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Posted by | October 10, 2011, 7:48 (MST) | 111 Comments
Category: In Review, The Vampire Diaries TV

Vampire Diaries In Review: Disturbing Behavior (EP304) - Bad Things To Good PeopleAn episode that felt kind of old school, Disturbing Behavior brought Mystic Falls back to the heart of the show — with characters coming home, the council becoming relevant again, and yet another Lockwood estate party that no one really wants to go to. While there was no shortage of disturbing behavior from a few of our MF friends, the rest of the gang decided that it was time to be straight with each other.

The Honesty Police: Led by the always-blunt Ms. Caroline Forbes, Elena is forced to face the reality of her current situation. She’s cooking with Damon … trying to keep his Damonness in check, and using him as a Stefan substitute. It seems, judging by her final conversation with Caroline in the episode, that she knows exactly what she’s doing and how it’s keeping her from breaking (over Stefan), but she feels she has to repress those feelings. That it would make her a bad person to “switch Salvatores” or even admit that she’s attracted to Damon. When you strip the supernatural trauma out of Elena’s life as well as her relationship with Stefan, there’s not much left — that’s the core of what we’ve seen her live with over the past two seasons. What will she build in its place with Stefan gone (sort of…) and Damon getting the hell out of Dodge?

Alaric is in a somewhat parallel situation and, with Elena’s urging a few episodes ago, he’s decided to stop waffling around and step up into the role of guardian — both for the Gilberts and for the people of Mystic Falls. He’s stood up to Damon before, demanded his respect and temporarily received some, but Alaric reaches his breaking point here — and it’s his neck being snapped one times too many. Though Damon saw Alaric as a Buzzkill Bob, Alaric telling Damon to “take a beat” with Elena was sage advice — and eventually Damon takes it. Though Bill Forbes is in the bad guy role, some of his points about the council and the well-being of the people of Mystic Falls are right on the money — and Alaric sees that. Assuming the role of the Gilbert family representative on the council (aw), Alaric can use his unique position as a supernatural insider without compromised personal interests — in the way that Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood have. Three cheers for Mr. Saltzman. Next on your to-do list: sort out the Jeremy and the Ghosts of Girlfriends Past issue.

It’s a Two-Way Street: Oh, Anna. I feel so conflicted over your return. Can I trust you? Are you the real Anna? We’ve been ghost-free since the double-whammy of Vicki saying she can come back and Anna telling Jer not to trust her, and in Disturbing Behavior we learn more about the afterlife — as far as Anna tells it, anyway. Anna tells Jer that she lives in “the other side”: she can see his world but no one can see or hear her. Except for Jeremy when he’s open to it. His past relationships are literally haunting him; he understandably still harbors feelings for Anna (and, I’ll assume, Vicki too). And that’s part of what held him back from telling Bonnie. But having your dead vampire girlfriend creeping around while you’re hanging out with your recently returned alive witch girlfriend is not a tenable situation. With Bonnie’s return, Jeremy can’t keep his secret any longer. Will Jer just try to shut out Anna and Vicki? Is Vicki really a danger to Jeremy, or is that just Anna’s perspective? She didn’t give any reason for fearing Vicki besides a feeling of “darkness” and being pushed out. Is Vicki just a lonely ghost like Anna? Is there any significance to the fact that the grimoires lit on fire when Bonnie and Jeremy were investigating the necklace? Is there a link between the ghostly world, the necklace, and/or the Original Witch?

Can’t Be Tamed: Damon lets it be known in this episode that his Damonness should not be underestimated: don’t tell him what he will or won’t do, don’t make assumptions about how self-destructive he will be. Acting a little brattier than usual, Damon decides he’s sick and tired of being Stefan’s stand-in. If he thinks it’s a good idea to teach Bill Forbes a lesson, he will. If Alaric’s in his way, he’ll snap his neck, no hard feelings. The sip of human blood after (presumably) abstaining since Andie’s death, may have a little to do with Damon letting loose, but his behavioral modification seems more connected to the big Stefan shaped hole in his life. In Disturbing Behavior Damon’s become a funny mix of Old Damon, the one who arrived in Mystic Falls mocking everything and killing at will, and New Damon, protecting those he’s grown to care about. He stands up to Bill Forbes for Caroline in a perfectly Damon way: one that mocks Caroline (calling her annoying) and goes against her wishes. Where he fits in in the new order of Mystic Falls is unclear — and with Katherine arriving at his doorstep looking for a partner in crime, Damon can “take a beat” from his life there and have some diabolical fun with a woman who knows how.

