices the witches when they are abusing there powers or shifting the balance of nature? I think we are def gonna see something in that arena therefore bringing in more witches perhaps Lucy to mentor her or some other family members. Long story short, bring in a good witch who’s on Bonnie’s side for once. S3 will def tell us finally where Bonnies lives if she even has a home & dare I say possibly see who in the world is supporting her since her grams is dead & moms took off. Writers it is time for Bonnie to have a home & family & real witchy friends. I hope Jeremy is not going through a sixth sense thing or just see dead vampire ghosts. It would also be useful for them considering they are always killing somone & now in away bring them back. Now they have Jeremy for strictly for that purpose.

    (Hopefully soon) Also after being resurrected, I think it is time for Jer & Bon take the next step in their relationship. (wink, wink)  She only admitted in the finale that she is in love with him.It was nice that Caroline & her mom finally resolved their mother/daugher/human/vampire issues they have been going thru. I am wondering if in S3 if Liz is not acting & really is accepting of her daughter & not via her daughter snooping on her friends. Will she betray Caroline or will she become part of the gang & then later on killed off? (cus all parents on this show must die, LOL). I am hoping they bring in Caroline’s dad. It would be interesting to see Liz in a storyline outside of conspirating to kill a bunch of vampires & soon other supernaturals. 

     Obviously, some how Carol is gonna find out about her son & his lineage.I am excited to see Tyler & Caroline develop their friendship & hopefully into a relationship. It would be interesting to see where the writers are gonna take Matt during this time. (fingers crossed) I am hoping they bring back his Mom or his Dad. Really it is time for this poor kid to get some parents who are gonna take care of him or at least die on him so he knows they are out of his life for good. It would be interesting to see how Matt is gonna handle the way life really is in Mystic Falls & try to survive in it. Matt also seems bitter lately & more so than ever life sucks for him so it would be interesting to see if he will be S1 Tyler & Tyler will be S1 Matt. Since Tyler came back so calm, mature & accepting of himself & of his new world who knows how he will conduct himself. Also I especially hope in S3, the writers can explain how a 17 year support himself on a part time job in a bar while going to high school. There has to be more to being a doppleganger than being born to be killed to break a curse. Since Elena is a doppleganger & she had vamp blood when she died & she was revive by a spell couldn’t there be a possiblty she is less human or more supernatural. They have to explain why or how the doppleganger is so important/special. Who is the Original sacrifical lamb? Why was she picked? How is she connected to the Originals, werewolves & witches situation.Elena’s kiss and therefore feelings will be obviously explored more in S3 but I don’t think Stefan is gonna be replace so quickly. She will def struggle with her feelings for Damon & will def struggle with her feelings for Stefan especially after finding out what he’s done. If she can forgive Damon she can def forgive Stefan therefore she will def help Damon save Stefan.

    Stefan can’t stay with Klaus forever. So I think how much development between Elena & Damon relationship all depends on how long Stefan is away & how much crazy crap he ends up doing. What kind of Stefan will he be? Will she want to be with a person like that an ex-ripper? What if he doesn’t revert back, what then? So depending on how Stefan is affected by this experience he is going thru with Klaus it may make him decide that he doesn’t want to be with Elena. He may decide that he is not worthy of her or he is too dangerous therefore closing the door on Elena. Damon will def go out to save Stefan but may not pursue Elena for the simple fact that he knows she loves Stefan. Plus how tacky would it be for someone who claims they want forgiveness for all his wrong doings then goes off right way to hook up with his bro’s girl especially knowing that the reason why his bro is in that predictament is because of him. His bro done an honorable thing by sacrificing who he is as a person & who he loves just so his bro can live & also right the wrongs with his bro in the process. Would it not be fair & honorable for the other bro who was save to not hook up with his bro’s girl during his bro’s indentured servitude. Katherine will def be back & Klaus will not lose her this time. I think if he manages to keep her & Stefan around together who knows what kind of swagger Stefan will have around her. I think we may get to see the fun, funny, flirty & dangerous Stefan. I am praying Katherine will be there to enjoy it. If she isn’t enjoying it then it may be a sign of her character changing & hopefully redeems herself & proves her love to Stefan cus I am not believing it.(at least not yet)I believe in S3 someone will finally have a birthday. Stefan is not the only one with a birthday in Mystic Falls. It will def be Elena if Alaric is not their new guardian. I wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to do it, it is an ill fated family role. Also I believe in S3 there will be a holiday celebrated not sure which one.

