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Posted by | July 18, 2012, 10:06 (MST) | 36 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

It’s that time of year again, folks! is proud to present the second annual Golden Gravestone Awards for best death on TVD, but this year we’re switching things up a bit.

The plain fact is that Season 3 was just so darn filled with the formerly living that compiling the list of nominees is a real killer. Fortunately for us, the TVD fandom is nothing if not attentive to detail, so we’re enlisting your help to get this show on the road.

How it works:

1) Leave a comment with your favorite deaths* out of Season 3. Massacres – four or more corpses in one scene – may count as a single death. (We’re looking at you, Tennessee hybrids-that-weren’t.) Major characters and minor characters (many are unnamed, you may have to be descriptive!) will be accepted.

2) Tell us why those deaths** made your top list.

3) We’ll take a selection of the most popular deaths and put them for your voting pleasure. We reserve the right to throw in a few wild cards, just to mix up the macabre mayhem.

*NOTE: Ghosts do not count unless you see their actual murder for the very first time in Season 3.
**NOTE: Transformational deaths DO count. Thus, Tyler can be nominated for being hybridized, as can anyone who became a vampire this season. FAKED deaths do not count, and neither does body-switching. Flashback deaths are fine as long as it isn’t a flashback to a death we saw in a previous season.

As with last year, the votes will be divided into major and minor characters, so dredge your memories (and the nearest lake) and start pulling out those corpses!

NEW THIS YEAR: You may tweet us your favorite deaths! Tweet your favorites to @tvdnews, using hasthag #TVDS3Death. Can you explain your faves in 140 characters or less? Give it a try!

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  • Dids

    Klaus being dessicated by Stefan and Bonnie!  I though Joseph Morgan’s interpretation was so moving. Never though I would feel this way seeing him ‘go’. (and it was a beautiful revenge for Stephan!)

  • Retired1028

    The sudden death of sage when she was at the salvatore house has to be the surprise death of the season as it turned out to be an important key to what happens when an original has died

  • Irene Calhoun

    sage=it was a suprise and emotional  
    kol=sage’s reaction made it such a depressing scene  
    alaric= my favorite charcter and the fact tht it ment elena was dying and damons reaction to tht 
    elena’s mom and dad= to see elena strugling in both past and present never wnt to go through anything lyk tht
    Tennessee hybrids-that-weren’t= great action scene and klaus’s reaction was heartbreaking  
    andie=it was the first death uv season 3 and it set the entire tone for season 3  damon truly cared for her and tht just made it worse plus it was stefan first offical kill uv season 3 we got to see and it truly made me see a ripper stefan :(

  • ihatepeople

    Ric’s first death was truly sad with the group good bye but especially the manly yet emotional good bye scene between Ric and Damon. Ric with tears streaming down while Damon offers him their last drink together then Damon hestitaing as he put the cap back on the bottle after Ric died. Heartbreaking.

    Mikael’s death was good because of his believable scream of agony as he went up in flames as Klaus drove the dagger thru his heart.

  • Soned3110

    When Jeremy chopped off the hybrids head. i did not see that one coming.

  • katherine_fan

    a)he was an actual threat to humans and vampires
    b)even though he was the product of a mental illness caused by supernatural means,the guy was reasonable (sometimes):he wanted to kill Caroline because she was a murderer who’d admitted she liked killing people,therefore killing her could have saved a lot of lives.(of course I don’t want to see Caroline get tortured or killed,but I have to admit Evilaric had a point)
    *Alaric Saltzman,because
    a)along with him died my favorite bromance on TVD
    b)because his death may result in Jeremy becoming a badass vampire/hybrid/witch hunter.Jeremy seems to have had enough with the supernatural elements (vampires in particular) this season which was more than obvious after his talk with Stefan the day after Alaric had died.I would love to see this storyline develop in season 4.
    *Ray Sutton,because
    a)David Gallagher is an amazing actor and he made me care for Ray whom I only knew for 2 episodes
    b)because I’m Team Wolf and I hated seeing Ray (and many other werewolves) getting used by Klaus instead of kicking some vampire ass!
    c)because he died for nothing which is quite sad!Ray was going to become a hybrid but Klaus didn’t know that Elena’s blood had to be consumed by the werewolves when they were in transition,at the time,so Ray (and the rest of his pack) were killed by Klaus only to die permanently a few hours later (since they had consumed some random human’s blood).
    *Henrik (I’m not sure how to spell that),because
    a)the kid was sooo adorable in the flashback scenes even though he had no lines
    b)he may have been THE minor character of the season (he had no lines),yet his death was THE major death of the season!When he got killed by the werewolves,Esther and Mikael decided to turn their (remaining) children into vampires which in some weird butterfly effect led to Klaus’s biological father and his family getting killed by Mikael and the origin of the feud between vampires and werewolves!