What Damon doesn’t know (yet?) is that he’s once again the second choice for Katherine. She wanted in on Stefan’s diabolical plan against Klaus and Rebekah, and judging by how it’s turned out so far, he could have used her help. There are certain truths Stefan can’t keep from revealing, and his love for Elena is one of them. In an amazing witchcraft torture scene, Gloria draws the truth from him despite his valiant fight to prevent her from getting to it. And Rebekah’s uncanny ability to always know when Stefan’s lying reveals him to be a would-be traitor. A sidekick with a secret plot brewing against his would-be bestie. Klaus claims not to be angry, just curious about what it is that Stefan is holding on to from his old life. But will our vengeful Original be so calm when he discovers what Stefan’s been keeping from him? A living doppelganger, and one who can’t even appease the Original siblings by handing over the necklace now that Katherine’s swiped it from Bonnie. Trouble is brewing!

Gonna Be Okay: Let’s talk about Caroline Forbes for a second. No matter what the universe throws at her, she manages to stay true to herself. And in how she handles her father in this episode, it’s never more apparent. He’s hurt her and judged her in a fundamental way, and she still loves him — he’s still her dad. She doesn’t hesitate to come to his rescue, and at the end of the episode, she’s brave enough to approach him and let him know she’ll be okay. Of course, since this is The Vampire Diaries, we don’t get the simple closure of Daddy and daughter reunited, we get Bill Forbes telling Caroline that she’ll never be okay again. Cruel, but so completely honest. Rarely in life do we get those perfectly scripted moments where everyone says just what we want to hear, and Caroline is denied the understanding she deserves. What I love about her story arc in this episode is how multifaceted it is — she isn’t just dealing with her dad. We see her and Tyler’s relationship (which is, like, the best) and we see her being the best friend who tells it like it is with Elena. Whatever Caroline has going on doesn’t prevent her from reaching out to those who need her. And while I was happy to see Bonnie back this episode, I still feel like we’re waiting for that kind of nuance with her character. She helps with spells, she loves the Gilberts, but even after two seasons, I don’t feel like I know Bonnie all that well. Here’s hoping that between the ghosts, the Original Witch, and the personal complications that will surely go with it, season 3 will give us more insight into Bonnie Bennett.

Compelling Moment: Caroline coming to her dad’s rescue. I’ve been waiting for her to beat up Damon for some time, and seeing her tell her dad to “grow up” was amazing. Long live Caroline Forbes.

The Rules: Bill Forbes has figured out a way to resist vampire compulsion, honing that skill for decades with “human focus,” something that Damon has never seen before. In a variation on what we usually see, instead of using an object to trace a person, Gloria uses a person, Rebekah, to trace an object, the necklace. Later, Gloria puts Stefan under a paralysis spell to keep him still while she extracts the information she needs from him. Using herbs (including vervain, naturally) and by drawing Stefan’s blood (creepy!), Gloria is able to access his spirit or essence and find out what she needs to know about the necklace and Elena. The necklace has magic of its own and was a talisman of the Original Witch.

Foggy moments:

  • Did Tyler get to skip the party that was in his own house?
  • How do you practice resisting vampire compulsion? Has Bill been compelled before?
  • Why did Katherine show Damon that she had Elena’s necklace? Is she planning on telling him its significance? Seems like that’s the kind of card Katherine would hold close to her chest.


