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Posted by | September 23, 2013, 15:12 (EST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Candice Accola has lots to talk about in this ETonline interview. She talks about Caroline being off to college, the show’s 100th episode and Caroline’s relationship with Tyler.


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  • shoe20

    Boy it is so easy to see why an actor and actress go into politics. They can talk forever and not say anything of importance. lol
    Good to see Caroline, but the show has the clamps on info pretty tight. Actually written teasers and clips are most informative, You can most of the time expect just the opposite when the ep airs. You would think they would mix is up and actually tease the truth sometimes to keep viewers off balance.

  • dman_24

    One of the benefits of being an actor I think is how much it builds up your vocabulary (they read a lot of scripts; not to mention research for parts), enhances your speaking ability and the help it gives you in being more confident speaking in public. Any decent actor has to have a grasp on those three things–and most do. I’m always fascinated by their ability to talk and talk and somehow everything makes sense. Actors I like listening to from TVD are Nina (for obvious reasons; I mean come on……. she’s like my favorite actress and cast member), Kat Graham (she has a really nice smooth flow and a sort of calm assurance–which I find really appealing), and Joseph Morgan (the accent (ha!); his ability to explain things in simple yet profound ways; and the amount of flair combined with the light mood he invokes). They’re all excellent actors in their own right, but I really enjoy listening to them.

    I’m always fascinated by politicians too. Their ability to talk without saying anything is an art–and they’re pretty good at it. Actors AND showrunners (I’m looking at you: Julie Plec. lol) are the same too. They both give little information and yet you feel like they’ve been talking for hours. lol I guess that’s one of the tools of their trade. And if you aspire to any type of success, you better learn how to do it–and do it well!

    I actually like that they’re not giving any information or teasers. I much rather find out from the show and be surprised. I don’t like spoilers and I don’t like to be spoiled; at least not in that way. ;)

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