  • From Beginning To End

     I think you mean Finn, not Kol for your second one :D Kol is still alive.

  • From Beginning To End

     Yeah, Henrik was pretty important eh? Good point.

  • From Beginning To End

    -Andie, because it was so shocking that Stefan would actually do that.
    -Sage, again, very shocking and also important.
    -Alaric, because it was such a beautiful goodbye and he was probably one of the biggest loses of season 3.
    -Carolines father. I felt like it was sort of waste to kill him off, but the scene between him and Caroline was really sad.
    -The girl and guy killed in the gym in the Reckoning. I think the girl did have a name but I don’t remember. Anyway, they were Klaus pawns even back in S2 and now they were just completely in the wrong place at the wrong time again, unfortunately for them.

    Alaric is the big one though.

  • From Beginning To End

    Oh, there were also those two southern girls Klaus and Stefan killed in The Birthday when they were looking for the werewolf. That was a really scary scene and when that girl let Klaus in I knew they were toast. Then later, when Damon found them, Ripper Stefan had put them back together sitting on the couch and it was so disturbing. Definitely a great intro to the season in my opinion.

  • katherine_fan

    He is definitely my favorite guest star,he he! However,judging by how screwed up his family is,perhaps getting killed by the werewolves was the smartest thing he ever did! ;)

  • Delena Sweden

    *Alaric: When I saw Damon’s face when he understood Elena was dead at the same time it all got so emotional, and I just feel so sorry for Damon. But then we all understand she’s gonna be a vampire, so that makes it a good scene!

    *Elena: Same reason.

    *Klaus: I just hate him, though I’m Team Klaroline… I don’t know, I just got releaved. But then he survives and I got kinda releaved by that to. So it’s one of my fav. deaths just because I don’t relly know what I think of it!

    *Andie: I didn’t like Damon and her together, it’s supposed to be Delena!

  • Anna

    Elena’s death. You can argue that it was the single most important death in the entire series, because it’s going to change everything about the show. Before, a huge amount of the plot and action was centered on protecting Elena and keeping her alive. Much of the character’s actions were motivated by this. In dying and becoming a vampire the entire dynamic of the show is going to shift for Elena. She will no longer need to be constantly protected. She will protect herself. Also, a lot of the plot lines involving her importance as the doppelgänger, etc. will have to change. Elena is no longer special, she’s a vampire now and has no use to Klaus or anyone else. The plots will have to shift to other issues.

  • Lilmonkey1406

    Elena’s underwater death, she made Stefan save Matt instead of her first, I was crying through the whole scene.

  • a_softsong

    That was my favorite as well.


    Major character death: Alaric. Both times.
    1st time:
    When Esther killed Ric and he was in transition, I was balling my eyes out. How do you say good bye to a character you’ve gotten so used to seeing every week? His life touched just about all of the cast members, whether he was a teacher, a mentor, a guardian or a trusted friend. His loss left a void that only two of the characters will feel, Jeremy & Damon. Jeremy because he’s at a time in his life when he needs a mentor & Damon because he’s at a time in his life when he needs his friend. But Ric needed them both, too. Jeremy filled a void in Ric’s life by being the “son he never had” and Damon was truly his friend. The scene where Damon put the lid on the bottle after one final drink was just sad. What a sad end to a great character.

    2nd time:
    When Vampire Alaric….the complete and utter devastation on Damon’s face when he realized that Alaric’s death meant Elena was dead was one of the best scenes filmed in TVD history. Not only had Damon lost his friend, for the second time, he had also just lost the girl he loves. There may not have been a relationship there, but no one can deny that, for Damon, Elena’s life meant something.