Other thoughts & questions to ponder before The Reckoning (305):

  • Let’s assume that Anna has been respecting Jeremy’s privacy despite her ability to watch him all the freaking time.
  • Loved that the irony of Bill Forbes trying to “fix” his daughter and out the vampires was made explicit with Damon’s quips.
  • “You’re harshing on my juju.” R.I.P. Gloria. Taken too soon!
  • “It’s good to want things, Katherine.” Oh, Stefan, I love it when you get saucy.
  • Should we be concerned about the Gilbert ring taking longer to resurrect Alaric? Does it expire from overuse? Let’s get Bonnie on that post-haste.
  • Klaus describes Rebekah’s instincts to be “borderline supernatural” — is there something extra to them, or is her ability the result of a thousand years of experience and a natural predilection?
  • How many coffins is Klaus carting around? In the back of the truck that arrives in Mystic Falls, it looks like four. In The End of the Affair I counted five in the warehouse (which would make sense that there’s now one less, with Rebekah un-daggered); looked like the shipping container in As I Lay Dying held five too. Does Klaus have family cargo elsewhere, or are there Originals alive and un-daggered?
  • We learn a little more about the man from The End of the Affair — his name is Michael, and he is known as a hunter (Katherine heard stories centuries ago…). If he’s lived that long, then he must have some supernatural ability — part of the Original Family? A witch who has extended his life span? A vampire who hunts other vampires? A ghost who can break through from “the other side” at will? Some other creature we’ve yet to meet? And what power does he yield that scares Klaus and Rebekah?


What did you think of Disturbing Behavior? Sound off below with your likes/dislikes, theories, and predictions! And please keep it spoiler-free.
Crissy Calhoun is the author of Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries and Love You to Death — Season 2. When not obsessively re-watching CW shows, she works as managing editor at ECW Press in Toronto. She blogs at and tweets @crissycalhoun.

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  • Mckinnleyfay

    she may have been calling him michael if she didn’t want stephan to know he was her father

  • Canderella

    Great short summery of all points irritating.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll “thumbs up” that comment.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, since she is technically still an alive doppelganger, she can be killed again…..all Uncle John did was attach her soul to his.

    It seems that the doppelganger was born to die:(

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Kat’s only motive is to help Stefan at all….her only motivation is revenge:)

  • Canderella

    Actually I think she has different in my mind. But I don’t know what yet…  I just don’t think it is as simple as that. Nothing is what it seems with Kat and revenge is just too obvious in my eyes… ;)

  • Anonymous

    Bill Forbes is not Michael the Hunter Rebekah mentioned at the end of this episode. Bill Forbes is played by Jack Coleman, the Hunter Michael is played by Sebastian Roche…to completely different characters/ two completely different actors:)

    I think all of the fanbase has it completely wrong……I think, after watching this season, that instead of asking which brother is worthy of Elena, the new question should be why do we think our vampire brothers should even be considering getting involved with Elena, the human 18 year old girl who refuses to understand what a vampire is and is disgusted by the idea of being one herself.

  • CForbes

    “Let’s assume that Anna has been respecting Jeremy’s privacy despite her ability to watch him all the freaking time.”

    I wouldn’t, just sayin. *Blush*

  • Anonymous

    Well, who knew she was following Klaus all this time…some people think she was checking in on Stefan, I disagree:) (respectively of course) I think it says something that she was right under Klaus’s nose in the 20’s and also in present day Chicago, but supposedly he’s been chasing her (not himself, but has people on the look out for her) for the last 500 some odd years. Kat’s smart, and she’s got 9 lives, she knows when to keep her mouth shut and just listen for info. I imagine Katherine, who we saw in Katarina last year stroking the picture of her mother’s face, with a tear in her eye, will not rest until the person (Klaus) responsible for her families death is dead. I’ve only seen Kat cry that one time, just once.There is something to be said for that:)

  • rayban1864

    with that behavior she reminded me of the old, insecure Caroline. It’s a fine line between handling everything just fine and having no backbone or self-esteem. She seemed to be so blind towards Bill’s
    faults. I’m actually scared that she might kind of regress.

  • rayban1864

    Maybe Caroline had some serious case of PMS? why is SHE talking about changing a person/vampire, when her own father just tortured the hell out of her to change HER! She was kind of comparing Elena’s role to the one of her father. Didn’t she see how wrong Bill was? IMO they’re overdoing the whole “Caroline can handle everything with a smile on her face”. If they don’t stop, her character will come across more and more artificial. It really sucks because I’m a huge Caroline fan and I don’t want them to ruin that for me.


