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Posted by | October 30, 2011, 17:21 (MST) | 80 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Joseph Morgan as KlausWe had suspected that the last 2011 episode of The Vampire Diaries would air on November 10, and now we have it straight from the horse’s mouth. Julie Plec tweeted that Homecoming (EP309) would in fact be the last episode to air this year, and The Vampire Diaries will return with episode 310 on January 5, 2012.

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  • Cherrie

    OMG NOOO!!!! After November 10th we have to wait 7 weeks until TVD returns. SEVEN WEEKS?! How will I possibly survive? LOL. 

    Okay, I’m going to stop being dramatic & look on the positive side of things since during the months of November & December people are usually really busy preparing for the holidays & I’m sure the time will go by very fast :)

    Also I just wanted to add that in the post it says “…will return with episode 210” but I think they meant to put “310.” ♥

  • Red

    Thanks! Fixed it. :)

  • Cherrie

    Also is JP’s tweet she said “Our last episode in 2010 airs November 10. We’ll be back on the air January 5, 2011.” 

    Uh last I checked we’re in the year 2011 & it’ll soon be the year 2012. LOL honest mistake I guess. I just had to point it out. 

  • Lalumiere

    Heartbroken! I need MORE TVD, not less. If it was possible I would donate money to the network so we could have longer and more TVD!


    Do you know when it comes back on in the uk??
    Although at the mo were still WAAAY behind and disturbing behaviour hasn’t even premiered here yet!! :(

  • CheckeredYcats

    Well, at least its not the end of January like it was last season… but only nine episodes?? I thought there would be one or two more episodes before the hiatus. *sigh* I hope it goes by quickly!

  • silvia anderson

    that is fantastic!!  didn’t we have to wait until February last year? 

  • silvia anderson

    hahahahahahaha!!!  we r all taking a time machine!

  • Sfinn85

    ‘Disturbing Behavior’ is on this week in the UK, so provided there aren’t any breaks over the new few weeks Episode 9 will air on December 6.

    As the show returns on January 5th in the US, Episode 10 should air in the UK 5 days later.

  • Anonymous

    Oh this is good. I thought it’s gonna be mid-January or later!

  • Sfinn85

    The second half of Season 2 started with Episode 12 on January 27th this year.

  • mary.m155

    this is my first year watching tvd on tv, i caught up with season one and season two this year online. so this hiatus stuff is weird! i feel like no tv show does this. but then again a lot of series don’t have 22 episodes.

    The Homecoming is going to be epic, and its going to blow our minds, i do believe…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh what is going to happen!

  • Anonymous

    January 5th, this sucks the big one.  That’s a long time to wait.  

  • mary.m155

    I know :/

  • Ginie

    So we don’t have to wait a whole month after New Year Eve. We will be still recovering from the hangover and we’ll have a new episode.
    Although this long hiatus still sucks.

  • mary.m155

    IM OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW! stop breaking my routine haitus!

  • Anonymous

    Haha I totally called when the hiatus would come this year. I just wish I was wrong, dangit…
    This is gonna be torturously long. I won’t have TVD Thursdays to look forward to for like…2 months.
    Oh damn…

  • CheckeredYcats

     This made me laugh! Its so true! (for me anyway)

  • KatAttack

    It’s always so fun to get sucked into a show later and watch it all at once. Hiatuses suck! But at the same time, it’s fun to watch in real time with all the other fans. :)

  • Mcrlovrfan

    I thought that in my third year watching TVD and surviving LONG hiatuses, I’d be far than used to wait, but the truth is, this is getting worse for me to deal with the withdrawals! I can’t believe we have to wait that long, the season just started 7 weeks ago :(

  • abbyM


  • KatAttack

    As AWFUL as the hiatuses are (and they are horrible), at least this year it’s over Nov/Dec instead of Dec/Jan. Thank goodness for that!! NOTHING is happening in Jan, and all the holiday stuff is over, and that makes the wait even more excruciating. At least Nov and Dec are a whirlwind of stuff happening… lots of holidays and parties and stuff. It’s a silver lining on an otherwise awful wait!

  • Tremeister92

    I agree with you, around this years hiatus the holidays will be around your dealing with that and I have finals I will preoccupied, good thing new episodes come around while I’m on my semester break.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been watching it in real time since day one and these hiatuses make me go positively INSANE. But there’s always something wonderful about liking a show enough to constantly follow it :)

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone else noticed that this site’s disclaimer at the bottom of the page includes Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck?
    That’s so random.
    And completely irrelevant to this post O.o

  • eve

    So I guess we are not going to see how Stefan and Damon celebrate Christmas?