    (i thinks) They will def discuss how once you die you can’t keep vamps out of your house ever again. That is the only way I can explain how Katherine was able to get into Damon’s & how Elijah & Stefan got into Alaric’s home. Very important thing to know cus now Jeremy, Elena, Alaric & Bonnie can’t keep any vamps out ever!!

    Sorry for the long post but was proud & also wanted to share a few more predictions. Just can’t believe only 5 eps aired & most of my predictions already came true lol. Scared to see how S3 finale will b like if this much action/ change as already happened lol.

  • Aylin

     I agree

  • Becca Leigh

    For me this was the most exciting Vampire Diaries to date! I think I held my breath the entire episode. Where to begin? Julie Plec, describing it as a game-changer was a vast understatement. I had to watch it a 2nd time to wrap my head around it enough to comment here, I apologize in advance for the novel:

    1. OMFG TYLER NECK-SNAPPING SO KLAUS CAN TURN HIM IN TO THE 1ST SUCCESSFUL HYBRID! I am still in shock over this one, it has trumped Jeremy neck-snapping in my book as most shocking. Wow. Just Wow.  Caroline’s worried look at the end when they are hugging says it all, this will no doubt get very sticky down the road.

    2. Klaus compelling Stefan to obey him & then FORCING HIM TO FLIP THE SWITCH!!! Have mercy! Just when I thought Klaus could not possibly trump himself in evil, he well, did. My hate is increasing at an alarming speed Dimpled Hybrid (I still love you JoMo, I just need some time to separate actor from character) Well played Klaus, well played.

    3.RIP Not Now Dana. You were given an honorable (yet messy, Ew) death by Ripper. Rebekah taking pictures of herself cracks me up.  I love ya. Her jealousy is so classic “The first doppleganger was prettier” Ha Ha nothing worse than a women scorned. Especially an Original Vampire woman. She has the vanity of Katherine & the temper of her brother. Klaus with PMS, terrifying. This cements my hopes that we shall see the Original Ms. D in Season 3, Yay :D

    4. Damon & Katherine worked awful well together despite his deliberate digs at her. Damon is still Damon with his bullying Anna, by hurting Jeremy, despite the fact he couldn’t see her. Elena may make him a better man but Katherine understands him best. I think you picked the wrong favorite brother Kat.

    5. Matt’s confession to Bonnie about being lost broke my heart as did his HORRIFIC drowning scene. I knew she would revive him but I shall forever have nightmares of his dead, underwater eyes *shivers* well he is no longer the last “normal” one. I wonder if his I see dead sisters will continue?

    6. TVD fans: Smartest on the planet. I believe Vee predicted that Elena being dead was not the problem & boy was she right! Her blood?! Did not see that one coming. Great, Klaus now wants her alive, so he can continuously DRAIN her. Poor girl. Sometimes death isn’t the worst outcome, as we also see with Stefan. I don’t know how much more heart-breaking Stefan & Elena scenes my little ticker can handle :( 

    I believe I read a tweet saying they thought Jeremy’s ghost visions would play a hand in bringing down Klaus. Another winner! Mikael’s eyes popping open was very creepy & I have a feeling the ghost visions will continue to be relevant. Klaus fear is making me stick to the fact that Mikael is either Original Papa or an Original Brother. Let’s bring back Elijah & find out! (I know episode 8 right? *taps foot impatiently for the Gillies*)

    7. Rebekah’s declaration that Klaus is doing all this to avoid being alone was very telling. No matter how old or powerful, loneliness is something that none of us can avoid & it pretty much sucks balls.

    8. Watching Stefan physically battle the effects of Klaus compulsion was very powerful. I’d like to sign him for the Bill Forbes mind-control class now please! After we flip that pesky switch back so our Stefan can feel. Switched Stefan makes my blood run cold, you got what you wanted Damon. Dumbass, it’s not so bloody great now eh?