    Minor character death:
    The hybrid that got his heart ripped out by Elijah after Damon un-daggered him. It wasn’t important, but it was damn sure a good way to announce the fact Elijah was back;)

    The hybrids that Klaus either had to kill or just bled out in Ep 2. This was pretty important because it was Klaus’s first clue that he may need a little something extra to create viable hybrids.

    Finn and then Sage’s death: If your thinking mythology, these were the most important deaths of the season. I mean, no matter which way you look at it, it’s kinda nice that our gang now knows that if you kill an Original, their bloodline dies. This little tid bit is going to have far reaching affects as the series moves forward, it has to.


  • ihatepeople

    OMG! I can’t believe I didn’t list that one. My husband thought I was crazy when their heads rolled I said how awesome it was. ;)

  • Marija

    Both of Alaric’s deaths.

    The first one was followed by an epic goodbye scene,where we got to see how much people from Mystic Falls (also hybrids and vampires) appreciate Ric as a person.I’m also sure his goodbye with Damon made allot of people cry.It was epic,just the way Alaric deserved it !

    The second one was not so epic,but it was as devastating as the first one and it also pointed out Elena’s death,which made Damon very sad and that made the whole scene so heartbreaking.

  • Miss_Annie

    1. Alaric when he actually died – the entire scene. The ensemble cast vigil, the tearful goodbyes with Elena, Jeremy, and later the other half of team Badass, Damon. It was devastating to realize that the Alaric we’ve known and loved since the second half of season 1 was really gone.
    2. Elena. Not only did it feel like the end of an era, it didn’t even have to happen. It was almost like a tragedy of errors – the circumstances could’ve been minorly altered on so many points, and Elena wouldn’t be in transition as we speak. Also, it meant the final death of Alaric, which was a double whammy for Damon – watching the man who had been his best friend die in his arms, while at the same time heralding the death of the love of his existence somewhere far away, while he was powerless to stop it. It’s too terrible to think about.

  • Wilson

    For main characters, both of Alaric’s deaths were very memorable to me. He was such an awesome character and both deaths made me cry, especially with Jeremy and Damon’s reactions to them. 

    For minor characters, Jeremy killing the hybrid was the best of the season! It was so unexpected and he was such a bad-a*s in doing so. I hope we see more of hunter/slayer Jeremy this season, especially with Alaric gone and Elena a vampire. 

    Klaus being dessicated was also a great scene. 

  • cindychandler

    Elena: Well acted, great storyboarding, wonderful underwater shots, unbelievable cliffhanger as Damon (and the audience) come to realize what Meredith really did to Elena. Elena’s transition to vampire changes everything, so it’s got to be my #1. Well played, TVD. Well played.

    Sage: The character wasn’t anything to write home about but her death set up a major plot twist and a major reason why the Originals cannot be killed: kill an Original, the entire bloodline dies. Now Damon, Stefan, Tyler, Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena are tied to Klaus. Note to TVD writers: Come up with a good reason for Elijah to stick around Mystic Falls … alive. TVD needs more Elijah (or, at least *I* do!)!

    Andie: Her death reminded us that Stefan isn’t a just a sensitive journal-writing vampire. He’s got a dark side (and I’m not just talking about when he goes all ripper). It reminded me of when Stefan freaked on “Uncle” John in the hospital and fed him his blood (Season 2) and told John to get out of town. In a way, Stefan is more ruthless than Damon because Damon snaps and goes psycho while Stefan calculates. This is why I love them both. Team Salvatore.

  • Pavanijayasuriya

    No one remberwed finn klaus brother :( ans sage

  • Infidelz

    I do, but I’m not going to nominate their deaths as my favorites.  I’m still sad about it. :(

  • Infidelz

    Favorite is by far the hybrid getting his heart ripped out by Elijah. “So Niklaus, what’d I miss.” Such a great entrance. :)

  • Delena 4eva<3

    Not now Dana and Chad because they were the only other named kids in the high school!

  • Liana08880

    Definitely, Alaric. It was the most touchy, sad and unexpested death. He had so much to go through, he should have stay alive. That was the real point when we saw Damon’s human inside out. 

