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Posted by | May 13, 2011, 10:47 (MST) | 30 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The finale is over and the long Summer waiting for season 3 to return to our screens in September now begins. Initial reports from TV by the Numbers show that As I Lay Dying attracted 2.8 million viewers last night, matching last week’s 1.3 adults 18-49 rating.


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Canadian fans can watch the episode over at the CTV website.

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  • Mia

    It was 2.79 million viewers, so it’s more 2.8 than 2.7.

  • Jmjsh99

    did anyone else see the true blood commercial last night… so excited!!!!!!!! 

  • Becca Leigh

    Best finale ever. Didn’t think I could look forward to show more than Season 2 but I do. Bring it on September!

  • Sia

     I don’t think it was the best. I’m more excited about True Blood and I’m not even a fan !

  • Mizzwilson1

    I thought it was kinda gross.. not as good as I hoped but still pretty good.. I knew Klaus would end up being the “cure” for Damon =D 

  • Mizzwilson1

    I thought it was kinda gross.. not as good as I hoped but still pretty good.. I knew Klaus would end up being the “cure” for Damon =D 

  • Mizzwilson1

    I thought it was kinda gross.. not as good as I hoped but still pretty good.. I knew Klaus would end up being the “cure” for Damon =D 

  • Viki F

     Omg I seriously didn’t think they could top the cliffhanger from season 1…but this one was just absolutely insane!!! How can you not love Vampire Diaries!!
    And I was also so happy to see Vickie and Anna again..they were so cool I was so sad when they died!! <3

  • Canderella


    Stefan is finally on a RAMPAGE!!!!!

    And YES, Damon did survive!
    And YES, Damon will get the girl (eventually ;))
    And YES, VICKY is back! The messed up crazy sexy little hooker!
    And YES, ANNA! The little bad girl with the face of angel…
    And we’re gonna have some sixth sense, too!!!

    And who brought up this lovely little thought of the homo erotic paralells between Klaus & Stefan and Lestat & Louis? YES. YES. YES. Exactly what I thought – even before the episode was aired.

    Oh I am a BAD girl that LOVES bad boys…. *sigh*

  • guest

    Hi Canderella,  I know what you mean.  My Uncle Martin and his partner William love the vampire diaries because of Damon.  They said that they would love to see him in a relationship with Klaus or anyone else for that matter.  My Uncle said that Damon is hot.

  • Canderella

    YES. Damon is hot. And Stefan as well in his very own way ;)

    And I tell you: I not team Delena or Stelena or whatever.
    I am actually team Stamon :D

    Hope one day they’ll find out that they are no brothers at all … Then we have the REAL love triangle.. YES. I know lot of people are offended by something like this. I am not, I have a lot of gay friends and I think it’s totally normal. Even for straights to stray some time or point at their lives. I mean – it’s love, it’s attraction, does it need borders except for the one that should be there for every human being, like ethical ones?

    To me Stefan has more gay potential when it comes to loving someone. Stefan is behaving like keeping a secret from everybody including himself. Maybe he does not know himself what he is about. They
    now revealed the killer in him. But there could be more. Damon definately could be the one having no borders regarding the physical side.

    I mean look what Isobel was heading for… Maybe Alaric was kind of too conventional for her… Would have loved if we had find out what really was behind her will to become a vampire, emotionally I mean. Of course they gave us some hints, but would have loved them to explore their relation a bit more.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a second True Blood! Both shows have to distinguish themselves. But I would like to see some more sensual or even sexual things on TVD. Not explicit ones. More thinking of the Return or some Damon seducing or teasing scenes like in season 1 would be nice…

  • Tannaz

    Their came back from death to help jeremy. He came and brought his loves. I dont know but I think stefan tricked evil.

  • Canderella

    They didn’t look very friendly to me…

  • Miranda Farrell Milne

    Damon hasn’t got the girl yet… but hopefully he will ^^

    And homo erotic parallels ? O.o I didn’t see any homo erotic anything happening between Klaus and Stefan… although it would be nice I guess lol Klaus and Stefan are getting hotter by the minute…

  • Canderella

     I did write “eventually” didn’t I? No native speaker so humble try to explain what I thought it meant: some time in the future?

    And again it was a “thought” of a homo erotic paralell MIGHT to come… Sorry if I didn’t stated that clearly. I mean Lestat and Louis never did it or even kissed, at least not literally described, just exchanged blood.. whatever that means… *lol*… 

    And “between” does not neccessarily must come from BOTH of them, does it? It’s sufficient if someone is subliminally obsessed with another? Meaning Klaus being / getting obsessed with Stefan. Of course, it’s all interpretation up to this point until we see actually anything on screen. But Klaus seemed quite fond of the ripper, wasn’t he? Surely all being very platonic… *haha*.. I don’t care if it will be played like this or the other way. I just love the thought and my very personal interpretation of all the relations and tensions and surpressed feelings that their having…. gay, straight or whatever inbetween.

    Who did bring up this idea in the first place? Candygirl9890 was it! Love you for that!

  • Mattias

    vicky is annoying

  • Canderella

    I always found her pretty sexy ;)

  • Canderella

    I always found her pretty sexy ;)

  • Anonymous

    I know this is off topic but did you guys know that Paul Wesley got married a few weeks ago? wow, why am I just finding out about it now? x)id you guys know that Paul (Stefan) Got married a few weeks ago? wow, why am I just finding out about it now? x)

  • Canderella

    Yes he did. And Ian and Nina have a romance too. Isn’t that lovely?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but Ian and Nina won’t admit it :)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. And she’s BEAUTIFUL. congrats Paul :) 

  • Sibelė

     yes, so lovely:)))

  • guest

     is this Girl Paul has married? 

  • guest

     I wonder why Elena didn`t wrote on the phone to Stefan that she loves him!? She use to be like that. She understands why he doing this.So its not like her.

  • guest

     Im so happy for the delena moment. I love the tender kiss. Someone said it wasen`t passionat, but how passionat can a kiss be with a  dieing man?.
    Cant wait till september to se the strugle  Elena have .  Elena will struggle with this, but i hope she doesen`t put Damon dawn to many times.

  • Natale

    i don’t think i can say that I have ever not been disappointed with any episode! I loved all 44 of them!!! But I have to say i liked season one better

  • Aljosa Mudri

     2.22 recap?

  • Momina Amjad

     Why is that bad? I mean, it’s their choice to make it public or not.

  • Anonymous

    Of course it’s their choice. I meant it’s too bad for fans (like me) who want to see them together :)

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