    I have never shipped a Damon Elena romance but always liked the sparks. I may be slightly changing my mind though…his rescue was very sweet (love the Richard Gere carrying) & when she refused the necklace this time, hmmmm. Elena may not be able to fight for her & Stefan for awhile. I would not be entirely opposed to a little hook-up for her with the elder Salvatore in the mean time ;)Favorite quotes:Jeremy to Damon: “Thanks for the concern, dick” LOVEDamon “Stop being cute” Katherine “I can’t help it” Ha Ha correct Kat.Damon to Elena “I promise you. I will never leave you again” Intriguing. Will he keep this promise?
    Tyler to Caroline “I love how big your heart is” My sentiments exactly.

    Rebekah to Caroline “Why is that doppleganger bitch wearing my  necklace?!”

    Whew! I need a drink now…

  • Chesley

    Great episode.  Paul and Joseph blew me away. Brilliant acting!   This episode was a game changer.  Felt so bad for Stefan.  He did fight the good fight, trying not to kill his lady love.  Still, I’m wondering what does Klaus really want Stefan for, there has to be more?  As much as I love to hate Klaus.  Didn’t like the, so he won’t be alone thing.  He’s Klaus, the biggest/baddest hybrid ever.  I don’t like it when he’s kind of pathetic in need of friends so he has to threaten/compel/build a hybrid army just to have some friends.  We’ve seen alot of badass Vampires on the show that would gladly be his friend.  Bonnie and Matt as a team was a refreshing change.  Please don’t let anything happen to Matt.  I was happy that Vicki ended up being the one who helped Matt and Bonnie.  The scene with Matt and Vicki was so sweet and touching.  Never been a Vicki fan, now I am.  Katherine and Damon still do have alot of chemistry.  Even though Damon pushed her away.  That make out scene was hot.  Yay, for Katherine and Jeremy finding Michael. 

  • Becca Leigh

    Ditto to the Nth degree :D

  • Becca Leigh

    Ha Ha! I think Damon would smack-down Stefan more for trying to steal his room than steal the woman/women he loves/loved. ;O)

  • Becca Leigh

    Everything she said —————> *points to Momina Amjad*

  • Becca Leigh

    Amen to the “Bring Meredith” TVD campaign! I liked her better than Elena in the books.

  • Addicted to TVD

    This episode focused on so many storylines that it was hard to keep up!  This episode was action packed,definitely.But it had a little too much action for my taste.It focused on so many characters and everything was happening so fast…mmm I don’t know, it just didn’t feel right at some points.I guess I’m more keeping the balance between action and romance.Now a few notes:
    *I’m glad Bonnie and Matt had  scenes together.We haven’t seen them interact since season 1.
    *This episode was all about Stefan.Congrats to Paul!He did an amazing job.I actually thought he would drive the stake through his heart in order to keep Elena safe from him.Also I loved him in the last scene…”Please, carry on”.Loved it!!!!
    *R.I.P. Dana!I was hoping to see more of her this season.
    *I love Anna.I hope we’ll see Pearl too sometime soon!
    *I’m worried about Caroline.Now that Tyler is a hybrid he could bite (and kill her) at any moment.
    *Speaking of Tyler,I’m glad he took it so well!To my view,he is relieved that he doesn’t have to turn anymore.
    *I don’t know what is up with Rebekah.In ep 303 she seemed so confident while now she is so jealous of Elena (and I’m guessing she was jealous of the Original girl too),so jealous of everyone really.On that note,did anyone else think that Klaus tried to protect Elena when Rebekah tried to eat her?
    *I wish we had seen the whole scene when Stefan was feeding on Elena and how she ended up at the hospital.
    *Why did the Original witch hate Klaus?And how did the Original girl fit into all of this?Klaus said the witch wanted him to be alone-why?Just tell us what happened 1000 yrs ago already!
    All in all,a rather good episode but not one of my favorites.

  • Anonymous

    This episode was so fast-moving and so jam-packed it left my head spinning!  I’ve watched it three times and am still trying to digest it all and probably will be for the next week.

    I was glad to see all our main characters back (except for Ric) and that everyone had a part to play in the unfolding events.  I have to say that Paul Wesley did the best acting I have ever seen from him – that’s why it’s better not to be “the good brother” all the time, it can bring out an actor’s best.  His efforts to resist Klaus’ compulsion, and his facial expressions as he did so, are forever burned in my mind.