  • Kego

    1. Andie Star´s death,because the whole scene was breathtaking! First,Stefan enjoyed the hunt (Andie in the empty studio + his silhouette in the spotlight – creepy!) and then the confrontation with Damon. I was like: OMG he really did it!!
    It was such a huge difference to Stefan from S2… very well done,Paul!

    2. Klaus´ death…FINALLY,it was about time! They have tried so many times,it was getting boring. Stefan had his revenge and Klaus face was like: whaaat,the worms kill the chicken?! Priceless!

    3. the death of “not now Dana” at the gym – it was almost like the death of a main character and everybody yelled: oh nooo,they killed not now Dana”!! LOL

    4. Sage – great idea and surprising turn!

  • StelenaRocks

    Most Gruesome - Tony-the-hybrid, by Jeremy, with a meat cleaver, on the Gilbert porch, E10.
    Most Emotional – Real Alaric, by choice of not completing the transition, at the Salvatore graveyard, E20. (the funeral was the most touching scene.)Season-Shocker – Elena, by Rebekah, drowning, at Wickery Bridge.Mythological Importance – Finn, by Matt, with a white oak stake, outside the grill, E18; followed by Sage and Troy, because of Finn, at the Salvatore boarding.
    Most Awaited since Season 1 – Elena’s parents, drowning, at Wickery Bridge.

  • mary.m155

    Hey hye hey! miss everyone! BTW I had to jump in here and ask…..I just heard in FaceBook that this is the last season? Is this true?? I don’t really believe it.

  • From Beginning To End

     Yeah and the way it played out reminded me of good ol’ season 1 when the episodes started with Damon’s scary murders, those were all kind of freaky in the same way.

  • From Beginning To End

     They never know how long the show will go, usually they find out if they get another season (in this case the fifth) close to the end of the present one (in this case the fourth). But Julie said in an interview that USUALLY when you’re able to get a fourth season you also get a fifth. Nothing is ever for sure though. Ideally I think the writers have about 6 seasons of material they would LIKE to do.

  • Rebekah Mikealson

    Sage because it was a surprise 
    Alaric because he was a beloved character and his death played a huge part in the finale and season 4
    The saddest death would have to be Klaus because he was the most beloved character on the show, but hes still alive so I guess he doesn’t count.

  • swirlsofblue

    Klaus: I loved that scene so much, Klaus’s face and reactions were so perfect, and vulnerable, and the fact that it was Stefan doing it gave it so much more significance–especially for Klaus, and I was waiting to see what Klaus says, but then he says nothing and that’s so much better than anything he could’ve said. And then Stefan’s face afterwards, possibly regret, maybe he remembers better now that Klaus’s compulsion will be properly broken by his death. I just thought it was an awesome end to the Klaus/Stefan arch (of course before seeing the season finale, at which point I realised the Klaus/Stefan arch will never end mwahaha).

    2. Elena; for all the unrealistic elements (I have a head canon where Stefan has a water phobia explaining his inability to save more than one person at once) it was a beautiful and touching sequence.

    3. Andie; for sheer impact and brilliance. Stefan kills his brother’s girlfriend to keep his brother out of Klaus’s crosshairs; the dysfunctionality that is the Salvatore brothers needs medals.  

  • TVDLover

    Ric’s death that was at the end of 3×20. That was so emotional I cried! 

  • Thirsty Like A Vamp

    Mindy was growing on me but I’m glad Ripper Stefan on vengeance decided to make his point rather by slicing her head off than dropping Elijah in the Arctic.

    From all the deaths that Alaric went through this season and weren’t mention yet I loved when he saved Jeremy by shoving him off the road when Tony was speeding towards him. The breaking windshield, screeching brakes, Ric rolling it was more than I expect from a TV show. The most disturbing was Elena stabbing Ric in order to safe him.

    Esther being killed by her special Originals twice on the same spot – thousand years ago by Klaus and nowadays by Ric -is in a twisted way hilarious. Now I wonder whether the Salvatore tomb is double charged with magic because of her violent deaths?

  • Itskerriduhh

    alaric: He was a really important part to the show and it was sad to see the last adult figure of Elena and Jeremy go. Also the friendship between Damon and him is gone. 
    Andie: It really seemed like Damon cared about her or she was at least taking his mind off Elena. 
    Elena: She never wanted to be a vampire and now the only choice she has is to be one or die. 

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