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Posted by | April 25, 2012, 12:05 (MST) | 14 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Want a little more intel on the upcoming Decade Dance? Candice Accola sat down with E!Online to discuss the dance and Caroline’s feelings about her potential suitors. (Warning: Spoilers through Heart of Darkness (EP319)!)

“The viewers see it as a love triangle and it’s definitely painted out to be [one], but from Caroline’s perspective it is very much [spoiler]Caroline and Tyler against this very big obstacle who just won’t back down.”[/spoiler]

But Candice gets the Klaus appeal, too:

“I can see why viewers really like the idea of Klaus showing his softer side, and I think it ties back to Caroline in the first season saying, ‘Why don’t the boys ever choose me? I try so hard!’ And here finally, the boy chose her! It just so happens to be the mass-murdering, evil boy who is making an army of murderers! [Laughs.] Maybe not the ideal boy to have chasing after her, so I think it’s pretty funny. The boy’s got an accent, let’s be honest. And he draws very pretty pictures of Caroline with a horse, so if that doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will!”

She also discusses Stefan, Stelena, and more:


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  • Genny

    Awwww…this interview was so cute!

    Love how she talked about Elena/Stefan/Caroline <3!

  • LaLaAmore232

    I Like this interview and its good to finally hear CA confirm that Vampire Barbie is a Stelena shipper!!! also loved the bit about elena being stefan’s true love (too cute) I also understand her pov of caroline on the klaus/tyler situation but that does not mean that I am giving up hope for Klaroline. <3

  • Guest

    I’m all for Damon and Elena but I totally understand why Caroline would root for Stefan. It’s all about perception and as far as she’s concerned Damon is the asshat who used her horribly and Stefan is the sweet guy who taught her how to control her bloodlust. I love that scene in 2×02 when Stefan is wiping the blood off Caroline’s face. So sweet. So even though Stefan has now done some horrible things and Damon has done some things to redeem himself those first impressions are still with her. 

  • Georgia_Peach

    Maybe Caroline should “ship” herself right on over to Stefan and see how that goes.

    As for Klaus having a soft spot for Caroline, I think Vampire Barbie “doth protest too much”.

  • Rida

    Finally, we’ll see Caroline talking about Stefan again. Love that she’s a Stelena shipper.

  • charlotte

    Candice has beautiful skin, flawless.  Fingers crossed Klaus and Caroline get together.  They would make a hot couple.  Love that loyality to her friends is important to Caroline.  It is nice to see that Caroline wouldn’t do anything to hurt Stefan and sticks up for him and has his back.  Unlike his brother Damon who went after his true love and Katherine showed him the door.

  • ihatepeople

    Yeah it’s funny how she has an opinion on who Elena should go for when she can’t make her mind up for long on one guy either. Matt, Tyler, now possibly Klaus…

  • ihatepeople

    Funny how people forget that Stefan went for Katherine when Damon was with her. I guess that doesn’t matter because it was so long ago huh? I’d say neither brother has room to talk on this topic.

  • Charlotte

     Think back.  It was Stefan who met Katherine when she arrived.  While Damon was off at the war before he went awol.  Stefan and Katherine spent time together.  Then when Damon got back she was bedding both boys.  But compelling Stefan.  Then Damon waited over 100 years to get Katherine out of the tomb.  Even when Stefan and Elena were at the fathers grave Damon was.  Give me the book and we  will be gone.  Then when he was making out with Katherine he said tell me you love, want me and I will forget all the other stuff.  She said no and he then went over to Elenas and forced himself on her and broke jeremys neck.

  • ihatepeople

    Elena asked Stefan in season one who dated Katherine first and he said it depended on who you asked so we don’t know who to believe on that one. Besides Damon may have pushed himself at time (which wasn’t excusable) but he didn’t this time. She was giving him longing looks well before the kiss. Stefan pointed it out himself. Damon was honest anytime he knew something about what was happening with Stefan even knowing it wasn’t to his benefit. He didn’t have to steal her away and in the first place he doesn’t have her anyway.

  • sarah

    loved this interview!! “elena is stefan’s true love”–my favorite line

  • Anon

    Stefan admitted in one episode that he went after Katherine even though he knew his brother wanted her, and he felt guilty about it.

    And Stefan was shown to be shy and afraid to go after her, while Damon had no hesitation. I can completely believe that Damon was with her first.

  • ImAPrincessandThisIsMyTiara

    Okay. So my idea was inspired by the insanely hilarious, spot-on reaction video to the 3×19 episode, which you can see HERE (if you haven’t already seen it):
    This is for all fans. Regardless of what couple you ship or who you hate or who you love or whatever. This is for the ENTIRE TVD fandom.
    I have a pretty good feeling that the Season 3 Finale is going to be good. And all of us will freak out over something.
    I want to make a compilation of all the reactions to the season finale: to the 3×22 episode. Raw footage. Right when the moment happens. It can be you watching from your TV or watching online. I love video editing, so it’ll be fun for me :) 
    I will be completely fair and unbiased. If there are more good reactions than bad for a particular moment, it’s because I got sent more good reactions than bad and vice versa. I will include every clip I get . 
    So if you want to be included, just have someone film you or set your camera somewhere.
    I want the producers and writers, and maybe even the cast, to see this so they can get a gist of how many fans love this show and how passionate they are about it. The more people we get involved, the better. If we all work together, this can be pretty awesome.
    When it comes down to the day, send the videos to
    So please.
    Guys, this can be an awesome project if everyone gets involved. Let’s have a little fun with something that can bring all the fans together instead of fighting all the time.

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