    I feel like Elena was kind of side-lined, while at the same time she was the focus of the story.  She had an awful shock seeing Stefan kill, but maybe it will help her to grow up a bit.  The preview shows her trying to learn how to really defend herself.  She has to know how much Stefan still loves her, but I think her trust has been badly shaken.

    This episode showed so many of the reasons I love Damon so much: the biting, sarcastic lines delivered with impeccable timing, his heroic bravery when the chips are down,  his growing ability to sort his feelings out (“You just don’t do it for me any more, Katherine”), his capacity to stop acting like a dick when push comes to shove, his tenderness toward Elena – that scene at the Salvatore’s had me in tears (“I promise I will never leave you again”.).  I don’t think the lines have ever been written that Ian can’t act the hell out of.

    I still have a few “foggy moments”, but I was holding my breath through most of this episode.  Next Thursday can’t come soon enough!  Love you, TVD!

  • dman

    Everyone is saying that they’re disappointed in the fact that Klaus “compelled” Stefan into being a full Ripper instead of Stefan actually becoming a Ripper himself, I disagree with that. I think the writers were smart in allowing Klaus to do that because despite Stefan’s random killings and bad-boy-ways he would have never fully embraced being a Ripper because of Elena. His love for her and her continuing existence is preventing him from fully letting go. In the past there was no true love of his life (I don’t count Rebecca, plus she was a vampire) to tether him to the world, to stop him from going too far, so he was able to embrace the Ripper lifestyle without guilt or conscience. Yes, Lexi was able to calm the beast and show him the error of his ways but it was mostly an on and off affair. She never prevented him from becoming a Ripper. Elena is what keeps him grounded. Klaus’ compulsion took that last shred of humanity away, which included his love for her and her influence on him. He was then able to become a true Rippah which he wouldn’t have otherwise.

  • vampirediaries1

    wow great episode, in reply to most of all your comments, damon and elena will get together , but your alll going to being very dissapointed , because in the end we all know that its going to be stefan and elena, simple as that!!

  • Annie

    This was the best episode in the history of Vampire Diaries! My absolute favourite. I loved absolutely everything, the relationships between Klaus-Stefan, Stefan-Elena, Tyler-Caroline, Damon-Katherine, Rebekah-Klaus, Damon-Elena yeah like I said, everything. There were several moments when I really jumpred on-board with the whole Damon-Elena thing, their relationship really took a new turn in this episode, it’s not just how cute etc. they look together and their chemistry, I really saw the love story between the two of them in the ep. Magnificent! Yeah, I could go on and on  but it really was a great ep.

  • Anonymous

    Wow  what an episode. I´m not quite sure how the writers will top that. It had something for everyone, epic love, action, funny dialogues, twists and turns nobody ever thought of  and and and…
    There is not much more I could add to all of your comments but what do you think of this theory: Actually Stefan wasn´t really  compelled to turn his humanity off , but he saw that there was no way out of this mess other than  playing the role of the inhuman ripper believable to everybody so that Klaus would trust in him again. I

  • Stevie1421

    WOW!!!!!!! What an amazing episode!!!!! 
      I only have one complaint…. Is Stefan a complete moron? When he woke up next to that truck I was screaming at the TV. I mean Elijah was a few feet away but Stefan decides to go up against Klaus alone. Moron.
       I really loved the Delena scenes in this episode, so romantic and sad.

  • Miranda FM

    WHAT IF KLAUS’s mommy had twins!!! Elena could be the doppleganger of Klaus’s twin sister… that would be interesting.
    I guess that one couldn’t work either. I didn’t know that about the casting ^^ I guess that idea is out then. Unless they do that thing that they have done in so many show’s where they bring in an actor that looks similar and we’re supposed to think that they must be the same … >.< dreadful …

  • Anonymous

    After every episode I’m more and more convinced that she won’t end up with either of them. She’ll stay human and build a family for herself. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Anonymous

    No, the series will end with Stef and Damon having to die for Elena.
    Seriously, when it comes to Elena, we need a character like book Caroline.