    Maybe Michael is the “other one”, you know there’s a “team Klaus” and Rebekah decided to chose Klaus’ side, and maybe the other “team” is “team Michael”!!

  • Anonymous

    First and foremost, thanks for the review Chrissy:) But I do have respectively disagree with a few things:)
    I’ve watched this episode several times…and truth be told, I really enjoyed it. But I felt like I was in some bizarre world where people who have built relationships with Damon completely forgot how to deal with him. It was almost surreal considering what we’ve witnessed so far. I mean, Damon stood up for Caroline last year when her mother was convinced she was going to hate her daughter forever because of what she was. If I remember correctly, he informed Liz Forbes that Caroline was “still her daughter” when Liz was spewing vamp hatred with her daughter standing around the corner of the Salvatore basement hearing every word. Damon has been letting Caroline pilfer his blood bag supply whenever she needs it. She’s allowed to come and go at the Salvatore house like it’s her own. When Damon realized it was Caroline being held by Klaus for the vampire part of the sacrifice ritual, he saved her…and then, to top it all off, even though it was against his better judgment, he saved Tyler as well…releasing the wolf from his chains so to speak….then, he took the bite meant for Caroline while they were trying to get away. He allowed Caroline to plan a birthday party for Elena at his house and genuinely treats her like a little sister (although I do believe she gets on his nerves a great deal). Does this make up for how he treated her when she was human? Probably not, but he’s trying. To top it off, he’s called in by Liz Forbes to help deal with the Bill Forbes problem and he does as he’s asked….only to find out it didn’t work….so, I’m confused. What exactly was he supposed to do? Shake Bill’s hand, say nice to meet you, go ahead, out me to the council and while your at it, it’s a great idea to put vervain in the town’s water supply so everytime I take a bath, or wash my hands, my skin gets burned off…to top it all off, he just go the news that Bill Forbes spent the better part of the previous day trying to torture the vampire out of Caroline……and Damon’s supposed to be ok with that? He told Bill he wasn’t going to kill him….I think he was going to try to weaken him and then compel him again. Although who knows if that would’ve worked. It seems to me that this guy will be a problem later on. It wouldn’t surprise me if he tries, at some point this season, to ignite the council for an 1864 vampire round up again. The old Damon would simply had killed him and been done with it…..he had the time, had he wanted to do it, he could have….and Caroline would not have been able to stop him.

    To have Caroline come in and fight with Damon for that length of time and give him a run for his money was well, a little ridiculous and very far from my favorite scene. As a matter of fact, it goes against all the lore that has been established on the show, so I’m going with others that say Damon just didn’t want to hurt her, and leave it at that. Otherwise it would make no sense, at all.

    As to Ric & Elena: Elena, bless her heart, is quite delusional if she thinks she can put Damon in her little “Stefan Box”…they are two totally different beasts. Unless she’s willing to examine whatever it is she feels for Damon, she desperately needs to quit giving him those long flirty stares she’s been giving him. Funny thing, not to long ago she told Damon she liked him just the way he was….looks like she forgot she used those words. Now, Ric has witnessed all of this for himself. The flirty banter, the long looks…but understand, Damon is acting like Damon has always acted…he’s not treating Elena any differently. All of this is coming from Elena herself. So maybe, just maybe, instead of taking this up with Damon, Ric should have taken it up with Elena. As to Damon breaking Ric’s neck and killing him…again…Ric knows when to back off. He knows how far he can push Damon the vampire. Was I shocked that Damon did that, not so much. I mean, Ric was agreeing that it was going to be a-ok for Damon to get outed with the vampire counsel and that it would be a-ok for vervain to be put in the towns water supply…..he made the very stupid mistake of getting in an irritated vampires way. For someone who has always known when to back off, he sure forgot who he was dealing with, and then snap….to his credit, Damon did double check to make sure Ric had on his eternity ring. Would the old Damon have done that? I think not. I understand that some are upset about that, but I’m not because I am squarely on “team vampire” and do not expect them to act human:)