  • dman

    Two hearts beat as one. My sentiments exactly.

  • julieplec

    It’s a good thing we get to see who the Original Witch is this week. Hint: We’ve seen her before and she’s huge at the apothecary biz.

  • wjy102889

    what?why?icant wait until nxt year..i hate that news:(

  • Naruto is awesome!

    I hate waiting. I hate the hiatus. This show is very addictive. I’m addicted… But no choice… At least it’s my pre- birthday gift from TVD… CHEERS FOR TEAM DELENA AND CAKE.

  • Em

    Everyone compaling about it being too long i know where your coming from I live in australia and season 3 hasnt even started here because the channel that usually has it dropped it and it has now moved to pay tv and won’t be up 2 season 3 until at least  mid next year (also i dont have pay tv :( ) thankgod for watching it online i love this show soo much

  • Darkerlust_305

    booo, that sucks. im going already nuts lol

  • dman

    Yeah, that’s weird. Most shows have a Christmas episode on occasions. I would love to see a Christmas themed episode of TVD. But you know how that would end up. It would start with everyone in a celebratory mood full of Christmas spirit and end with several people continuing that celebration in a morgue. You know, typical TVD fashion. And when Santa comes down the chimney at the Salvatore house, he’ll have a surprise or two waiting for him. And it won’t be milk and cookies.

    Santa: Damon and Stefan, have you been good little boys this year?

    Damon: Yes, Santa. I’ve only killed this many people this year.(shows fingers)

    Santa: Only that many ah? At least you’re trying.(pats him on head) What do you want for Christmas, Damon.

    Damon: (hesitates to answer)

    Santa: You can tell me son.

    Damon: For Elena to……(voice trails off)

    Santa: What’s that, son? I didn’t hear you.

    Damon: For Elena to….(voice trails off again)

    Santa: Speak up son.

    Damon: Fine. For Elena to love me the way I love her. And to dump that Ripper bastard Stefan and be with me.

    Santa: (Thinks to himself) “Um….Okay, that was a little creepy. Wasn’t expecting that”

    Santa: Sorry son, but what you’re asking of me is impossible. I can’t perform “miracles”. I’m not God.

    Damon: (goes to a corner and pouts)

    Santa: (looks in his bag) But I got this finely aged bottle of Boubon for you. (waves bottle in air)

    Damon: (Angry voice) Fine. At least it’s better than nothing.

    Santa: Don’t take a tone with me son. What you were asking of me is impossible. I can’t make Elena love you the way you love her and I certainly can’t make her be with you.

    Damon: (Angry voice) Fine.

    Santa: Have you tried Online Dating, I hear they are some good catches there.

    Damon: (Gives Santa a hateful look. Goes to his bedroom while muttering expletives.)

    Santa: And how about you, Stefan.

    Stefan: What? (Motions with hand gesture)By all means carry on.

    Santa: I asked you if you have been a good little boy this year?

    Stefan: What are implying by “little” boy?

    Santa: (Gives Stefan a curious look) What?

    Stefan: I’m a “big” boy. “Big” boy! Say it! (Gives Santa a serious look)

    Santa: Okay. Fine. Big boy.

    Stefan: (smiles and talks to himself) That’s right, “big” boy. Ha! Ha!

    Santa: So?

    Stefan: No Santa, I’ve been a bad boy. A very bad boy.

    Santa: How bad?

    Stefan: Bad, bad. I recently came back from a killing spree with my friend, Klaus. 

    Santa: You pulling my chain, son.

    Stefan: No. I’m serious.

    Santa: Okay, I believe you. ( gives him a wink, wink, expression) So, what presents do yo want for Christmas?

    Stefan: I don’t want your stinking presents, old man. I’M THE PRESENT. I look good, have fabulous hair, got two sexy doppelganger chicks all over me, can run like the wind, have the strength of a 100 men, everybody loves me and I’m the stinking Rippah. Life is good.

    Santa: A little smug, aren’t you son?

    Stefan: Can’t help it. I got it like that.

    Santa: Okay, son. I think I’ll be going now. I have other presents to give out.

    Stefan: Hey Santa, wait a second. I got a present for you.

    Santa: What is it, son.

    Stefan: Close your eyes.

