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Posted by | December 11, 2013, 20:08 (MST) | 8 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TV Guide: Caroline Dries Previews the TVD Mid-Season FinaleTV Guide links up with executive producer Caroline Dries for a spoilery sneak peek at the Vampire Diaries mid-season finale, Fifty Shades of Grayson (EP510).

If you want to avoid any and all spoilers, maybe skip this one, but if you want some big hints about what we’re all in for tomorrow night… (Highlight for spoilers.)

Elena learned some pretty heavy stuff about Damon. Will that cause irreparable damage for the couple?
Caroline Dries: Yeah. Elena found out that even during the beginnings of their relationship he was killing people. Weirdly, you can kind of justify what he was doing like, OK, he was tortured and had organs removed for five years, but, for Elena, can you imagine what that would be like for your boyfriend to have this whole other identity you had no idea about? That will have lasting effects. But as we saw at the end of last week’s episode,Elena isn’t in a position to be questioning Damon because here she is on this operating table about to go under what he went under so she has her own drama to deal with.


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  • Andrew55

    Just what I expected. The cracks are beginning to form for Damon and Elena. I like that they are going to explore the Stefan/Katherine relationship a little more. I can’t wait to see what Elena’s reaction is going to be to that. I also like that we are going to get to find out some more about Elena’s father. I always felt like Elena’s “Parents” are so vague and in a gray area. We just don’t know that much about them so to explore Grayson’s character is a good thing, in my mind.

  • Kego

    “When are you gonna figure out that the outside world is not nearly as dangerous as the person you´re inviting in your own bedroom?”

    See Elena,Caroline was right! But don´t worry,of course Elena will find an excuse and forgive him. She always did,starting with her brothers broken neck when she rejected Damon. The poor,bad boy… LOL Elena´s bedroom is always open the bad boys.

  • Keo

    Elena´s reaction? Like always “Stefan this isn´t you…” LOL
    Maybe Grayson was fully involved. He was a doctor and had a closet full of weapons,like Doc Whitmore. And what about Aaron´s watch? Wes said it´s a “safety precaution”,reminds me of the vampire compass from S1. Seems like the Whitmores and the Gilberts were pretty close.

  • larry

    it wasn’t elena that opens her bedroom door for the bad boy it was some ”wettypants” fans that tells the writers to open the door, how crazy is that?

  • Debbie

    By the sounds of it, I don’t like the direction the season is heading…darker more evil Damon seems like a turn in the wrong direction for his character. And Elena acceptance of the torture because she approves of their main goal? The same people that tortured her boyfriend for 5 years????

    But I’m holding out judgement until i see the epiosode, these interviews can be real misleading.

  • larry

    where is my comment again? what did i do this time?

  • Kate

    Calling other fans names is not allowed.

  • larry

    Yeah, i get it, but thanks for not deleting my account for it.

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