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Posted by | April 9, 2010, 17:34 (MST) | 10 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

A few months ago, we were approached by the fabulous Leah Wilson, editor-in-chief for Smart Pop Books, about contributing an essay to their planned Vampire Diaries anthology, due for release October 2010. Well, one thing led to another, and we’re so excited to finally share the good news with you…

A Visitors Guide to Mystic Falls: Your Favorite Authors on The Vampire Diaries

For those unfamiliar, Smart Pop Books is an imprint that specializes in pop culture essay collections. You may know them for their great Firefly/Serenity-centric volumes edited by Whedonverse writer Jane Espenson, but they’ve done several centered around books and comics (Twilight, Batman, Percy Jackon, The Uglies), film (James Bond, The Matrix, Star Wars), and of course television shows (Supernatural, Buffy/Angel, Veronica Mars, 24, Lost, Gilmore Girls). Contributors to the Smart Pop series have included many names you’ll recognize from all of the above mediums.

The list of contributors and essay topics for A Visitors Guide to Mystic Falls is still being finalized, but we can tell you that there is a theme to who is contributing, and they’ll each be discussing a particular facet of the Vampire Diaries TV ‘verse. (And, yes, some of the topics and contributors have us in geek heaven. Just sayin’.)

So while we can’t tell you much about the contents of the collection (yet), we can let you in some trivia associated with the cover (which was a fun process!):

  • Leah searched high and low for a florist who could supply vervain, but we reassured her that the plant chosen was okay because (show fact!) that wasn’t vervain in Uncle Zach’s basement either. Real vervain is just not pretty.
  • The papers are actual 19th century American papers, chosen specifically for the shoot. The fact that “Thursday night” is clearly visible above the necklace is entirely accidental – but brilliant.
  • We are far too pleased at having blood spattered over our names.

We’ll have more information for you soon. In the meantime, you can show Smart Pop some love on Twitter (@smartpopbooks) and Facebook.

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  • crissy calhoun

    awesome news! congratulations; i look forward to reading it. it’s a great series.

  • MayflowerGirl


  • Carolin

    Wooow, it’s absolutely beautiful! Loving the cover. =)

  • Bellena


  • Irina S.

    The cover is stunning! My congratulations and all the luck with this project:)

  • Kim Baccellia

    I’m a reviewer for YA Books Central and would love to review this book! I’m a huge Vampire Diaries fan! Can you tell me who I can contact?


    Kim Baccellia

  • Vee

    I’m a reviewer for YA Books Central and would love to review this book!I’m a huge Vampire Diaries fan!Can you tell me who I can contact?Thanks!Kim Baccellia

    Hi Kim, thanks for the interest! Information on who to contact over at Smart Pop is here:

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