    Onto Stefan- poor fellow. He’s been hanging with Klaus all summer. He’s been feeding…he’s been leaving bodies all over the place…he’s been trying to keep Klaus away from Mystic Falls and with one “not into it” kiss, he gave himself away…of course as part of the viewing audience, if Stefan is going to be running with the big dogs and he plans to betray them, he needs to get a better poker face. I’m surprised it took a simple kiss to figure out that Stefan was not on “team hybrid”. It’s kind of sad that all of Stefan hard work was for not….he ended up with the head butt from hell and right back where he started from: Mystic Falls……if that’s not ironic, I don’t know what is:(

    I had previously stated that I thought we met Daddy Original in The End of the Affair……now I’m backing away from that. Michael the Hunter could be something totally different. Do I think he’s Michael the Archangel? No, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s been gifted with the ability to keep the Immortal Originals in check… gifted, I mean given the ability by an ancient witch to kill, as in dead dead, an Original  if they mess with the balance of nature….like making themselves a hybrid…..or attempting to find a way to make themselves a hybrid….

    I have a strong feeling that Esther, Mommy Original, was also the Original Witch responsible for turning her family into immortals and creating the curse which bound Klaus’s werewolf side. I think he magic was passed down to her daughter, not necessarily a lot of it, just a sense of it. I also think she gave the necklace to her daughter, which is why it’s seemed so important to Rebekah. I also think that Klaus unleashing his werewolf side has seriously upset that balance of nature, and it has “woken” things that should be better left to rest.

    Looking forward to The Reckoning….to bad Damon isn’t going to be making that road trip with Kat. He could use a break, I could use their saucey banter, oh hell, who am I kidding….I have never really shipped a couple, but I’ve always had my favorite…..I can’t help it guys, I really, really, really want to see some of those Damon/Kat fireworks:) There so much more fun in those two:)

  • Kari

    Then don’t watch it.

  • MommyLuvsTVD

    Yeah it would be awesome if they had been ancients, like from around the time we consider the cradle of civilization  (4000-6000 BC). Superstitions like ghosts, ghouls, zombies, werewolves, vampires, etc. are much older than 1000 years old. If they are contemporaries of the Original Witch, 1000 years ago seems too soon also. Since it seems as though witchcraft originated in Africa in the TVD mythology, it stands to reason that, when you look at the nature of ancient African religions, witchcraft would be MUCH older that 1000 years. Unless, of course, the Original Witch was an ancient and slowed down her aging… Gloria had to get the idea somewhere, right? Sorry for schooling everyone, I have a degree in history and can’t help but analyze such issues from a historical perspective.

  • Cherrie

    Great recap as always! 

    Caroline~ I love her & I thought it was great that she saved her dad even after he tortured her, but I thought her saying that Damon can’t change was wrong. He has changed a lot already. We all know if this was season 1 he would have already killed Bill & wouldn’t even hesitate to kill Caroline so in my eyes Damon has changed quite a bit. Moreover, he beating him up was soooo ridiculous. Do the writers actually want us to believe that Caroline (who just kind of turned into a vampire) can beat Damon (who’s been a vampire for over a 100 years)? Whatever I’ll just believe that they didn’t want to ruin his character by having him beat up Caroline & everyone hating him even more.

    Stefan~ He’s tried so hard to keep Klaus away from Mystic Falls but of course at the end of the episode that’s where they end up. Cannot believe Rebekah figured out that Stefan is not on their side just by one kiss. Good for her, but that sucks for him. I’m also really happy that Katherine saved him from Gloria. She really does love him!

    Elena~ I’m glad that she somewhat admitted that she’s attracted to Damon. She doesn’t want to but we all know she does. I’m sure it scares her but she’ll get over it. Delena needs to happen eventually & I for one cannot wait! 

    Damon~ I hated that everyone was being hard on him because people want him to be someone that he’s not. Of course I don’t like it when he  acts impulsively because it ends up hurting people but then again he is a vampire after all. Furthermore, I’m mad at him for “killing” Ric but hopefully they will be friends again. I love their BROMANCe! When he left town with Katherine I was upset not because he left with her but because yet AGAIN he’s her “second” choice. She originally wanted Stefan as her partner in crime but since he refused she went to Damon. Just like she’s always love Stefan & NOT Damon. I hate that he’s someone’s second choice instead of their first. No wonder he is the way he is. 