  • Miranda FM

    ah yes! ookay thanks…

  • sowhat

    Stefan fell off the wagon and almost lost  it in season one, and he was just as much in love with Elena then, but that didn’t seem to be an issue. They had to vervaine him to get him detoxed. This is why none of this makes sense and seems really forced, it’s like all of a sudden we’re supposed to believe that his love for Elena is what’s keeping him from going off the deep end? When that was clearly never the case before… And the ironic thing is he had consumed even less blood in season 1 than he did now… I still feel like the compulsion thing was a cop out- and I did not want to see the writers portray Stefan as a complete victim in this scenario, and that’s exactly what they’ve managed to do. Make him a puppet, whose free will has been completely compromised. 

  • tina

    Wow, the constant complaints against Stefan.  He’s compelled, douche,moron,etc.   Doesn’t matter what Stefan does he’ll always be cut up.   Relax, Elena and Damon are getting together. I actually (even though I love Stefan and Elena together) was like ok, time to see some sexy scenes with Damon and Elena.  NOT NOW.  I want Stefan and Elena together NOW.  Some Delena’s are really getting carried away.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, the thing I forgot to mention earlier: did you notice the last name Pickett at the entrance to the Mikael’s tomb? It  somehow makes me more sure than ever that he’s Klaus’ stepfather (or older brother). Because Mikael isn’t just any vampire. He’s trapped and chained which means he couldn’t be killed, so he must be an original. 

    Now if that’s true, Klaus’ last name is Pickett and it just sounds…wrong. So I can’t believe I’m saying this but I hope I’m wrong just because I hate that last name x)

  • Sheila

    Maybe you can give me a link to where you got those spoilers for seasons that the writers haven’t even written yet. I’d be eternally grateful ;)

  • Anonymous

    This episode was truly a game changer for everyone.  The writers are doing a great job in keeping the story moving along.  No boredom or stagnation for The Vampire Diaries.  Every cast member gave an outstanding performance.  Kudos to The Vampire Diaries!  This is why I never miss an episode.

    First off I gotta say I love Joseph Morgan as Klaus.  I am definitely singing the praises for this guy.  Klaus is so evil, so sadistic and yet all he really longs for is a family to love him and companionship.   Good Grief!  What did his family do to him?  He is the lost puppy I would try to save, take home and adopt. Uh Oh! What does that say about me? I love this crazy bastard!

    Claire Holt as Rebekah, what an adorable “brat”. –  “Why is that doppelganger bitch wearing my necklace”  I am thinking she must have been the baby of the family a thousand years ago that everyone catered to.  Obviously Rebekah has a place in Klaus’ heart.  Of course I’m sure Rebekah is thinking “please don’t stake me again bro”!!!

    Stefan, poor guy, Klaus was breaking his neck repeatedly all day.  Truly the definition of a really Bad Day.   While Stefan was already a vampire ripper, as evident of all the innocent people he murdered up and down the eastern seaboard, as well as compelling poor Andie Star to kill herself, apparently he had not turned his emotions off.  He still loved Elena and his brother, Damon.   Klaus was truly amazed at the depth of Stefan’s love for Elena and how he valiantly fought to hold on to his emotions.   Regular compulsion did not work, so Klaus had to put forth extreme effort to compel Stefan to turn off his emotions.  Not sure how I feel about this one, it seemed like cheating to me.  Bad Klaus!  Play the game right.   So sorry Stefan, but I am sure at some point, your heart will melt again and your redemption will be waiting for you.  At least now Elena has seen that side of his nature and if they can work through this, she will be going into a relationship with him eyes wide open.  No more secrets.  However, Stefan should never drink Elena’s blood directly from her again.  Somehow, he will need to find a balance in his nature, but small amounts from a blood bag is preferable.

    So Elena’s blood is the answer to Klaus’ hybrid conundrum and Tyler is the first successful new born hybrid.  At least Tyler and Caroline will have an eternity  together… or will they?  From the look on Caroline’s face she is very concerned for her guy even though Tyler thinks everything is wonderful and the year will now be fantastic.  He is loving his new-found hybrid state. I’m with Caroline on this, Tyler is in trouble and Klaus will be back for him.