    Santa: Why?

    Stefan: It’s a surprise.

    Santa: I love surprises. I hope it’s something good.

    Stefan: Open your eyes now.

    Stefan: Surprise! (Vamps out and violently attacks Santa)

    Santa: (Lays on the ground twitching, dying…)

    Stefan: (Wipes the blood from his mouth with his hand and looks at Santa) How about that for a present? Sorry I didn’t gift wrap it.

    Santa: (No response)

    Stefan: (Looks at Santa) By the way, Merry Christmas.

    Santa: (No response)

    Stefan: (Goes to the bathroom to style his hair and admire himself in the mirror)
    (smugly smiles to himself and says) That’s right, I’m the present.

    Damon: (hears the commotion, comes out and sees Santa’s lifeless body) Nooooo! My rugs! My rugs! O my beautiful rugs!

    This was all in jest. Stayed up a little late to write it. If you found it funny, fine, if not don’t take things the wrong way.

  • Jamie Coudeville

    nooooooooooooo, are they trying to kill me?
    but this probably means that the last episode before the hiatus will have some big cliffhanger (it always does)

  • Thirsty Like a Vamp

    This would be hilarious as a webisode. Poor Claus though.

  • Anonymous

    DMan that is awesome!!!How did you put that together. I am LMAO, really. Hilarious, Damon pouts Stef admires his hair and Damon crys about the rugs. Well Damon is being a little housewify sometimes.You really have a good sense of humor :)))))))))))))

  • Anonymous

    you’re addicted, we are all addicted. That’s why we meet here and discuss the series over and over again. I think it sucks this hiatus thing, but I live in Germany and watch it online and own season 1+2 on dvd and as I’ve said before the summer hiatus. It will cure my poor nerves and give my heart a break, because I need it. I can’t go rollercoasting each friday morning and then go to work and pretend like nothing has happened. I’m close to a heart attack every friday morning. So I will use the hiatus and send my notebook to be repaired (poor picture) and watch season 1+2, read my vampire diaries books and spend a nice time working, walking my dog and watching TVD :))

  • Naruto is awesome!

    Bet the cliffhanger will be Mikael team up with Team Supernaturals of Mystic Falls.

  • Anonymous

    …another addicted German on the board…
    Hi there!

  • Naruto is awesome!

    It’s the same thing for me. I was so tempting to watch it online at work. I was so afraid to lose my job if my boss saw it. So, once I reached the office, turned on my computer and download everything before I grab hot chocolate from the pantry. And the list started with: The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, Big Bang Theory, Ringer (Usually on Wednesday) and other movies.

    Right at 5.30pm on the dot, I took my stuff and leave the office, dashing out with repeated letters, “TVD, TVD, TVD, TVD, TVD…”. Even if my boss asked me to stay, I said, “I can’t… I have this ‘thing’.”

    Then, once I reached home, IT’S A DRAMA MARATHON! (^.^)

  • Anonymous

    You should really post this as fic; it’s brilliantly hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Yep…and we are a minority!!! :))

  • JasperAlice
    a good way to spend hiatus is watching fan videos. :P #promotionoffanvideosofTVD

  • eve

    You made a blah Monday morning turn into a great one.  Thanks for the laugh dman!  

  • mary.m155

    Oh ya totally! I usually always do this with shows, it takes me a while to trust that the show is actually good. But I love tvd so much

  • Anonymous

    I concentrate on TVD and TVD alone. I have to watch every episode 3-4 times until it sinks in e.g. the necklace I didn’t hear anything when it reappeared. Then I read the comments and watched again. Yeah heard it this time. Quite positive it said “Kill Klaus”. Maybe its a horcrux like in Harry Potter.Nah just joking :))

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean.Emily?

  • Red

    Last I checked, Julie was in the USA and not the Middle East. Please don’t pretend to be people from the show in order to spread rumours as fact.

  • Anonymous

    I have to watch each episode several times, too until I got what everybody was saying (hmmpf – us Germans ;)  But apart from that I like to rewatch it after reading all the posts on the board and I often get another interesting view of the things that are going on.  BTW I didn´t hear the “Kill Klaus” either. Maybe the Original Witch is trying to communicate with Bonnie. She was the only one in the room and who else should it (or she) have talked to?

  • zahra sadiq

    Please do this on a regular basis as we wont have TVD   for almost 3 months. Give me your twitter name i ll follow you. love it love it love it…

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