    Jeremy~ I wouldn’t really trust Anna just because we have no idea what’s really going on. Although I did miss her. Jeremy/Anna were one of my favorite couples. Hated that they killed her off. Oh well at least she’s back for the time being. By the way I have a feeling that Jeremy is the key to killing Klaus. I saw a promo poster that read “THE ANSWER  LIES BENEATH THEM” Which probably means the dead aka ghosts. They are the one that are able to kill Klaus? IDK just my prediction. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens :)

    3×05 looks really good! I’m so excited to see it! LOVE TVD ♥

  • Addicted to TVD

     Well,I don’t think that someone needs to have a degree in history to  see that the idea of them being only 1000 yrs old is ridiculous.Not to mention that the witches came into being around that time is too,but thanks for the professional back-up to my comment (ha,ha)!Unless,by saying Original Witch they mean the one who cast the spell to bind the curse or a witch who worked for the Originals (???) but I don’t think that this is what they meant.
    P.S. I always loved history as a subject in school and I bet your students love you!(Feel free to comment on my grammar errors if you need to!(ha,ha)

  • MommyLuvsTVD

    Son of Klaus’ birth father…?

  • MommyLuvsTVD

    Not a teacher, just a degree holder ;) About the Original Witch-maybe magic itself is ancient but she was the first to learn to harness it? Still, I wish Plec/Williamson had made them all ancients =(

  • MommyLuvsTVD

    You’ve got to be right- Jeremy must be the key!

  • MommyLuvsTVD

    I think emotion might have something to do with how strong a vampire is. People have been known to have adrenaline rushes when facing danger- moms have lifted cars! I think most likely the same goes for vampires. Damon was dealing with an annoyance… Caroline was saving her DAD. So Caroline had more passion, which increased her strength.

  • Addicted to TVD

     Oh,oops!I just got a professor vibe from you!Maybe you’re right about the witch.Or maybe it is yet another plot hole in the growing pile of the far-fetched and misguided elements of TVD mythology.

  • MommyLuvsTVD

    I think Ric is a threat to the supernaturals in that he will simply out them to the rest of the council if they step out of line… something that benefits both the supes and the humans. The humans are obviously protected with supes not wanting to be outed, but also the supes are faced with accountability for their actions, which will hopefully keep them in check.

  • Jgarza

    Not all witches are African American….what about the white witches the one that Matt shot before Damon went to rescue Caroline and Tyler??????

  • Jgarza

    There’s plenty other new show to watch…like “The Secret Circle”….it’s really a great show….that way, you don’t have to criticize our show.

  • Sydney

    They are attracted to her partly because they are self-loathing and both undergoing internal stuggles. Elena represents innocence, beauty and humanity  – the opposite of their darkest vampire urges. Katherine represents the dark alternative – she is knowing, self-centred and has some pretty evil moments. If Elena wanted to be a vampire, or even comprehended their urges, that would nullify the attraction, IMO. 

  • Jacqueline

    I think  that Esther was the Vampire, Klaus’s biological father was the Werewolf and  Klaus’s wife was the doppelganger that was used in the original sacrifice. I also think  Michael is the original vampire father who was hunting down Klaus and Rebekah.  I think Klaus refuses to call or think of him as his father and that is why he was called Michael by Rebekah instead of father.

  • Anonymous

    Crissy, thanks for the recap,

    This episode was titled “Disturbing Behavior” and I must say it was  correctly titled.  

    Sheriff Forbes called on Damon to handle the problem with Bill Forbes.   It was not as though Damon did this all on his own.   Damon’s first attempt to compel Bill Forbes did not work.  Sheriff Forbes and Carol Lockwood left Damon to deal with Bill Forbes a second time.  How very disturbing that Bill Forbes was resisting compulsion.  Bill said it was mind control, but I can’t help but wonder where he was hiding the vervain on his body.  

    Alaric told Damon to take a beat from Elena because he wanted her to be safe.  Excuse me Alaric,  I’m pretty sure that Damon has been protecting Elena for quite sometime now.  From the look on Damon’s face, he was confused by what Alaric had said.   Actually this was a conversation Alaric should have with Elena not Damon.   Weirdness for the second time in the same day, Alaric and Elena both thought it would be a good  “Bill Forbes idea” to put vervain in the water supply and Elena stated that would keep Damon in check.  Okay, Damon is now looking at Alaric and Elena like they have grown two heads.  To top it off Alaric decides to challenge Damon, a vampire, whose emotions were already running high.  Damon’s vampire response  = check to be sure the eternity ring is on and have a nice temporary funeral.   Alaric knew better than to approach Damon like that.  Disturbing to say the least.  At this point Damon is the only one in true form.