    Anna and Vicki both seemed to help in their own way.  Vicki helped through Matty Blue Eyes, and Anna through Jeremy.   Anna knew where the witch entombed Michael (the vampire ark-angel that I have no idea what his rules are) back in the 1990’s.  Who was the witch that entombed Michael?   The name on the tomb was Pickett, is that going to be important?  Apparently Anna’s mother, Pearl, before being entombed in 1864, had told Anna about Michael.  After all Pearl was older than Katherine and I’m sure was a wealth of information.   I cannot help but think how Anna was Jeremy’s soul mate.  I still love these two together, but I also think Bonnie and Jeremy are cute.  So conflicted!  Also, what was up with that chemistry between Matty Blue Eyes and Bonnie?  That came out of left field……

    Now to my favorite vampire, Damon.  Saved the best for last.    Katherine just doesn’t do it for him…  OH Damon!  This is hilarious… tease her more and she will keep coming back.  Katherine wants Damon under the sheets…no doubt about it.  Could he possible have teased her with that hot kiss any better…. I don’t think so.  Damon handed the keys to Jeremy told him to take Katherine and let Anna be their guide to Michael and he left them in the wind.  Did Damon run all the way back to Mystic Falls?  I saw no evidence of a car.  Now that was determination to get to the girl he loves.  Get out of Damon’s way Klaus!  He has leverage against you, it is called Michael!  Can I say “thank you ” Katherine at this point.  The Salvatore brothers could have learned so much from her.  Alaric, please never tell Damon to take a beat from Elena again. 

    From the moment Damon walked into the hospital to find Elena, to picking her up and taking her to his home, my heart just melted for these two.  Elena’s little broken words of “Where were you Damon” to Damon’s assuring words of “I promise you I will never leave you again”…. it just cannot get any better than that.  No matter what, Damon will always love Elena, will always protect Elena, even if he is never her choice, Damon has made his choice.   That can be really good, or it can be really sad and tragic.  I had hoped Damon would find love with someone that is not constantly putting him in danger and is willing to love him back unconditionally, but it looks like that is never going to happen.

    Next week “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, what an odd choice for an episode title.  I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

  • rose

    OMFG. This episode was amazing. This was like the best episode ever. Did not expect Tyler to become a hybrid, but that worried look Caroline had when they hugged at the end, tells me that this is not gonna end well. And I’m glad that Tyler’s fine, but he looked TOO fine, after everything that happened. But Caroline and Tyler still make an extremely cute couple. Elena’s blood was actually the solution to Klaus’ little zombie-hybrid problem. Also didn’t expect that. And Klaus just keeps getting hotter and hotter every episode. Even though he is evil. Hats off to Paul Wesley. He was absolutely great this episode. But Stefan’s bad now. Thanks to Klaus. :l He HAD to compel Stefan to turn it all off (!) And Stefan interrupting Damon and Elena’s conversation at the end: UGH! But we all saw how Stefan loves Elena; he tried to fight it off, and tried to stop himself from feeding on her. And it was heartbreaking to see him have to turn it all off. And we saw how Damon loves Elena as well. He’d do anything to save her. That moment when he came and saved her in the hospital: loved it. Matt did a great job as well. He wasn’t the same, boring guy he was last season. Him and Bonnie kind of look cute together. Katherine: You just gotta love that girl.Rebekah: She’s a bitch, but I just love her line – “Why is that doppelganger bitch wearing my necklace?!” LOL.Vicki didn’t seem evil to me. There’s something off about Anna though. I just can’t seem to trust her. Jeremy: Katherine and him found Michael. But that Michael guy looks so creepy, especially when he just opened his eyes at the end. My comments aren’t usually this long, but this just shows how much happened in this episode and how amazing it was. :-) Yes Tyler’s right: This year is gonna be amazing. :-D

  • Desio988

    yea i understand.

    She’s not been a problem for me all this time, until this episode. I use to defend her as well. I think the real problem for me, is that I want Stefan happy lol…if that means getting Elena then so be it. However I know she will be leaning towards Damon for a while. I know it’s needed, I’m not upset by it…but I’m just like..*sad face* i want her with stefan lol. 

    On a whole different point, I also think it’s her voice or something lol. I get tired of her lol….i don’t know why…I just do. Not tired of Kat though. Oy I wish i could better explain but I really have no plausible reason to dislike her…I can only tell you that I just do. *sad* *pathetic* i know.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the name Pickett is the last name of the witch that entombed him.