    To  Damon’s credit, he did carry Alaric back to the Salvatore house and laid him on the couch with pillows under his head.  All that was missing was the blanket.   Damon even had the booze ready for Alaric when he woke up.  I have a feeling the fact that it took Alaric longer to wake up this time may be a problem in future episodes.  Exactly was is up with that?  I find that to be very disturbing and maybe even foreboding. 

    Caroline kicking Damon’s ass did not ring true at all.  Damon had just finished drinking Bill’s fresh blood and has 146 vampire years on Caroline.  The established lore is the older the vampire the faster and stronger they are. This scene did not ring true at all.   I am surprised it got pass Kevin and Julie.  Caroline, who has only been a vampire a couple of months could never kick Damon’s ass.   Really writers?…… now that is disturbing.  Please stick with the lore that has already been established.

    As for Damon being Katherine’s second choice, I did not see it that way at all.   Katherine wants revenge on Klaus and thought Stefan had a plan.  She wanted in and warned Stefan he was no match for Klaus and Rebecca on his own.   Stefan’s arrogant cocky ripper attitude has now landed him back in Mystic Falls along with Klaus and Rebecca    Bad move Stefan…. Very bad move.    Katherine asking for Damon’s help and wanting to include him in on what she has learned did not look like a second choice to  me.  It looked like the smart choice.  

    Judging by the promo for the upcoming episode, I don’t think Katherine and Damon get to go on their road trip together.   So sad…I was looking forward
    to it. 

  • Anonymous

    Ouch! Seems like the doppelganger was born to die…… poor Elena.

  • Vesuvious

    Damon already knows the significance of the necklace, at least that its what Klaus needs. Stefan told him as much outside of Gloria’s bar.

  • Jill Hansen

    I really enjoyed Damon and Alaric’s friendship. I understand why he is angry right now (and rightly so), I just hope we get back their friendship and banter.

  • Sydney

    The thing is though, it is possible to be a vampire who is badass and protects their loved ones, without having unpredictable outbursts due to your emotional state. Look at Pearl or Lexi…or Caroline, for that matter, after her very early days as a vampire. 
    The root of Damon’s misbehaviour is not because he’s a vampire. He simply hasn’t learnt to deal with his emotions. And he has to realise that if he wants the warmth and love that come from human companionship, he must control some of his other traits. Not many humans will put up with having their neck (or their brother’s neck) snapped at random. (although I agree it is really sad that he’s always second choice and is so lonely…there’s a lot of good in him too)..

  • Canderella

    Fantastic recap. Thank you so much for this deep insight and thoughts on the show.

  • Anonymous

    “To  Damon’s credit, he did carry Alaric back to the Salvatore house and
    laid him on the couch with pillows under his head.  All that was missing
    was the blanket.” – LOL- I noticed that, too:)

  • Anonymous

    Wait- I thought Stefan told Damon that Elena being alive was why Klaus couldn’t create more hybrids and Klaus’s witch was two seconds away from figuring that out. I didn’t think the necklace was mentioned in that conversation at all……am I wrong?

  • Anonymous

    there is nothing wrong in my opinion with what Damon was doing with Elena he wasnt coming on to her .He was only being playful and for Alaric to tell Damon to take a beat was just unfair he wasnt hurting her or doing anything wrong But i disagree strongly with Damon thinking he can take his frustration out on Alaric whenever he wants to and for him to be ok with that .I dont trust Bill at all .The Delena scenes in the beginning were adorable and sweet .Afterall Delena have always been playful .the attraction Damon feels for Elena he feels also because it is not one sided !!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for the history of the originals!!

  • Anonymous

    … and maybe an aspirine against the headache …;)

  • Anonymous

    You would have made a brilliant advocat. What you said in this post is just perfect. I agree with every sentence !