    You are right though, Mikael (is that how his name is to be spelled?) did not have a stake in him, he was entombed and bound in chains.  Very strange indeed…… I thought he was Daddy Original and was after Klaus to get his family back, but now I’m not sure… who and what is this guy?  For now, I’m going with Mikael, the vampire ark angel.   Anna said he is a vampire that kills vampires.  Does he only kill vampires that upset the balance of nature?  I’m intrigued! 

  • Anonymous

    Hi Iansfan,
    Right now, Elena is actually the safest gal in town.  Klaus will never hurt her again, at least for as long as he needs donations of her blood.  :)

    Maybe she can finally have a little bit of fun during her senior year of high school.

  • Anonymous

    And Damon will always be her guardian angel for her lifetime, no matter who she chooses….. human or vampire…. Damon made a commitment to her – “I promise you I will never leave you again”.  He made his choice with no expectations from her.

  • Anonymous

    another thought: is there no caretaker at MF`s high school. The one at my school would be there at once if we made such a noise. It´s the same with the hospital. Damon can simply walk in there and steal Elena. Would Klaus really leave her without any guards?

  • Anonymous

    … that depends on what you declare to be fun … Having two vampires on your side, (perfect looking, super fast and strong, caring charming and compassionate if they like) but one who  snapps necks when he is fed up and the other one who takes you as his breakfast and your classmates for desert – well  then you´re right. And if those two don´t work she can have fun with her brother (who can talk to ghosts) and smokes weeds, her ex (who can talk to ghosts, too) but only if drowns himself properly, her best friends Bonnie (who is a witch without witchcraft) or Caroline and Tyler (a werepire  couple). That were times, when Elena only had to think about what to wear on Founder´s Day ! :)

  • guest

    Great episode.  It’s funny that Damon is now just like the old Stefan that some people found so boring.  I found the scene’s between Damon and Elena kind of boring.  Not into the shipping wars.  Just an observation.

  • Anonymous

    HA!  So true…. but it would be nice to see her little frown turn upside down for a change. 

    Not this :(  

    but this :)

  • Anon

    Unfortunately I find that I can never go wrong with this show by predicting that they will do whatever they have to do to preserve Stelena.

    In the books they circumvented the whole Elena not wanting to turn thing by her finding a different way to stay young and live forever. I think they will appy a similar cheat to the TV version – but I am putting my bet on them making Stefan human in the end.

  • Iwka_baletnica

    You realize that it’s the same thing on the other side – Stefan shippers, right? Because there’s plenty comments saying that Damon doesn’t deserve Elena, that Stefan loves her more blah blah blah. People are constantly repeating themselves.
    In my opinion it was good when ELena was with Stefan, and it will be good when she will be with Damon. After all it’s a story about love triangle… so suck it up people! And stop wailing:P  Everyone deserves little love:)

  • dman

    There is a difference between season one Stefan and Stefan the Ripper. Season one Stefan basically denied his inherent vampiric need for human blood. He denied it for so long that when by chance he fed on Elena, the sensation of human blood and the need for it overwhelmed him. He then did some bad things he wouldn’t have otherwise, but he wasn’t a Ripper. He essentially acted like most vampires would have, vampires that embraced the vampiric lifestyle. Did he act any worse than Damon in the first season? Damon did some pretty terrible things then but would you classify him as a “Ripper”? Despite his blood issues and his attitude adjustment, he still loved and cared for Elena. He never hurt her. He never fed on her. She still had influence on him. He never became the Ripper.

    With his humanity taken away, which essentially included his love for Elena and her influence on him, Stefan the Ripper was reborn. Stefan the Ripper who fed on Elena, Stefan the Ripper who didn’t care that Damon and Elena were having their little “moment”, Stefan the Ripper that just don’t give a damn. He’ll say anything, do anything, cause he just doesn’t care. See the difference?

    People are important in our lives. Without someone’s support and positive influence over us, where would some of us be?

  • Drich61

    Sebastian Roche tweeted The name is Mikael :)
    He did have the chance to kill ripper Stefan in the 20’s, but didn’t?

  • tina

    Umm, not quite sure you understand.  I’ll try and make it simple.  The names like douche, moron, etc, are a cut up.

  • tina

    oops, just read what I wrote.  Sorry.  Didn’t mean is to sound snotty.  I was just talking about the name calling.

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