  • laura

    I really didn’t get why everyone was on Damon’s case in this episode. From Caroline’s  ‘doing bad things to good people’ to ‘can’t change him’ to Elena’s ‘with Stefan gone it will keep u in check’ to ‘u can’t to this’ to Alaric’s ‘take a beat’… Damon has not been on a killing spree from the start of this season (keeping S1&2 out of this). In fact now that I think of it, how many people did Damon kill this season? So I really don’t get where all this came from all of the sudden!!!  

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Michael is one of the two free siblings?
    … But why would he hunt Klaus?! Hmmm..

    I wonder why (if hes Daddy/brother original) he goes for Klaus and not for their mother. SHE cheated on Daddy Original, why blame Klaus? What did he really do to piss Michael off?

  • Anonymous

    Katherine can’t kill Rebekah – she would die too..

  • Anonymous

    Why do you think he can’t be an Original because he can’t procreate? We only know his name an that he is hunting Klaus.

  • GermanTVDfan

    It was really great to read your brilliantly written thoughts, thank you so much!

  • MommyLuvsTVD

    =( In episode 201, when both Elena and Katherine told Damon it was/would always be Stefan, my heart just broke for him. Evan Caroline wanted Stefan first in the pilot. I really want to see him be someone’s first choice, someone he wants to be with too!

  • TVD Fan

    I have a question: who’s older Klaus or Elijah ?

  • LOLA17


  • Jessica_pavia

    as far as we know, their vampire years are equal since they were probably turned all together. in the finale damon said that elijah is klaus’s older brother

  • Elclaws

    Thank you for another insightful review Crissy!
    Though some excellent points are made by yourself and several other fans in the comments thread here, I have to say that VAMPLOVER1973 and laura totally echo my thoughts as far as Damon goes.
    It is not often that we see Damon being appreciated for everything he does for everyone else. In fact, I would say this behaviour touches ungratefulness to some extent. It is a bit disturbing how people seem to easily forget what he has done for them (aptly highlighted with examples by VAMPLOVER1973), not to mention how many times he has stepped in to save Elena. I don’t recall anyone apart from Elena ever thanking him to be precise-and even in the case of Elena, she can be abrupt with him on the same day he has saved her. He can act like a spoilt child sometimes but people are pushing him and that doesn’t generally sit well with Damon. He couldn’t have said it better when he said “last time I checked I was still a vampire”.  I don’t think he expects to be appreciated but I suppose he wants people to let him be, get on with being who he is and what he does. Often he gives the impression that he acts in ways people think he ought to act, the ‘Damon way’. As a result he doesn’t think he is capable of any good so isn’t it just natural for him to behave irrationally? Or so he thinks, but Elena who knows him better also knows he is very much capable of kindness and love and selflessness-not that he hasn’t proved it already but people do not recognise it, they forget that he has improved massively compared to S1 Damon. As a result, Elena tries to keep him ‘in check’. However, I believe that another reason for Elena trying to reign Damon in check (and I have already said this in the forum) is that she is afraid she might lose yet another person close to her and I don’t think she could handle that. Damon’s behaviour often puts him in the spotlight and potentially in danger, as he could land himself into trouble by creating enemies every time he does something crazy, so Elena wishes he would refrain from lashing out and ‘acting like a vampire’ as she points out before Damon storms out in that scene.
    It would be interesting to see how far and if Kat influences him during their little road trip, but as Damon already knows what she is like he is bound to snap out of it as soon as he gets over his anger-because I doubt Katherine will give anything away about her hidden agenda (let’s face it, she is not doing this purely to help Stefan). Like Crissy mentions in her foggy moments, why did she show Damon the necklace and I am wondering what are his thoughts on Kat holding Elena’s necklace?
    Finally, I got to say I totally agree with Georgia-Peach when she says ‘Alaric told Damon to take a beat from Elena because he wanted her to be safe.  Excuse me Alaric,  I’m pretty sure that Damon has been protecting Elena for quite sometime now.  From the look on Damon’s face, he was confused by what Alaric had said.   Actually this was a conversation Alaric should have with Elena not Damon.’ Couldn’t have said it better!
    Can’t wait for episode 5 everyone!!!

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